The Great Spanish Crash - Documentary

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Forget what you are told by various European officials. Ignore the endless parade of manipulated market savants who 'see' sovereign spreads falling and claim that indicates all is well in Europe. To truly understand the situation, watch this must-see documentary from the BBC's Paul Mason on the rise and fall of Spain. From dictatorship to democracy and from construction boom to economic bust, Mason pulls no punches in this down-to-earth realization that things are far worse than any 'market' would suggest. It is critical to understand that free markets are the stick (or carrot depending upon your style of vigilantism) to incent governments to be proactive. With the very visible hand of ECB-funded banks bailing one another out, all the politicians are doing in this 'lull' is nothing at all! Instead, the watchers (and prognosticators) simply observe the market and their bias is to believe that they 'fixed' it. This documentary will explain why that is absolutely not the case.


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Andrew Maguire part 2 on Paulson:


We're waiting for audio

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Well many people are waiting for Mister Andrew Maguire to surface. The only person that claims to have seen him in person is Mister Max Keiser, hardly a credible source, in my opinion.

Have any videos of Mister Maguire? Any sworn statements? 

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Y = C + I - G + NX.

Someday the people will learn that governemtn produces nothing.  The sooner it is gone the sooner prosperity will return.

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Someday the people will learn that governemtn produces nothing. 


But the government DOES produce something. It produces paychecks, with paid vacations, sick leave, health care, travel expenes, pensions and lots and lots of conflicted politicians.

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Government taxes, borrows, or prints.  It produces nothing, all it does is takes money from producers and gives it to parasites.

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It's either fix the Republic.....or move back to England.


So....what's it gonna be?

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You really don't want to come back to England. We taught Obammie everything he knows.

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texas has an certain appeal>more than half of pop. has their heads out of their a$$...that could change, though.

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Awww, hellz-no.  I ain't limiting myself to *those* two failed non-options.

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the gov doesnt produce something of value. it transfer money from people to gov and then to other people black.. cough cough sorry back



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But the government DOES produce something. It produces paychecks, with paid vacations, sick leave, health care, travel expenes, pensions and lots and lots of conflicted politicians.

But an 'american' state produces much more.

See how 'americans' have laudated the State and used it to crush stateless societies.

Thanks to it, 'americans' live on land that aint theirs.

Aint the State a wonderful thing? The 'american' state, that is.

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But a Chinese citizenism state produces much more.

Smell how Chinese citizenism citizens have laudated the State and used it to crap on stateless societies.

Thanks to it, Chinese citizenism citizens live on land that aint theirs and Tibetans live where they are told by the Chinese Citizenism Communautist Party, or are forced to be hobbos or set themselves on fire.

Aint the State a wonderful thing? The 'AnAnonymican' Chinese citizenism state, that is.

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The "I" part is pretty important.  I charted what "I" has been looking like historically.

From 1998 - 2011, we went exactly nowhere in real terms.  The private investment portion is the part that's the hardest to "game".

Raw data:

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Max Keiser is part of a tiny group of media-ists  who are credible --- a tiny, tiny group. Unfortunately, MSM in America never sees any of them...

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Thanks - there's a bunch of other interesting looking docs down the side panel of that one, too!


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Soon this documentary will be able to be aired in every nation. All you will have to do is change the name of the country.

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 Just ask Paul Krugman/ He was booed out of one of the most liberal countries in Europe.

 The Ultimate Krugman Take-Down | ZeroHedge

  Spain is more corrupt than Greece.


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Libturd Krugman is more corrupt than Greece.

Yen Cross's picture

  He sure is. Good on ya Freddie.

Seer's picture

Wow!  What a couple of great contributions.  NOT!

Freddie's MO is to repeat the same frothing hatred.  I FUCKING GET IT.  And then you have to play buddies.  A popularity contest, how quaint.  Just what we need to move forward into an ever deteriorating future.

Yen Cross's picture

Am I missing something? The UK100 is trading just below 6K .  Did you miss the boat SEER?

  Who delegated you ass-master?  FUCK OFF

  Don't worry, i won't follow you into oblivion, like some psycho babble idiot!

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Weird? I thought Seer was generally not a f****ard troll.  Maybe he loves listening to Krugman's inane and evil ranting.   Oh well. The world under dear leader is more insane than Alice in Wonderland.

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Maybe that's a good movie, IDK. I had to turn it off after a few minutes of listening to that guy with the British accent. After the past few days of Piers Morgan, I'm really just not. in. the. mood.


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Eventually, there will be a new Franco.

How long can democracy survive with 20 percent unemployment.

They've been stuck at that number for quite some time.

It's all screwed up.

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Maybe Spain needs to tax the rich and reduce their military, or maybe the European model which is a socialized economic system is proving to be unsustainable, even in the US.

Seer's picture

It's ALL unsustainable.

Looking back things were as they should have been, though sans Franco types.  And even then it's clear that the country couldn't have held together under this state banner called Spain.  If force is necessary then you're only buying time, as eventually (no matter how people try to pretend otherwise) it comes apart.

Anyone watching this should see why an NWO ain't going to be possible.

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"NWO ain't going to be possible." But it Doesn't mean they won't try it.  They're not stopping now, this global utopia has been planned for a very long time.  The MSM, Hollywood elites and the Democrat controlled education system are all promoting some form of global collectivist propaganda. 

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The MSM, Hollywood elites and the Democrat controlled education system are all promoting some form of global collectivist propaganda.


I don't even try to classify them anymore......I just call them all asses. Don't worry about saving yourselves.

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is that the matrix? right is wrong and wrong is right-i'm confussed...

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The current resources can go to the people for rebuilding the economy or to pay for debt service.

Maybe they just need to rid themselves of malinvestment, default and start fresh.

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My heart goes out to these people.  Sure they're mostly socialist idiots who don't understand how economics works.  But this is our opportunity to explain why they can't find jobs, and more importantly, explain it to the youth.  If the youth could comprehend en mass that fiat currency and socialism always lead to this, we might be able to avoid another fascist uprising in Europe.  A group of free market oriented filmmakers should create a viral video that explains everything as simply as possible in Spanish and Greek.

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Cause you know how economics work? Bull shit. Free market does not work. Life can't be marketed. That's what you libertarians do not understand. As much as a totally central economy spell failure, "free" market takes the same path.

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The free market works just fine, though it's a pity that free markets and state sponsored welfare/social support are somewhat mutually exclusive ideologies.


So we get a half assed version where the government interferes in the free market where it pleases in order to win votes/follow goals that the market does not desire, wrecking price signals and causing bubbles.


Seer's picture

No, say it ain't so!  An ideology that doesn't work in chalkboard form in real life?

As soon as you have a govt or other BIG entities that can cause major disruptions NO "perfect" system can exist.

"Free markets" work in people's heads.  If you want it to materialize then the ONLY way is to throw off ALL govts.  And you'd have to neuter big corporations as well.

Seer's picture

Still waiting for someone to present ANY case of "free markets" that were FREE of govt influence.

Facts are tough to swallow, yes?

Easy to bash, harder to prove yourself...

Ox's picture

Are talking to me? Pretty sure your point isn't contradicting mine, I agree that there are no markets free of govt. influence - that's part of the point I was making. Market mechanism is an efficient allocator, but humans refuse to allow it to work because the consequences are politically unsavoury, and politics and economics are intertwined.



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The US had Free markets, Property Rights, and Sound Money before the creation of the Fed.  We've been on a progressive drift towards Socialism ever since.  If you're really interested in learning about the subject, here's a link,

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The US had Free markets, Property Rights, and Sound Money before the creation of the Fed.
Absolutely. And the US also had freedom.

Unfortunately for 'americans', it is no longer 1777.
And worse for them, the world is populated with 'americans'
And one thing is difficult: to bamboozle 'americans' about 'americanism'

After stealing a whole continent, 'americans' still want people to believe the US had property rights and that is what the cause for their prosperity.

So funny.

But hey, 'american' economics is all about consumption. So as long as this fantasical drivel leads to consumption, 'americans' are the happy type...

Harbanger's picture

The world is now populated with 'americans' and they will consume the chinese next.

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 the world is populated with [izms}  You buy my toaster, or I sell your FIAT!

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I think a lot of the issue is regulatory capture.  Consider countries that are relatively less subject to this effect (esp. Scandanavians); their strong social welfare programs don't appear to be at odds with well functioning, productive economies.  

The primary purpose of a good government in an economy is to develop a simple, fair, and transparent system of checks and balances (through taxation, regulation, and redistribution).  This is actually a necessary role, because the absence of a government presence allows for unmitigated and inevitable market failures (two primary drivers being the free rider problem and negative externalities).  The trick is in figuring out the most efficient models of taxation, regulation, and redistribution.  Regulatory capture necessarily results in inefficient models for all three.  More succinctly, we need to throw the bums out, and the bums are not just the politicians currently in office.  

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On the contrary, Free markets do work when operating normally.

Spainish officials and bankers were not willing to take the losses which makes free economies work.

They socialized the losses at the expense of the poeple.

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Those who like to fly banners are always blind to their flaws..

The failing is that libertarians tend to think that some government is needed.  Crack the door and you cannot shut it, it will always FLY open (when power comes a knocking).  It's nice hope, but won't work.  And, it's necessary to support the notion of "property rights."  Again, I AGREE with the concept, but it's that door cracking open that bothers me- history shows us no other way on this.  If govt has the power to protect your property rights it can also has the power to take them away.

So, in conclusion, I believe in "free trade."  I like the notion of smaller govt like the libertarians, but I encourage things to go in a more complete direction- no centralized govt.  How the "property rights" things work out here I just don't know; but, since lots of people have a lot of ammo I'm thinking that personal protection of property rights (and getting along with your neighbors) is just as good.

Seer's picture

No rebuttal, no concrete evidence showing any different?

Didn't think so...

Seems everyone has to be under the spell of some kind of "god."

StychoKiller's picture

Au contraire!  Life can be marketed, just ask those Chinese blokes what sold their kidneys for an iPad!

Freddie's picture

My heart goes out to these people. Sure they're mostly socialist idiots who don't understand how economics works.

Sounds like Paul Krugman - Nobel Prize Winner. (sic)

 But this is our opportunity to explain why they can't find jobs, and more importantly, explain it to the youth

Sounds like ObaAmerika aka the new emerging Zimbabwe.

Seer's picture

Who pays you to post these childish name-calling rants?

They're ALL fuckers.  You need to remind us?

Every once in a while you actually add something of value, though that's quickly rubbed out by all these childish rants.

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 Seer lay of the swill/ you will regret it!

Seer's picture

Are  you trying to impress your new boyfriend, Freddie?

I have no regrets.  I have no fear.  I bow before none.