Six Month + Delinquent Mortgages Amount To More Than Half Of Bank of America's Market Cap

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For those curious why many people are scratching their heads how the market cap of Bank of America has nearly doubled in the past year, here it is: "Bank of America Corp. has amassed $64 billion of mortgages that are at least six months delinquent and have yet to enter foreclosure, more than twice the amount held by its four largest competitors combined." $64 billion is more than half the market cap of Bank of America as of this moment. 

This number in the context of the BAC market cap:

In other words, by keeping tens of billions of mortgages off the market, Bank of America is hoping to limit the supply of houses in the market, creating an artificial shortage, in the process pushing up the prices of all other house higher, and only then to start dumping its pre-foreclosure inventory to a witless housing market.

And of course, this number excludes any of the tens of billions of mortgages that are in process of discharge and full write off, as well as the tens of billions in associated Reps and Warranties legal fees, which will go from accrued to paid out status as soon as Bank of America loses the MBIA litigation.

Also, recall "Foreclosure Stuffing" aka the most obvious housing subsidy in the past 4 years? There you have it. And there are those who wonder why we are experiencing merely the fourth dead cat bounce in the housing market.

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GetZeeGold's picture's on like donkey kong.

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Or the donkey show. Washington Mutual anyone?

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how can they call those mortgages worth $64B??  Fantasy marks?  They're probably worth closer to 0.

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No wonder BAC Censors banned ZH.  The truth hurts employee morale.

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just imagine how tall that bar would be if mark to market wasnt just a memory.

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How do you spell "Bank Fraud"?

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BAC Employees cant handle the truth

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Well fuck me running!!! I am in the process of trying to handle several short sales for owners with BOA mortgages. The asset managers insist the the properties are worth about 95% of top of the market value.

This ass whelp manager that lives in another area of the country says he has an appraisal that justifies this price. Of course I have recent sales that justify a valuation of around 60% of peak value which he choses to ignore.

I was never one of those bank hating, blame the fed and money changer types until I noticed that these slime balls refuse to accept any blame, refuse to grace the home owner any discount, and will ultimate win by foreclosing, collecting on their CDS, then reselling the home for the value I propose.

Oh and by the way, they are using our fucking money to stay afloat long enough to clear the last scraps from the table.

Bastards all!

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You are being too kind Chief.  Tell us what it is really going down.   Do any of the clients have proof from BoA that the loan exists?  wasn't paid off?,  couldn't be delinquent ever?

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these slime balls refuse to accept any blame, refuse to grace the home owner any discount, and will ultimate win by foreclosing, collecting on their CDS, then reselling the home for the value I propose.

Not that I ever would advise it, but it's hard to resell for much when the interior walls are ripped out along with all the copper. Also, in northern states, this time of year really is not good for pipes with the heat turned off. Finally, no one wants to live in a mold infested home, which tends to happen if the water is left running in every room that has a faucet.

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I talked to a guy in the business the other day.  He said the banks are creating valuations on homes owned that are much higher than comparables.   They are selling homes/mortgages like they sell cars.  Find out what the sucker can pay each month and price the house higher.   So if the real value is $150,000 but they can bundle it so the suckers can pay $1,500 a month and they can sell it for $190,000 then it's a "good" deal.

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Fantasy Assessment Standards Body


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Trav777, There's no mark to market anymore remember?  It's been gone for four years on the FAS ruling.


They can do car loans and keep the original retail value as the value now no matter the age of the matter the condition of the matter the condition of real finances.


Even the loss on an equity doesn't need to be shown anymore as long as you have a finance component to your business. It's why all the auto makers are "banks" now.

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But they are backed by CDS and the underlying asset of the home, which is worth maybe 50% of the outstanding loan. 

A true mark to market might push the value of those loans UP in value because these evil fuckers, made loans - secured loans, then bet against them.

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Doesn't even a 20-30% defualt on that size technically make the bank insolvent?  anyone have the numbers?

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I'll say it again.










SO their losses don't count, that was passed into law four years ago to save the banks.  So not only are the banks holding assets that they'll never sell, they are holding trillions in credit they can never offer, or assets that they can never write down.  until Mark to Market is consider that the deck is already loaded and all prices urrently in the housing market are complete fiction.  Without the govt stepping in you wouldn't be able to give away a picture of a house, let alone a real one right now.


Catch 22 situation.  There is no reality in any housing figures.  What you should be asking is what the real housing inventory is because currently you could put every American family in a mcmansion right now and still have alot of inventory left over even with the bulldozing.

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They'd be on to this over there at BoA if only they'd unblock Zero Hedge.

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Is your government sleeping? How can they allow this?

EmmittFitzhume's picture

They are not sleeping, they are complicit

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Well, the government is doing its job.

It's just not the job that you thought it should be doing.

They aren't working for us anymore.

Democracy and fiat currency cannot long coexist.

If some men are empowered to create money in any amount, they will shortly own 'your' government regardless of its design.

Either that, or they are angels.  And if they are angels they will shortly be replaced by men who are not angels.

Such power, by its mere existence, corrupts all who know of it.

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obama is the bankers dick tater...question what?

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DUDE! They're running market.

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Agreed, up arrow for you. If zilverzinger had a clue, he would know that the government allowed this with full knowledge. Oh no zilverzinger, another TBTF, we need another bailout. We need more stimulus and more printing.

I can only HOPE zilverzinger was being sarcastic (which he should have noted in his post). Otherwise I have to wonder what it will take to wake some people up. You slap them in the face and they still don't get it.

At some point you have to give up and let them suffer the consequences. What do you tell a person with 2 black eyes? Nothing, you already told them twice.

Sheeple Shepard's picture

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

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Dude! They're ruining the market.


There, fixed it for yah.

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Because they have the drones and Hollow-points

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That cats definitely going to be a closed casket.

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Hammer them, Tyler.

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I fucking hate Bank of America

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I Bank-of-America fucking hate.

unrulian's picture

Hate Bank of America more i could not

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It will be a pleasure watching them choke to death on these delinquent mortgages as a principal in the whole mortgage origination fraud.

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Gubmint wont let them choke, they need someone to help the voters.

In case you dont know how this story ends, the .gov is going to pay BAC for the service of helping voters. The marketcap is not meaningful

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That's ok. They fucking hate you (all of us) too. 

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i wanna be a money wrencher....   

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How is this a good business decision by BOA?  They are losing money every month on these homes from borrowers not making their mortgage payments.  Furthermore, there is certainly no shortage of homes on the market in America, and won't be anytime in the next decade or more.  All the big homebuilders are still in business and are building new communities all the time.  BOA stays above water only because of FED intervention in the mortgage market.

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I agree with everything you said, but kinda chuckled when I read, "How is this a good business decision by BOA?"  I mean, in a rational, non-keynesian, non-centrally planned world your question makes sense.  But we are living in non of that.

edb5s's picture

A TBTF bank having to worry about making "good" business decisions?  Ha!

edb5s's picture

Cursive beat me to it...

Shell Game's picture

Cute, wasn't it?


In many BOA toilet stalls, there eminates the glow of smart phone screens (yes,a stench eminates too), 


and the murmur:



'fuck me.....'

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"They are losing money every month on these homes from borrowers not making their mortgage payments."


That's not how I understand it. First of all we don't know how much BoA paid for them. It likely paid pennies in the pound for them. Secondly, the loan servicers are currently taking the hit for the non-payment of mortgage premiums. They are chosing to do this because admitting to the food chain higher up that they are delinquent would set off a chain of events which would end very badly for them. Therefore, the servicers are still providing the originators or the MBS holders with monthly income even although the house owners have stopped paying. This may not be as bad a deal for BoA as it first looks. That is, until the tsunami hits. Then they will attain their true value. Zero. Until then they are picking up pennies in front of the steam roller as the saying goes.

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You couldn't make this shit up!

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Yes you could.

You have to graduate from an Ivy League school and get an MBA (Making Bullshit Allowed) in finance.

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Fuck Bank of America.

Break it the fuck up and burn it, crush it and send that crooked fucking piece of shit wealth stealing company through the fucking wood chipper.

Fuck you BOA.

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Can't. when the bitch Blythe invented/marketed derivitives all the big boyz signed on and overflowed to use as extortion tool to block any rule of law shit from hitting them.  "Don't prosecute or else we collapse the economy"

Paging Mr. Hitler.

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BofA recently sold all it's area operations to Arvest Bank (Sw Missouri).   Guess the Walton Clan has more money than BofA.   Wonder if all those homes in this area will now foreclose?

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Can't Bernanke just send a month's worth of QE their way and wipe it all out?