Guns Are The New Greece

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Just over a year ago:


Just over a few seconds ago:


How the times change. Does this mean that the ECB now accepts 44 caliber hollow points as Tier 1 collateral?

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LOL -what will Smith & Wesson and Ruger do with all the cash they're raking in? They'll have to shove it under the mattress I guess.

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their stocks have been pretty beat up for the last few days. may have seen their highs for awhile

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The difference between owning "stocks" and "stock" is important here.

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Does this mean that the ECB now accepts 44 caliber hollow points as Tier 1 collateral?

Speaking pragmatically, it appears that, absent the presence of collateral-proof glass and/or the deployment of Tier 1 anti-collateral vests, the de facto policy at all banks is likely to be one of acceptance.

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Well, the other problem is the uh, metric system.   

Millimeters, folks, unless you are talking some old brit caliber.  Excuse me, calibre.   Or is it calibur.   Calibour?    Anywhoo.

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But the military industrial complex is still Holy, right?

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I think you meant "wholly".

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depnding on your perspective, "Holy" works.

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Not for long. Money talks. Bullshit walks. When the sales figures come in next month we will see how long their stock stays low. The morality of 99 out of 100 people goes right the fuck out the window when there's money to be made. Something also tells me that 99% of CONgress critters are invested in gun stocks. I'd love to see Pelosi's portfolio...

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Nawww,  Bill Ruger and the holding company for S&W should be establishing a "new" cartridge company.  Do you know that they can't keep ammunition on the shelves.  It's the new "gold".  I would expect Bill Ruger to develop their own holsters for carry conceal, and a new line of Ruger appearal called "Bullet Proof" made from Kevlar.  Everyone, and I mean every sane person will come to realize that the police force in the US of A is incapable of providing a modicum of protection and that everyone's safety is a "personal responsibility".  If you wish to remain a "non-hostage", you will elect to arm and educate yourself.  When God is stripped from the schools and every public and government institution .... you can expect that crazy a-holes will attempt to either hurt you or the ones you love, and the proper response .... well you know what it is. 

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Huh?  Bill Ruger?  Is this the son of the old man who passed away?  When the old man passed awaay - the company expanded their line up to carry pistols and AR 15s. Old man Ruger made a mistake by staying out of those markets to avoid regulatory hassle.  They have done very well with the expanded product line.

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What the fuck did not allowing religious worship in schools have to do with a deranged person killing some people at a school?  Do you read what you write and how crazy it sounds?  If you want to rant about "gun-free zones" that's spot on, but then making some crazy segue into religion just paints you as a nutjob.

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I'd take .44 HP over a Greek Bond any day. And I don't even own a .44.

Now that I read what I just wrote, it actually sounds kind of like some weird sex thing.

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God forbid that Met Life might invest in manufacturing companies that create jobs.  Better to invest in paper pushing fraud companies that create nothing.

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I don't own a gun.

My wife has a temper.

I'm afraid she'll blow my head off.

But what's to prevent her from impaling with a butcher knife?

I see both sides of the argument.


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Tell that biatch to go make you a sandwich.

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BTFD ? .... kass is long. gundlach is in cash, who knows.

jeffry calm like cucumber

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i guess it is still too early for the shoots through schools johnny dangerously video clip?

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How soon till we get this headline?


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never order for the greece and guns announcement, the following conversation happened.


POTUS et. Al - "in order to continue to recieve federal funds etc. you need to renounce Greek Bonds


....rinse and repeat with anything you want instead of Greek Bonds.

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Ahhh MetLife... my former employer.

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So it just proves they are stupid, look it might not exactly be clear cut and ethical, but having no exposure is cutting off a money maker, its only like porn..

With obama's reelection the talk of gun control, id expect people to rush and buy MORE with anticipation.

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MetLife is in the life insurance biz. Moar guns = moar suicides = moar exercise of suicide clause = MOAR PROFIT. I don't get it.



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Met life .. We have no exposure to gun manufacturers because the drone manufacturing is where the money is.

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Doc, it's nice to see that you keep things in prospective!! fucking drones joy sticked by Adam Lanza types..


The kill wsitch

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Exactly--such nonsense since tobacco and automobiles kill way more people than guns do. 

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buy physical guns

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What?!? A gun is insurance.

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I have told many people that many times.  It is insurance against tyranny or a liberty tax that anyone sane woulld gladly pay.

Sadly, I lost my guns in a boating accidents.  Guns are also scary to me like spiders.

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What about SPDR spiders?    Any of those you like?   TBT?   not TBT?, that is the question.

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Stupid ass sheep , and they wonder why this country doesn't make anything. If its not the money grubbers squeezing every dime out of a company it's the dumb fuck activists chasing them out of town. Who in the hell do they think makes the guns that are supplied to the police and military? The gun fairy? Stupid sheep deserve what they get.

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"Does this mean that the ECB now accepts 44 caliber hollow points as Tier 1 collateral?"


Not to be too picky, but Fatherland Security bought over a billion rounds of .40 HP to blow the nuts off the American citizen.  Let's do the math.  If you figute there are 300 million of us and half are male, then they only have to blow two sets of nuts off per clip.

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If you think guns are an issue, how about registering gold buyers and sellers?

Of course, it is because of gold theft.,0,1746301.story

Sounds like they want to know where all the gold is.  The U.S confiscated gold in the depression and paid the owners about $20.00 an ounce before setting the gold standard at $32.00 per ounce.   Something else to worry about.



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He is just like FDR (and stalin, chavez & mugabe).

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What about Drone Manufacturers?

Because drones have killed more innocent children (granted, brown ones) under Obama (nobel peace prize winner), than all these mass shootings combined.

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I bought Smith and Wesson today at 7.85.  Not great timing, could've got it cheaper.  Ruger is yielding 3.4% and is pretty cheap, down 8%.  Would have bought both but dumped so much money in Apple at 510 ran out of trading money.

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If the Greeks had any sense they'd have realised three years ago when their country first went bankrupt that the only solution (or at least their only satisfaction) to national destruction and eternal poverty caused by totally corrupt political elites (who have siphoned off public money to Swiss bank accounts), is to stock up with arms and ammo to defend themselves from the madness that has engulfed the EuroZone. Rioting on the streets and throwing stones at heavily armed police that surround parliament is having little effect.

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Fuck MetLife! I won't divulge who the asshole there is, but his initials are: "Steve Smoak". Hey, Dickwad, pay up, sucka! You stilll owe me a lot of money.

Help out a friend and don't buy any of their bullshit products. Thank you for allowing me to vent. I feel so much better. :o)