Newtown Shooting: A Syndrome Of A Troubled Society?

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In a concerning shift of sentiment, a majority of Americans, based on a new WaPo-ABC poll, now see the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary as a sign of broader problems in society (as opposed to an 'isolated' incident). While there remains widespread - and intense - opposition to banning the sale of handgunds in general (though high-capacity ammo clip restrictions are just as broadly despised), from the 2007 Virgina Tech shootings to this year's Aurora theater massacre, the poll results below suggest societal problems are becoming ever more critical in our nation's thinking.



Source: Washington Post-ABC Poll

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molecool's picture

So travesties are now decided by polls?

prains's picture

there's critical thinking in the USA????????

molecool's picture

It's all fun and games until you run into a swarm of bullets.

otto skorzeny's picture

you mean like a swarm of hollow points from our hyper-violent govt ("Do as I say-not as I do"-Uncle Sam)

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They just love you too much.

And they are willing to prove it.

SilverTree's picture

Libor scandal grows as the fathers of two mass murderers were to testify

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Noticed that. Thought it was just paranoid coincidence until I remembered Fast and Furious.

Goy_Debt_Slave's picture

783,000 Americans are killed each year by failedsurgeries, deadly prescription drugs and fatal mistakes by medical staff Natural News

In 2010, only 6,009 Americans were murdered by handguns. FBI website

There are approximately 2.1 to 2.5 million instances annually in which Americans use a gun for self defense.

Tell me again why the U.N. is trying to take away our right to defend ourselves from criminals and tyrannical governments? Oh, wait, never mind, they ARE the tyrannical government we need to defend ourselves against?

SilverTree's picture

You are preaching to the choir dude.

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The mainstream media reporters, New World Order enemies of the people, are on a gun grabbing rampage and they are not addressing the real causes for the culture of violence in America, and are using the Connecticut shooting to promote their own agenda.  Here's how we stop them.

The common thread in all the recent mass shootings is; men in their early 20's were brought up 24/7/365 for a decade or more on violent 1st person shooter training video games, violent movies, and are on prescription psychotropic drugs. Gun violence training video games, violent movies, psychotropic drugs, and real guns don't mix.

Gun Owners must suggest a ban on video games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and all other 1st person shooter video games.

Gun Owners must suggest an end to Violent Movies like Bat Man, Zombieland, and all other mass murder movies.

Demand the Psychiatric Drug Industry take their fair share of the blame and demand stricter controls on prescription psychiatric drugs.

I use the harsh "Ban" word for violence in entertainment knowing full well we don't really want video games banned due to 1st amendment rights, but gun groups raising the suggestion will make people mad enough that the causes of gun violence will be discussed in the mainstream, divert attention from just banning guns, and address the true causes of the culture of violence.

There is no expectation of a ban on suggested items, but to raise awareness of the actual problem and encourage voluntary compliance. I know these suggestions goes against The Protocols of the Elders of Zion plan, but we can use this episode to squash their programs.

Make these demands 1st before a single new gun ban is put in place.

Mothers Against Gun Violence in Entertainment (MAGVE) groups should speak out against Hollywood, TV, and other entertainment gun violence genres.

Coupled with the heavy use of Psychiatric Drugs and enhanced with first person shooter video games, we have a recipe for manufactured disaster.


The Entertainment and Pharmaceutical industries must be included with punishment, for their role in increased young man gun violence.

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Grand Theft Auto isn't a FPS.

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It's a travesty of society alright, but it's not about video games or media culture.

Every time one of these incidents happen we make the same mistake over and over: trying to find rational explanation for the inherently irrational.  HE WAS INSANE AND NOT RATIONAL, so don't try to "figure it out."  He was not just diffferent, or reserved, or depressed, or a video game enthusiast.  When it comes to diagnosis vis-a-vis Aspergers, there is a tremendous gray area when it comes to these sorts of mental afflictions, and often at around this age new and different aspects to the mental disorder can begin to develop, so it is unlikely that this explains the full picture.

Point being, don't try to make sense out of someone stealing their mother's firearms and then killing her and a bunch of innocent children.

Second point is allowing this to become a political fight about guns would be an even bigger tragedy because it misses the point.  By all accounts his mother was a responsible gun owner (perhaps other than having guns in the house when one of her sons has mental issues, although we do not know if he has ever exhibited violent behavior as the violent aspect can literally come out of nowhere).  This guy stole her legally purchased and registered guns, and immediately shot her with them.  I'm not sure what stricter gun laws could have done to prevent that.  As with many young people with mental issues, this guy was very smart and chances are would have found a way to get ahold of a firearm (or something worse).  

The constantly-ignored issue is that we have a total vacuum of societal responsibility when it comes to dealing with the mentally ill.  Our society is based upon the notion that people are able to make rational decisions for themselves.  The mentally ill short-circuit this process.  Currently the treatment is to wait before they do something illegal and then put them in jail.  This solves little, because you can only forcibly medicate them as long as they are imprisoned.  Eventually they get let out and the cycle begins anew.

I'm as terrified as anyone at the notion of being able to have an adult committed to a mental institution against their will when they have not broken any laws.  But that terror is more than balanced at seeing the tragic human stories about dealing with family members who are mentally insane.  Their parents are trapped, they do not want to put them out on the street where they could get into trouble, get hurt, or hurt someone else.  They cannot have them committed because they are adults and can't be forced to accept treatement.  So they get stuck with an insane person in their house, which impacts every single aspect of their daily lives, every single one.  Luckily few of the mentally insane are violent, but the sad reality is that for every horrible violent tragedy we read about, there are millions of silently insane people writhing in tortured psychosis that ruins their own lives and those of their family that desperately wants to help them but cannot.  This is not comfortable subject.  It does not get many lobbyists.  The insane, by definition, cannot be their own advocate.  Until we address this, more of these violent acts will occur, and the millions of non-violent mentally ill will continue to suffer in the purgatory of insanity.

Here's a poignant article from another mother and her experiences dealing with her mentally ill son.  You can think that it's just "her problem" that her son has mental problems.  But not only is that inhumane given that she has limited tools to deal with it, it's also clear that in the rare case when psychotic breaks of violence can occur, it is not just her problem, it is everyone's problem.


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A clinical surfeit of empathy is a killer....

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

I mean, shit, now they're just getting obvious.

Yeah, it's all the "survivalist/prepper" culture's fault.  

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Can't say that ZH wasn't in front of the curve with an anti-prepper piece, now can you?

MisterMousePotato's picture

'Once is a coincidence. Twice is enemy action'. (Can't recall the attribution. Sorry.)

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Is that your blog?

Because Matt Taibbi called, and he wants royalties paid.

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ppl dunno what's up unless you know someone who has a psychotic break.  I knew a kid who this happened to...went from being normal to next thing in a mental ward talking about how his dad's picture is on the $50 bill and the AC units were talking to him.  Knew a chick too who lost it thru years of recreational use of adderall.  Talking about a 2nd city above the real one, hidden from view, believed she was on a tv show like Truman, all kinds of kooky shit.  Totally impervious to the unreasonability of it all.

These spree killers are not hollow like serial murderers; its not the same phenomenon.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Serial killers fall into a few types, but the most successful are the psychopathic type, because they can get their jollies, then return to their "normal" life, and show no guilt, remorse or outward sign that their double-life is something so radically different. Of course, the majority of psychopaths are not killers, the ratio is approx 4% in the general populace and about 7-11% in CEO positions.

Spree killers are based in a Malay tradition. "They believed that amok was caused by the hantu belian, which was an evil tiger spirit that entered one’s body and caused the heinous act. As a result of the belief, those in Malaysian culture tolerated amok and dealt with the after effects with no ill will towards the assailant".

2,000 year old culture is more enlightened than modern America, who'd have thought it?


As for that city thing, she's surprisingly close. It's a meme so old even Plato used it; and it's still relevent. Although, Adderall really shouldn't be having that type of effect, she was no doubt mixing it with other things.

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Redpill, Thanks for interjecting realliy into the thread. This is a mental illness issue, not a weapon issue. Gasoline, knives, automobiles, baseball batts, hammers.... can be used to lashout at soceity. Shall we ban them all? or treat the indivigual.

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Second point is allowing this to become a political fight about guns would be an even bigger tragedy because it misses the point.

This is already happening. We must fight fire with fire.

As far as the insanity problem, let's find the real causes. Fluoride in the water. Geo-Engineering smoketrailing with heavy amounts of aluminum and Barium oxide raining down on us every day. Today is a heavy chemtrail day in SW Florida where the number of commercial passenger jets flying overhead are few. I did the math and less than 250 jets go in and out of RSW at the hight of tourist season. Yet a large additional number of jets spraying their jet contrail chemicals are continuously flying overhead all day long. Who are the owners of all those non-passenger jets flying overhead and why?

redpill's picture

There were mentally ill people before we had flouridated water and airplanes, please don't try to tinfoil every fucking issue.

trav777's picture

please report yourself to mental health professionals soon, k?

Ident 7777 economy's picture

 " Geo-Engineering smoketrailing with ..."

-1, Clown 

DeadFred's picture

Perhaps the ones slipping out of the crack in the door over the pit are having trouble finding enough of their preferred hosts- bankers and politicians.

TruthHunter's picture

As for her being a responsible gun owner, morning news reported she took

him to a firing range. One of the few prerequisites for owning a gun is having basic mental health. One more to

go and she can have a Darwin award.


 What's so irrational? He learns to virtual kill, shoot real

guns, solve the puzzle by finding the key, unlock the cabinet, go to the next level,

eliminated the little zombies, hit reset when the cops come.

TruthHunter's picture

"Grand Theft Auto isn't a FPS."


Perhaps First Person Shithead?

TruthHunter's picture

"Lanzas mother was prepared for the worst:"


For her the "worst" was getting shot while asleep, so obviously 

she wasn't prepared.

inevitablecollapse's picture

has anyone else reported on this?  is it just going to be swept under the rug?  also curious as to corroborating sources for this story - i would typically cast a doubtful eye on something that is showing up on

francis_sawyer's picture

Surely, any fact that BOTH shooting suspects [one of them ~ conveniently as dead as Lee Harvey Oswald at the moment] had fathers that were about to testify in the LIBOR scandal falls WELL WITHIN any statistical or mathematical probability matrix...

It's kind of like Jews (who represent only about 2% of the American population ~ & whereby HALF of the WORLD's Jew population lives in America ~ which makes the worldwide jew number miniscule)... Yet ~ control 90% of the major power nodes of entertainment industry (including the ownereship of professional sports leagues & franchises), banking & finance (worldwide), & political lobby action committees... Yeah ~ well all that should be considered statistically NORMAL as well...

Move on people ~ nothing to see here...


SilverTree's picture

Kinda like Hillary's concussion.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Let me know when the Republicans call Hillary on it.  They won't.  They cut a deal.  It's none of your damn business what the deal was.

Nimby's picture

Meh.  Interesting connection (if it is real), but then what is the motive?  Get both men to not testify?  Why not kill them?  Or hold their child hostage?  
So what you're saying is the international banking cartel brainwashed these young men into committing deadly shootings so that their fathers' would not testify about an interest rate scandal?
Could it also be that father's that are at the top of their career in the financial services industry tend not to give the kind of attention to their children that is needed, and when behavioral issues arise, they turn immediately to doctors whose first reaction is to prescribe, prescribe, prescribe?
Your theory is all well and good, but:
1.  It doesn't seem like brainwashing kids to go on killing sprees is going to stop dad's testimony, and

2.  There are plenty of other rational explanations.

Going to need a bit more before I jump head first on the crazy train. 

lyras's picture

The CIA are trained to sniff out likley fall guys like this kid, brainwash ém and then set them up to create a crisis too good to let go to waste.  Think the Gubmint cares about dead citizens?  Liked the big O's tears, tho, what a stand up guy!  Hillary's hilarious  concussion is all part of the absolute contempt they hold for us sheeples - and in some cases who could blame em, we swallow a lot of idiotic BS.

RmcAZ's picture
Are there any other sources for this? Sounds fishy... "...Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO." Scientist? FICO needs a scientist?
Bicycle Repairman's picture

"Scientist? FICO needs a scientist?"


francis_sawyer's picture

The Robert Holmes/FICO connection has been known for a long time & appears to be valid... This new stuff I'm just hearing about, so I couldn't say either way...


In any case, it probably doesn't matter... You still have people like VAST-DOM on this blog who think Osama Bin Laden was behind 9/11 and if you suggest that there otherwise might be a deeper caper involved with the story, you're 'anti-semitic'...

prains's picture

Hence the need to have more bullets because the best way to fight fire is to pour gas on it.

otto skorzeny's picture

my 75 round drum mags take alot of bullets to fill 'em

kaiserhoff's picture

Teflon.  It's not just for frying pans, anymore.

MachoMan's picture

First, thank you for using the term magazine (as the OP totally fumbled that one).  Second, if you fill your magazine with only bullets, your firearm probably won't cycle very well and none of the bullets are going to manage to get out of the barrel...

TeMpTeK's picture

How come the crazy peoples plan never involves shooting up a gun show? Ah yes... unarmed sitting ducks are soooo much easier.....

molecool's picture

Basically Joe Sixpack got used to the shootings and it took a massacre of great school children to reset public opinion. Pretty much all there needs to be said about popular culture.

otto skorzeny's picture

very limited-it conflicts with thoughts like "Who do I want to win Dancing with the Stars" or "Should I keep paying on my underwater mortgage?" or "Boy-these minimum payments on my credit card are getting harder to make"

ShrNfr's picture

Lotsa folks are critical, not a lot of them think for themselves on any topic.

Zap Powerz's picture

The societal problem is that our society is unsustainable and people are figuring it out at about the same time.  Sure, some of us are a head of the curve, but most of the producers and mooches have had a symbiotic relationship for a long time (the status quo) and, while complaining occasionally, didnt really want to change anything.

Well now the producers realize they are being asked to sacrifice too much and the moochers realize there isnt enough loot to go around anymore.  We are running out of money to keep the house of cards proppped up.

A lot of people have a sense of impending doom.  Its causing them to act irrationally because they are scared.  Think about how scared they are going to be in the near future?