JPY Spikes: Is The Japanese "This Time It's Different" Fairytale Over?

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While the news in the US that 'BUDGET TALKS REGRESS' was enough to drive S&P futures lower after-hours; once futures closed, JPY (the market's new-old-new carry-trade friend) is getting monkey-hammered. In a reverse-intervention, we can only assume that Abe's colon is going spastic as he sees the last few days 'good' destroyed by a soaring JPY... algo-driven heresy we suspect but rest assured Abe is watching closely...



Totally appears to be catch-down for carry FX now that US markets are shut!!

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The Careless Whisper News Update & Threadjacking


Street dot com Settles SEC Probe; The SEC said the fraud occurred from 2008 to 2009 while slapstick CNBC stock picker Jim Cramer served as chairman of the financial website.; Didn't Admit or Deny

Banks Lobby Nevada To Make Fraud Legal Again

McJudge In Miami Hears 50 TRIALS PER DAY

GM Thinks It's Fun For Robots To Replace People During Christmas Season

Censors In China Ban Warhol's Mao From Art Exhibit

"Fast & Furious" Gun (Accompanyied By Narco Gang Member) Kills Beauty Queen And 4 Others





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I started shorting FAS today. I'm up 45% today. Fuck you Bernanke. 

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A bird on the fence told me the other day, if you short both FAZ and FAS at the same time, you basically collect the decay as a positive return.  Never tried it myself.....

On another note, EUR/USD headed for 1.37 IMO.


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Cramer and the SEC


Just after the election in 2008 Cramer compared Obama to Lenin


This year just before election just the opposite

Jim Cramer: Obama Is Going To Obliterate Romney In A Historic Landslide


 SEC chasing Cramer over a $250k accounting screw up -   V is for Vendetta

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Looks to me like the HFT's have already retraced this "gap" move in 10 bars....  so nothing to see move along humans!

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Small price to pay for being kept safe from the evildoers with marijuana.

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Re:  the body cavity search link

Thoroughly disgusting and grossly freakish behavior by those officers.  Apparently they get their jollies sexually assaulting and abusing the citizenry?  And no, it doesn't matter the dyke's a female officer.  They need to be criminally prosecuted and jailed where maybe some inmate uses any minor pretext of an excuse to violate their person in such shameful manner.  Ugh.  Sickening!  And protests against the ever encroaching police state get nowhere...i.e., who in Congress other than Ron Paul cared about the public outcry against the TSA goons. 

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Our loss of Constitutional rights should not be normalized with humor.

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One of the weapons of the war is humor and this is absolutely a war.

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SHORT THE PLANET & LONG DEPENDS (and all other adult incontinence stocks)!

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Bed Bath & Beyond - The retailer posted earnings of $1.03 a share, edging past expectations by a penny a share, but on revenue of $2.70 billion that fell short of estimates for $2.74 billion. The company also handed in a current-quarter earnings guidance that missed Wall Street forecasts, sending shares lower in extended-hours trading. Separately, the company announced that its executive vice president Stephen Gillett will be leaving. Gillett will be the new COO of Symantec.

(Read More: Stocks End Lower as 'Cliff' Talks Turn Sour.)

Accenture - The IT services and consulting company posted earnings of $1.06 a share, edging past expectations by 2 cents a share, while revenue missed estimates. In addition, the company handed in current-quarter revenue guidance that was in the lower-end of expectations, sending shares sharply lower in extended-hours trading. 

Jabil Circuit- The electronics manufacturing services company posted earnings of 61 cents a share, excluding one-time items, on sales of $4.6 billion, topping expectations for 56 cents a share on revenue of $4.41 billion. Meanwhile, the company handed in current-quarter earnings guidance that fell slightly short of expectations. Still, shares climbed in extended-hours trading. 

SandRidge Energy - The oil and natural gas exploration company said it will sell its Permian Basin properties to Sheridan Production Partners in a deal worth $2.6 billion. Shares jumped in extended-hours trading.

Paychex - The payroll and human resource service company posted earnings of 41 cents a share, matching expectations, but revenue fell short of estimates.

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Speaking of Bed bath and beyond, Im going to BB&B tonight to buy a Hamilton beach iron.  Green arrow me if you give a fuck

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I gave a fuck enough or was curious enough about what you were on about to end up on the hamilton beach webpage looking at their selection of steam irons!

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Hamilton Beach®
Iron Troubleshooting (for retards)  

PROBLEM: Won’t heat

  • Verify that the iron is plugged in and that the outlet is working
  • Is the Temperature Settings button set on a fabric setting?
  • Iron may have shifted to Auto Off (blinking red light). Push “settings” to restart and adjust to desired temperature.

PROBLEM: Water is leaking

  • Do not overfill the water tank
  • If steam ironing, answer these questions: Is Adjustable Steam dial in a steam position? Is the Temperature Dial in the Steam range? Did the iron have enough time to preheat?
  • If dry ironing, make sure the Adjustable Steam dial is in the dry iron/no steam position

PROBLEM: Won’t steam

  • Check the water level
  • Is the Adjustable Steam dial in a STEAM position?
  • Has the iron had enough time to preheat?

PROBLEM: Leaves spots

  • ALWAYS empty the water tank of an iron after using. Water left in the iron may discolor clothing and soleplate.

PROBLEM: Twisted cord

  • If the iron’s cord becomes twisted, unplug iron and let cool. Hold the iron cord in the middle of entire length. Let plug and cord dangle freely until cord uncoils. This will extend the life of your iron cord.

PROBLEM: Blinking red light

  • Iron shifted to Auto Off and will reheat when moved

PROBLEM: All lights blinking

  • Unplug iron, then plug back in to reset. Reselect the previous temperature setting. If all lights are still blinking, call Customer Service.

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The Japanese nightmare is far from over.

There is no collapse.  Collapse would be merciful.

Instead, it's death and pain by slow cuts.

It won't end till their older generation dies off.


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Silver in YEN has been signalling this. Some major MACD divergence. Also the "spread" between SPX and JPYUSD has called it, a few days early howver.

Also the perfectly correlated GSR/DXY is saying USD strength on the way.

Ben Bonds paradoxical risk off coming for ya.

Any serious risk off will launch XAUEUR and drag XAU along with it. Have you seen the RSI bottoming setup on XAUEUR?? Its a beaut

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I wish everyone made such informative comments.

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GBPJPY seems to be the one to watch.

Looks like NZDJPY took the biggest hit, but that should surprise nobody.

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How is Kyle Bass doing? It'll cost him more hoarded nickels to close his kamikaze trade.

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Anyone give me a good explenation to this?


And this?

and the medical examiner from outer space

WTF is going on?

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The third could be explained by an introvert type deeply uncomfortable with the media presence, with only experience of dealing with court-room questions, having to deal with an emotionally charged situation he cannot handle. He's obviously very aware he's not been given a briefing over what he can-or-cannot divulge [see police talking over him, flanking him both sides] and is incredibly nervous about revealing information he's not supposed to.

Alien? No. Aggressively dissociated, emotionally distressed and panicked; yes.


The second: no comment; extremely subjective, second hand and inconclusive. Sisters often have matching dresses; could be worn as a tribute, and so on.


The first?


That's not a human anymore; unable to judge whether or not this was in place before the tragedy, or caused by it, but it's running a script now. Emotional base line is broken, and obviously faking emotions without the self-awareness to continue the falsitude throughout, showing a cognitive social break. This is where complusive liars etc show their colours; inability to maintain the desired projected illusion, or (more importantly), show enough self-and-social awareness to know what is, and is not, appropriate (note: psychopaths can maintain this, until focused upon; at least enough to pass a test like this). Not even close to normative; I wouldn't like to meet that in the wild ~ or rather, it wouldn't want to meet me.

The other conclusion is that he's an actor, however this seems unlikey; a professional actor would be in full control throughout, and wouldn't make that kind of mistake [Sherlock Holmes said]

PhD's picture

Yeah, another option for the behavior of the examiner could be Asperger or something similar.

The response of the family however, I just can understand it.
The father is one thing. What about the mother posing with Obama smiling? And the siblings?

I have two boys of the same age as those girls. It does not make sense.

Could it be antidepressants?

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Profit Taking.


This will ensure the next leg down in the Yen;

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Asian equity markets are also due for a profit-taking correction.  The ramp in the yen crosses has been correlated to major, major upside movement in the Nikkei over the past month.  Going into year-end, expect that relationships to continue but on the downside.

After these massive runs in the yen and Japanese equities, it will take some time to reconcile the two markets, so your next leg up may not happen for several weeks.  But when it does, it is going to be the mother of all longs and 4X traders could have their year made in late January.


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The BOJ will take care of that once they announce they are forgiving some of the JGBs they have on their books.

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ZH called this two days ago.  Good work Tyler.  

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Let's see, the USDJPY goes from 77.50 to 84.50 - 7 big points - and then it goes from 84.50 to 83.90 - 60 measly pips.  Now that's

really getting "monkeyhammered."  Who's writing the headlines around here?

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Free Trade Run Amok: The TPP' __ leo hindery jr. [5/1/12]  *[not a fan of Huff[?] but enjoy reading hindery jr.]    jmo

"U.S. trade Policy: Is America Awol? __ stewart m. patrick [9/17/11]

TPP or Bust: Mother of Trade Deals Could be Heap of Empty Promises

http://www.     **[ note: just click google search box to link]

Note:  this is what's happening as obama has become the "CFR's", prime pontificator of the 'nwos' agenda... profligating america's 99% into 'tilting at windmills', where obama puts on a 'don quixote's hat-trick`, and sabotages 'sancho panza' with a jousting 1800 'beggar'd-thy-neighbor death blow?

we are being sold out, and no one seems to care? within another decade, we probably will be overtaken by brazil or india! it will look like this-- china, india, brazil, ussa, and japan.  the cause and effects,  have been created by our "CFR's", period!    { i.e.[NAFTA; CAFTA; EME's [SOE's]; TPP's, FTA's; WTO's; GATT's; et.el.]}

thankyou tyler