Plan 'C' Anyone? Boehner Humiliated As "Plan B" Lacks Enough Votes To Pass

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Update: wow:


Absolute total chaos. ES at lows of the days right now. Luckily, at least the debt ceiling is a firm deadline... Sometime in late March. Oh, and goodbye Boehner?

Market Reaction:

Finally, the outcome really is not that complicated as we pointed out over a month ago:


* * *

Following the unexpected gavel-out recess from the house, it appears Plan B is a no-go...


Plan 'C' anyone? EURUSD and ES sliding a little more on this news...

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inevitablecollapse's picture

wow...i am jack's complete lack of surprise...

I think I need to buy a gun's picture

everyone have nice christmas and happy new year!!!!!!

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Flaccid - or should I say  Foehlccid

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The California city of San Bernardino paid $2 million in cash-outs to employees for unused vacation and sick time in the three months before declaring bankruptcy on August 1, data reviewed by Reuters show.


Everything's just fine. Go back watching Dancing with the Idols and eating those cheeseburgers.

Element's picture

Do those 'market' charts look a little neurotic to you?

Go Tribe's picture

Neurotic? No, they look like someone about to snap and go shoot up an elementary school.

GetZeeGold's picture



The freakishly over sized Oompa once again foiled by those damn conservatives.


He thought he was in charge....turns out.....not so much.

trav777's picture

the democraps will never split...they are lockstep with each other, PARTY COMRADE right or wrong.

What this shows is that the country is no longer a country.  Years of multicult and the massive divergence in just core values between the yankees and the left versus the conservative white population means that we need secession/partition.

knukles's picture

O and Reid to come up with Budget Plan.
Not a budget, just a plan.

Dare ya'!

I Got Worms's picture

With exactly 100 billion to go to the debt ceiling, I see late January as the breach at the current burn rate. Check this debt clock link:


Ness.'s picture

No prob... the currency exchange is still open.

LongSoupLine's picture

Holy fuck!!

Nobody could have seen this coming...NOBODY!

ACP's picture

I've never had a Boner this humiliated!

Supernova Born's picture

Wonder why the middle class is screwed?

Three classes, two parties.

cougar_w's picture

Whoa. All kinds of seemingly stupid random shit just started to make sense.

woolly mammoth's picture

Very good. Thanks for the chuckle.

Againstthelie's picture

I think, the failing of the "Plan B" has been orchestrated: it allows, that the anti-tax-lawmakers can keep their face, keep their voters, without going over the cliff: Therefore they got out today.

Boehner can now work out a compromise with Obama over weekend, since he doesn't need to take care of the hardliners anymore and then the votes without the hardliners will be enough to get a deal done.

A quite clever game from the hardliners, to keep up the believe of their voters.

At least nobody here and so far nobody of the journalists has recognized, that this seems an orchestrated exit-strategy. "Plan B" works - but plan B is another one than the sheeple believe.

trav777's picture

there's a struggle within the GOP.  There are two factions now, the actual conservativish ron paul style wing, teaparty, etc., and the GOP that wants to be Democrats.

Remember, the GOP House voted DOWN TARP. 

This mirrors the growing divide between the blue and red sections of the USA.  If you look at any electoral county-by-county map, you can clearly see the problem and it is only worsening.

Demagogues in cities are using their population advantages to screw 99% of the rest of their jurisdictions.  This is because cities, despite the malarky about "GDP" (cities are heavily SERVICES, NOT PRODUCTION) are net drains of resources.

Think about that most reliable blue city, NYC (or DC).  Think about how much fresh water gets sucked in and how much trash and sewage go out.   The rest of the state has to subsidize NYC and in response, the population advantage the city has up and VOTES to abscond with the water and send back trash and sewage.  It doesn't matter what real thing it is.  NYC doesn't power itself, water itself, feed itself.  It merely VOTES that someone else do so.

You have seen the same thing a little more starkly in places like NV, where Vegas used its population majority to vote itself the water upstate that ranchers and growers (on their own land) thought they should use for ranching and growing.  And, in doing so, they shut production down.

But who cares, right?  Someone ELSE will just feed us, sayeth the cities.  With vast tracts of Section 8, there is a giant voting bloc, in NYC up to 30% of the population, that has no clue where ANYTHING comes from; they are a cargo cult.  Pulling a voting lever to them = getting stuff.

California is a study in population bullying neighboring states as well...CA can't even keep their own lights on; the voters have SPOKEN and they expect electricity but without power plants.  Liberalism is a form of insanity, seriously...a mental illness.

Go Tribe's picture

He'll hold a press conference today in his crying voice.

fockewulf190's picture

Bullish for Phyzz.  Expect another smashdown to commence shortly.  2013 is going to be one fucked up year for sure.

Againstthelie's picture

Look at Golds almost perfect correlation with growing debt. A deficit reduction of 50% would smash Gold in the short-medium term.

Hobbleknee's picture

But there will never be a deficit reduction.

Againstthelie's picture

600 bn/year higher taxes is no reduction of the deficit?

Invest accordingly. Be prepared.

StychoKiller's picture

-1, NEVER is a lonnnng time.

Jumbotron's picture

wow...i am jack's complete lack of surprise...


From Fight Club ...the Novel


I found stacks and stacks of Reader's Digest in the basement, and now there's a pile of Reader's Digest in every room. In the oldest magazines, there's a series of articles where organs in the human body talk about themselves in the first person: I am Jane's uterus. I am Joe's Prostrate. I am Joe's Gallbladder. I am Joe's Raging Bile Duct. I am Joe's Grinding Teeth. I am Joe's Inflamed Flaring Nostrils. I am Joe's White Knuckles. I am Joe's Enraged, Inflamed Sense of Rejection. I am Joe's Clenching Bowels.

akak's picture

I am Joe's ulcerated Stomach.

I am Joe's Fed-kicked Nutsack.

I am Joe's Bernanke-raped Anus.

I am Joe's status-quo-powers-that-be propagandized Brain.

I am the American citizen's former Spine.

Eternal Complainer's picture

I am Joe Biden's failed gun confiscation scheme.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

I am Joe Poorfarmer, member and one of the many monarchs of the US American 'american' citizenenism middle class (the king class), shit on more than a Chinese citizenism roadside.

GetZeeGold's picture



I am Jon Corzine.....and I am still at large.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

I was worried about the gun thing until they put Biden on the case. Worrying about Biden taking your guns is like an eskimo worrying about running out of ice. 

tnquake's picture

I am Boner's limp dick.

I am Pukelosi's ugly snatch.

brettd's picture

who could replace him?  Cantor?

Supernova Born's picture

Eric Cantor, the invisible man.

Dick Cheney must have given Cantor his key to the "undisclosed location".

Cantor is an opportunist, not a fighter.

vato poco's picture

WTF is it with republicans? It must be something actually physiological: their eyes SEE the words "party leadership" just fine. But by the time it zips down the optic nerve into their 'brains', it gets processed as "impotent, incompetent pussies" - and so they vote their "leadership" accordingly. You see a skinny kid getting sand kicked in his face by bullies at the beach, you kinda feel bad for him, sure. But when it goes on for 80 or 90 freakin' *years*, and the punk kid never once calls Charles Atlas; or looks into Krav Maga; or hires a, "opposition research" to ruin that mean old bully.......

You start to figure maybe the skinny kid IS a pussy. Either that, or he likes being the big bullies' little bitch. Yo! Boehner! Fuck You, ya gutless candyass!!! Now go have a good cry at Nancy's: she'll hold you while you sob, maybe she'll take you down to the tanning salon like you like, and soon you'll feel much better.

Go Tribe's picture

They think  like morticians.

Ident 7777 economy's picture




This was Pelosi's plan right?


The tax-only-millionaries and above plan? (Which she NOW says was a 'ploy')



Yen Cross's picture

 AKA " Inbred Jed" syndrome.

Harbanger's picture

Someone should tell these American socialists that Russia only has a 13% flat tax.

vast-dom's picture

see Tyler when you try to keep calling the Ponzi game you get your ass handed to you.

careful now. this motherfucker is rigged and when the scam doesn't come together you get your face ripped off: plan D E F....con.

Lost Wages's picture

Good idea. Let's put Jack from Jack in the Box in charge. Anything's better than this clown show.

Cursive's picture

@Bunga Bunga

Is this your advice for Boehner?  I literally chuckled at the ZH retweet that there was booing in the emergency house meeting as cry baby wuss paints complete fuck up umpa lumpa colored Boehner was going down in flames.  Please, please TD, when Boehner is pushed over his own cliff, give us a name the caption for it.

TuesdayBen's picture

How about Cock Blocked?

max2205's picture

Get to work Ben, fucking last ass congress won't do shit.....again