Gun Sales Soar In Aftermath Of Newtown Killings

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As so often happens when dealing with the fickle public, the aftermath of the news of the second worst school massacre in US history has led to precisely the opposite outcome to the one desired by the media and at least part of the general population. Because in the backlash for gun control at its tamest, and against weapon ownership of any kind at its most rabid, driven primarily by those who don't own weapons, everyone else decided to think one step ahead and preempt what may soon be yet another governmental subjugation of a constitutional amendment. The result? An absolute surge in weapon sales in the days following last Friday's tragedy.

The Guardian reports:

Karl Durkheimer is more coy than might be expected of a man with a pistol on his hip.


Durkheimer's gun shop looks to have enjoyed record sales of semi-automatics – "modern sporting rifles", as he calls them – and handguns at the weekend. But he doesn't want to talk specific numbers.


Nor is he terribly keen to speculate on the causes of the sudden demand. But he acknowledges that it probably has everything to do with a man killing two people with an assault rifle last week in a Portland shopping mall less than 10 minutes drive away, and Friday's massacre of 20 small children and seven adults on the other side of the country in Connecticut.


"Handgun sales are up substantially and modern sporting rifles are up astronomically," he said after a few days when his shop, Northwest Armory, was packed with buyers sizing up the most popular pistol in the US, the Glock, and the military-style AR-15 assault rifle, which also comes with a pink stock for women. "The people you see are twofold. There are first-time buyers who are in fear of what the future will bring. But most of what you saw is people hedging their bets that there might be a political policy put forward by the liberal side of the government."


Durkheimer means his shoppers fear that the shock of the Newtown, Connecticut, killings might cause the public and Congress to support a reinstatement of the ban on some of his most popular lines.


That's a picture replicated across the US from California to Louisiana, and even in Newtown where Robert Caselnova said his gun shop saw high demand for assault rifles in the days after the killings. The nationwide increase in sales was reflected in longer than usual delays for legally required background checks which in some cases took hours rather than minutes.


The surge in sales is not unusual. Following a mass killing at a Colorado cinema in July, applications to buy guns rose more than 40% in a week. The murder two years ago of six people during an assassination attempt against congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was badly wounded, prompted a 60% increase in gun sales in a single day in Arizona.

And while we have been following the slow and steady rise in gun sales, punctuated by two key events which have sent gun sales soaring, namely the Obama election and reelection, the pick up in sales seen last weekend is unprecedented. And to confirm fears that whether by way of the Second Amendment or not, various chains may halt gun sales, earlier today we got confirmation from Dick's Sporting Goods that they have suspended sales of rifles nationwide:

Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. (DKS), the largest U.S. sporting-goods chain, has suspended sales of modern sporting rifles in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, as the community mourns victims of the massacre.


Sales of all guns have been stopped at its store closest to the shooting, the Coraopolis, Pennsylvania-based company said today in an e-mailed statement.


Dick’s is pulling the products after 26 people -- mostly children -- were killed during a Dec. 14 shooting rampage at an elementary school in Newtown. The chain, which has more than 500 stores in the U.S., sells guns and ammunition in stores and not online, according to its website.


“We are extremely saddened by the unspeakable tragedy that occurred last week,” the company said in the statement. Dick’s is removing the guns “out of respect for the victims and their families.”

Noble gesture, to be sure, but all it is really doing is leading to even greater sales at all other gun retailer outlets. And indeed, as fears that more and more companies may halt sales, the scramble to weaponize themselves, will keep Americans busy for days and weeks to come.

On the question of how gun owners see last Friday's tragedy, the Guardian had this to add:

The buyers regard the Newtown killings as a tragedy, but view any connection to their right to own weapons as a political ploy aimed at depriving them of their guns.


"It's terrible what happened. It's just plain evil," said Richard Merritt on the steps of the gun shop after browsing assault rifles with a thought to buying himself one for Christmas to supplement the handguns and hunting rifle he owns.


"But there's people trying to use that to say I'm responsible because I own a gun. Where's the connection? The only people making one are doing it for political ends because there's not one of these massacres would ever have been stopped by a law that takes my gun away. But now they're talking about doing that again, I think this may be the time to buy."


Durkheimer is sick of gun owners being painted as the problem. Like many, he feels demonised and vilified for the crimes of a few because he enjoys hunting and shooting ranges. That puts him on the defensive when groups campaigning for tightened gun regulation might be better off trying to win him over with assurances that their calls to restrict the sale of assault rifles and magazines that hold large numbers of bullets won't end with the confiscation of handguns and hunting rifles.


"It's just another thing that will drive a wedge between us. Instead of the United States being a melting pot it's more polarised," he said.

Well, class warfare in the US is nothing new. And of course, what is most ironic, is that it is precisely the fear of forced, unilateral rejection, by either or all three branches of government, of the original constitution and its various amendments that has Americans scrambling into gun stores. And thus the closed loop nature of the problem: by threatening to take away America's guns, the government is only exacerbating a problem that is steeped in 200+ years of history and is engrained deep in American psychology.

What is the solution?

We don't know, but we do know that the government stepping in confident it can and will fix and regulate everything is precisely what will only make the problem far, far worse.

We do know that heart of the problem is far, far deeper than one or more tragic mass shootings can reveal. In fact the full extent of the problem begins to be unmasked courtesy of the chart we showed yesterday, and which was to be found, ironically enough, in the most recent Smith and Wesson investor presentation.

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francis_sawyer's picture

I'm more worried about the mice getting to the food reserves than the fucking spooks...

chunga's picture

Ageed about the "anti-prepper" theme. Not sure about the other stuff.

There was some crazy show on recently, prepper A shot off his gun in prepper B's ear and he went deaf for a few minutes.

Apparently he recovered, but had enough time to have a mental breakdown.

Another TV "prepper" started a fire in his house (no fireplace) to keep warm and was caught by surprise when the house filled with smoke.

They had to run out, but had to break the windows and put the fire out first.

Canucklehead's picture

The storyline is similar to that Storage Wars show.  The show's "executives" seed the plot line to generate buzz about the show.

It's like watching Holder's Fast n' FUrious on TV. 

Freddie's picture

TV is for retards who support The Matrix and support being a serf.  Ditto Hollywood.  F TV and F Hollywood.

Jonas Parker's picture

TPTB are sure as hell welcome to try. Somehow I think that they'll have a major recruiting problem after their first several raids for guns and/or gold go terribly wrong though...

chunga's picture

I've got no bone to pick with preppers, in fact I try to be prepared myself.

The TV people have an agenda to cherry-pick and lump them all into a bunch of nuts worthy of ridicule, contempt, and maybe even a few new "safety" laws.


cougar_w's picture

Heh. I wrote something along those lines. Cameo appearances by Tyler and Marla:

Diamond has that certain touch. Or maybe it's a total disregard for convention. Anyway, you don't want to get on the wrong side of her sense of what's going to be allowed, don't care who you are, including if you are the sharpest bad-asses ever to come out of IntSect.

Dingleberry's picture

Liberals created this violence problem with their imposed social debauchery, free of any moral restaints, hyper-medication of children, and their union-teacher-thug brethren turning schools into feral wastelands that make an African jungle appear more civilized.  

Now they are magnamimous and prescient with their offer of "solutions" (i.e. gun control).  

Ever hear of "Hegelian Dialectic"?

Why doesn't anyone ask why this shit all-of-the-sudden started happening in the last 10-15 years?  The answers are obvious.

Zap Powerz's picture

My son is 14 and wants to start hunting.  I dont really like hunting much.  I used to hunt big game a lot and then one day I just got sick of killing animals so I quit, but if my son wants to hunt I will teach him how and I will take him hunting.

Now I have to buy *another* gun for him to use.  It will be a hunting rifle, likely a Winchester Model 70 .270.  Clearly this fine weapon will have a dual use.  If it can kill a deer at 1,000m Im pretty sure it can kill other mammals of similar size and weight.

Some people might question the stainless steel, heavy match grade barrel, mercury recoil reducers, bipod and high powered scope for hunting applications, but some people dont pay attention to their environment either.

johnQpublic's picture

when you absolutely positively have to kill every single mother fucker in the room, there is only one weapon i reach for

the AK 47

i dont slaughter people very often, but when i do, i do it half drunk on dos equis

rotagen's picture

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." -Thomas Jefferson, proposed Virginia constitution, June 1776. 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334 (C. J. Boyd, Ed., 1950) 

rotagen's picture

Oh yeah I forgot... Kiss my Glock.

Dr. Engali's picture

Thank ggodness for the preppers, if not for them we wouldn't have any economy left.

By the way Obummer is making a move for the guns.


F. Bastiat's picture

Certainly, we should expect the despot to send swarms of his officers and agents to attempt to seize any liberty that may be left.

malikai's picture

Agreed. But who is the real despot?

All I see are puppets and pawns.

F. Bastiat's picture

One at a time, for better or worse.

Translational Lift's picture



There....fixed it for ya...........

johnQpublic's picture




fingers cold


pool of blood surrounding you


tv crews surrounding your house and the news crews branding you as another terrorist in this long fight


slaughterer's picture

The Choomwagon takes away your guns before it takes away your gold.  Goes in that order.  

The Shootist's picture

Jim Sinclair had a point. He must be readying his plane for Africa, though they're worse off. I don't think he fully understands the fight gunowners are prepping for though.

Translational Lift's picture

So....this fucktard comes up behind a truck him with a baseball bat over the head until dead....steals his dump truck.....drives against traffic up on the interstate....runs head-on into a bus....kills the driver and 56 passengers.  What are we to do.....Oh I know....ban the cause....dump trucks....NO...ban baseball bats. 

NO....of course not....BAN GUNS!!!    /sarc

Bunch a dumbfucks..........

francis_sawyer's picture

Incomplete story...


Clearly the [fucktard] was a 'prepper towelhead' & in an incalcuable statistical/mathematical anomoly [made to sound normal], 56 out the 57 dead were jews heading to a bar-mitzvah... The bus driver was a war hero who had won a Purple Heart on the Syrian battlefield...

alt.hedge's picture

All your guns is belong to us.

klockwerks's picture

You are so right about the $ that prepers are putting in the economy. Larger ticket items to

francis_sawyer's picture

REGULATE... bitchez!


But you can't be any geek off the street... U gotta be able to handle the steel if you kno what I mean...

francis_sawyer's picture

Two in the mornin' got to FATBURGER...

Catullus's picture

Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp

francis_sawyer's picture

Today I dinnt even haf 2 use my AK...

F. Bastiat's picture

When it comes to modern sporting rifles, one is none and two is one. That's the rule.  Celebrate liberty.

A Lunatic's picture

Modern firearms. Sporting has nothing to do with it. Perhaps you realize this, however many do not. It is important.

F. Bastiat's picture

You do realize that the word "Lunatic" was banned by Congress on 05 December 2012.  The despot is expected to sign the "legislation" soon.

A Lunatic's picture

And you realize that there is a legitimate sporting purposes clause built into all of this gubgrab nonsense. Does the 2nd amendment apply only to sporting purpose guns or all guns?

F. Bastiat's picture

I hear ya' - not taking a shot at you personally, just commenting on the sheer nonsense bandied about in DC these days.

A Lunatic's picture

Everything must be defined, understood agreed upon before any meaningful discussion can be had. The term "assault weapon" comes to mind. It is well defined, yet everyone has a differing opinion of it's nature. I hate that.

cougar_w's picture

I don't think there is any weapon -- including a claw hammer used as a weapon -- that is not in the end an assault weapon. Even if used in defense. You are going to assault someone in defense.

People don't think about things very clearly. Worse, they hang on words like they were protective talismans.'s picture

Those who refuse to initiate violence but who will defend themselves when necessary can rightly refer to their arms as anti-assault weapons.

nonclaim's picture

"assault" being used in different ways to confuse on purpose... everyone hates that.

Sockeye's picture

Looking more and more like the Divided States of America.

F. Bastiat's picture

An amicable separation is preferable to a bitter divorce.

Ookspay's picture

Yep, irreconcilable differences; you keep abortion and gay marriage and I'll keep the gold and guns, good luck with your life.

F. Bastiat's picture

No doubt.

Today's liberals are little more than the counter-civilization yin of primitive impulses opposing the proven principles, ideas, and institutions of civilization's yang.

Ookspay's picture

Haha, I had to read it twice, but yeah you got it! Almost nothing of liberalism makes sense until one rationalizes and even then it's a downright twisted philosophy.'s picture

Much of what the liberals recommend makes sense if considered as voluntary options for some individuals. The problem is that they try to guilt everybody into thinking and believing the same things. They're laying on one hell of a guilt trip right now. But of course we know that it's the people who don't want innocent victims to be able to defend themselves who are the one's with blood on their hands.

Ookspay's picture

Right on Crocket. Because liberal politicians are such skilled liars and are completely devoid of shame they are experts at shaping an argument; "Don't you want to stop the slaughter of innocent school children?"

Oh and gop politicians are also very good liars.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

True but also looking more and more like the United Socialist States of Amerika (USSA)....