Meet Time's Person Of 2012

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Source: Time

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EU peripheral spread Table 10-yr yield 10-yr spread Day Chg Record High
- Ireland 4.55% +304bps -6bps +1114bps
- Portugal 6.88% +531bps -16bps +1712bps
- Italy 4.36% +286bps -14bps +595bps
- Spain 5.25% +378bps -10bps +635bps
- Greece PSI 11.42% +981bps -145bps +2889bps

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He got this for breaking the US Constitution?

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it's easy when you own the this shows time's falling relevance

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didnt recognize him without the teleprompter

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time person of the year - it's like a Who's Who list of war criminals and oligarchs

1937, 1938, 1939, 1942, 1964, 1972, 1979, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012

GREAT track record

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Look at the great wizard. Pay no attention to the Zionists behind the curtain.

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oh he is the man of the year alright, just not for the reasons most people would think.

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selling your soul apparently allows you to reap many worldly rewards...   hell of a bill to pay at the end however....

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MSM great cock suck.  Its good to be the king on a ship of fools.

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Speaking of bills.  How does Jersey, er, broke-ass Jersey, have the money to cough up $250 a pop for guns?

My eyes are tearing up...

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Why is the Time Magazine cover not in the traditional red frame?


Why is the picture all dark and grey?


The person of the year shouldnt look all down and depressed...why so serious?


It looks like a funeral picture. 


Is something bad going to happen to #44? If you believe in numerology (like 'they' do)...#44 is not a good number.


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The person of the year should be the brainless Obama VOTER, for being the most ignorant, bigoted, stupid, destructive force known to MANKIND.

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I tune in to Rush once every couple of weeks to get a chuckle, and he calls them "Low Information Voters", which is right up there with "for those of you in Rio Linda, that means...".

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I don't know that picking the other choice would make much difference in the end.  You are not really voting with these parties, you are playing the same game of three card monte, and you can't win three card monte.

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I didn't mean to imply that voting for McCain or Romney would have made a significant difference...more along the lines of the fact that Obama doesn't have as much influence as most would think. It's the willful ignorance of the public and the insidious nature of the media that are protecting Obama's virtually unlimited power and feeding his ego. These people have more influence on the decline of the US than Obama.

Edit: Time wants to name the person with the most significant impact on the direction of the world, and I think the Obama voter (supporter - including the media that is suppressing information that makes him look bad) is the most influential.

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If you're not angry, you're not paying attention.

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I'll come back to this thread in 24 hours and I will collect the best replies (there will be many) ... yes ZH is a really good place with great articles day after day but more often than not it's the wit, the repartee and general spot-on remarks by its readers that is the cream on top of the cake.

All the best for 2013 to all (looks like we gonna need it)!

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THat would make a soggy cake, wouldn't it?

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You can tell he's French: nary a wiff of an idea what "soggy biscuit" entails.

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The best thing about frogs is the krauts kill them every 50 years or so. 

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The dear leader has a soggy bottom...full of banker semen

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Just wait until the public realizes we are in a second recession, that ass is going to be hurting.

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I agree, French Frog. Our beloved little Bamster is worth a trillion laughs a year; he's the comedy gift that keeps on giving.

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Well since he doesn't have a Birth Certificate, at least he now has some proper ID when he goes around to buy beer...

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aaah the jedi drone master takes the prize. with adam lanza coming in a close 2nd. give me a fuckin break what a joke.

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The "junks" you see up there were photoshopped in...

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and you know what francis, if anyone needed more proof that our 2 party system is a fucking joke....if you were on the other team, you would be raising hell about this...but crickets....hell when i played little league and the other team had a big kid that dominated, our coaches demanded proof of his age...see that is how the "other" team should other than being a thousand other reasons why they are a hoax, this point seems to be the easist in trying to convince the sheep.....but sheep usually just hold their ears and run away...they would just rather believe, its so much son is to graduate h.s this year and he has such a difficult time and he hates going, because if you're sheep you're an outcast, and these fucking programmers, i mean teachers help promote this despicable thought process...

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In the end... Notwithstanding the absurdity of the Birth Certificate situation... It IS useful to some degree... It's a barometer... It's a piece of litmus paper...

IOW ~ it has it's use in determining whether, in conversation. a person is worth your time or not... I'm done trying to 'change people's minds' about:

-  9/11

- Obama's Birth Certificate

- Why it's odd that this country is less than 2% jews, yet they control the majority of mass media production & distribution, banking, & political activism

- Why they should buy gold, or food, or ammo

They get it or they don't... But 'situations' like that are useful because their POV is highly radioactive & thus moves the needle of the 'SHEEP-O-METER'...

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On CNN, a Time spokesperson said it was a "safe choice".  Does that mean it saves the Time staff from being rounded up and put into camps?

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Time Mag edtors have 'temporarily' been removed from the drone KILL list... Now QUIET!!! Nowthat Django is 'Unchained' he needs to go kill him some white people...

Edit: ObaMAO joins an elite [POY] group consisting of Hitler, Stalin (twice), Truman [the year he dropped two A-Bombs on Japan], QEII, Westmoreland, Tricky Dick, Kissinger, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ronnie Raygun, Poppy Bush, Newt Grigrich, [Clinton & Kenneth Starr ~ together], Junior Bush, Giuliani, The Bernank...

Time LOVES itself some warmongers, dictators, & the NWO... (oh ~ & blowjobs during a peacetime economy)...

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who buys this pos magazine?

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Too bad the date on the magazine is December 31, 2012... I'da thought Dec 21, 2012 would have been more appropriate...

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I subscribed to Newsweek (soon to cease printing on paper), just to keep tabs on what the Progressive/Socialists were telling each other.

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and for some strange reason, this reminds me of that year they named the portable computer

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who buys this pos magazine?  doctors and dentists  

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media has gone insane.

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Another reason to get rid of TV and anything from Hollywood.  They want to disarm you - now.  If you watch their sh*t then you are helping them make you a serf.

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Have you seen Time lately? It's like 20 pages long. Time, Newsweek, Network news, they're all dying. The only people who read/watch their news from those sources are those over 40 years old. And every year the cut-off line moves to a higher age. Younger people do not get their news from the MSM, and there is no way for the MSM to get them back. As soon as the "greatest" generation dies off, the MSM is done.

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"As soon as the "greatest" generation dies off, the MSM is done."

True, but don't for a minute think the bad people who rule the world won't come after the Internet. 

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Hahaha. "the greatest generation". Now that's funny!

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Well I certainly couldn't have done that, at least not without going to jail. Hey, wait a minute.

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A REAL MAN would have the balls to declare war on the constitution, instead of hiding it like a fucking pussy.


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Perfect.....Fade to black.............

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I guess destroying economies and mass murder pays off...