Pump-And-Dump Beats Buy-And-Hold In The New Normal IPO Market

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In today's 'fast money'-inspired, everyone's-a-winner, there's-a-bull-market-somewhere world of investing, the old school remains stoic in their buy-and-hold mantra that the Fed has your back and over the long-term retirement is assured and 'holding-hands as you walk along golden beaches with your loved one' is a mere few percent of your salary tithed away every month away... Well, sorry to steal the jam from their donut, but across a massive 568 IPOs in the last few years, Bloomberg's Chart of the Day shows that, in fact, buying and dumping within one-day is massively more profitable than buying-and-holding in the new 'capitalism'. As the mainstream media can't help but notice every uptick in China's share prices as a sign that all-is-well in the world, the local fund managers live by a different meme: "It’s weird that in China the longer you hold new shares, the bigger losses you’ll take."



Chart: Bloomberg's Chart of the Day

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It's really not that weird.

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No it's not. It's the Golden Turd Ball in action.

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It seems Apple stuff 2 millions iPhone 5 and not sale to end users. Now iPhone 5 is everywhere in China retails and retailers are complaining the stuffing.

link in Chinese

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Translation: AAPL is evil.

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"We love you short time"

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confucius say man who go to bed with itchy butt wake up with stinky finger

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Puming-and-Dumping stocks is much more profitable then Flipping Houses....much less risk and much less transaction costs.