Initial Claims Flatline Despite NY And Penn. Getting 'Back To Work'

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It seems some sense of normality has returned to the initial claims numbers, if that could ever be the case, as NY and Penn saw initial claims  drop 11,295 and 11,247 respectively this week. However, this 22,000-plus improvement was not enough to stall the rest of the nation as we saw a 17,000 rise in initial claims over last month. This week's data remains below the year's average, though not by much, and the trend of claims falling appears to have almost entirely stalled this year from the hope-driven moves of the previous two years.



Chart: Bloomberg

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Not working if you not in the Union......just sayin.

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We're simply reaching the point where companies are running out of people to fire.

Naturally that will bring down the claims numbers.

So, they celebrate, when in reality it is the absolute worst thing that could possibly be happening right now in this country. (What's left of it)

EU is on their own now, we have a constitutional crisis we have to deal with.

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People probably got laid off because the world ends today. Let's call it the "Mayan effect"

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If the world ends, do I still get my severance pay?

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I don't think anyone is really going to mind it.

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85 xxtra large a month in gravy will employ a lot of Bollinger shippers?


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When does this bullshit end, seriously?

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The only numbers that matter are the "employment" rate and the number of people on food stamps. No Merry Christmas for a lot of folks.

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State figures are for the week ending 12/8, not 12/15.  You have to edit this article.