Steve Jobs' Yacht Seized As Heirs Won't Pay

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Steve Jobs' EUR150mm yacht has been confiscated by a court in Amsterdam following Jobs' heirs decision not to pay the designer of the boat. As Holland's reports, the famous designer Philippe Starck had an 'agreement' with Steve Jobs that he would receive 6% of the price (or EUR9mm) of creating the yacht as his payment for designing the epic 80-meter, 27-iMac-controlled behemoth. Unfortunately, the 'agreement' was not on paper as the two men were 'friends' and so the heirs to Steve Jobs fortune have decided that the EUR6mm that Starck has received is quite enough. The yacht remains moored in the Port of Amsterdam under bailiff control. Must be a tough life eh?


To us - the boat looks a little too 'Lego', but still...




(h/t Peter J. M.)

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malikai's picture

Nice boat. Shame it's stuck in those filthy canals. I'll bet it smells great.

Ruffcut's picture

Hey where is the story of NRA talk.

Some body actually makes sense and it vanishes. What The Fuck.

Popo's picture

No written contract?   Sorry Starck, but amateurs don't get paid.  And when you're talking "grown-up money", you need to have a contract.  Now go back to design-fag land and have a good cry.   The Jobs clan is going to rip your balls off, and they won't be wrong.   They should sell it to some Saudi prince anyway.  It's an ugly boat.

fuu's picture

That thing is longer than the dorms at Foxconn.

john39's picture

like the pharaohs of old...

francis_sawyer's picture

All your yachts are belong to us...

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New owner and designer Philipeepee Starck has commenced a retrofit to the vessel’s control system that  puts all components under the control of 19 Android handsets.

FEDbuster's picture

Zerohedgers are notorious for having bad luck with boats.  Seems like everytime we bring our guns and bullion on board the damn things sink.

BTW that is one butt ugly boat.

caconhma's picture

This is the new European socialist democracy. Who need a stinky contract anyway? It is just a remnant of an old capitalistic free-market society.

Dr. No's picture

Dude you are out of line.  If the guy performed services at an agreed upon price he should get paid.  They had a gentlemen's agreement.  Sad those arent honored anymore.  You think they guy should get screwed because he didnt have a peice of paper?  Enjoy your Obamaphone you freeloader.

Harlequin001's picture

They should honour their fathers agreements. Without him they would be nothing...

caconhma's picture

This is EU socialist democracy. Who need a contract anyway? It is just a remnant of an old capitalistic free-market system.

How do you know they had "a oral contract"?  Did you witness it? You see, Jobs is conveniently unable to confirm or deny it.


Dr. No's picture

All you lawyer types trying to get something for free.  The boat was not created from an immaculate conception.  Someone actually had to do something.  If there was an agreement between Jobbs, no dought there is an e-mail or two at least.  I am positive this thing was not designed and build via some secret hand shake.  IF the guy legitimately built that boat, he has a lean and a right to be compensated.

caconhma's picture

The article has said that it was "an oral agreement". Therefore, there are no paper or electronics trails to substantiate the claim.

By the way, you own me $100M per our oral agreement. How soon will you fulfill your contractual obligations?


Dr. No's picture

Please show me the object you supposedly produced, valued at $100M, and we can workk a payment plan.  THERE IS A BOAT.

saturn's picture

Shrimping........ is tough.

Urban Redneck's picture

An oral contract does not imply that there is not also written or electronic documentation as evidence to the terms of the agreement.

SmittyinLA's picture

Maybe they are,  I wouldn't assume the type A micromanager of his entire domain Steve Jobs would allow open ended multi million dollar "gentleman's agreement" for a boat he was working on for decades to be "fixed" by his heirs,  it's not like the builders didn't know he was terminal and could expire at any minute.

Jobs wouldn't do that, I'm sure he prepaid for everything.

Tirpitz's picture

"If the guy performed services at an agreed upon price he should get paid."

Sure. But: what was the agreement about?? No proof, no money in our modern world. How many companies did Job's rotten company willfully sue into ruin?

Dr. No's picture

You dont know there is no proof.  I do know the boat is real and someone through the sweat of their back built it.  If some lawyer is able to cheat the boat builder out of his work, it is another tick in the column of the lawyers ruined everything.

Tirpitz's picture

Agree - there's nothing wrong in paying the builder. Which intimate friend of the Jobs clan Philippe Starck ain't not. He should have known better, after all. When you sleep with the dogs, don't be surprised if you wake up with fleas.

Ballin D's picture

Cant they both be wrong?

The Jobs' are jewbears for renigging and not paying.

Designer is stupid for not signing a contract and stupid for trying to fight it without having any legal documents to back his case.

Thisson's picture

There's this quaint little thing called the Statute of Frauds.  You should look into it!

DaveyJones's picture

assuming evidence, there's a number of legal actions without a written contract 

but it is an ugly boat

insanelysane's picture

The heirs are holding out because it didn't come with Google Maps.

ShrNfr's picture

When you are talking about a large quantity of money, you have to be aware of the "statue of frauds". No contract? Too bad.

Brendon Carr's picture

That Philippe Starck is some kind of "friend", eh, to sue the family in their grief.

surf0766's picture

Or they cut to commercial

MrPook's picture

Hey, fuck off, at least we know how to keep our kids safe at school

HelluvaEngineer's picture

I'm sure some dumb trendy in Manhattan will buy it.  Surely it's better than every other boat ever designed.

flattrader's picture

And unsinkable..if ony because as ugly as that boat is, "the Deep" would probably puke it back up if it tried to sink.

malikai's picture


It's the boat that won't flush!

flattrader's picture

The embarrasment of having to board that boat is probably what killed him.

Matt's picture

What's moorage like in Manhatten? For the price, that is alot of square feet compared to a penthouse.

Translational Lift's picture

Boat designers gave up shapes like that in 1904..............

Kreditanstalt's picture

All THAT went on your igadget bill, you know...YOU paid for it...

allocater's picture

I guess if you suck on the tit of trickle down you can make any bullshit as long as the rich pay for it.

buzzsaw99's picture

one would think a dude that rich could afford a french curve

malikai's picture

I think it looks alright - in that glass missile frigate sort of way.

buzzsaw99's picture

probable winner of the next cardboard boat race

HelluvaEngineer's picture

It's not designed for speed, but rather for pretentiousness.

Kilgore Trout's picture

You can almost see the seams in the plywood.

suteibu's picture

Indeed.  One ugly ass boat.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Is that a row of iMac monitors on the bridge?  That's fuckin ridiculous.