Gun Sales Soar In Aftermath Of Newtown Killings

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As so often happens when dealing with the fickle public, the aftermath of the news of the second worst school massacre in US history has led to precisely the opposite outcome to the one desired by the media and at least part of the general population. Because in the backlash for gun control at its tamest, and against weapon ownership of any kind at its most rabid, driven primarily by those who don't own weapons, everyone else decided to think one step ahead and preempt what may soon be yet another governmental subjugation of a constitutional amendment. The result? An absolute surge in weapon sales in the days following last Friday's tragedy.

The Guardian reports:

Karl Durkheimer is more coy than might be expected of a man with a pistol on his hip.


Durkheimer's gun shop looks to have enjoyed record sales of semi-automatics – "modern sporting rifles", as he calls them – and handguns at the weekend. But he doesn't want to talk specific numbers.


Nor is he terribly keen to speculate on the causes of the sudden demand. But he acknowledges that it probably has everything to do with a man killing two people with an assault rifle last week in a Portland shopping mall less than 10 minutes drive away, and Friday's massacre of 20 small children and seven adults on the other side of the country in Connecticut.


"Handgun sales are up substantially and modern sporting rifles are up astronomically," he said after a few days when his shop, Northwest Armory, was packed with buyers sizing up the most popular pistol in the US, the Glock, and the military-style AR-15 assault rifle, which also comes with a pink stock for women. "The people you see are twofold. There are first-time buyers who are in fear of what the future will bring. But most of what you saw is people hedging their bets that there might be a political policy put forward by the liberal side of the government."


Durkheimer means his shoppers fear that the shock of the Newtown, Connecticut, killings might cause the public and Congress to support a reinstatement of the ban on some of his most popular lines.


That's a picture replicated across the US from California to Louisiana, and even in Newtown where Robert Caselnova said his gun shop saw high demand for assault rifles in the days after the killings. The nationwide increase in sales was reflected in longer than usual delays for legally required background checks which in some cases took hours rather than minutes.


The surge in sales is not unusual. Following a mass killing at a Colorado cinema in July, applications to buy guns rose more than 40% in a week. The murder two years ago of six people during an assassination attempt against congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was badly wounded, prompted a 60% increase in gun sales in a single day in Arizona.

And while we have been following the slow and steady rise in gun sales, punctuated by two key events which have sent gun sales soaring, namely the Obama election and reelection, the pick up in sales seen last weekend is unprecedented. And to confirm fears that whether by way of the Second Amendment or not, various chains may halt gun sales, earlier today we got confirmation from Dick's Sporting Goods that they have suspended sales of rifles nationwide:

Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. (DKS), the largest U.S. sporting-goods chain, has suspended sales of modern sporting rifles in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, as the community mourns victims of the massacre.


Sales of all guns have been stopped at its store closest to the shooting, the Coraopolis, Pennsylvania-based company said today in an e-mailed statement.


Dick’s is pulling the products after 26 people -- mostly children -- were killed during a Dec. 14 shooting rampage at an elementary school in Newtown. The chain, which has more than 500 stores in the U.S., sells guns and ammunition in stores and not online, according to its website.


“We are extremely saddened by the unspeakable tragedy that occurred last week,” the company said in the statement. Dick’s is removing the guns “out of respect for the victims and their families.”

Noble gesture, to be sure, but all it is really doing is leading to even greater sales at all other gun retailer outlets. And indeed, as fears that more and more companies may halt sales, the scramble to weaponize themselves, will keep Americans busy for days and weeks to come.

On the question of how gun owners see last Friday's tragedy, the Guardian had this to add:

The buyers regard the Newtown killings as a tragedy, but view any connection to their right to own weapons as a political ploy aimed at depriving them of their guns.


"It's terrible what happened. It's just plain evil," said Richard Merritt on the steps of the gun shop after browsing assault rifles with a thought to buying himself one for Christmas to supplement the handguns and hunting rifle he owns.


"But there's people trying to use that to say I'm responsible because I own a gun. Where's the connection? The only people making one are doing it for political ends because there's not one of these massacres would ever have been stopped by a law that takes my gun away. But now they're talking about doing that again, I think this may be the time to buy."


Durkheimer is sick of gun owners being painted as the problem. Like many, he feels demonised and vilified for the crimes of a few because he enjoys hunting and shooting ranges. That puts him on the defensive when groups campaigning for tightened gun regulation might be better off trying to win him over with assurances that their calls to restrict the sale of assault rifles and magazines that hold large numbers of bullets won't end with the confiscation of handguns and hunting rifles.


"It's just another thing that will drive a wedge between us. Instead of the United States being a melting pot it's more polarised," he said.

Well, class warfare in the US is nothing new. And of course, what is most ironic, is that it is precisely the fear of forced, unilateral rejection, by either or all three branches of government, of the original constitution and its various amendments that has Americans scrambling into gun stores. And thus the closed loop nature of the problem: by threatening to take away America's guns, the government is only exacerbating a problem that is steeped in 200+ years of history and is engrained deep in American psychology.

What is the solution?

We don't know, but we do know that the government stepping in confident it can and will fix and regulate everything is precisely what will only make the problem far, far worse.

We do know that heart of the problem is far, far deeper than one or more tragic mass shootings can reveal. In fact the full extent of the problem begins to be unmasked courtesy of the chart we showed yesterday, and which was to be found, ironically enough, in the most recent Smith and Wesson investor presentation.

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Agent P's picture


Before I bought any of my guns, I bought a gun safe.  Control your guns, indeed.

AchtungAffen's picture

Yeah, always the lone ranger fantasy of Americans. Like how many said if people had weapons on that theatre where the batman shooting occurred, everything would be fine (disregarding smoke, darkness of the theater and later police intervention not knowing who was the original shooter).

This post and these sort of comments are the true cognitive dissonance.

It's not that America is particularly more violent than other similar countries. It's just more lethal. Because it's a society permeated with guns.

Damn, I live in a country who had multiple coup de etat, who had a dirty war were 30000 just vanished from the face of the earth and all. And if you speak to everyday people NOBODY would be telling you the gun fantasies I see from Americans. Thank heavens over here weapons are not socially acceptable. And thus we have a lot less gun deaths per capita than the US, even though we still have violent crime of sorts...

And freedom wasn't won from the Juntas by the force of arms, but by the force of the people TOGETHER and the awful missteps that military govt commited. Should be a lesson to all those fatty military wannabes in their "liberty" militias or whatever. Freedom was communally won, not through individual gun toting fat-asses. Not even through guns.

Zap Powerz's picture

Question.  Did the 30,000 people that just vanished have guns?  Also, did the people that effected the coup de tats have guns?  Just curious.

Killtruck's picture

I can't remember the last time America had 30,000 people vanished and multiple coup de 'etat...wait a minute...never. Great advertisement for guns you have there, paco.

And regarding the Aurora shooting, here's some facts to put in your pipe of douchebaggery:

The ONLY effective countermeasure to active shooters has been the sole responder. 2/3 of the time the responder was a civilian, and 80% of the time that person was unarmed.

There has not been a single active shooter scenario where multiple police officers gathered together and went into the building to stop the shooter, because by the time police arrive and organize, it's over.

Maybe the reason why you see "lone ranger fantasy" is because in the real world, you're probably going to be on your own. And you can hope that you packed your balls that day, because you're going to need them.

Communal force of the people is horseshit - freedom is won by individuals who band together with a common purpose. 

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

"There has not been a single active shooter scenario where multiple police officers gathered together and went into the building to stop the shooter, because by the time police arrive and organize, it's over."

When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away!


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The cops are not here to protect you from the bad guys. They are here to protect the corporate bad guy's personal and corporate property from you. Oh.....and they are a reliable income source for the government corporations.

While many now understand that (state sponsored) war is a racket, few realize this also extends to the local/state police. There are plenty of exceptions to this broad statement, but the days of foot patrol community policing are long gone.

otto skorzeny's picture

the only thing I ever get out of cops is a surly-"what the f*** are you looking at" look

Agent P's picture

I know some good cops who have put themselves in harm's way to protect civilians from bad guys.  I think cops get a bad rap because more often than not the shit goes down before they can arrive, so people view it as a failure of providing protection.  But by and large, I think most cops would do everything in their power to eliminate a threat to public safety given the opportunity.

MachoMan's picture

So is it your thesis that the community's actions took longer or shorter than if they had access to firearms?

Bicycle Repairman's picture

So you aren't an American then?  Well this is an Americans-only discussion and you can GFY.

Canucklehead's picture

Your freedom was won because your freedom fighters operated from a "safe" base where others protected them until they had a chance to get their word out.

Your freedom fighters had support from .... ???

Freddie's picture

Sounds like that kleptocracy Argentina.   The one where Kirschner stole everyone's private pension not long ago.   If it is Argie then you are a ****king sheep. 

The country has every natural resoruce you could think of except productive and honest people.  

The place must have attracted the worst elements of Italy. 

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Argentina is my guess as well.  I have been there, and even with our problems, I prefer Amerka.  Obama is a problem though.  Four long years ahead.

ebear's picture

"And freedom wasn't won from the Juntas by the force of arms"

Perhaps not in your neck of the woods, but there are examples where it was, specifically Cuba and Nicaragua.  More to the point, it's not about winning so much as raising the cost to your oppressors to the point they think twice.  It's also about dignity.  The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto had no chance of victory and yet they fought to the bitter end.

Guru Gobind Singh, 10th guru of the Sikhs and founder of the Khalsa made this a matter of doctrine for all who follow the Sikh Panth.  "When all else fails, it is righteous to take up the sword."  You can't do that if you don't have a sword, and if they try to take that from you, it's safe to say that all else has failed and to go down fighting.

Live as a slave if you wish.  Slave to the old order, slave to the new.  It makes no difference.  Like they said in Russia.  Today me.  Tomorrow you.  Your only real choice is how you respond.

Freddie's picture

Sikhs are generally good and honorable people.  You don't want to F with them either.  They are tough hombres.

Thisson's picture

You're a fucking retard.  Did you ever consider that the fact that American citizens collectively own hundreds of millions of firearms is, perhaps, one of the reasons why we haven't allowed 30000 people to "just vanish" unlike your pussified citizenry?

Freddie's picture


Everyone should read Alexander Solzhenitsyn's books.   He was in the Soviet gulags.  He wrote that when Stalin's goons came, the public should have banded together with shovels, knives or whatever and tried to kill the Soviet goons.  He said afetr a few got killed maybe they would not be so bold.  

Disarmed people are sheep.  Americans who watch TV and Hoillywood Tarantino/Miramax/Spielberg or any other crap from them are sheep.

Hollywood and TV want you disarmed.  Keep supporting them sheep.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AchtungAffen said:

Damn, I live in a country who had multiple coup de etat, who had a dirty war were 30000 just vanished from the face of the earth and all. And if you speak to everyday people NOBODY would be telling you the gun fantasies I see from Americans.

Damn, I live in a country that has pantomime presidential elections every four years and that has 30,000 just vanish from the face of the earth and all because of texting while driving. And if you speak to everyday people NOBODY would give a shit about the way you do things in Liechtenstein.

Randall Cabot's picture

Meanwhile, Hollywood scumbags like Tarantino keep making movies that incite violence. Tarantino should be arrested, given a fair trial and then hung for making movies like Django Unchained:

Tarantino tires of defending ultra-violent films after Sandy Hook massacre

The Django Unchained director spoke at a press conference in New York a day after Friday's Connecticut massacre

"I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?"


otto skorzeny's picture

2 of the biggest non-Jewish POS in Hollywood-Foxx and Tarantino

The Shootist's picture

I was disgusted by inglorious bastards. Tarantino's a degenerate deviant. Man's on fucking drugs.

Lore's picture

I notice during the funeral coverage after the Newtown shooting that at least some parents were Jews. (You could tell from the prayer caps.)

And the killer wrote some kind of letter, but large portions of text were blacked out. I wonder if the shooter intended to single out Jewish children for some reason.

We haven't been given any indication of the kid's motives.  The Asperger explanation is BS.  I know people with Aspergers who are good, level headed individuals, love kittens and wouldn't hurt a fly. So let's not start stigmatizing people with Asperger's, who in some ways are more critical and less emotional thinkers than the average member of the electorate.

As usual, there is more to the story than the authorized crumbs we are given.


Bicycle Repairman's picture

"I wonder if the shooter intended to single out Jewish children for some reason."

There is no reason to think this.  None.

Mad Mohel's picture

The media's primary purpose now is to create division. The more fractures the better.'s picture

The media's primary purpose is to subvert or break your will. The fracturing comes from the struggles of those who won't go down easy.

francis_sawyer's picture

Oh of course... Naturally...


All I can say is if jews could even remotely be spun to be target victims of this, then the fucking jew media would be all over it like white on kosher rice...

Problem is... Most people are finally getting wise to the bullshit...


Randall Cabot's picture

"We haven't been given any indication of the kid's motives. The Asperger explanation is BS. I know people with Aspergers who are good, level headed individuals, love kittens and wouldn't hurt a fly. So let's not start stigmatizing people with Asperger's, who in some ways are more critical and less emotional thinkers than the average member of the electorate."

It's not the Asperger's, it's the meds-and our jew supremacist-inspired Frankfurt School culture.

I think there were twe jew victims out of 26, silly to suggest that jews were the target. 

dtwn's picture

Fucking brilliant movie.  Sorry you have no imagination.

New England Patriot's picture

I walked out of Inglourious Basterds.

Freddie's picture

Tarantino/Miramax/Weinstein brothers is all about sadism, murder, cruelty and suffering. There is nothing "artistic" about gore, sadism, cruelty and murder.   Tarantino and his black racists actors who hate whitey are the lowest scum.

Screw ALL of Hollywood and Screw ALL of TV.   They want you disarmed - PERIOD.  Keep being a sheep by giving them money or wantch any of their crap.

Freddie's picture

Tarantino had Kill Bill and the new one with racists Foxx and Sam Jackson should be title Kill Whitey.

They are backed by the Miramax Weinstein brothers spewing misery, sadism, murder and gore.

Tarantino's crap is not just killing but sadistic killing and misery.  F Hollywood and F TV.

August's picture

Fair trial?  We don't need no steenking fair trials.

El Viejo's picture

Let's see. Tarantino makes a movie that caters to 13% of the population and possibly offends most of the rest. Voting with your feet could have a powerful effect on this.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

Great story, thanks.  Doesn't fit their narrative...

Abiotic Oil's picture

The controlled media (which we have all seen how powerful its propoganda generation is through the last two Ron Paul campaigns) is now saying there is a majority support for gun control (because we're a democracy, not a Republic right ?!?!? WTF...) and gun sales are falling and stupid "Elmer (I hunt and hunters don't need no assault rifles) Fudd" politicians are now ready "to talk", and the brainwashed "progressives" who feel the need to "civilise" the country through disarmament are juxtaposed against the reality of sales and background checks going ballistic (pmag 30's are getting mighty hard to find in stock) while more and more Americans are arming themselves and saying "that's it, you can't have them."

The PTB really want to start a shooting fight.  If that happens then they can really crack down as the gloves are off.  The police state apparatus is in place.  Internal TSA weapons checkpoints on our highways (but no armed guards at schools).  They need to have a use for those municipal police who have armored vehicles with .50 Brownings turret mounted on top right?  What better use than driving through the walls of some "right-wing, crazy prepper-hoarder, mentally unstable bitter clinging, backwards Constitutionalist gun-nut who doesn't understand the Founders were talking about hunting with musketts when they wrote the Constitution, and should be killed outright,"?

vast-dom's picture

highly recommended read, and btw fantastic products:



franzpick's picture

Thanks 'takeaction'. Here are 2 more examples: armed Israeli mall shoppers thwarting 3 armed terrorists planning a multiple site attack, and 2nd, after hearing shots,  Mississippi high school principal Joel Myrick running to get his gun from his car (campus was, until then, a 'gunfree zone'), confronting the shooter who was next planning to go shoot up the junior high, who then hit a tree trying to escape armed Myrick, and was held at gunpoint until the police eventually arrived:

Many are surmising why obama censored out from his other massacre references the 13 dead/29 wounded Fort Hood massacre, "the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001" (Senate report), by Palestinian descendant, Islamic extremist and Anwar al-Awlaki petitioner, Nidal Malik Hasan?

John Lott has done the worldwide math on gun control (it doesn't add to zero), and it is sickening to watch exploitive american leaders from president on down jawbone citizen taxpayers along what will be one more wasteful, dead end, bureacratic and tragic road which eventually the entire country will have to walk back.  The answer is hiding in plain sight: Israel encouraging some 1/3 of its populace to remember to carry their guns, resulting in the world's lowest homicide/attack rates. 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Pelosi + "guns" = Jeffrey Christian + "silver"

mayhem_korner's picture



I bet Pelosi is a big advocate of silicone "guns".  Y'know, double-Ds for all along with matching botox cheeks.

otto skorzeny's picture

I would speedbag those old titties-followed up by a donkey punch

Mad Mohel's picture

I've been saying it for years, these old broads need a good reaming to take the edge off. They would soon drop these rabid agendas they have.

Rapada's picture

Yeah but who you gonna find to do it . . ? <queasy>

Disenchanted's picture



Ok then, how about you take one for the team and give Ms. Pelosi a ride on your baloney pony. Thanks in advance.


I'm curious as to the primary payment method for all these gun cards?

Mad Mohel's picture

Well it's 50/50, but I would chance it. The way I see it, it's Pelosi, nobody has probably been near the cooter for fear of the mouth and personality attached to it. That being the case it may be pristine and quite lovely. Or it might have teeth.

slaughterer's picture

2013 will be the year of anti-prepperism.  

Drones will focus their efforts primarily on preppers.

Guns will be taken away.

Gold will be impounded.

Food reserves will be confiscated to save the Obama minions.


mayhem_korner's picture



Then you will have all out civil war.  We'll call it 'The Drone Wars'.