Bulletproof Backpacks And Combat Apparel Sales Soar

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First gun sales soared, then Wal-Mart ran out of guns, then parents, stunned by the popular response in the aftermath of the Newtown mass murder which saw the White House threaten to curb the Second Amendment and lead to an even more unprecedented scramble for guns and ammo, and seeing nothing but confusion (but lots of bickering meant to extract nothing but political brownie points) out of the government instead of any hope of actual protection, decided it was time for some vigilante protection. The end result: sales of bulletproof backpacks have soared, with sales exploding as much as 500% since Friday. And since the white line from a defensive to an offensive posture is very thin, it is likely only a matter of time before we get the first media report of a 6 year old armed with a 44 caliber during recess.

From Daily News:

Sales of bulletproof backpacks for schoolchildren are through the roof days after a masked gunman's rampage left 20 kids dead at a Connecticut elementary school.


Parents began snapping up the high-tech bookbags Friday, the same day of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Elmar Uy of the Massachusetts-based armor company BulletBlocker told the Daily News


In fact, the sudden spike in sales is how Uy, vice president of business operations, found out about the shooting.


"Part of my daily activity is to monitor the numbers," he said. "I was seeing numbers I'd never seen before and I thought it was a glitch. Our Web traffic was10 times more than normal.


BulletBlocker's child safety backpack is on sale for $199.99.


They also sell shields that start at $175 — bulletproof inserts that can slide into backpacks, laptop bags or purses. They add about 20 ounces — it's just like tossing a bottle of water in your bag, Uy said.


The company has seen a 300% to 400% increase in sales since the tragedy.

Where did this entrepreneur get the idea for this particular blockbuster business model? Another mass killing - Columbine.

The idea for BulletBlocker was sparked after the 1999 Columbine shootings. Creator Joe Curran wanted something to protect his school-age children.


Then he started sharing them with friends who had kids,” Uy said. “Our company is basically built around a single child’s backpack.”


Combat apparel company Amendment II, based in Utah, says their sales have also skyrocketed — at least 500% since Friday.


"(Bulletproof backpacks) were kind of a niche product before that shooting," co-owner and sales director Derek Williams told the Daily News.


"When we're selling a few a week, it doesn't take many to increase your sales," he said. "But yesterday we had over 200 requests for products."


Most were for bulletproof backpacks or backpack shields.


Amendment II uses a high-tech material called RynoHide, like Kevlar but super-light and flexible. They mostly sell to police and military, but started making products for civilians six months ago when they noticed an interest at trade shows.


"Parents were saying, hey I want one of these for my kid, can you get me this?" Williams said.


But he never thought interest would grow this big.

It is. And it is only going to get bigger due to two primary trends: i) the ongoing economic collapse of this country, which in spite of the rosy representation in the broad media, is in the 4th year of a raging depression and leading people to a position of sheer desperation and hopelessness, and ii) the absolute failure of the US government to be able to come to any resolution, in no small part driven by the fact that all lawmakers have handed over control of everything to monetary policy, i.e., the Fed; and iii) the rabid unwillingness of Americans to point the finger at the one person that matters - the person whose social responsibility and civic accountability has been evaporating steadily over the past two hundred years. Themselves.

Finally, the government apparently willing to create even more disastrous unexpected consequences with its intervention, is about to set off another avalanche, this time in demand for defensive armor:

Online, reaction to the kiddie armor reflected sadness.


"They are now selling bulletproof backpacks for children. What is this world coming to?" wrote Twitter user Courtney C. Jenkins, a pastor in Ohio.


Many called the backpacks a "sad sign of the times."


But parents eager to protect their kids may be buying into a trend that will soon be banned.


Some Miami schools are forbidding students from carrying backpacks as a safety precaution in the wake of the Newtown shooting.

Just brilliant job government: instead of giving people at least a fleeting impression they may be protected with one simple incremental action that hurts nobody, just box them into that one final corner, where Junior is armed by Senior with a 44 caliber or 9 millimeter. And nobody will have been able to anticipate the tragic consequences that will ensue as every child soon is armed.

In other news, we eagerly look forward to an epic surge in TASR stock as "Tazer: every Kindergartener's best friend" (made in China), appears imminently on Wal-Mart shelves everywhere.

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object_orient's picture

Introducing a complex solution to an extremely rare problem is just going to make it worse and waste money. School shootings are like airplane crashes: statistical outliers that inordinately influence people's behavior.

Start a program to train and arm teachers/administrators in the 10s of thousands of schools, to (maybe) defend against 1 school shooting a year? Kinda seems like the official response to 9/11.

Kinskian's picture

I'd rather pay for armed guards in schools than grief counselors or diversity/tolerance trainers.

Omen IV's picture

what about armed guards at the: Mall / Churches / Post Office / Trains / Starbucks - we need armed guards and metal detectors at every venue with capacity of more than  4 people  - for those venues greater than 100 people we need double coverage two security check points especially at Ball Stadiums Mens Rooms where gun guys - Man up!

this country is an open air insane asylum ! with gun guys walking around free to subjectively enable a threat - real or perceived !!!




lakecity55's picture

Arm all who wish to be armed who have no felonies. Open and concealed carry.

Make it plain that misuse of arms will incur serious penalties.

Problem solved.

FoeHammer's picture

Misuse of power by pigs with guns should also be taken into consideration.

pods's picture

I think eventually people will realize it is THEIR own RESPONSIBILITY to protect themselves.

And yes, there are sick people, everywhere.


GubbermintWorker's picture

Shit, just fire one of many useless administrators from each school. That would be more than enough to cover the guard's salary, pension, health plan, and other bennies, with some left over.

lakecity55's picture

+200.  The ball and chain is a teach.

I have her talked into keeping a little buddette with her now. Her name is Kelly, short for Kel-Tec.

ExpendableOne's picture

This is the dumbest most dishonest marketing ploy I've seen in a while.  Next we'll have the kiddies practicing the Roman legions tortoise formation in the playground?  If a shooter comes  your way and you are unarmed, engage the Nike defence and run like hell.



Stoploss's picture

Fucking Libtards.. LOLOL!!!!


Take another anti depressant..

Conman's picture

Too bad those things are like tissue paper to a .223 round

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Too bad those things are like tissue paper to a .223 round


Flag above as false (1)



Level IIIA and Up backpacks and briefcases available here...




Item 6

Purchase the items on the following shopping list to outfit your home.

· 5,000 rounds ammo for training; $2,500.

· Purchase and install Door Jamb Armor and dead bolts on all your exterior doors; $1,000 for 4 doors.

· A bullet proof vest; $500.

· Install a professional alarm system, or better if you live in the country get a big dog and have you both protection trained; $50/month.

· 12 months of food storage (2,400 cal/day) with > 20 year shelf life ;$4,500.

· If you have well water get a SimplePump. If you rely on city/municipal water, and there is not a swimming pool in your backyard, then get at least one waterbed; $1,000.

· A hand-crank emergency radio and a couple of hand-crank flashlights; $50.

· Purchase and store several cases of liquor; $500.

· If it gets cold where you live, then purchase

o A mummy style sleeping bag like a Wiggies; $250.

o At least one set of heavy wool pants and wool parka, such as Columbia's Gallatin Range ; $350.

o A pair of warm boots, wool socks, warm gloves, and a wool hat; $350.

o Two sets of Patagonia long underwear; $120.






Abiotic Oil's picture

IIIa only stops handgun.  For rifle you need Level III rifle plates, most of which require a IIIA soft backer to acheive the Level III rating.  Most Level III stuff will not stop M855.  Or you need to step up to Level IV rifle plates, which are usually pretty dang heavy for a kid, unless daddy has lots of bernanke-bux.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

I suggest these as a bag, you can find them much cheaper other places, but it's a true -40 below, waterproof solution for sleeping, that is built with indestructible zippers and such. Works great with a MOLLE frame for camping, or escaping L.A.  


lakecity55's picture

That modular sleeping bag system is great.  I got one off the NG when they were giving out used gear to our state militia. I was amazed how small I could stuff it compared to the old intermediate cold bags.  If you can get one for less than 100$, go for it.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

If they're good enough for our kids in Iraq......er.....Afghanistan........umm......Syria, they're good enough for our kids in Muppet Elementary School. 


gaoptimize's picture

Purchased a SimplePump before they branded them that over two years ago.  None of the well installation and service companies in my area of MD will install it.  Getting this installed is at the top of my 2013 prepping list.

UGrev's picture

Level IV Multi-hit 






Abiotic Oil's picture

Totally.  IIIa soft armor alone is actually worse when taking rifle rounds as it slows the round down and usually causes it to yaw, leaving a horrendous wound channel.  If that would channel is under the armor it is probably vitals and you're done, or at minimal out of the fight doing the floppy.

Most Level III rifle plates won't even stop M855 (SS109 NATO) unless specified.  A couple of years ago some cops on lightfighter shot up some real comon plates and M855 was going through them like butter.

Little kids are probably not going to want to carry 5-10lb Level III or IV rifle plates with soft backers in their packs everyday.



This article is critical.  Brings up all the descrepencies in the official narrative without any hype.


francis_sawyer's picture

 .223 ~ A 77 grain, blunt tip bullet has a velocity of 840 meters a second with an energy rating of 1,293 foot pounds of force... Good luck kid... Do your pushups...

Abiotic Oil's picture

Yeah, grown men with slabs of muscle from strength training take one in the plate and usually do not just jump back up.  60 lb kid?  Ouch.

francis_sawyer's picture

Just slightly less than a 200 lb. NFL defensive back (who runs the 40 in 4.5 seconds) hitting you at full speed...



Abiotic Oil's picture

With the power of the hit concentrarted into (in the case of .223) under 1/4".

unrulian's picture

Jesus...ever heard of physics? they hit with no more force than they leave with...equal and opposite force...my niece of 85lbs shoots my HK .308 better than i do....a linebacker...please stop watching HW movies with people flying back ten feet while the shooter says some bullshit about taking out the trash

Abiotic Oil's picture

Some of that is taken up by the roller block in the HK.

Will you volunteer to wear a level III plate with a IIIA backer and take a round fom the HK at 10 feet?

lakecity55's picture

Useful 556 vs 223 Info:



556 (for those not familiar) is loaded to a higher pressure; there are some other differences, too.

Before they were stolen by a deranged EBT person, I had one rifle set up to 62-gr SS109 NATO rounds, the other to PMC 55-gr FMJ rounds.

Huge difference in manufacturers, also. PMC is better than any of the 3 Bears; Bears are pretty dirty. I had some to trade with before they were lost during a fishing trip offshore.


Agent P's picture

You can debate what round these things will/won't stop til the cows come home, but I have a simpler issue to raise...kids take off their backpacks and put them in their lockers/cubbies as soon as they get to school.  I suppose you could argue these are good to have for a before/after school situation where the kids are outside and potentially running away from a shooter, but I view them to be a MAJOR false sense of security.

Urban Redneck's picture

Strap the little brats into full flak jackets @30-40 lbs a piece all day, if nothing else the little heifers should burn off some of their excess fat.

Clowns on Acid's picture

Reminds me of the days of when "Leave it to Beaver" was on TV.

Y'know - the Cleaver family - Beaver, Wally, and Eldridge.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

The ad copy saying "piece of mind" is just, wow!

cougar_w's picture

makes you wonder about the rest of the quality control

francis_sawyer's picture

Certainly ~ the "toe protector" will be available on the 2.0 version [to be released along with iPhone6 coming in about 6 weeks]... Planned obsolescence... 

Lendo's picture

This is indicative of a bad economy.  People don't buy this stuff when things are going well. 

buzzsaw99's picture

they should draw a bullseye in the middle [/sarc.]

alien-IQ's picture

Bulletproof backpacks? Seriously? Are people really that fucking stupid?

(rhetorical question, no need to reply)

francis_sawyer's picture

You'll shoot your eye out kid...

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Who cares?  Obamas approval poll numbers are likely as real as his election count results.

Dr. Engali's picture

I support and believe in no compromise when it comes to the 2nd amendment ,unlike the NRA, but this is a sorry fucked up state we have come to when the kids need bullet proof backpacks. "Gun free" zones are just handing the sheep over for the slaughter. Bullet proof backpacks are not the answer.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

At least their parents are doing SOMETHING. Until armed undercover officers (like the Sky Marshall program, for instance) are put in every school, an armored backpack is better than nothing.

lakecity55's picture

+1. NRA is OK, Pratt and GOA better, IMO.

If there were no "gun free" zones, kids would not need bulletproofing.

kito's picture

thankfully doc, the reality is that these horrific shootings are still FAR AND FEW BETWEEN when looking at the overall numbers...not to take away from the sheer horror that anybody has to endure when one does occur....i just dont get how the media cries about nras proposal of having schools armed, yet its ok that pilots can have them, its ok that air marshals are on flights, its ok that judges and court officers have them...but the one place most vulnerable, the people we cherish the most--our kids---- the media says, "f-ck them, lets leave them defenseless.........................