Newtown Shooting: A Syndrome Of A Troubled Society?

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In a concerning shift of sentiment, a majority of Americans, based on a new WaPo-ABC poll, now see the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary as a sign of broader problems in society (as opposed to an 'isolated' incident). While there remains widespread - and intense - opposition to banning the sale of handgunds in general (though high-capacity ammo clip restrictions are just as broadly despised), from the 2007 Virgina Tech shootings to this year's Aurora theater massacre, the poll results below suggest societal problems are becoming ever more critical in our nation's thinking.



Source: Washington Post-ABC Poll

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Yep, we never should have freed the slaves....

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We would never have had slaves if not for the jew supremacist slave traders.

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You have consistently demonstrated that you are one twisted fuck... or at very best a sick puppy...

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I agree with the sentiment.  However, man has never been able to abide God's law.  For this reason, we have grace.  What the American people have lost is the grace of God.  They are now truly free.. just like that statue of the Madre de las Remeras they worship in New York would have them be.

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Get rid of the drugging of our children and the public in general, by chemical pushers and their patrons, and the madness ends. But we know that won't happen. The chemical doping and poisoning will increase. The mental instabilities will increase. The symptoms will manifest with greater frequency and intensity. Then the tyranny comes at the moment of maximum chaos. And most will beg for their enslavement. The cycle continues.

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Alright everyone. Turn your guns over to the Justice Dept so they can sell them to Mexican Drug Cartels. Keep paying you taxes so our dearest most sympathetic president can contunue drone bombing weddings and little children in sw asia, mid-east, and africa. "Defense Spending"

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We could have long arguments about the exact timing of when American society crested and started a downward spiral, but I'd say the decline has been very evident after VJ day.

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When JFK was shot...that is when I think things changed...

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This would be a really interesting ZH poll question.  To be clear, I'm not picking VJ day as the seeds of decline are always with us, much like the cells in our bodies are programmed to fail over time.  All good things must come to an end, but it would be nice if, globally, we could recapture some common decency, collective respect for ourselves and of others and much more modesty.

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My money is on when RFK was shot...

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It's a public health issue.  It used to be that we had few qualms about sending mentally unstable, potentially dangerous individuals to a mental institution where they were monitor and/or medicated.  Now they either end up in jail, or live somewhat normal lives up until point they snap.

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Its the everyone gets a participation ribbon syndrome. No one loses.

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Actually all kinds of kids get "main-streamed" because no child can be left behind. My wife is a public school teacher, and she and the other teachers in her school can instantly tell you of several kids in their school who could easily be the next one. Big increase in autism, personality disorders, on anti-depressants but then can't afford their meds, hostile with no social skills, some seething because of bullying. But everyone has to be treated the same ..... Pretty scary place to work if the school does not have full-time security.

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If Newtown doesn't prompt a look in the mirror, what will it take?

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So far I have seen no credible evidence that either Lanza or Holmes (in Colorado theatre shooting) did any shooting.

There has been, however, a lot of credible evidence that they were patsies and the shooting was actually done by others that likely had a very evil political agenda.  Nothing adds up if one assumes they were lone assassins.

Killing first graders for a political agenda is about as evil as it gets and likely was chosen to get maximum effect from the nation's flock of sheep.  This is a job perpetrated by the Power Elites to instill maximum fear in the people and direct those people along a predetermined path.

FeralSerf's picture

I agree that it's pretty difficult to know if much we see and hear is real, but it's often not so difficult to determine many things that cannot be real.  A big "for example" was the destruction of Bldg. #7.   If the power elites are brazen enough to do that, how tough is it for them to murder a classroom full of first graders or a bunch of clueless theatre goers.  There are many details here that cannot be real, likewise with Aurora, CO.  If it's impossible, it didn't happen.

If the SOBs that are causing these horrible acts of terrorism aren't stopped, we and our children won't  have very pleasant lives for the forseeable future.

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Before you jump on the Gun Ban wagon, keep in mind that the Police have no duty or obligation to protect citizens. 

Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone

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World's biggest weapons exporter. Biggest military. Gun obsessed. Multiple massacres per week. Drones flying above.

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Only in America people would go as far as blaming psycho-pharmaceuticals before they admit the obvious fact that there are just too many guns around. America is willing to take these horrific casualties for the right to own uncontrolled guns. You can manipulate statistics as much as you want, but shootings are not as frequent in nations where there is less culture for guns and violence.

Now guns and violence are becoming the next great american export.

I find it depressing that instead of mourning people feel the need to rationalize the defense of guns ownership. It is almost like an implicit admission of guilt.

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DrDre is that really you?

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You can manipulate statistics as much as you want, but shootings are not as frequent in nations where there is less culture for guns and violence.

Not sure on the statistics, but historically those nations have a higher chance of  genocide.

" to disarm the people is the best and most effective way to enslave them"

-George Mason

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I've listened to some of your music and never heard you denounce guns in the lyrics.  What gives?  

What is an "uncontrolled" gun?  

Sockeye's picture

"I find it depressing that instead of mourning people feel the need to rationalize the defense of guns ownership."

Well then, why instead of mourning are all the libtards bleating for disarmament of the people? I find that depressing.

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It's funny that we don't hear what drugs this kid was on.

Of course not; that would effect bottom lines

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"you mean like a swarm of hollow points from our hyper-violent govt ("Do as I say-not as I do"-Uncle Sam)"

Precisely, exactly, bingo, etc. The quoted recognition merits elaboration and should not go unnoticed. It entails the starting point of a societal, self examination that eliminates the common storyline that school massacres are incomprehensible.

That is nonsense. Such tragedies fit perfectly into the cultural pattern of a hyper-aggressive and violent society that for Adam Lanza's entire lifetime was spending more public money on militarism than was the rest of the world combined, year in and year out, to and including now.

Wars of aggression, of pretext, of remote drone strikes, irrespective of known presence of civilians, including children, have been justified and shrugged off. Young men and women are sent off to those wars and told to keep quiet about what they saw and did when they return home.

Do people really think a society that does that sort of thing on a continuous basis doesn't do harm to its own social fabric?

Look at the pattern: military weapons, and military dress are a common feature of the massacres.

The people who do vicious acts of violence have a wide range of social condition signals that ease them along the path towards violence. And, the lack of respect for gun control is one of the conditioning factors. The call to vigilance and to arms is just one of many fear-stoking signals we send to each other each and every day.

This and all other Newtown related threads are full of self justifying claims that the way to stop violence is for more people to carry guns.

I wonder if the same posters think the way out of debt is more debt?

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Our societal fabric is disintergrating on a rapidly declining basis.  Extremely violent video games are the accepted norm for teen & young adult entertainment.  And look at prime-time network television.  How many of the cop shows depict multiple murders, with 60-90% of these Female and "on the slab"? And why, tell me why, are the Kardashians and Lindsey Lohan front page news?  Not to mention all those highly-touted "wardrobe malfunctions".

Our government in the US does no better with drone attacks worldwide targeting those the President feels should live no longer and as collateral damage sometimes taking out entire families, including Women & children.

Innocence was lost a long time ago in America and we are seeing the result.

These issues should be addressed before any talk of "gun control" IMHO.

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The fascists know best how to spend our money, provide for our future, help our poor, educate our children, invest our resources, protect our borders, run our businesses, heal our sick, feed our hungry, and now they wish to school us on the fine art of providing for our individual right to self defense. What could go wrong??

Joebloinvestor's picture

When the government downplays TERRORIST ACTIVITY to "workplace violence" and sells guns to cartels, I go deaf to cries about gun control.

The government refuses to control the guns it has control over.

loveyajimbo's picture

The big gun sales is in response to Obunga's NDAA and exec orders... I fully approve... read them all, then go buy at least an AR, a tactical shotgun and a Glock.  Seriously... this administration is fucked up and there will be civil breakdown.  As far as the retarded kid?  Sure, probably a vaccine... but we need to bring back the asylums and end the PC bullshit.

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Then you're incharge of paying to warehouse the retards you fucktard.

sschu's picture

The people have asked God to leave the schools.  They have also somewhat rejected his presence on a public level.  No prayers in school, denying His existence, violating His decrees.

Without God is there any limit to the depravity of man?  

This is such an old story, reject God and He will depart and leave you to evil of the world.

So sad and so unnecessary.


unrulian's picture

Thanks sschu, i'm now less intellegent for reading that. the lions share of mens depravity has been perpetuated in the name of God 

A Lunatic's picture

No, you were pretty fucking stupid before you read that.

francis_sawyer's picture

God should have been around shielding those kids from the bullets... But instead ~ I guess he was busy working on keeping John Corzine out of prison on account of the fact that Corzine is "Chosen"... God is obviously a busy dude & can't be expected to respond [on the fly] to everything...

sschu's picture

God was there helping "shielding those kids from the bullets", see the article about Vicki Soto.

Jon Corzine will have his day in court, we can be assured.  Maybe the court will be held in a different place at a different level than you have in mind.

Being one of God's chosen people has not always been that great, ask those folks in Germany and Poland in 1944 how that was going.

Check out Romans 9:20.




Village Smithy's picture

Weren't those children a little too young to have already rejected God?

FeralSerf's picture

The god of Abraham doesn't have any problem killing small children, just as his chosen people do not.  Remember the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah and The Flood?  

Goy_Debt_Slave's picture

783,000 Americans are killed each year by failedsurgeries, deadly prescription drugs and fatal mistakes by medical staff Natural News

In 2010, only 6,009 Americans were murdered by handguns. FBI website

There are approximately 2.1 to 2.5 million instances annually in which Americans use a gun for self defense.
Tell me again why the U.N. is trying to take away our right to defend ourselves from criminals and tyrannical governments? Oh, wait, never mind, they ARE the tyrannical government we need to defend ourselves against?

DosZap's picture

In 2010, only 6,009 Americans were murdered by handguns.

REMOVE the Drug deals gone bad, and the Gang Bangers head count, and this number is cut 50%.

Cthonic's picture

Tried your first link and it sent me to a north korea article.  However, point taken, though other sources mention smaller figure (~200k) deaths from avoidable medical errors and preventable infections.  Yes, still dwarfs all intentional homicides (17k in 2008).  By far the largest percentages are due to hospital infections and drug side effects.  CDC doesn't break out these categories in their fast stats, allowing for only 118k in 'accidental' deaths during 2009.

Hearst 2009

Starfield 2000

TrumpXVI's picture

Kunstler nailed it in today's essay.

This problem with mal-adjusted males unble to grow into healthy manhood has been a huge problem in the black community for a long time now.  Adam Lanza et. al. exemplify the manifestation of this same problem in the white community.  

We have a serious problem with young men in this culture.  And as Kunstler correctly points out, this is the cumulative result of many, many poor choices over a long period of time.

FeralSerf's picture

I think you and Kunstler are both shills for the power elites that are behind these awful terror attacks.

Flakmeister's picture

You clearly have no idea who James Kuntsler is and what he stands for...

FeralSerf's picture

As always, you're full of shit.  He's another worthless fucking Zionist just like you.

I see you ADLers are on the ball lately working to deflect blame away from the worst terrorist group on Earth.  You're too stupid to realize that this causes many people to wonder, like after 9/11, if perhaps thou protesteth too much.

Flakmeister's picture

As far as I can tell you think anyone that doesn't exist in the same echo chamber as you is a zionist...