Obama And Biden Address Gun Control - Live Webcast

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Will there be a hint of Plan B angst in there? It seems RGR and SWHC shareholders are not too worried about what the President will say... yet...


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disarm those serfs, bitchez.

on a side note, i doubt they'll say a word about their precious pharma industry drugging our children.

rumor has it that Lanza was on Fanapt when he went on his rampage.

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I'll take this space to tell the drinkers out there that it is time for a refill. Better yet, just get the fucking bottle.

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Obama - "The time has come for some serious restrictions on Mayans. So if you see any of those little fuckers grab 'em!"

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Free men own guns, slaves dont!

"Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who kept their swords." -Benjamin Franklin

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Interesting how in this oh-so-sad press conference on the deaths of so many children and how the benevolent government will fix it for us, that he's spending the whole fucking Q/A time driveling on about the fiscall cliff nonsense.

Way to display your true nature.

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Good for +10% on SWHC and +7% on RGR.

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Interesting how this Nobel Peace Prize winner has killed more people with drone attacks than all of the school shootings have killed. And now he tempts a civil uprising by attempting to 'keep the peace' by banning guns guaranteed in our founding documents. If this blows up in his face, how many lives will be lost as a result...?

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"there is a lot space between preserving our 2nd amendment rights and having no rules."

Really there are no rules on gun ownership?

Hail to the Thief!

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At some point in this process, they're going to want/need a civil uprising.

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The cold war has come to america.

This time guns and ammo instead of atom bombs.

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For all the shit we give Obama for his mock outrage over this incident, I think it is a fair question to ask him about the dissonance between his reaction to Newtown and his kill list and drone strikes that have killed hundreds (thousands?) of innocents. I would love it if one of the press corps had enough sac to actually go there. But the best we got was, "where have you been on gun control the last four years?"

Ugh. Enough with the soft ball questions. Someone needs to hold this charlatan accountable.

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That kind of thing would get you fired from your propaganda writing job at your local jew owned media outlet branch...

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Maybe they will start with those responsible for Fast & Furious gunwalking operation? Oh, yeah, that would be like asking OJ to investigate who killed Ron and Nicole....

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9 in the morning and these fucks make me want to hit the rum already.   

God Damn we are fucked.  Plan accordingly. 

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Why have we forsaken the wisdom of the founding fathers? Shame how history's lessons are forgotten too easily.

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They should also ban Divorce..  Because who knows the consequences of breaking up family unit on a young mind who has been fed pharmaceutical drugs all his life.

And ban cars and alcohol..  they kill too..

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they weren't purposely designed to kill people - guns are - they're designed to slam a small, shaped metallic object into a living organism at about 2000 feet per second in order to terminate that life instantly though the infliction of massive trauma.

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So how about those hypocrites in D.C. stop selling weapons to client states and foreign criminals that end up killing innocent children in places like Mexico and Gaza and Pakistan? When the gov and their agents give up their guns then I will give up mine.

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they weren't purposely designed to kill people - guns are - they're designed to slam a small, shaped metallic object into a living organism at about 2000 feet per second in order to terminate that life instantly though the infliction of massive trauma.


The vast majority of firearms are never used to kill anyone. Therefore they must provide some other utility of which you are unaware. Don't try to base policy recommendations on your own lack of understanding. That's what gets innocent people killed. You have the blood of children on your hands.

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You could at least pretend to be sorry that your policy of putting a sign on the schoolhouse door which says, "No one but defenseless woman and children inside," led to such a tragedy. Do you have such a sign on your own front door?

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Do you want to ban muskets and bows too?

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Quivers which hold more than ten arrows kill people.

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Not to be to anal, but the most popular assault rifle (AR-15) was designed specifically to not kill the person it hits in order to make the enemy use further resources caring and transporting the wounded.

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"they weren't purposely designed to kill people - guns are"


And yet more people are killed with cars BY ACCIDENT than are killed with guns ON PURPOSE (or by accident, which is in the noise).  So which is really the more dangerous item?

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Executive Order ban coming up in 3...2...1...

Turn semi-auto into Form 4 weapons?  

Ban regular capacity mags (i.e. a 30 round mag is "normal" for an AR)

In other news, price gouging assholes Cheaper than Dirt announced they are suspending firearms sales.  Cowering like dogs to the anti-gun nuts.  But they don't have an issue with charging $60 for pmags that were $12 a few days ago.  Boycott them and put them out of business.

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If these criminals touch guns - gun owners should totally boycott Hollywood.  Hollywood and TV support these criminals and want you disarmed.   If you hit them in their pocketbook - they will back off.

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Don't forget video games where "parents" let their 8 year olds play shooters like the level in Call of Duty Black Ops where you have to kill as many innocent civillians as possible in the train station, in gory head popping detail viewd in full 1080p HD?

Total desensitizing to violence...

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It's time to add some professional skepticism to the scapegoating...  There have been numerous studies on the people who commit mass murder...  want to know what is notably abscent from their conditioning?  violent video games...  want to know what is also missing from the ones who had actually been exposed to violent video games?  Some type of obsession or giving any credence or materiality to the games...  in other words, having the games be any material part of their lives.

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COLT Defense Corporate bonds offered at $67.20

almost a 20% YTM

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The "Anti gun" crowd will cause a RUSH to gun purchases.

Theses whiny libs will be the CAUSE of gun ownership to double!

I love it.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Statists are usually blind to unintended consequences.

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The rush pre-existed the shooting...  black friday saw unprecedented numbers of background checks and gun sales...  it's only going to continue for the time being.  At the moment virtually all supply channels have been cleaned out of AR parts (of virtually all kinds; especially lower receivers), 30 round magazines, and all types of ammunition.

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Every sane person should have boycotted Hollywood years ago.

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Think about the hypocrisy of Hollywood - they are the loudest screechers for banning all guns, when the movies and TV shows they produce are filled with gun violence.

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cheaper than dirt has dug their own grave

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Every online supplier I've checked is showing out of stock on AR mags. Interesting.

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

You're late to the party. Everyone stocked up Monday and Tuesday.

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Yep, an additional AR and 10 pmags, Monday.

Abiotic Oil's picture

I already had copious amounts but when I saw them dissapearing and Midway was limiting them to 2 per order I knew where it was headed and I doubled down.

Get ready for $5000 entry level AR's.

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Check this out...These are 10 round pmags, quantity of 10 and it has hit 300 bucks with 5 days left on ebay.  Fucking insane!!



Abiotic Oil's picture

Holy crap!  43 bidders for those things!

Instead of the bigmac index we need the pmag index.

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Welcome to pump and dump "Guns and Ammo" style....

Bawneee Fwank's picture

pkfirearms.com bitchez!  They still have them, 5 per order though at $12.95 (30 round).  I already have plenty, just passing this along to my fellows.  Just put "Magpul pmag" in the search box...do not click "magazines," nothing will show up.

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suspended all online orders til friday

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Can you imagine the money to be made in black market guns when they implement new laws?  Especially since there are already so many assault weapons out there. 

Those with the entrepreneurial spirit will buy out all the stocks ahead of the bans and make a killing selling them.

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That is precisely what happened last time around.  If Feinstein gets her way though, if you sell one this time around you are a felon.  Which will of course add to the profit.

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I don't think Obama can legally do that, although I guess he/they could try.  The NFA is pretty clear in what weapons are regulated under it and you can't just arbitrarily add "...and all semi-autos" to the list.  There are Title I and Title II firearms and a lot of established law and case law around all of that.