Guest Post: Hey You

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Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform,

Hey you, out there on the road
always doing what you’re told,
Can you help me?
Hey you, out there beyond the wall,
Breaking bottles in the hall,
Can you help me?
Hey you, don’t tell me there’s no hope at all
Together we stand, divided we fall.

Pink Floyd – Hey You


“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” Aldous Huxley – Brave New World

The world makes less sense every day. Little children are randomly slaughtered in their schoolrooms. Predator drones roam the skies over foreign countries exterminating bad guys, along with innocent women and children (collateral damage when it occurs in a foreign country). Drugged up mentally ill kids with no hope and no future live lives of secluded quiet desperation until they snap. Ignorant, government educated, welfare dependent drones with no self respect or respect for others, assault, kill and rob within their government created urban jungles. Sociopathic criminals who committed the largest financial crime in world history walk free and continue to occupy executive suites in luxury office towers in downtown NYC, collecting millions in bonuses as compensation for crushing the American middle class.  Academics, whose theories have been thoroughly disproven, continue to steer our economy into an iceberg while accelerating the money printing and debt issuance that will sink our ship of state. Corrupt, bought off politicians pander to the lowest common denominator as their votes are only dependent upon who contributed the most to their election campaigns, which never end. Delusional, materialistic, egocentric, math challenged consumers (formerly known as citizens) live for today, enslave themselves in debt, vote themselves more entitlements, and care not for future generations. The alienation and isolation created by our sprawling, automobile dependent, technology obsessed, government controlled, debt financed society has spread like a cancerous tumor, slowly killing our country.

Pink Floyd released The Wall 33 years ago. It was a concept rock opera album that explored the issues of ababdonment, isolation, alienation, authoritarianism, the brutality of war, a tyrannical conformist educational system, and the walls individuals and society build to protect themselves from having to confront reality and deal with the consequences of their actions. I attended the Roger Waters Wall Concert this past summer at Citizens Bank Park with my three sons. Three decades later, the message is more powerful than ever. The government oppression and never ending wars waged by the American Empire around the world have created a society built upon fear and loathing. Roger Waters’ vision is colored by Orwell’s 1984 dystopian nightmare of lies, misinformation, propaganda and brutality. The missing piece, which Waters didn’t see coming in 1979, was the ability of the oligarchs to use their control of the credit system to entrap the masses by convincing them to love their servitude and become so consumed with material possessions and the love of money that they would become nothing more than passive egotistical consumers.

Since 1979, Total Credit Market Debt in the United States has risen from $4.3 trillion to $55.3 trillion, a 1,286% increase in 33 years. Over this same time frame total wages and salaries have risen from $1.3 trillion to $6.9 trillion, a 531% increase. GDP has grown from $2.6 trillion to $15.8 trillion, a 608% increase. Luckily for the oligarchs, the math challenged masses don’t understand that 375% of the increase in GDP is strictly due to Federal Reserve created inflation, as the U.S. dollar has lost 68% of its purchasing power since 1979. This GDP growth was driven by debt, with consumer expenditures rising from 61% of GDP in 1979 to 71% of GDP today. In the one hundred years since the creation of the Federal Reserve the country’s population has tripled, while our public debt and unfunded liabilites have risen from $2 billion to over $200 trillion, a ten million percent increase. The masses have been programmed and conditioned to love their debt servitude and yearn for more debt to fix an economic system that collapsed due to excessive debt. The cadre of ruling elite are obliging by creating debt at hyperspeed levels. The corporate media, Wall Street shysters and low-life captured politicians assure the sheep-like masses that this is normal and beneficial to their interests, as the sheep are sheared and led to slaughter.               

“There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.”George Orwell


Pavlov’s Dogs


 “And always, everywhere, there would be the yelling or quietly authoritative hypnotists; and in the train of the ruling suggestion givers, always everywhere, the tribes of buffoons and hucksters, the professional liars, the purveyors of entertaining irrelevances. Conditioned from the cradle, unceasingly distracted, mesmerized systematically, their uniformed victims would go on obediently marching and countermarching, go on, always and everywhere, killing and dying with the perfect docility of trained poodles.” -  Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley and Edward Bernays realized in the 1920s that the utilization of conditioning and propaganda techniques could be used to control and manipulate the masses. Ivan Pavlov, the famous Russian physiologist, conducted the ground breaking work on conditional reflexes. Pavlov discovered that when a bell was rung in subsequent time with food being presented to a dog in consecutive sequences, the dog will initially salivate when the food is presented. The dog will later come to associate the ringing of the bell with the presentation of the food and salivate upon the ringing of the bell. To a critical thinking human being who questions authority, resists being told what they should think, and values their humanity, over what is crammed down their throat by government run schools and the corporate controlled media, the thought of being treated like a dog is revolting. But to people like Edward Bernays, who believed manipulation of the masses by an invisible contingent of intellectually superior men, conditioning the minds of the masses through propaganda was a necessity in a democratic society to keep the herd under control.

Just a cursory examination of our society reveals a population of salivating consumers (dogs) who can be stimulated to buy the latest iPhone or techno-gadget with a simple Madison Avenue advertising campaign (bell). Everyone has seen the videos of the masses lining up like cattle on Black Friday, stampeding through aisles, and fighting each other like their the entertainment at Michael Vick’s house on a Saturday night. All the mega-corporate retailers and the corporate media have to do is ring a bell (SALE) and the dogs start salivating. Product placement, Hollywood star endorsements and influential people using a product immediately convince the easily manipulated dogs to salivate and purchase the products. The difference is that these dogs have credit cards issued by the Wall Street banks and funded by the Federal Reserve with dollars created out of thin air.  We are inundated with millions of TV, newspaper, radio, billboard, and internet advertisements designed to make us salivate (spend). Huxley’s dystopian vision of a society whose economic values, in which individual happiness is defined as the ability to satisfy needs, and achievement as a society is equated with economic growth and prosperity, has come to full fruition. He never conceived of consumers having the ability to consume without even having the money to do so. The credit card became our form of Soma. The so called progressives point to our ever increasing “advancements” in technology as proof that our society is progressing. Huxley knew otherwise, decades before we reached this disgusting point in history:

“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.” -  Aldous Huxley

In reality our “technological progress” has done nothing more than create a humorless, shallow, superficial world of alienation and egocentric desires. Just as in Huxley’s Brave New World, science and technology have not been used to seek truth and advance our culture. They have been used by the State to sensor, control, and monitor the citizens. They use technology as a means to create electronic entertainment machines that generate both harmless leisure and the high levels of consumption and production that are the basis of societal stability and state designed happiness. When those in control talk about progress, they mean greater control over our lives. When the consumption of material goods isn’t enough to fill the holes within our souls, our owners are quick to prescribe a pill to smooth over those feelings of unease and discontent. In Huxley’s novel the population voluntarily consumes Soma to dispel any anxieties or negative emotion. The saying was, “One cubic centimeter cures ten gloomy sentiments.” In America the government controlled drug industry has thousands of pills to treat every ailment or unhappy thought that might ail you. Just don’t try and treat yourself with an unapproved natural or banned substance. The threat of imprisonment always lurks in the shadows. They just want us to be interchangeable bricks in the wall.

And the Worms Ate Into His Brain

“The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” -  Aldous Huxley


 Hey you, out there in the cold
Getting lonely, getting old
Can you feel me?
Hey you, standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles
Can you feel me?
Hey you, don’t help them to bury the light
Don’t give in without a fight.

Pink Floyd – Hey You

The tragic deaths of twenty children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut this past week and the similar tragedies in Aurora, Columbine, Virginia Tech and Tucson are a reflection of the twisted society we’ve created. The progressive control freak do-gooders that believe the government can solve all problems and improve our lives with another law or regulation, have as usual come to the wrong solution for the wrong problem. Stricter gun control laws would not have averted this this tragedy. Connecticut has the 5th toughest gun restrictions in the country according to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The guns were purchased legally by the mother of the killer. Mentally deranged people should not have access to guns, knives, automobiles, gasoline, or baseball bats. The real issue is not what he used to kill these innocent people, it’s what caused him to snap. Those in power want to divert the attention from this crucial question. In Huxley’s novel the characters do everything they can to avoid confronting the truth about their own lives. They try to alter reality by ingesting Soma, encouraged by the state as the ultimate form of willful self-delusion. Soma clouds the realities of the present and replaces them with happy hallucinations, and is thus a tool for promoting social stability. America has taken Huxley’s dystopian vision to an extreme. There are millions of children in this country being drugged on a daily basis to keep them under control. A majority of the mass murderers were taking psychotropic drugs, including the mentally deranged killer this week. These killings are a result of the state sponsored drugging of children, a culture that promotes narcissism, broken families and our technologically enhanced suburban sprawl isolation from human relationships, love and compassion for others.

We glorify technology even though it encourages the building of brick walls, creating a self-imposed isolation from society. The traditional family unit has been discarded, with 50% of marriages ending in divorce and 43% of all children born out of wedlock. Millions of families are dysfunctional, with parents too busy with their careers and acquiring material possessions, to bother with raising their children in a loving nurturing way. One in ten American adults choose to escape their man made cells with prescription anti-depressants. Almost one in four women in their 40s and 50s are popping pills to escape their depressing lives. Huxley envisioned a Soma Nation. America is a Prozac Nation. The wealthy think medicating their kids, spoiling them with toys, gadgets and cars, and occupying their days with organized sports and activities passes for involved parenting. Poor urban children are lucky if they ever lay eyes on their father. Ignorance, violence, and dependency are a given for most of these kids. And all of these children are matriculated into the government run schools whose sole purpose is to teach kids what to think, rather than how to think. Our owners need to keep us “happy” and focused on feelings, material possessions, and an infinite number of distractions, so they can retain control and continue their pillaging of the national wealth.       

Our leaders have attempted to design their own Brave New World, retaining control by making America’s citizens so contented and superficially fulfilled that they no longer care about their personal freedoms, liberties and civic responsibilities. The consequences of increasing state power are a loss of dignity, morals, values, and emotions. We are losing our humanity. The society created by Bernays and his minions who occupy the executive suites in NYC and slither through the halls of Congress has been built upon destroying all human truths, such as love, friendship, community, and personal connections. Decades of media propaganda, public education mind control, and peddling of debt convinced the majority that happiness meant immediate gratification of our desires for food, sex, drugs, clothes, iGadgets, and all the other consumer crap made in corporate sponsored slave labor factories across Asia. These delusional hallucinations of happiness are the prison walls we’ve built brick by brick.

 “This concern with the basic condition of freedom — the absence of physical constraint — is unquestionably necessary, but is not all that is necessary. It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison and yet not free — to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national State, or of some private interest within the nation, want him to think, feel and act.” -  Aldous Huxley

It took the intellectuals and progressives that wield power across the land only moments to hijack the feelings of sorrow and pain sweeping the nation, to misdirect attention from the mental illnesses caused by the society they’ve created, towards the false storyline that gun violence is sweeping the land. In reality, violent crime has been falling for over a decade as gun sales have soared. The homicide rate in this country is the lowest since 1964, with the vast majority of homicides occurring in the urban kill zones created by the five decade long progressive war on poverty. The truth is of no interest to those brandishing power. After decades of conditioning, the masses are psychologically captive to the messages designed to make them salivate. They will be compelled to think, feel and act as instructed by the Alphas. There will be calls for more police, despite the fact that police rarely stop a crime. With all of their armaments, technology, high powered weaponry, and political clout, they can be counted on to arrive five minutes after the tragedy is over. But they are brilliant in luring clueless Muslim teenagers into terrorist plots, picking the target, providing the fake bombs, and taking credit for foiling the plots they created. More union police officers will increase our safety as much as more union teachers have made our kids smarter. This tragedy will be used by the propagandists to impose further restrictions upon those who choose personal responsibility and self-reliance over dependency and trust in the efficiency and fairness of our benevolent government overlords.

 File:Violent Crime Rates in the United States.svg

As the father of three sons I can’t imagine the pain, sorrow and emptiness the parents of these beautiful children must be experiencing. The grief is overwhelming. I mourn for the children and adults slaughtered by a mentally deranged young man created by our truly perverted culture of alienation. I mourn for the children being raised in a society run by evil psychopathic liars that use the power of propaganda and the tools of debt to control and manipulate its citizens. I mourn for unborn generations that will be forced to confront the dreadful depraved chaos created by our culture of egocentric greed and narcissism. The things we value in this culture – accumulating wealth, outward beauty, acquisition of material possessions, instant gratification, access to debt, government control, and curing our ills with drugs – are driving us insane. Who is really abnormal in a profoundly abnormal society? Believing that possessions, more laws or another medication will truly make us happy is insane. Popping a pill, buying a new iPhone, or passing another law will not cure the disease that permeates this nation. We need to recapture the humanity, civic pride and self-responsibility that built this country. Only an awakened populace can change our course.

Huxley feared that our desires would ruin us. Orwell was afraid that what we fear would ruin us. The oligarchs have pushed the Huxley vision to its sustainable limit. The avarice and greed of these invisible power brokers has devoured the vast resources of the nation. These psychopaths weren’t satisfied with siphoning off most of the wealth of the country. They wanted it all and wrecked the global economy in their odious pursuit of mammon. We are now in the death throes of the most decadent, delusional, debt engendered era in the long history of mankind. Those in power realize it is slipping away. Their “solutions” reflect an air of desperation. Their propaganda efforts have been redoubled. As more middle class workers lose their jobs, more young people graduate from college with tens of thousands in student loan debt and a future of dramatically reduced expectations, and more people are driven beyond their breaking point, this materialistic shroud of happiness will be torn asunder. Anger is building like a lava dome within a volcano. A critical thinking minority are questioning the motives of those in power. The unsustainability of our economic paradigm is certain. The seeds of revolution are being sown. Our society is only fantasy. The wall is too high. It will be up to an irate tireless minority of freedom minded citizens to tear down the wall. The alternative is to allow the worms to eat into our brains. Each of us must answer a simple question. Are you just another brick in the wall?

But it was only fantasy.
The wall was too high,
As you can see.
No matter how he tried,
He could not break free.
And the worms ate into his brain.

Pink Floyd – Hey You


The oligarchs will not give up without a fight. Their realization that the Brave New World method of controlling the masses has run its course has convinced them to shift their methods towards Orwell’s 1984 tactics. In part two of this series – Mother Should I Trust the Government? - I’ll address how the use of fear, war, pain, and surveillance are becoming the new controlling method of the oligarchs.

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Aurora Ex Machina's picture

I love the fact that there's some sad-sack out there going around all my posts junking them.


The pain, meine freunde, ze pain. And no, I don't give a shit, it's just amusing you do. [Little boy, so scared: here's a tip. Dogfood]

ball-and-chain's picture

Roger Waters made over 80 million dollars this year.

He even beat Lady Gaga.

That's pretty impressive for a 68-year-old limey.


newengland's picture

Orwell was a visionary, although modern politicians and their banksters of the crypto-communist persuasion treat his 'Nineteen Eighty Four' as an instruction. They believe that the messiah comes as a warrior  - contrary to the Founding Fathers vision of nationhood; trade with all, attack none unless attacked in the USA.

Wars abroad are unconstitutional. Guns and drugs given to children are wrong. 

The USA was founded as a Republic, one for all, all for one - not a democracy, the extremists, tyranny by numbers; rights without responsibilities  -  or a monarchy, the extremists, tyranny by money, rights without responsbilities.

Killing children in Connecticut is a gun too far for the drug pusher sympathiser democrats, and their corporate shills like mentally ill Adam Lanza's rich family who belittled him, and yet gave him access to guns.

God bless all the children who died because adults failed, including Adam Lanza, forsaken by his money loving family.

'Don't Get Fooled Again.' (The Who)


Bicycle Repairman's picture

The whole story is BS.  Knock yourselves out analyzing it.

Ignatius J Reilly's picture

Sorry man. Nice term paper, but you are wrong. What you should see but dont is that this societal painting is not new. In the 100 years of what you quote, what you should see is that nothing is new. In my years i've learned one undeniable truth. Life. Goes. On.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

And then the wall got torn down...

Don't be an idiot.




It's called the "Out of Context Problem".

Example #1

You're sitting there in South America, things are going well, you've an Empire, you've conquered everyone you've met, but now. Shit. There's this drought: you've no idea why, the religious guys say the Gods are angry, and get sacrificing. So you do. And nothing changes. Then, one day... a scout spots a "floating city" on the ocean, and there's centaurs (half men, half horses) riding at you, and they can fire magical staves with a puff of smoke that strike down your warriors...

10 years later, the Empire doesn't exist and Spain owns South America.

Example #2

You're in London, the date is 1901: you've just upgraded your entire stock of hansom cabs (there's 4,000 of these alone in London, not to mention all the rest of the carriage market) with this new invention of "coiled springs". They don't rust, they protect against bounces, you're in the fucking money, boy! People prefer your hansom cabs, because they're more comfortable. Things are good: you made an excellent business choice, and you'll make bank. Then, in 1907, there's this little thing called the "combustion engine". At first, it's pants: can't even go faster than a horse!

In 1914, only 200 hansom cabs remain, and there's 3,000 trams, 3,000 automobile cabs and so on.

Example #3

You're in America, the date is 2012. You're part of the Empire, and you enjoy the best living standard in the world. Sure, the rest of the world is a bit shitty, and there's minor problems at home, and you hear (sooo, sooo boring) on the news about dead troops in a place called "Afganistan" (which is like, close to China, right?) but like ya, Jerome totally dissed me on twitter last night, and like OMFG 5-guys burgers ran out of onions last night, and LIKE fucking hipsters, nothing is cool anymore, and like shit...

In 2013. We tired of your inability to evolve and inability to productively utilise the huge energy stocks you'd been gifted. The "promise" you made was broken. And so, everything changed.


Yeah, I'd watch for those Out of Context Problems. Unlike "Black Swans", they tend to totally ignore your prior society and just rip it up. Because, like, who gives a fuck about the monkeys, right?


The deal was "Let the monkeys sort it out". There was, however, a deadline. The rest of the carnivores will not be so... tolerant of this. 2012: the year humanity (1.0) proved it was a cul-de-sac. Oh, and thanks. I burnt a significant part of my soul out for the monkeys to have a chance. Just to be proved completely wrong, and my ability to ascend be cast into doubt.


Good going there, oook.

Ignatius J Reilly's picture

Thanks for the laugh.

Now, take a deep breath and look at the clock. Then look at it tomorrow. You are smart but you are not yet wise. Your emotions, rightly, are in control. In time, this will still be a huge tragedy like 9-11, and life will change....for now. One day the pendulumn will swing the other way.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture


You've no idea about my "emotions". I clipped their wings when I understood the ramifications of the choices made. When my emotions run hot, I watch the reactions flutter and beat against me like moths; they react and beat themselves against the glow without conscious knowledge of what they're giving. It sickens me to see the unconscious reflection of them. I'm sure the weaker among you revel in this; for me, it's merely a sign that things must change. Either make them aware, or curtail all of our interactions.

You've no idea the amount of self-damage deliberately done just to let the "monkeys sort it out". For not this year, but for twenty five. "If you have to do this a seond time, it will be so much more painful".


Do not step towards me; if you have had twenty-five years of burning your wings off, then speak: otherwise, hush, and approach with whatever humility you can.

Ignatius J Reilly's picture

I have more than 25 years of burning my wings off.

bunnyswanson's picture

Life. Goes. On. Eh?  Well I disagree.  "Everything is going to be fine" is what my neighbor just said.  My mother used to say:  "Someone always finds a solution." 


This time we have several million people who have lost their possessions and their jobs.  Pawn shops are collecting family heirlooms to the point they require additional storage space.  The gold held by citizens will eventually be "confiscated" because it will be needed to pay the bills eventually when the price of purchases is based on global arena.  Bidding at an auction for the best food, material goods, appliances does take place if only on a computer screen.

This govt is allowing a transfer of wealth to occur.  It is nearly complete.  Agenda 21 is no conspiracy.  Neither is a one world govt and global military force.  They are in place.

If you think the country is going to put the entire population on assistance for eternity, you are wrong.  What should be done with a couple hundred million people who are no longer able to cover their overhead?  Easiest solution to that is found in the history which we do not learn about in school - erase them from the face of the earth.  What else could they possibly do with them?  How they do it is what I am uncertain of but from the mindset I see in high government, do not underestimate the potential for wicked greed to continue unabated.  Propaganda machine is all that is needed to gain approval from the masses.  As we see on TV and all throughout the internet which is flooded with people demanding gun control measures ~now~. 

Alexandre Stavisky's picture

The entitlement people are fully registered and known quantities.  What they don't know though, is that their prison caretakers absolutely despise them.  They are using them just as a mechanism to accelerate their purposes.  Once everything is burnt down and bankrupted by the looters and spongers.  They'll turn on them absolutely and viciously.

Very, very sad.  But history always shows so.  So folks, enjoy the entitlements and the looted swag won without labour, but watch your back.  These PTB will tolerate you only until your usefulness wanes.  Then your dossier will be brought up, witnesses arrayed against you, and off to the gulag or worse.

Can we just go back to the 1950's and start over?

mvsjcl's picture

"The world makes less sense every day."

Wrong. The world makes more sense every day.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Re The oligarchs will not give up without a fight


Well - so be it.



And JUst like No 6 said: I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned (from your "SYSTEM"). I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own. I resign.

willwork4food's picture

Right behind you NY.

This story has been going on like 911, there's something not right with all that is adding up and too many things purposely being left unsaid.

I smell a black-op rat.

dexter_morgan's picture

since 911? WAY WAY before that. Think at least as far back as Kennedy, Oklahoma City bombing, etc.

newengland's picture

Well said. I am not a number, and neither are you. Resist, we speaking for the values we protect every day in our own communities.

 Those who think that the messiah is a warrior and will kill all to free all are psychopaths.


Esculent 69's picture

"I resign"- When did they ask our permission?

Bad Attitude's picture

"The missing piece, which Waters didn’t see coming in 1979, was the ability of the oligarchs to use their control of the credit system to entrap the masses by convincing them to love their servitude and become so consumed with material possessions and the love of money that they would become nothing more than passive egotistical consumers."

Actually, I think Roger Waters did see it coming in 1979. Unfortunately, you only see this illustrated in the movie The Wall. The song "What Shall We Do Now" was cut drastically for the album, and what remained was altered, to make it fit the LP time constraints of the day.

Here is "What Shall We Do Now" from the movie:

Here is the accompanying lyrics, which coincidently is also the lyrics printed in the first release of the LP:

What shall we use to fill the empty spaces
Where waves of hunger roar
Shall we set out across the sea of faces
In search of more and more applause?
Shall we buy a new guitar?
Shall we drive a more powerful car?
Shall we work straight through the night?
Shall we get into fights?
Leave the lights on?
Drop bombs?
Do tours of the east?
Contract diseases?
Bury bones?
Break up homes?
Send flowers by phone?
Take to drink?
Go to shrinks?
Give up meat?
Rarely sleep?
Keep people as pets?
Train dogs?
Race rats?
Fill the attic with cash?
Bury treasure?
Store up leisure?
But never relax at all
With our backs to the wall.

BTW, the entire movie is full of powerful imagery and incredible animation, all done without the magic of CGI.

Yes_Questions's picture



Waters was/is on to the system.


newengland's picture

For 'newyawkfrankie'.

True. We are not a number: the tyranny of democracy, rule by mob, or the tyranny by monarchists and corporatists, rule by money.

This Republic was founded on loyalty: all for one, one for all.

The politicians who dance on the grave of dead children in Connecticut including the drugged up mentally ill shooter have gone too far in their corporatist experiment.

No. We do not believe their grand standing, their hateful liking for drugs, war and forsaking children.



beaglebog's picture

As I understand it, the Republic was founded on the notion of inidvidual liberty.


Your community seems to embrace  "collectivism" ... "all for one, one for all".


Have I misunderstood your post?

newengland's picture

I wonder who pays for ZH? When posts get really real, the order is changed and the college kids up the anti.

headless blogger's picture

If it's a cultural thing then why is it not across the board in the U.S.? The Blacks, hispanics, whites, are all being exposed to the same garbage, yet it is mostly white males from late teens through 20's that are doing these types of killings...if you believe the "experts", that is.

The problem with this article like so much of American society these days is it reeks of Emotionalism. There's a growing attitude, maybe an off-shoot from the Narcissistic attitudes, that says "I'm superior to all these 'animals'". The author of this article as well as his others is like that. It's always the "others" that he speaks of as "animals"....just like Henry Kissinger calling Military men dumb animals.

The latest shooting, at Sandy Hook, shows no evidence so far that Adam Lanza carried out the crime. In fact, witnesses described seeing a man in handcuffs on the ground and another in the woods being apprehended and cuffed. He's an "alleged" suspect...People quickly forget their Constitution/Rights during these emotional times. These latest killings are coming right out of wealthier families with ties to LIBOR and the Aurora Suspect's father was involved in software/Darpa.

Nancy Lanza's house is assessed at $707,000.00. It appears she did not work, although nobody seems to know...there was a rumor she subbed and/or volunteered at Sandy Hook...but not confirmed. BUT somebody had money in that family and it was likely Peter Lanza, who was set to testify in LIBOR.  The dad, Peter Lanza, is a VP in the taxation units of GE. They were married 28 years...Not what you would call a broken home typically.

GE is connected to LIBOR, and is also one of the top Elite-Controllers Military Industrial Complex suppliers. Seriously, I don't know why anyone believes a thing they hear on their TV sets. The official story, just like the Aurora and Sikh shootings, changed over time, excluding first responder and first interviewed eye witness accounts.

newengland's picture


Most gun crime happens in families with mental problems or places that are crime ridden (black and hispanic and multicultural mostly). It is a cultural problem in so far as some people kill.

Most registered gun owners in the USA are law abiding. It's a big country, the size of a continent, and no amount of tax money can police it.

Switzerland has the most guns per head of population, and little crime,whilst enjoying its neutral status.

Hateful Big Brother politics wants to enslave all, and kill many. George Orwell was right: the inner party and its weakling bureaucrat outer party hate proles, and want endless war at home and abroad.

The shooter in CT was typical of Big Brother manipulation; guns and drugs for all. That is not the wish of the Republic of the U.S.A. as it was founded, and hated by monarchists including the central banker liars of Britain, the money whores - the freaks who place a 100 year censorship rule on inquiries into mass killing of children in Scotland, Northern Wales, and Jersey by the British elite in politics, banks, judiciary, acamemia, and the few police they co-opt to do their bidding.



tip e. canoe's picture

as much as i choose to agree that something's fishy and even am willing to entertain that it may have occultic origins, i really wish that someone peddling the LIBOR meme would produce one shred of evidence other than hearsay that originated from Sorcha Faal.   just one.

The Joker's picture

I agree.  So, I went looking for evidence, instead of asking for it.  I found a bit of smoke, but no fire.


Notice that two of the panel groups for LIBOR are CITI and JP Morgan.


Notice she worked for CITI from 1997-6/1/2009 and since then for Morgan Stanley.  I don't know if JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley are related but I know CITI and CITI are related.  She is a registered broker/dealer and a Government securities broker for MS with $329 billion in managed assets.

Peter: It's common knowledge now that he is an accountant (VP) for GE Capital.

GE Capital:

Wait a minute.  I might have just found another connection.  I was looking into the Oregon mall shooting earlier today to see if there were any connections.  Couldn't find any but did notice that the woman who was killed, and her husband, worked for a hospice. This could be a reach, It's late, I don't have time to look into but this following link may be more smoke:

Robert Holmes:

Less smoke on Robert but some very interesting things.  Allegedly he developed the algorithm that finds fraudulent "behaviors", and can "follow the money".  Worked for FICO.  An article released in the Guardian two days before the Movie Theatre massacre described the software and how it was being put to use to track fraudulent money in the libor scandal.  I found it earlier today but I'll be damned if I can find it now.  Paper dollar to anyone who can.

SO, there seems to be some circumstantial evidence.  These dots would certainly be easy to connect, if you chose to investigate further.  Besides all the "other shooters" and witness accounts and photo discrepencies, ID discrepencies, and other things, you know what they say, where there is smoke......

Disclaimer:  Anyone of any government or connected with TPTB that might happen to be reading this should know I don't believe a bit of this outlandish feces.  I also think that anyone that does connect these wild and ambitious circumstances and coincidences are nothing but loonies.  HA HA HA HA HA HA   



tip e. canoe's picture

the burden of proof lies on the one making the accusation, no?   

fyi: the Nancy Lanza in the LinkedIn link is Nancy Elaine Lanza whereas the Nancy Lanza who died is Nancy Jean Lanza per divorce records.

nice try tho.

headless blogger's picture

So you're saying GE doesn't have ties to LIBOR? You need to research it all yourself. I never said absolutely this was a LIBOR related hit...but it's Company ties....and therefore the suspects families.This is the time QUESTIONS should be asked (in a "normal" society) and the inconsistencies in the meida coverage should be exposed....then, the normal process would provide the foot workers the support needed to investigate fully. But that is not happening is it? Once again this crime, which is supiciously JUST LIKE the other recent shootings of this calibur, is being directed into another direction.

There was a CNN headline something like "mother struggled to raise son".  A total distraction piece. There was nothing in the article that suggested a struggle, yet they were attempting to get the readers to believe she was this single struggling parent. Nothing of the kind in reality. She is noted for her very outgoing personality and she was living off of $250,000 in alimony a year (about 20K a month!).  They keep focus on her and Adam, but neglect the Father, Peter Lanza, who is obviously quite rich, from his salary as a taxation VP for GE.  Then they go on and on about Autism, saying not to blame autism.... Like anyone was? As an aspi myself I can see how they are attempting to create a scenario to pin this on his "condition" and other mental conditions (which have nothing to do with murdering 26 people). The marriage lasted 28 years and they divorce only recently. The guy was 20 years old....doubtful the divorce caused this.

I have the videos of the little boy (one of the older ones) talking right after it happened, and how he was led outside to the fire house where he saw the police with "one of the shooters on the ground in handcuffs".  Another shooter is caught on video on the ground out in the woods with several cops around him.

Do you actually believe this is confined to America? On the same day a man in China stabbed 22 children, which was not a first of its kind of crime. China has recently imposed strict laws on purchases of knives.

You agents love smearing up people with questions, but you expose yourself because you never ask the same of the Mainstream media that continues to sway the masses opinion through distractions and by down-right lies.  The biggest lie was 9/11 but you will never ask for absolute proof from the Bush people on that, will you? You are one of the many on the iNet that ensures that the truth stays bottled up.....You are massively complicit in any future crimes like this one.

Another thing to think about:

It is well known that members of Gangs have to go through various initiations. This involves violent crimes. An example, a few years ago a homeless man, who had lived in a vacant lot for 5 years in L.A. was set on fire by gang members initiating a new member.

The Elite Controllers do the same....only it is even much worse than these gangs (which are exposed by mainstream), who are from the uneducated and poor.

Some of these shootings, not all, are most likely Elite-Controller initiations or they are designed to promote fear in other members who may be seeking to get out of their Elite "gang" or who may be readying to expose some higher-up elements. Lately there has been some other suspicious exposures by the Mainstream. Like that British Savile guy, or the BBC pedophile scandal....Which appear to be merely being used as a reminder to other Elite Gang members.

Another recent crime that has Elite finger prints on it, is the CNBC executive who's 2 kids (ages 2 and 6 I believe) were stabbed to death allegedly by the Nanny. Apparently, CNBC was reporting on Lawsuits filed regarding LIBOR scandal. It looks like another Scare-hit to spook other news people.  The nanny was seen with kids 1/2 hour before they were stabbed to death in the bathroom, then the nanny cuts her own throat and wrists. the Mother came home shortly after and said she walked thru quiet house and "turned on bathroom light" and saw the bloodbath.  The typical stories of a stressed out, and 'on the edge' Nanny were circulated....but, oops...the Nanny did not die and is in some hospital in a coma. 

Strange, the guy hired to 'crackdown' on the bansksters (and LIBOR) is Gary Gensler, who has worked with Corzine and other choice criminals. The guy has a history of working both sides of the same coin.

I never read Sorcha fael and have little to do with some of the so-called "conspiracy" sites, because so many are just like other Anti-war sites, getting a BUCK anyway they can. I read Mainstream Media and look for patterns of the Ridiculous, which I have discovered is quite common.

Esculent 69's picture

Perhaps its only young white kids who committ these types of acts because they are actually waking up and seeing the world and their country for what it is. Kinda like coming out of the matrix at an older age. the mind has trouble letting go, or accepting it. And let us not forget the "prescription" drugs these kids are doing these days probably don't help process the failure of their reality. just a thought. 

steelrules's picture

One word "eloquent"

Words that could have rallied an nation, 50 years ago. not today.

The masses are dumbed down and unable to comprehend what's been taken from them.

dexter_morgan's picture

Mr. Quinn, you have outdone yourself with this essay. Kudos.

****** six stars.

Abrick's picture

What symbol, exactly would the Pink Floyd party use for its banner?

Misery is comfortable. Happiness takes effort. Until those who want liberty are prepared to work for it, no dice.

earleflorida's picture

`halve'd thy sonnet laid upon ones godless burning bush"


'alas, from whence the `nwo' marched upon forward

it's clarion whisper heard round the world in a cartesian folly

this subtle pitch'd sound... that of a voiceless trumpeter outside the realms... always-- never lacking an eternity, this mask'd tawdry unity that dwells in irresistible rhythm 

yet, always within the orifice of unity's echo'd edifice, it cloisters but misanthropy hidden contempt 

nor, forever muzzle'd with naught a deaf mute screams... naught, even an acrimonious scream from icarus myopic smelt'd sight

this once `gangling charlatan' has breath'd his last purple passage of grandiose deceptive odysseus song

the `nwo' mephistopheles troubadour has met evils fate-- laid in a crimson urn, where the blood of tyrants forever paints hades river styx's... bottomless pit'  

Mark Noonan's picture

There are three issues we need to deal with:  morality, morality and morality.  Unless and until we face squarely up to the fact that we've acted like a bunch of shits for half a century or more, things won't get better.  I apologize for the cru

dity, but it was, I believe, necessary.

None of us are off the hook - unless one of you out there has lived the life of a veritible saint - in which case, you probably wouldn't be reading blogs - then each person here bears his or her aliquot portion of not just the blood spilled in Newtown, but of all the blood and tears shed for decades.

Have you ever been unfair?  Unkind?  Have you lied?  Did you ever cheat on a spouse?  Even in your heart?  Did you get a divorce?  Fail to marry the mother of your children?  Failed to devote your life to your spouse and children?  Hung back from helping out a family member who was down?  Didn't help a friend?  Failed to help a stranger who was clearly suffering?  Have you been angry?  Spiteful?  Did you ever seek revenge?  Were you ever pleased that someone who angered you got what was coming to him?  Did you ever think yourself a good person?  Did you ever think yourself better than someone else?  Even if it was only Charles Manson?  Have you ever in any way, shape or form supported those who create and market popular culture items which glorify crudity?  Sexual licentiousness?  Violence?   Did you ever say "everyone does it"? 

Unless you are clear of all that - and probably a hundred other things I can list - then you have, indeed, sinned and by so doing you have participated in making this cesspit we live in, from whence comes monsters to massacre children.  While the person who is absolutely morally responsible for the Newtown massacre can't get past his own responsibility, none of us can look in the mirror and say, "innocent".  To start fixing the problem our first task is to fix ourselves, at least a little bit - at least acknowledge that we've been screwing up and try, tomorrow, to not screw up quite so much.  As we do that - if we have the courage to do it - then not only will society get better but we'll all more clearly see what is really wrong.  Its hard to tell when something is dirty when you, yourself, are covered in is, you see, just about impossible to remove that speck from your brother's eye while the plank remains in your own.


newengland's picture

Fair points in academia, but it may surprise you to hear that people in New England live in a community; one for all, all for one. That's why people seek safety here, and perhaps why we doubt the official version of events, and the people who think the messiah is a warrior, and blow up things to prove their point.

Killing children in Newtown was a drugged up gun too far. 

Mark Noonan's picture

I can certainly understand your doubts about the story - just about everything which was reported on Friday turned out to be wrong...other than the fact that kids had been killed, all the details we got turnout out to be outright fabrications or half-truths. 

But another issue in this that I've seen around the web is people trying to explain it away - people reeling off statistics which allege there were more massacres at some point in the past, others showing that school shootings have been around for centuries...but that is all nonsense.  People have always done evil - that is an inescapable truth...but we never, ever used to have people taking a gun and going to shoot random people whom they could have no conceivable grudge against.  That is new.  That only happened starting in the 1970's.  The first two events took place when I was a teenager living in San Diego - a 16 year old suddenly taking potshots at an elementary school because, she said, "I don't like Mondays" and the other one a guy who decides to walk in to a McDonald's and massacre random people.  This is new; this is modern - this is something which never happened before in human history.

And I believe the explanation for it lies in our increased moral depravity - when even those of us accounted decent folks can't get simple things right.  Things like staying married like you promised you would.  Like devoting yourself to your wife and chidlren as human beings did of nature for thousands of years.  Like helping out the poor ungrudgingly.  We have to change - or this will just go on and keep getting worse until we die.

newengland's picture

Politicians are dancing on the grave of dead children in CT, includng the shooter mentally ill boy who was forsaken by his own father and brother - accountants who cared more  for money than him.

Our community dislikes liars, drug dealers and gun slingers.

DC has made enemies here. The moral depravity of financiers and DC brought their ways to New England. Their way, not our way, nor the way of people who come here, seeking this peaceful place.

Best wishes to you and yours. We will deal with this in our own way.

headless blogger's picture

Dude, if you haven't noticed, this shit is going on all over the world. 22 children were stabbed in China on the same day as the Sandy Hook massacre. These are re-curring themes and are not just isolated instances. 

Something else is going on.  While many of these crimes appear to be by lone gunmen (or knife the case of China), who have picked up the que from the mass media, too many have the hallmarks of MKULTRA-like killings.  And MKUltra files were largely we don't even know the worse of what experiments they were doing and most likely STILL doing today.  Strange how the White Commission that investigated MKUltra was also accompanied by the "Rockefeller Commission".  Researchers know that the Rockefellers are behind the Eugenics movement. It is always the same thing....And any "commission" (like the 9/11 commission) are ran by the very people who are perpetrating this evil upon humanity.


Vooter's picture

"Fair points in academia, but it may surprise you to hear that people in New England live in a community; one for all, all for one."

Except, apparently, in the 59.1-square-mile section of New England known as NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT, where one person was clearly not for all...

el Gallinazo's picture


Since Huxley and Orwell (Eric Blair) are mentioned with some contradistinction in this article, let us not forget that they were both Fabian Socialists and that Huxley was Blair's  French tutor at Eton, the most elite "public" school in the UK.  Presumably, Huxley recruited Orwell at that time.  The Fabian Society took it's name from the Roman general, Fabius, whose claim to fame was his successful tactic never to wage a decisive battle until his opponent was so totally exhausted and demoralized that they would collapse with a slight breeze.  Sound familiar Wal-Mart shoppers?  Huxley, despite becoming quite the acidhead is his later years, remained also quite the elitist, and contrary to popular mythos, was in favor of his Brave New World to control us hoi polloi.  There is some evidence that Orwell became disillusioned with the Society when he wrote 1984 and was no longer an advocate of that dystopia.  Neither of these men, though both gifted, were that precognitive.  They were allowed to read the Society's "business plan" over the next century, acquired from TPTB, and used it as a starting point for their most famous novels.


falak pema's picture

if you believe in Philosophia Perennis like I do, an enduring tradition of progress of secular non dogmatic thought in west, wherever you be, amongst the elitist idealists of Plato's academia (Eton), or in the other house of empiricists of Aristotle's Lyceum, your incandescent flame will always be the search of knowedge and truth. 

If you believe like Nietzsche : (as posted on the excellent Jesse's American Café, as reminder)--- especially in a culture that favors swagger and arrogance.   Empires seem to thrive on the will to power.


"Christianity is called the religion of pity. Pity stands opposed to the powerful emotions which heighten our vitality; it has a depressing effect. We are deprived of strength when we feel pity...

What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power in a man, the will to power, power itself. What is bad? All that is born of weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power is growing, that resistance is overcome."

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist


NB : (As you may recall, Nietzsche ended up in an insane asylum, and his philosophy of the blood, of the Übermenschen, and of the triumph of the will, turned Europe into an asylum of madness as well, for a time.)

 So to come back to Orwell and Huxley, they were not in the imperial sway meme, but in the other camp.

The fact that they were Fabian elitists means they had access to the mindset of the Imperial Oligarchs, which is why their fight in name of universal, perennial philosophy was so prescient and near to reality of power; whence the success of their novels.

THe fight, as ALWAYS, in western civilization is between the LOgic of Power and the Logic of Enlightenment, the two teats of civilization, forgetting for an instant the "metaphysical" existential quest. 

Neither logic can completely defeat the other, as one feeds off the other. Our salvation lies in ensuring that separation of powers occur so that both logics can freely make their case and the people then decide, in this recurrent cycle of popular decision making we call Democracy. 

But now I'm being idealistic and Plato's son; not practical and that of Aristotle!

That is an eternal conundrum of the enlightenment thread : reconciling Plato's desire for ideals and Aristotle's compromise in name of humanitas and reality. 

The beat goes on, and we stay Sisyphus on his hill. Keep up the fight.

Whatever the result its our own time line as mortals! 

Cabreado's picture

I cheated...

I searched for "humility"

It is a measure of not only health, but a prognosis for the future.

(I finally found it on page six.  Thanks Aurora Ex Machina )

That is sad, and that is foreboding...

That means nobody gets it.

That means you rail against forces you don't understand.

newengland's picture

The shooter was only 20 years old, a mentally ill boy, forsaken by his father and brother, and his mother  gave him access to guns, contrary to law. I would like to see the communications trail on his computer. It is easy to turn a mentally ill person, and use him for political purposes.

Children in Connecticut died because of this, and the slain principal's daughter says she is proud that a grandson is pictured with Obama.

We shall remember this: political dupes danced on the graves of children.

Lanza argued with staff the day before the slaying. Did they report it to the police? A maroon car was sought after the slayng, an accomplice. No sight or sound of it since Newtown schools were put in lockdown after the slaying.

We shall remember this.

There is something very wrong with the official version of this story. We shall remember this.

headless blogger's picture

Gun "enthusiast" was how she is described. She also apparently had an unusual obsession in protecting herself and her sons. She probably knew what Peter Lanza was, and felt a deep need for protection. Little focus on Peter and the notoriously terror-oriented company he works for: GE.

Element's picture

Jim, I'm sure it was great, I listened to it, but my heart wasn't in it. Don't really know why.

All that moroseness doesn't seem to align with much around me.

Don't get me wrong, there's no end of shityness.

But I can get half a cold water melon on a summers day for $1.40, that is an intense explosion of delight.

A person could go mad looking for the meaning in life, a wonderful deep madness.

Or they could go stark raving bonkers cogitating and festering over why a Universe should even fucking exist?!!!

(that one really shits me off)

Or why in hell infinity is alive?

Or where does the wind come from, really? (don't ask).

Our brilliant gleaming intense madness, of unplumbable depth.


Seems ok

Father Lucifer's picture



Pink isn't well.



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Nostradamus predicts the coming of the Antichrist.
Hey, look out, the third world nations are on the rise.
The Democratic-Communist Relationship,
won't stand in the way of the Islamic force.
The CIA is looking for you.
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Brainwash mentalities to control the system.
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