Boehner's Pre-Plan-B Vote Pep-Talk - Live Webcast

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The equity market is seemingly paralyzed now in anticipation of the vote to take place later today. In the meantime, Speak Boehner is about to rally his team for the big game. With Harry Reid (and the Schumer sideshow) already out this morning, we suspect the hushed chants of "fight, fight, fight" will be heard in the background as the speaker takes the podium...


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Is this the signal for the up pump or the down pump?

<Or should I just remain on the bench coach?>

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The Intelligence Institute Study shows Fox News viewers have an IQ that is 20 points lower than the U.S. National average.

 PRWeb -- Tue, Dec 4, 2012

 Study shows that the Americans who watch Fox News have an average IQ of 80, whereas the national average is 100. Researchers were not "shocked" by findings.

 Birmingham, Alabama (PRWEB) December 04, 2012

The results of a 4 year study show that Americans who obtain their news from Fox News channel have an average IQ of 80, which represents a 20 point deficit when compared to the U.S. national average of 100. IQ, or intelligence quotient, is the international standard of assessing intelligence.

Researchers at The Intelligence Institute, a conservative non-profit group, tested 5,000 people using a series of tests that measure everything from cognitive aptitude to common sense and found that people who identified themselves as Fox News viewers and 'conservative' had, on average, significantly lower intelligent quotients. Fox Viewers represented 2,650 members of the test group.

 One test involved showing subjects a series of images and measuring their vitals, namely pulse rate and blood pressure. The self-identified conservatives' vitals increased over 35% when shown complex or shocking images. The image that caused the most stress was a poorly edited picture of President Obama standing next to a "ghostly" image of a child holding a tarantula.

 Test subjects who received their news from other outlets or reported they do not watch the news scored an average IQ of 104, compared to 80 for Fox News viewers.

 Lead researcher, P. Nichols, explains, "Less intelligent animals rely on instinct when confronted by something which they do not understand. This is an ancient survival reaction all animals, including humans, exhibit. It's a very simple phenomenon, really; think about a dog being afraid of a vacuum cleaner. He doesn't know what a vacuum is or if it may harm him, so he becomes agitated and barks at it. Less intelligent humans do the same thing. Concepts that are too complex for them to understand may frighten or anger them."

 He continues, "Fox News' content is presented at an elementary school level and plays directly into the fears of the less educated and less intelligent."

The researchers said that an IQ of 80 is well above the score of 70, which is where psychiatrists diagnose mental retardation. P. Nichols says an IQ of 80 will not limit anyone's ability to lead happy, fulfilling lives, or to perform menial work.

 The study did not conclude if Fox News contributed to lowering IQ, or if it attracts less intelligent humans.

P. Nichols concludes that he wasn't shocked by the studies' results, rather how dramatic their range. "Several previous studies show that self-identified conservatives are less intelligent than self-identified moderates. We have never seen such a homogeneous group teetering so close to special needs levels."

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anyone who gets their 'news' from tv pundits is an idiot, fox, cnn, msnbc, cbs, abcdefg - i get my news from zh and tea leaves every morning

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I'm sorry but equating fox news with professional outlets like MSNBC and CNN is simply laughable. MSNBC covers news from a progressive perspective, promoting sensible solutions to social problems like delegating responsibility to politicians and introducing new laws and regulations enforced by smart well-meaning policemen, lawyers and judges.

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Is This Like Fecking E-Gipt Or What ...



Next Up, Bring In The Army ?

BaBaBouy's picture

Oh Yeah... Forgot...


DEC/21 Knocking...

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The Intelligence Institute Study is bogus.

TruthInSunshine's picture

"The Intelligence Institute Study shows Fox News viewers have an IQ that is 20 points lower than the U.S. National average."


I wonder if msnBSc/cnBSc/nBSc/cBSc viewers have an IQ of similar fail, then.

Wait, I'm sure they do.

Anyone who eagerly reads, listens to or watches whatever brand of Propaganda Proxies for 6 Corporate Owned (6 Corporations own every Newspaper, Radio Station, Network, Cable Station, Magazine, etc. - 6!!!) Main Stream "Media" has an IQ 20 points below fail. It's automatic.

If they actually rely on the bullshit their Lame Ass Stream Media of choice espouses, they get a bonus of another -40 fail IQ points.

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Has Faux News declared the War on Christmas over yet?

Who won?

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This doesn't address the more serious consideration that TV literally affects your brain. The combined effect of staring at a flickering box for extended periods, reduced exercise, and dumbed-down content is cumulative.  Stupid people are a product of their environment.  Stupid people watch a lot of TV. 

Studies show Television Decreases IQ, Creativity, and Damages the Brain

This also doesn't address the issue of mass media as an instrument of social control, but everyone here is well aware, surely, but if not, spin up a copy of something like Inconvenient Truth and evaluate it from the standpoint of a propagandist.

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it wouldn't surprise me from the way many people adopt absolutey identical talking points. phrasing, buzz words, intense anger, that some - cough cough - stations might just be using subliminal suggestion to reinforce their verbal propaganda

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I watch just enough socalled MSM to see what the sheep are being fed. and it is absoulute torture.

aint no fortunate son's picture

it's always best to know thine enemy

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anderson is my favorite liberal sodomite-followed closely by that guy on MSNBC-rachel maddow

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Piers Morgan sucks a mean cock too

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Since Keith Olberman got axed & Al Gore lost his show, the world has moved on [& up] to Honey Boo-Boo... Fox is still relevant because somebody [outside of ESPN] has to air promos for NASCAR races...

TrustWho's picture

And Chris Mathews masterbates while watching Barack and Michelle Obama....remember the warm tickle feeling going down his leg comment.

azzhatter's picture

yeah but has Piers sucked Rachel Maddow's cock?

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You're turning into my favorite troll.

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the comment 'professional outlets like MSNBC and CNN' is simply laughable - the so called 'journalism' displayed by ALL MSM outlets is so farcical the only way i could watch it now is while drunk.  i would agree there are various degrees of stupidity exhibited by each of these networks, so if i were forced to watch one, it would probably be CNN.

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I'm sorry, people who get the real news look into the matter and find out that this "study" was made up.

EmmittFitzhume's picture

Argument of assertion only works on stupid people and they all are on your side already

Blano's picture

Doing a little better lately MDB.

El Oregonian's picture

Sorry Unfortunate Son and MDB, some people are made to look foolish, others such as yourselfs, are just born that way...

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I get my financial news the same place the SEC does.  xhamster, redtube etc...

Freddie's picture

Russia Today (RT) is decent and you can get it on the web.  I stopped watching the mullah's TV and the mullah's Hollywood years ago. 

The guy bashing Fox Al Wahleed is a little tard who still watches tv.

Here is Murdoch and O's bosses A-380 jet.  He also is a major owner in the other US networks.  He is Saudi Arabia.

F TV, F Hollywood and F retards who watch their crap.

aint no fortunate son's picture

Well, unfortunately the article proved itself - there must be a lot of Fox MENSA's here because hardly anybody figured out that it was from the Onion or someplace lol!

francis_sawyer's picture

Say whaaa?...

No link was provided in the comment, & it's pretty much guaranteed that even if there was, there would have been ZERO click thru...

Has nothing to do with FOX bandwagoning...

Has everything to do with disinterest...

I'm going to downvote myself here for even being stupid enought to comment...

Bob's picture

Kind of scary when you can't stop yourself from looking for it. 

In this case, Google is your friend, Fox.  I thought it was a little low, but just couldn't refrain from a search. 

francis_sawyer's picture

Congratulations ANFS!... You just presented evidence of something which is even LESS relevant than anything the Ooompa Loompa will present in the press conference... Hardly thought something like that would be possible...

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I wonder what the correlation is between IQ and people who are aware of what is going on and how society is shaped and manipulated by the propaganda arm of our corporate government, the mainstream media, and those who do not deviate from what they are told to think and feel by their television.   That would have been a much more relevant study.

I am willing to bet there is no correlation because the most brainwashed people I know in my family are highly educated, however I am with francis_sawyer and am giving your post no further thought.

Freddie's picture

I am sure your intelligence is below the IQ of 50 because you think anything on TV is worth watching.  Fox is sh*t and so is everything else. TV is for idiots and I am sure you are a viewer.

It is little serrfs like you who watch TV and support Hollywood's crap who keep the elites in power.  Go F off.

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Everybody knows you can find the truth only on the internet.  My fellow avatars tell me so.

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Not a single journalist asked the right question:

You stated, you want to avoid at all costs tax increases for the Americans. This only can mean, that you will support tax increases on the rich, to avoid the much higher automatic tax increases for all americans, correct?


Do Republican sympathisants really not recognize, what utter logical BS Boehner is talking?



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Boehner's Plan B Perp-talk.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Boehner's & Obama's Planned Kabuki Theater Derp-Talks.

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Fuck it. Here's some equivantly important info: 

‘Giant serpent’ invades island near Phuket'
nonclaim's picture

I'm no expert but it looks more likely to be a giant millipede :)

otto skorzeny's picture

there once was a serpent from Phuket...

Freddie's picture

Phuk - et.

When I was in Nam....those slopes... Charlie Don't Surf....oh never mind.

We  should be putting millipedes up the orifices of the DC scum who are coming back to NDAA and putting detention and murder crap in the criminal "law."   Criminal elite scum.

FoeHammer's picture

I like how he just said 'whoops' and gave a nasty/weird look to the side.

otto skorzeny's picture

O just activated the remotely controlled vibrating butt plug in Boner's ass-it's based on drone technology

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Does anybody remember the fact that these automatic budget cuts were part of last year's debt ceiling agreement?  They are supposed to trigger when the goverment failed to CUT SPENDING! The bullshit plan by Boehner doesn't do that.  Are the budget cuts going to trigger then?  No way.  All these motherfuckers are liars....always!

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Relax. They scheduled going over the fiscal cliff to coincide with the end of the world in order to minimize the effect on the economy.

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i doubt the combined event will have any impact on GDP or nonfarm payrolls... or QE for that matter