Futures Flash Crash As ES Plummets To Limit Down

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No, really, there is a big, huge, massive rotation out of those dangerous, inflationary bonds into safe, predictable equities...


Depth of market, or lack thereof, chart from Nanex.


And, the VWAP strange attractor those GETCO algos love so very much:

How shocking! Nope, not really. From November 13:

We can summarize it as follows: the lame duck congress will posture, prance and pout. And it is a certainty that in the 15 (see calendar below) remaining days it is expected to be session it will get nothing done. Which means, that once again, it will be up to the market, just like last August, just like October of 2008, to implode and to shock Congress into awakening and coming up with a compromise of sorts. Only this time, now that Bernanke has shown he will "get to work" at a moment's notice, the impetus to do anything as a result of even a market plunge will be far less. After all why lose face, and put your career in jeopardy when there is the Fed which, supposedly, can offset a market crash, courtesy of the shining example set by Chuck Schumer.

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Not a sunrise, but a galaxyrise. A morning fileld with 400,000,000,000 suns, the rising of the Milky Way.

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fuu, you have the most articulate way of describing { financial& social } issues, without offending your constituentients.


fuu's picture


I wish I could take credit for that line, alas Carl we hardly knew ye.


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So glad you got that, fuu.



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Without knowing exactly what's going to happen at the opening bell, would you say it's time to crack eachothers heads open and feast on the goo inside?

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the futures are recovering. . . que the christmas music please. . .


"its mr. bernanke, the christmas poo. He loves me, and he loves you."

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It's almost time.  Oh, yes! Fill the churches with dirty thoughts! Introduce honesty to the White House! Write letters in dead languages to people you've never met! Paint filthy words on the foreheads of children! Burn your credit cards and wear high heels! Asylum doors stand open! Fill the suburbs with murder and rape! Divine madness! Let there be ecstasy, ecstasy in the streets! Laugh and the world laughs with you!

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Hey! Its mr Bernanke the christmas poo!


"Hello everybody! Why are the S&P futures so down? What this market really needs is some good ole QE christmas cheer! Now all you gold sellers, go out and use that money to bring in some equity cheer! C'mon everybody!"

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Yay, we're all going to hell!  Wait...what?  Well, that was dissappointing.  I was hoping to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.  You really want to know what it feels like to be the clown at midnight?  Where there's only ever one joke and it's always on you?  Well, here you are.  Now do you get it?

Yen Cross's picture

 I get it!  You closet conservative. Ohh ya I get it.

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Cue the deer in head lights picture. Maybe a reindeer in headlights? After all, it tis the season.

lemarche's picture

WAS IT REALLY LIMIT DOWN??? 1444*.9=1300 NOT 1380...

mdtrader's picture

If you have a position in profit on these markets, the computers will find it and take it!

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so the post title is completely wrong, there was no limit down on ES overnight 

Element's picture

Can someone get Tyler out of bed? 'effin world didn't end here ... we're gonna need some new content.  :D

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and the sheep got shat on, i wonder. how this will pan out NEW YORK session! will the circuit breakers work? ? ?

mdtrader's picture

They will probably ramp the futures back up before the open.

Mr_Wonderful's picture

Most likely.

Anyway, market is overbought and volume is falling so any excuse to sell is welcome.

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Last fucking Christmas in the good ole Amerika. Bend over Amerika. The Lords just fucked you all. Nive going inbred fucking retards Amerikans. Keep showing off bitchezz.

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Does anyone believe that the US will repay its debt with money good that keeps pace with the price of things like Tobacco? I do not. Hold the treasuries for a day or two if that makes you feel good.

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The real estate market has collapsed, stocks are skittish, miners are hurting, PMs are under attack, they are monetizing the debt, interest rates are low to negative, currencies are debased .... the only safe bet .... food stamps .... to get them you have to give all your money away ?

magpie's picture

unless they can be counterfeited...zionist comedy jihad baktun 0

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Most people stop reading the Mayan calendar when it says the world will end .... the flip side continues .... plan B .... take the squaw and kids to Fresnillo and gather the yellow and white pebbles that are everywhere !          Monedas     1929      Eye - On - Zion World News

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Overnight selloff on SP500 and then a retrace of over half. Morning open is going to be an interesting addition to the charts.


open 1,441.00
hi  1,441.25
low 1,391.25


last 1422.


what a joke.

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Concerning the Kyle Bass presentation and his take on Japan; very pessimistic. 

Here is an article that latches onto the Japanese scene but with a different viewpoint :

Why Foreigners Are Buying Japanese Government Debt At Record Levels - Business Insider

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Damn  -  Where's Bernie Madoff when you need him !!

Monedas's picture

Madoff :  Angry, agressive, self destructive masturbation !

stuckonarock's picture

Dont post very often prefer to read and be educated and entertained!

Thanks to everyone on Zerohedge for that :-)


Seasons greetings from the Isle of Man, British Isles :-)


The only thing that kept this Island going was its offshore tax evasion (avoidance)  unfortunately for the economy here the IOM Gov have recently agreed to provide the American and UK Governments with full account details of all USA and UK residents who have accounts/trusts/funds over here.


The economy here is COLLAPSING, my phone has stopped ringing, people are having hard times, their wages and benefits are decreasing, it reminds me of what it was like living here in the 1980s before the finance sector here began to grow exponentially (probably fuelled by the credit boom).


The Government and finance sector probably employs more than 50% of the population here, there are thousands of 16 - 45 year olds who do not understand ANYTHING about ANYTHING unless it can be done with a keyboard or phone, I feel scared for them.

I hope that everything happens for a reason , I have decided to leave this Island and move to Dorset on the south coast of England as the economy and weather are far better down there, I intend to live in a perma culture/ sustainable community, grow our own food, manage the woodland, enjoy life close to nature and spend more time on the beach with my metal detector and have adventures in Dorset and Devon with my girlfriend.

I sincerely wish everyone on Zerohedge a happy and safe Xmas time, thank you for all of the advice and wisdom I have taken from your posts and discussions during 2012 (your ideas and opinions have helped me to decide to be more self sufficient, dont believe the Government or the MSM. to not trust paper (or digital) money or investments and of course to buy gold and silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The final piece of info I need is how to stage a boating accident while I am out fishing with my precious metals, i dont think i can get the advice anywhere else......cheers     and good luck with the approaching storm, winter is almost here and something wicked this way comes.


but always remember one day the winter will be over.....


"spring comes

and the grass

without thinking

begins to grow"   

atoast2toast's picture

number of contracts traded below 1412 is 10-15k


also, i cannot find any evidence ES went limit down, in fact as far as I recall it does not do this 


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The truth about where we are in the markets...First, back in Septemeber I brought to your attention a big picture count on the S&P.  We're ending a big Zig-Zag correction-Wave 2.  At the top of a wave 2 ina secular bear market, the populous believe things are better and the worst is over, when in fact the economy is worse-off than at the beginning of wave 1 (2007).  Secondly, the weekly candlestick from last week is extremely bearish.  It needs no confirmation of another candlestick to qualify as bearish.  Every hedge fund in the world was short getting short last week.  They covered, not to lose their quarterly and yearly profits and bonuses.  The resumption down has now started. This week's candlestick will be an unneeded confirmation.


Marge N Call's picture

<----------  We end in the GREEN today.

<---------- We end in the RED today.


Winners get .0002 share of AAPL!