The Two Charts That Matter From Smith And Wesson's December Investor Presentation

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Presented without commentary.



National Shooting Sports Foundation, Published December 3, 2012 –

NOVEMBER NSSF-ADJUSTED NICS CHECKS UP 38.5%... Powered by the largest single day ever for background checks on Black Friday, November 2012 is now the record holder for the most background checks conducted in a single month. The November 2012 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 1,525,177 is an increase of 38.5 percent over the NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 1,101,076 in November 2011. For comparison, the unadjusted November 2012 NICS figure of 1,997,703 reflects a 30.8 percent increase from the unadjusted NICS figure of 1,527,454 in Nov. 2011. This marks the 30th straight month that NSSF-adjusted NICS figures have increased when compared to the same period the previous year. The number reported for November 2012 eclipsed the previous high in December 2011 by 8.1 percent.”

Source: SWHC December Investor Presentation

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Stoploss's picture

It's the damned boar hogs.

Speaking of which, the current leadership is about as useless as tits on a boar hog.

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Yea, someone is going to have to "duck" when this blows.

Freddie's picture

SWHC and Ruger are the new bubble stocks.

The AR15 is the new iPhone 5.  ;-)

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

I find the features of the AR-15 never go out of style, and and I love to SMS with it, even if the range is a bit limited because I'm not in a tower. 

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Ha! nursery rhymes FTW!

Hickory Dickory Dock....(feel free to add your own flair here)


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"This is my rifle

this is my gun

this is for fighting

this is for fun"



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Remember that one well running around the squad bay at Edson Range with 80 other guys and our M14s, hahaha.  Too much fun.

stant's picture

a modern day ft sumter would be instant death to the dollar. lets hope cool heads prevail

ball-and-chain's picture

I don't own guns.  I'm afraid my wife would blow my head off.

She has a bad temper.


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I thought I was the only one with that fear. 

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No one here cares if you went hiking yesterday. Stop pimping your blog on every thread. People might start to confuse you with Spiritoftruth...oh wait that seems to be what everyone does now. /Silverbug. Okay im done.

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The way food prices keep on going up, hunting for many is not just a sport anymore, but a matter of survival.  Got food???

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It is far more probable that the smart are insulating against Holder-justuce, ignorance, and liberal fact-fabrication.

People know the current "rule of law" is a total fucking joke on the enforcement/executive side.

The intelligent also know that with modern government marvels such as Homeland Insecurity that it is every man for himself against said incorporated government enemies of the people.

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the USA is an open air insane asylum !

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Short, Bolsheviks.

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the triple "G" effect

toady's picture

Time to pick up some S&W stock?


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Congratulations, Toady, you just proved you are a fairly sensitive human.  The thought occurred to you days after the tragic event.   A sociopath would have had that idea the moment he saw breaking news of a mass shooting at an elementary school.  It would have been his first thought.  But even the sociopath is too late, for only miliseconds after the breaking news, all the sophisticated algos lit to life and began forming the groundwork for profit-taking, whereby sophisticated and proprietary investment instruments are installed into the system, to make money both on the way up and on the way down. 


DO. NOT. PLAY.  Go 'direct investment' into Smith & Wesson, if that's your 'stock' of choice.

A Nanny Moose's picture

If you can't hold it, you don't own it.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

SW 686 has been around for a long time. I bought a new 686 this year and later bought

a 28 year old 686. Both 357s, but the old one has wood grip.

The Miser's picture

I am going to buy an AR15 to rid my property of mice. 

ghengis86's picture

Mine was for all specie of vermin. But I lost it.

Oops! Just found it again. It was hiding under my bed and seems to have asexually reproduced!


Don't live in fear

zorba THE GREEK's picture

I bought a 44 mag to shoot cans. AfricaCANS, MexiCANS and Porta RiCANS, and possibly some AmeriCANS.

Uncle Sugar's picture

Get a 22 conversion kit for you AR if you're hunting mice. At least you'll have some meat left after the kill and it's a lot more economical.

ZeroAvatar's picture

Best be trappin' those mice.  Might make a good mouse stew.

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Black Rifles work waaay better than Black Cats.

stant's picture

been checking the big online shops, out of stock beside every item i have or would have

klockwerks's picture

Buy large quanty of ammo for all that you have. I would bet that might be the first thing they go for (idiots in Wash) You can always bater for it.

Salon's picture

Buy reloading gear. It is cheap right now.

Buy a #10 can seamer for 800 bucks and seal lots of ammo with O2 absorbers and dessicators. It should still be perfect in 50 years provided the can doesnt rust through.

Never let a crises go to waste

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Proud to say my son did that for me.

I hear there are a billion rounds of hollow points up for grabs.  Any hot rumors of locations?

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Gee, I wonder what changed?


-- Favorite: Python

ZeroAvatar's picture

--Favorite: Python


Baked, barbequed or fricasseed?

darteaus's picture


Colt - Six inch barrel, stainless

Seasmoke's picture

Foreign banksters still think they are going to steal American houses ?

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"NOVEMBER NSSF-ADJUSTED NICS CHECKS UP 38.5%... Powered by the largest single day ever for background checks on Black Friday, November 2012..."~


One can only conclude that Santa is bringing a lot of good little boys and girls firepower. (Bad little boys and girls get coal.) Whether this is a reflexive social commentary on the current administration is another matter, but the numbers do invite speculation along those lines.

Creepy Lurker's picture

If I'm sort of neutral, can I get both?

Freddie's picture

This is an insane number. I think the NICS checks have been around 15 million a year for the last 4 years.   This is roughly about 50 million new gun sales over the past 4 years.  Talking about expanding your market or shifting the demand curve.

People are not as afraid of crime as they are afraid of tyranny and/or SHTF.  

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Right.  So get the fuck out!

CoolBeans's picture

Really.  But Americans are like the "Second Coming" when you need us, right?  So take your Anti-American B.S. and shove it.

way-out-west's picture

I don't want to be a kill-joy (I carry daily myself) but what happense if you normalize the above charts for population growth? I don't have the data, but it seems like there might be a little more to it. After all, the intersting part is the %change YoY normalized for those entering the 'legal' age to purchase.

Salon's picture

You told your kids Santa wasnt real didnt you?


flattrader's picture

Good question.  I wondered about that myself initially.  But, then I noticed the big climb to the top for both types of guns began immediately post 9/11.

The long leg up looks event driven...with a dip in sales due to market implosion post 2008...and then a healthy resumption of sales when people figured out the still had disposable income.

Prior to '02 you could porbably overlay that chart with the age distribution of the male population 18+ and get a pretty good correlation of age distribution moving through to sales.

batz's picture


Short butter!



besnook's picture

there is a pretty significant correlation with the rise of the bankster economy.