The Complete Politicization Of The Fed

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Authored by Knukles,

There have been very few times where in my 40+ years of capital markets participation that I’ve strongly believed that we have witnessed a significant, material, public but seemingly under-discussed, under appreciated watershed event that will over the next several years, impact capital markets in a profound manner.  The recent announcement by the FED that they were to pursue the future course of monetary policy with direct regard to a specific, numerical level of unemployment in my mind, represents exactly one of those rare events.


In the past, the Federal Reserve has managed monetary policy with respect to what is generally referred to as a “dual” mandate which however, is actually three as proscribed by the Federal Reserve Act (“Act”).  Specifically, they are; “maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates.”  In the past, the projections of, the targeting, adherence to and most importantly linkages between the current as well as forecasted and actual resultant levels of monetary accommodation and three mandates were left to the FED’s Board of Governors’ Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to decide.  Whether by qualitative or quantitative tools or reference, the process was generally accepted as an art form manageable within human discretionary bounds, never linked directly to fixed quantitative mandated economic targets.  Indeed, indicia of monetary policy whether the overall general level of interest rates, a specific rate such as the Federal Funds target or Discount rate or monetary aggregates such as the targeting of the monetary base, adjusted reserves or money stock measures have been actively and intensively utilized in the past.


But not “hard” broad economic data such as employment, unemployment, consumption, savings, gross domestic product or net domestic investment.  The closest the FED has come of recent vintage was the formal adoption of a 2% Personal Consumption Expenditures rate said to be consistent with statutory mandates in its meeting in January, 2012.  And with respect thereto, the linkage between Open Market Operations in terms of frequency and magnitude again remained the discretionary province of the FOMC via the Open Markets Desk at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York with respect to the purchase and sale of financial instruments.


However, on December 12, 2012, the Federal Reserve announced that it would continue to proactively pursue a highly expansive monetary policy by keeping short-term interest rates as evidenced by the targeted Federal Funds Rate between 0.25% and 0%, until the civilian unemployment rate dropped to 6.5%.  This is the first time in the post war period that there has been a direct linkage between a stance of monetary policy, translating through a market based rate, effecting supposed economic activity through a tremendously complex channel of bank and shadow banking, domestic and foreign relationships with borrowers and a single defacto measure of economic activity, in this case human resource utilization as measured by unemployment.  While admiringly noble, of a broad laudable, socially responsible nature, politically correct, seemingly with caring intent and closely adhering to the employment mandate as established by the Act, the goal opposite Federal Reserve Policy is amorphous not only due to the complexities and unmanageability of second, third and however many ongoing orders of direct and casual relationships, but it is politically game-able.  Indeed, another triumph of form over substance wherein appearances of a literally wondrous intent might soothe the fevered brows of the public but remain entirely within the manipulative province of the data managers.


The reason is that the entire relationship is dependent upon the single targeted number.  That of “unemployment”, a largely undefined term with respect to the FED’s December 12th minutes.  Within that preview, it would not be illogical to assume that the rate of unemployment cited by the FED is the one and same “unemployment rate” as calculated by the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Without risking sounding in any way shape or form as negative or impertinent, leave it be merely pointed out that a large and growing number of observers have of late, questioned the periodic revisions, seasonal adjustments, and benchmark revisions to the unemployment rate in large part but not exclusively due to the composition of the American workforce and participants therein as defined by factors such as those employed, those looking for employment, those not looking and the workforce participation rate.  Further, many of the same observers suspect or believe that periodic adjustment to such numbers may be socially and or politically motivated thereby resulting in data not as reflective of actual market conditions as represented.


Now, for sake of intellectual stimulation alone, if one were to assume such to be the case, then one might easily conclude that politically-motivated manipulation of the unemployment rate calculation might cause the number to drop toward a more socially acceptable level, but remain above the Fed’s threshold of  6.5%, which could result in a more expansive monetary policy than otherwise might be reasonable not withstanding current Quantitative Easing effects.  After all, incumbents seem to have historically preferred to face the electorate with easier money and low interest rates accompanied by happy employment statistics, no?


Indeed, while the optics of the recent decision to accept an active target of the unemployment rate might be well meant, socially responsible and politically correct, the dependency upon the single datum construct already of a highly controversial nature may well likely reduce further the credibility of the Federal Reserve’s monetary efforts, thereby leading to slower economic growth, hiring and economic well being as adverse unintended consequences.

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Dogs & Tails... (& a bunch of wagging)

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Is that a t-shirt or real boobs on that chick?

I need to know so I can "tweak" my insane economic models. 

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There is no way she's going to let you tweak her models. Flowers and chocolates first, only then to the tweaking.

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Good citizens of Metropolis!

Where is Paul Volker when you need him?

Please shine the bat-light.

Get Commisioner Gordon on the phone.

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The Fed had credibility?  When exactly was that?  You can't "lose" what you never HAD.

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The FED was ALWAYS 'the politics' all along! 

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I can't wait to see Knukles tear this guy apart.

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I see what you did there.

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Politicization Of The Fed??

Criminalization would be more accurate


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There are no "water shed" events regarding the fed.  They were set up in December, 1913 as a private entity with the sole purpose of extracting as much wealth from the populace as possible.  Their methodology changes from time to time but the objective of this private cartel are unwavering!


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No, you read that right. The Fed is a government arm for private profit: just like ALL government agencies.

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there is simply no way the credibility of the fed can be reduced

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mizzed it by thaaaat much.  Fuck you Bernanke.  Fuck the BIS.

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Of course the Fed is political. If it wasn't for politics, there would be no Fed. If it wasn't for the Fed, politics would be much less important as government would have a much smaller effect on the economy. What a wonderful relationship between the Fed and the US government...the government protects the Fed and the Fed keeps the power in Washington.

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Wait this is one gigantic ponzi scheme?
Since when?

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Since the very first gold not was printed in excess of actual existing gold. From there, the ponzi only has two choices...inflate or die because the only way for ponzis to work is to keep growing and in this case the new entrants into the system are additional fiat. Since the dollar got sucked up by the world's central banks, the entire world is now on one big worldwide gigantic fiat ponzi scheme and there are literally no more central banks left to suck up the dollar because it has now engulfed the entire planet, which means game over.

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OK so anyway markets are now closed so all-clear sounded for 'Plan-B' vote I guess so that whichever way the vote goes we have a floor built under todays close for a nice futures ramp.

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I hate to break it to you over the holidays but Santa is make believe, too.

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Excellent Knukles. Want moar.

cougar_w's picture

"Without risking sounding in any way shape or form as negative or impertinent"

Oh go on. No seriously, go ahead. Negate and impert the fuck out of them.

An important read. Nicely done.

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What is wrong with everyone walking on eggshells so not to be accused of being a "conspiracy theroist" or never mentioning the fact  the Federal Reserve is a criminal syndicate charging us interest for printing our currency when we don't need them for this. You are either Rothchild or Jesuit agents or you are..........

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Just another run-of-the-mill satanic pedophile?

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 The  Feds. 6.5% unemployment mandate is a joke, being that the Fed. doesn't take into account labor participation figures.

 Just because you have a 6.5% unemployment rate, does not mean you have more employed workers. This also works in the other direction. Excellent piece Knuckles. Thank You for taking the time...

JR's picture

Surely it’s time to disregard the concept that Fed policies are well intentioned.

The well-intentioned part only applies to the private owners of the Federal Reserve System; of course the policies are intentional but their destructive effect on the economy are literally tearing apart not only the fabric of the economy of this nation but its political structure as well.

And what’s more, the targets of these destructive policies are literally publicly announced.

When representative government begins to represent the tyrants and not the people and the people, group by group, become targets so their owned property can be stolen with impunity by Fed policy… transferred primarily to a ruling financial elite to be used completely for their own benefit… then the rules of law and justice no longer are enforced. And the Congress, by its loud silence, is complicit to the crime.

And a new form of oppressive, totalitarian government has taken root.

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Knucks!? You've arrived - congrats & Bravo! I'm sure my eyebrows were literally raised when I first read about the unemployment target, agree completely.

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That post sucked monkey balls

No soup for you


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Once more, with feeling this time.

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*Shamefully admits to dog-kissing*


No tongue though.

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There is porn of that ... er probably ...

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the dependency upon the single datum construct already of a highly controversial nature may well likely reduce further the credibility of the Federal Reserve’s monetary efforts

Reduce further? Really?

I was under the impresion that all credibility had been reduced to nil by their actions quite some time ago.


Yen Cross's picture

 I can't wait to see interest rates go up on 200-220 million part time workers with a BLS unemployment rate calculated at 6.5%...

  Mind you, that will be after $2-3 Trillion more in printing... We'll all be living in caves and dumpsters then...


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On September 8, 1974 Evel Knievel (1938-2007), in full costume, attempts to jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho. Unfortunately, he falls far short of the other side. It’s a good time to buy stocks.

Next up, on October 11, 2007 Ben Bernanknevel (1953-?), in full costume, attempts to jump the deflation grand canyon in the economy, USA. It’s a good time to sell stocks. Ben hasn’t landed yet, but it looks like he’s hoping that the other side will rise up to meet him soon. Will he make it?

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Well done Knukles.  Congratulations.

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And now for the weather...

It was reported last evening that Hell is in the grip of sub-zero temperatures.


Amazing the personality changes that impending retirement can bring out in Bawney "I see nothing" Fwank.

What's next? Getting caught en flagrante with a teen-age girl?

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ie they've given themselves carte blanche without having ever to deliver upon their mandate (I use that word loosely) and in the end, like all their other policies, serve the few at the cost of many... in other news nothing has changed.

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Thats perfect commie ideology - sacrife the few for the good of the many, gotta break some eggs if you want to make an omelet, etc.

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Could this missive be penned by our very own often caustic, sometimes surly, Knuckles whom we all know and love?

the dependency upon the single datum construct already of a highly controversial nature may well likely reduce further the credibility of the Federal Reserve’s monetary efforts.

An uncharacteristically measured statement from a notable Fight Club brawler is causing my confusion.

Nonetheless, well done.


cougar_w's picture

The highlighted passage is a polite way of suggesting that the Fed are lying manipulative cocksuckers who will die of AIDS after repeatedly ass-raping the nation.

It's the only way you can get this stuff past Congress' content filters.

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Bernanke would never get a job at BuBa. They always told the pols (who wanted to manipulate monetary policy for politcal reasons, especially in the run up to an election) that dealing with employment/unemployment levels was their job, not the banks. Focusing strictly on monetary policy and inflation, BuBa steered the German economy to where it was. Then it joined the Euro.

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Doesn't sound quite as dramatic when you boil it down into regular English.

The Fed announcement that it will remain focused on a specific unemployment rate is unusual and far more important than has been generally recognized.

Fed policy has never before been explicitly linked to a single statistic.

Although pledging to maintain expansive monetary policy until unemployment is reduced below 6.5% may seem like a positive step, the lack of a clear definition and the strange dynamics of the government-cited statistic render the pledge inherently fluid and open to manipulation.

This may be a well-intentioned misdirection, but such action may further erode confidence in the integrity of the Fed and thus worsen overall economic conditions.