Gun Sales Soar In Aftermath Of Newtown Killings

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As so often happens when dealing with the fickle public, the aftermath of the news of the second worst school massacre in US history has led to precisely the opposite outcome to the one desired by the media and at least part of the general population. Because in the backlash for gun control at its tamest, and against weapon ownership of any kind at its most rabid, driven primarily by those who don't own weapons, everyone else decided to think one step ahead and preempt what may soon be yet another governmental subjugation of a constitutional amendment. The result? An absolute surge in weapon sales in the days following last Friday's tragedy.

The Guardian reports:

Karl Durkheimer is more coy than might be expected of a man with a pistol on his hip.


Durkheimer's gun shop looks to have enjoyed record sales of semi-automatics – "modern sporting rifles", as he calls them – and handguns at the weekend. But he doesn't want to talk specific numbers.


Nor is he terribly keen to speculate on the causes of the sudden demand. But he acknowledges that it probably has everything to do with a man killing two people with an assault rifle last week in a Portland shopping mall less than 10 minutes drive away, and Friday's massacre of 20 small children and seven adults on the other side of the country in Connecticut.


"Handgun sales are up substantially and modern sporting rifles are up astronomically," he said after a few days when his shop, Northwest Armory, was packed with buyers sizing up the most popular pistol in the US, the Glock, and the military-style AR-15 assault rifle, which also comes with a pink stock for women. "The people you see are twofold. There are first-time buyers who are in fear of what the future will bring. But most of what you saw is people hedging their bets that there might be a political policy put forward by the liberal side of the government."


Durkheimer means his shoppers fear that the shock of the Newtown, Connecticut, killings might cause the public and Congress to support a reinstatement of the ban on some of his most popular lines.


That's a picture replicated across the US from California to Louisiana, and even in Newtown where Robert Caselnova said his gun shop saw high demand for assault rifles in the days after the killings. The nationwide increase in sales was reflected in longer than usual delays for legally required background checks which in some cases took hours rather than minutes.


The surge in sales is not unusual. Following a mass killing at a Colorado cinema in July, applications to buy guns rose more than 40% in a week. The murder two years ago of six people during an assassination attempt against congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was badly wounded, prompted a 60% increase in gun sales in a single day in Arizona.

And while we have been following the slow and steady rise in gun sales, punctuated by two key events which have sent gun sales soaring, namely the Obama election and reelection, the pick up in sales seen last weekend is unprecedented. And to confirm fears that whether by way of the Second Amendment or not, various chains may halt gun sales, earlier today we got confirmation from Dick's Sporting Goods that they have suspended sales of rifles nationwide:

Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. (DKS), the largest U.S. sporting-goods chain, has suspended sales of modern sporting rifles in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, as the community mourns victims of the massacre.


Sales of all guns have been stopped at its store closest to the shooting, the Coraopolis, Pennsylvania-based company said today in an e-mailed statement.


Dick’s is pulling the products after 26 people -- mostly children -- were killed during a Dec. 14 shooting rampage at an elementary school in Newtown. The chain, which has more than 500 stores in the U.S., sells guns and ammunition in stores and not online, according to its website.


“We are extremely saddened by the unspeakable tragedy that occurred last week,” the company said in the statement. Dick’s is removing the guns “out of respect for the victims and their families.”

Noble gesture, to be sure, but all it is really doing is leading to even greater sales at all other gun retailer outlets. And indeed, as fears that more and more companies may halt sales, the scramble to weaponize themselves, will keep Americans busy for days and weeks to come.

On the question of how gun owners see last Friday's tragedy, the Guardian had this to add:

The buyers regard the Newtown killings as a tragedy, but view any connection to their right to own weapons as a political ploy aimed at depriving them of their guns.


"It's terrible what happened. It's just plain evil," said Richard Merritt on the steps of the gun shop after browsing assault rifles with a thought to buying himself one for Christmas to supplement the handguns and hunting rifle he owns.


"But there's people trying to use that to say I'm responsible because I own a gun. Where's the connection? The only people making one are doing it for political ends because there's not one of these massacres would ever have been stopped by a law that takes my gun away. But now they're talking about doing that again, I think this may be the time to buy."


Durkheimer is sick of gun owners being painted as the problem. Like many, he feels demonised and vilified for the crimes of a few because he enjoys hunting and shooting ranges. That puts him on the defensive when groups campaigning for tightened gun regulation might be better off trying to win him over with assurances that their calls to restrict the sale of assault rifles and magazines that hold large numbers of bullets won't end with the confiscation of handguns and hunting rifles.


"It's just another thing that will drive a wedge between us. Instead of the United States being a melting pot it's more polarised," he said.

Well, class warfare in the US is nothing new. And of course, what is most ironic, is that it is precisely the fear of forced, unilateral rejection, by either or all three branches of government, of the original constitution and its various amendments that has Americans scrambling into gun stores. And thus the closed loop nature of the problem: by threatening to take away America's guns, the government is only exacerbating a problem that is steeped in 200+ years of history and is engrained deep in American psychology.

What is the solution?

We don't know, but we do know that the government stepping in confident it can and will fix and regulate everything is precisely what will only make the problem far, far worse.

We do know that heart of the problem is far, far deeper than one or more tragic mass shootings can reveal. In fact the full extent of the problem begins to be unmasked courtesy of the chart we showed yesterday, and which was to be found, ironically enough, in the most recent Smith and Wesson investor presentation.

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Dave Thomas's picture

True dat. I won't send CTD another penny after their obvious 2008 gougefest. Natchez and Sportsman Guide are hard to beat.

Freddie's picture

Cheaper than Dirt is in Fort Worth.  There is something about FW I do not like. The only good thing to come out of Fort Worth is when Kyle Bass graduated from TCU.  He was born in Miami and is not related to the FW Bass clan.

CTD can go to hell.  They are real ***ks.

10mm's picture

Here is the way to go.Voter referendum by counties in each state.Example,Pennsylvania.The dense populatated blue voters can have their way of life in Philadelphia,Pittsburgh or whatever with no semi auto rifles etc etc,and the rural areas(red)can maintain their semi auto rifles,based on votes.It will require a amendment to the state constitution which requires two consecutive legislative seesions.We are divided and will remain divided.

Freddie's picture

I tell you another thing.  Those CS'er in Hollywood are really worried about a backlash.

They think the serfs might get the connection that the Dems are coming for our guns and we might get smart and figure out their sh*t movies and video games along with drugs for kids are a bigger issue.  Hollywood fully backs the criminal class in DC.

Hollywood/TV are the same entity as are video games and Hollywood.

If they try for our guns then gun owners should boycott Hollywood and also TV.  If people boycotted Hollywood's sh*t - any talk of a gun ban or tougher gun laws would be dropped faster than you can say some stupid racist line that the POS racist Samuel L Jackson says in his stupid movies.

F TV, F Hollywood and the Senators they own.

Calmyourself's picture

FLASH NEWS: Mexican beauty queen gunned down, Fast & Furious weapon found at  scene, let the Fed's disarm first then we can talk

headless blogger's picture

Exactly.  It is too bad that any mass form of organization to force the FED to Disarm first, is almost impossible anymore. Leaders would be quickly suicided or the organization is quickly co-opted like the Tea Party or the Occupy movement.

But the main point is that for 11 years now the U.S. government has used executive orders, acts, and congressional bills to set up the Authoritarian police state. It is all ready to go...They only need to get the guns banned.  The only thing standing between a full blown police state (soviet style) is the 2nd Amendment.



Salon's picture

The assault weapons ban is coming back in some form.

Buy as many high cap magazines as you can afford.

Especially 40 caliber and .223

Dont worry about weapons and ammo if all you can afford are extra high cap mags.

My sargeant told me a long time ago you will find plenty of those on the battlefield.

DaveA's picture

Seen on Facebook:

“What is the gun community going to do about the Newtown Massacre?”

“I dunno. What is the gay community going to do about Penn State?”

Freddie's picture

If gunowners boycotted Hollywood if congress tries any ban - this shit would end in about 5 minutes.  they like their $$.   This scum and the drug industry have 10x the culpability in any mass murder.

Based on gun sales and polls - a LOT of Americans want guns.  Americans cannot buy guns and ammo fast enough.

Hollywood/videogame/TV - liberals want you DISARMED.  TV, movies and videogames are essentially the same industry.

If we hit them in the pocketbook - they will shut their ******g mouths very quickly.

F you Tarantino, the Miramax Weinstein brothers, Jamie Foxx and Samuel Racist Jackson.

WillyGroper's picture

>>>>What is the gay community going to do about Penn State?”

You mean pedophile?

GubbermintWorker's picture

Fuck Dick's Sporting! They permanently pissed me off when they bought out Galayan's, a local sports shop, and promptly quit selling hand guns as Galayans did. And they didn't even start offering AR15's until this last year. Fuck em.

Oh, got 10 pmags and and a S&W SP15 today...... because I can.


Oh, fuck CTD too! They not only quit selling firearms they doubled their price on mags!



LetsGetPhysical's picture

"Never call an unarmed man security, call him 'run-like-hell-when-the-man-with-the-gun-shows-up'. But never call him security". Our problem isn't money, it's denial. - Lt.Col. Grossman, professor of psychology, West Point.

cristo's picture

The Clinton Assault Weapons Ban was put into effect by executive order on christmas eve 1994 . you have 6 days left . 


Get ready for a repeat ! 

Bugsquasher's picture

At the largest gun shop here in Charlotte the owner said today that his stock is nearly depleated.  When ask how many he had sold he said "I don't know, we've been so buys I haven't had time to count!"

During the run up to the implimentation of the last ban sales of semi-automatic rifles went up 10 fold.  I fully expect it to be even greater this time.



Pumpkin's picture

One more time so you don't forget.  TITLE 18 SECTION 7 defines the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.  It states, three timeS in 1 1/2 pages, that the jurisdiction DOES NOT EXTEND INTO THE STATES.  If you make a gun, clip or what ever in a state and sell it in that state, the feds can go piss up a rope.  This was confirmed by the modern (1995) US Supreme court decision, United States vs Lopez.  Man takes a gun into a school, gets charged with a federal crime and the court said NO JURISDICTION!

10mm's picture

A Nation of Pussys.Send your kids off to war you maggot fuckin losers.Believe your free.Suck big fuckin red,white and blue cock,dick fuckin losers.

headless blogger's picture

The anti-gun scream teams may also inadvertantly cause more people to research these mass shootings and start seeing the same patterns in many of them. I've been reading all the Mainstream media articles I can and I'm finding nothing but distractions, misleading information, and headlines that don't deliver what the headline is conveying. Since day one they've been publishing information on Nancy's affiliation with the school, as a substitute teacher and then as a volunteer. Today the big lines were dispelling the notion that Adam was mad because his mother was going to have him committed to a mental institution. They went on to talk about how the "theory" on how the school kids and teachers became targets (linking them to Nancy's work there). But at the end of the article a woman with the school system said nobody had heard of Nancy. LOL

I lost one article and cannot find. In that one a man in Newton who was acquainted with Nancy said they were working on finding a college for Adam to go to and she was looking at a school in Washington state.   Yet, today they are saying she was trying to get him committed. Of course all this is stated by "a law enforcement source".  They aren't telling people the truth. And the load about the guy smashing his computer up so they now cannot get any evidence there is just too convenient. The father, who works for one of the highest ranking Mason outfits in the world, GE, is left almost entirely out of the picture. GE and most globalist outfits are highly linked to LIBOR scandals and at least $48 Trillion in racketeering and laundering. Go ahead and believe your mainstream nonsense, but don't EVER tell me you are a rational person.

jmk's picture

A lot of bluff and bluster about ARs and Hi-Cap magazines and how you're going to kick somebody's ass. I only have one question. Are you sure you will be capable of shooting to kill when the need arises? An astonishingly large number of people are killed with their own gun because they couldn't use it. I guarantee you it isn't as easy as you all make it sound. But keep on talking you may get lucky and convince yourselves. I'm not so sure the majority of you tough--talking guys can handle the stress of combat when the bullets start to fly.

Freddie's picture

Well I gave you an up arrow. We will either catch on quickly or we will die quickly. Better to die trying to get a little freedom than live like a slave.

Too many ***ks are sheep who watch TV and Hollywood's crap. The people who want you disarmed. Are you one of those sheep who support their Matrix? I bet you watch college ball. Keep supporting your overlords with your viewership.

Me? I lost my .22 in a boating accident. I only had a .22 because guns scare me. They are loud, dangerous and smoky.

StychoKiller's picture

I have no beef against owning guns --I own a Taurus 0.40S&W, and a 10/22 rifle-- just the brainless wonders owning them!

The solution to this problem is pretty obvious:  A stringent nationwide testing and certification program for ALL would-be gun owners.

Before you 2nd-Amendment jokers howl in outrage hear this:  I'm not suggesting that the Government be in charge of such a program, rather put the NRA in charge of it!

Whenever any nutjob goes and shoots a bunch of citizens, the training and certification program gets suspended for 90 days or until the NRA can prove that changes they make to the certification program will weed out such unqualified people from the pool of gun-owners.  [In the latest instance, I think we can all agree that breaking the law(s) by stealing someone else's guns would negate this regulation.]

To quote a comic-book:  "With great power comes great responsibility."  You want people to have the freedom of owning guns, then prove it by requiring that they prove that they're responsible enough to own a gun.  Remember the 2nd Amendment also states that:  "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Notice that it states a WELL-REGULATED militia is necessary to the security of a free state, not just anybody with the wherewithal to buy one.  Of course, the Amendment means "Well-Trained" militia.

I'll bet that the NRA will tighten the requirements for owning a gun every time that their membership is inconvenienced by a suspension of the certification of gun-owners.  Any regulatory system has to possess a method of negative-feedback in order to correct for undesirable outcomes (or we have the system we have now).

For example, questions on a written test could be:  "Have you been laid off recently?"

"Are you taking any prescribed drugs for depression?"

"Has your significant other filed a restraining order against you?"

Being a realist, I know that such a RATIONAL idea has no chance of ever being implemented for several reasons:

1. Too many gun-control fanatics believe that NO ONE should own a gun and will foam at the mouth at any argument to the contrary.

2. Everyone, including the NRA has an interest in maintaining the status quo, no matter how many get shot.  Don't think so?  Then come up with a better solution!

Disenchanted's picture




Another sort of gun sale took place...


Cerberus to sell gunmaker after massacre


Private equity firm Cerberus has put U.S. firearms maker Freedom Group up for sale following Friday's killing of 20 children and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut.


Freedom Group includes Bushmaster, maker of the rifle used in the shooting at the school in Newtown. Cerberus bought Bushmaster in 2006 before adding another 10 makers of firearms, ammunition and accessories to the group. (Chairman J. Danforth Quayle)