Field With 155,238,095,238,095,250,000 Barrels Of Oil Discovered, But There Is A Catch

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Good news for all those who have nightmares about the prospect of peak oil: scientists have discovered an oil field which has a gargantuan 155 quintillion barrels of oil, or about 200 times more hydrocrabons than there is water on earth. There is however, a catch: the field is located some 1,300 light years away. From Rigzone.

The scientists work at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and using the 30m-telescope of the Institute for Radio Astronomy they discovered a vast cloud of hydrocarbons within the Horse Head Nebula galaxy in the Orion constellation.


Upon discovery of the cloud IRAM astronomer Viviana Guzman declared that, "the nebula contains 200 times more hydrocarbons than the total amount of water on Earth!"


Just for those of you curious as to exactly how many barrels of oil that roughly equates to, here you go: one hundred and fifty-five quintillion, two hundred and thirty-eight quadrillion, ninety-five trillion, two hundred and thirty-eight billion, ninety-five million, two hundred and fifty thousand, or 155,238,095,238,095,250,000 barrels.

Alas, this means that even if a ship left today to reclaim any of this massive stash which at last check has not been claimed by any terrestrial E&P corporation, it would come back some time in the year 4612. So while oil on earth may well end, hopes of the fracking renaissance notwithstanding, then solar and geothermal better last well into the 47th century, at which point all the crude the world may need will be made available.

Does this also mean a return of the old abiogenic hypothesis?

Now like me you might be wondering how oil, which is supposedly produced from organic matter buried millions of years ago, could possibly exist in space. Well it turns out that these hydrocarbons were likely created by the fragmentation of giant carbonaceous molecules called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are produced during the death of a star.


There is even a theory that molecules such as these could have served as the first organic compounds for creating life.

Either way, don't expect the market to start discounting this rather dramatic increase in discovered oil just yet, and definitely don't expect gas at the pump to move even remotely lower on this news.

The good news, for all the Keynesians out there, is that the idea to build the Death Star, as proposed first on Zero Hedge, may finally get some life, especially if the Death Star is provided with some exploration and production capacity. And what self-respecting Keynesian wouldn't salivate at the prospect of injecting $852 quadrillion of debt growth into the economy at this time?

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fireangelmaverick's picture

Can monetary policy not change the distance of this rock to us? What if Bernanke bought another  trillion of bonds?

BaBaBouy's picture

Beam It Down, SCOTTY...

MiguelitoRaton's picture

Frac that wormhole bitchez!

francis_sawyer's picture

You take one down... Pass it around... 155,238,095,238,095,249,999 barrels of oil on the wall...


That's the catch...

trav777's picture

SEE???  Oil is both abiogenic AND limitless.

Someone help me out here...what's the expected PRODUCTION RATE of this massive reserve?  Same as those lakes of methane on Titan, right?

francis_sawyer's picture

Well fuck ~ Aparently there's more gold on the asteroid Eros than all of the above ground gold ever mined on Earth...


If it comes right down to it... I'm starting there first... Maybe I'll be luckier with starships than boats...

knukles's picture

Guess they had dinosaurs on them other planets, too.
Oh wait.  The only life is here on earth and there is no God.

RopeADope's picture

The universal implementation of debt economics explains the Fermi Paradox.

knukles's picture

Why do I have this eerie feeling the world's coming to an end?

cougar_w's picture

Because you just went long AAPL?

I have a theory. You know that whole Mayan thing? Is just a cruel Wall Street mind-fuck to kill the shorts. Again. Mark me, Dec 21 will roll around a huge up day.

knukles's picture

I hope so Cougar, because the 22nd I got an early tee time.  But's supposed to rain... that count as a world ending event?

cougar_w's picture

I'm pretty sure it would be for some people.

If the clubhouse is all out of the good single malt, then definitely.

The Alarmist's picture

Sunshine is for pussies ... real golfers are out there in the rain or after dark.

francis_sawyer's picture

@ knuckles


Only if you lip out your putt for a hockey stick on the first hole [& the beverage cart girl is not 'Hooter' rated]...

knukles's picture

Now that makes it difficult....

A Nanny Moose's picture

Irony: The engineering and production of the new forms of conveyance enabling travel to, and exploitation of this resource, might actually render it obsolete.

CPL's picture

I suggest to all that are interested in such ventures to throw all their money away on it...I mean, invest in the future of burning hydrocarbons to achieve star travel.


In other news, Ford announces the Horse.  The quadraped green machine, capable of reaching a top speed of 45 mph and consumes no gas.


So while we are waiting for the arm chair financial "science" majors we'll have something to drive around in meanwhile.

Abiotic Oil's picture

That's a lot of dead animals and plants.

So is this proof of life on other planets or are Earth's oil reserves slowly regenerating through an Abiotic process?

SilverDOG's picture

It was stated Nebulae, not Planet.

Slight difference.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I appreciate the opportunity you give me trav777!  There is PLENTY of natural gas here in the USA.  Yet we do not use it well.  Here is how PERU uses their natural gas reserves to power a big part of their car fleet:

FiatFapper's picture

If true, proves that abiotic oil is more plausible than the supposed theory that biological matter and dinosaurs created "fossil fuels"

The high pressure and magma machinations produces the Earth's lubricant we then drill, not some fluffy mammal that died millions of years ago.

There's some interesting Russian research about abiotuc oil floating around on the intertubez; i'd cite them if i could be arsed.

Flakmeister's picture

There is lot more to the science of the origin of oil than finding methane in the cosmos, i.e. the simplest molecule made of from 2 of the most abundant elements in the universe...

You also find CH, CH2 C2H, CH3 and on and on and on,.... Hell there is even evidence for C8H

aint no fortunate son's picture

Feb wti's slipping on the news, only up 32 cents

TruthInSunshine's picture

This nebula is in the proximate area of the planet that the aliens that Paul "When Aliens Attack Earth" Krugman is speaking of when he warns us to get ready for a hostile extraterrestrial invasion of earth (urging passage of his 577 trillion USD Alien Defense Network & Force Field Readiness Stimulus Omnibus Expenditure).

We need to preempt them by invading their planet and stealing their oil.

It's all starting to make sense now.

And here I thought Krugman was batshit crazy for all these years...

knukles's picture

Todja todja todaj
Absolute proof that aliens are dark skinned and have gold.


(justifies any measures necessary to eliminate and steal the resources and treasure... oh while bringing democracy and freedom to the forlorn... needs must work on an illegal alien policy for 2016...)

TruthInSunshine's picture

Krugman just tweetered/twatted:


@PaulKrugman, Ph.D. in The Dismal Science


"With Bernanke so incredibly hawkish, Nibiru can't come soon enough."

knukles's picture

That man is a serious intellectual menace to the very social and economic well being of the entire human race.  Imagine nirvana; no budget, no deficit limit, no debt limit, unfettered unlimited monetization by a central bank with pure fiat.
Irresponsible, IMHO

AGuy's picture

There is another very abundant source of Hydrocarbons that is much much closer: Uranus. Its full of methane!


Al Huxley's picture

I like your style, but wouldn't it be easier just to print the oil into existence instead?

Jam Akin's picture

But that would be much less fun for everyone.   The exploration could be financed for less than a thousand platinum coins and that in turn could have a very salutary effect on the global economy.  /s

LudwigVon's picture

Tyler, u always 10 plus feet away from LFTR, or would it have ruined the sarcastic point?

geothermal and solar better get us a good way thru the 47th century, lol, but not Thorium.

Look at the material out there already on LFTR, the work has really already been done by Oakridge, the guy who ran OakRidge, Weinberg, basically got himself fired over nagging the shit outta Congress about how LFTR was far safer, faaar more efficient, and had byproducts on a 100x multiplier lower on longevity - the hot salt can even take nuke weapon material and existing waste as fuel!

Now why can't this thing get funded privately in this ZLB environment??

Where is the press on this??

Ahem. I mean ty for posting Kirk, but where are You on this and getting it funded. Crowd equity?
The administration is ignoring Thorium and always has as it does not use the Uranium Plutonium cycle that meshes with military needs. The Gen4 reactors are all solid fuel water cooled fission. That just sounds stupid as fuck. Yeah, let's cool a nuclear reaction with something that expands 10,000x after heating 100c

The energy output can clean water and build liquid hydrocarbons for transportation however. So at least China copied us and is a few yrs into building it.

trav777's picture

LFTR is far from production-ready...we're barely at supercritical water reactors.

Molten salt reactors along with fast breeders and we have functionally inexhaustible uranium fuel supply.

rotagen's picture

In an equally important story, the sun will one day expand to 800 times its present volume, scorching us all, and turning the earth into a giant "burger to go".  Please remember to wipe twice when using this story in the manner in which it is most useful.

LongBalls's picture

Who gives a flying *F*. As if economies need oil to run anyway. Free energy has been available to us since Tesla not to mention the countless others after him. But WTF...Let's send some money to Solyndra! Is it the oil men who own the banks or is it the banks who own the oil men? I forget, but again, who gives a *F* We have everything we need right here on earth except common sense and freedom. Good God! Lord take me now!

slyhill's picture

I doubt Obummer would approve the pipeline.

LongSoupLine's picture

1,300 light years?!?!  I guarantee the GM Volt can make it there without refueling...



Now if we can just get someone to buy one...

knukles's picture


"This is Charles Jacko reporting live on site form the newest and largest ever petroleum discovery in the history of mankind.  Here where I stand on the planet Exofarawybluescreen some 1,300 light years from Earth waiting for my pizza delivery... don't bogart that..."

Sophist Economicus's picture

 Intergalactic Dinosaurs, bitchez

Sokhmate's picture

plant all available land with corn, and convert to ethanol. Drilling not allowed on that far planet.

cougar_w's picture

It's technically not a planet, but a gas cloud. You'd have to "extract" the "hydrocarbons" from space the same way you might collect a fog for its water; using some kind of giant net or screen.

Crude output would probably amount to 1 barrel per year. However according to my calculations a price target of $1,700,000,000,000 USD per barrel makes in economically viable. So I don't see any reason not to prepare for the day.

dwdollar's picture

All their shit must be causing Galactic Warming.

francis_sawyer's picture

DC Fusor's Chevy Volt just became even less relevant... But it's still good for toasting marshmallows...

A Nanny Moose's picture

Do burning VOCs leave a bad taste in your s'mores?

francis_sawyer's picture

Not really sure... What I am sure of is that driving around in a Chevy Volt makes you look like a Girl Scout...