Bah! Humbug And A Happy Hyperinflationary Christmas To All

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There are, according to USA Today, 364 items that need to be purchased to create the ultimate gift basket from the epic holiday song "The 12 Days of Christmas". Based on PNC Wealth's Christmas Price index, the cost of this basket is $107,300 in 2012 (up 6.1% year-over-year). Since 2001, when the Fed embarked upon its uber-expansionary monetary policy experiments, the cost of Christmas has risen over 40% faster than the Government's prescribed CPI (and if we use a different cost-base, since 2006, the cost of Christmas has risen 46% per year on average). And on an even more Bah! Humbug note, there is the important economic question of the Deadweight Loss of Christmas - i.e. gift-giving means consumption choices are made by someone other than the final consumer, with potentially sub-optimal micro-economic effects such as a mismatch with the recipient's preferences. This wonderfully positive report finds that between 10% and 33% of the value of gifts 'given' is destroyed through this inefficiency (with cash - or gold - the least impacted?). Happy Holidays, everyone!



The Deadweight Loss Of Christmas - PDF here

Cost of 12 Days of Christmas in 2005/2006 - PDF here

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A heartwarming tale about christmas trees getting revenge - some fake gore, language, NSFW -

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FBI documents reveal secret nationwide monitoring of Occupy protests


Documents released show coordination between the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and corporate America. They include a report by the Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC), described by the federal government as "a strategic partnership between the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the private sector,"


The Federal Reserve in Richmond appears to have had personnel surveilling OWS planning. They were in contact with the FBI in Richmond to "pass on information regarding the movement known as occupy Wall Street."


redacted docs here

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Thre were some beautiful chemtrails in the sky's of north eastern Illinois this morning. Nice and straight and parallel. We got us some gods pilots up there, that's for sure. I'm feeling extra complacent today.

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Utah records ZH and u as well. Gonna find out who's naughty and nice. Santa is now a strapped drone...

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I am on so many lists that I don't care much anymore.  Still, in early 2013 Utah comes on line.  I have not decided how to react (STFU or write what I please).

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The libtard cities are where the Occupy people have gotten the s**t kicked out of them.  Places like Oakland and a few others. So much for liberal enlightenment and tolerance for free speech.

For the record - I support their right to free speech. Scum mayors in lib hell holes like Oakland and a few other cities did not and they set the police goons on them.

I do not support some of Occupt's BS polictical correctness when girls/women were being attcked in NYC at their camp. Or their some Occupy people were more equal than others.

F   PC.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 1

For calling out the hypocrits.  I KNOW that is not popular to do.

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Why didn't they just buy competing currencies? They could topple the whole thing sitting at home drinking eggnog.

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Where is the evidence for hyper-inflation?

I just don't see it.

Bond yields keep going down.

People keep buying our debt.

When does it all end?

I truly don't know.

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Awesome! this one. Feel like sharing some funny Christmas quotes with you guys. I dedicate this Christmas quote to everyone, Christmas time - When people want their pasts forgotten and their presents remembered. Very soon buying new Christmas presents will become a matter of past. If only there could be something like e-present after e-card and all. Merry Christmas to all.



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You better buy gold

You better not cry

You better hedge against

the money supply.

The .DXY is going way down!!!

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$107,000 for Christmas?  Man, these guys live in a better neighborhood than mine.

Never thought of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" as an elitest song.  Hmm....


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Twelve-pack of Bud
Eleven Wrastling tickets
Ten o' Copenhagen
Nine years probation
Eight table dancers
Seven packs of Redman
Six cans of Spam
Five flannel shirts
Four big mud tires
Three shotgun shells
Two hunting dogs
... And some parts to a Mustang GT.

-Jeff Foxworthy



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"Somebody done been to the Wal Mart."

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@ knukles, + 1

Hard to argue with that.

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I've been saying since 2010 that the Canadian dollar will become 30% stronger than the USD.


Great lyrics!

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Just get the 8 maids a milking. Thier cost is tied to the minimum wage index.

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8? I can hardly keep up with 3 of them.

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if i can sell a 1964 dime and quarter for 7.50 does that mean min. wage is really .35?...

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8 maids a milking is either sexist.. Or sexy.

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Each time anybody reports the supposed rate of inflation why is it more people and growing think that it is all a pack of lies?

Reality does not marry to what is being said. THIS IS THE BIT!

Each time this information is stated and being as it is a lie just convinces more so affected by the lies what the truth really is. That is really the battle they wage now, because YOY deceit has to end one day.

If it does not end then it means a central banker can make you believe a peanut is worth its weight in gold.

It is going to take some convincing for that to happend "just before the end". 

On that last bit, you never get to the end if you start telling the truth.

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Well, at least the NORAD Santa Tracker is working much better than the NORAD missing plane tracker did on 9/11/01... progress!

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THAAD has the situation in hand ... no sneeky Reds getting their shit over the pole this time.

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This article is dumb.  I am now dumber for having read this.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

It's Christmas.  We all can dumb down a little, lighten up and enjoy this time to reflect.  I enjoy knowing how we are getting screwed, even during the Holidays, by our self-appointed overlords.  Yet, I try a little harder to find the good in each of us, and try to make myself a little better.  Dumber as well?  Could be..., so what?

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Why does Jane6Pac need those Chinese crap in the first place?

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Because shopping for Christmas in 2012 is so much CHEAPER than it was in 1958.

Presented to you by a Professor no less:

I do wonder, however, how the hours of labor to pay for each item shown would look like if MEDIAN compensation per hour was used instead of Average?

Oh, yes, $16.57 Median vs. $19.19 average.

And, I am also rather certain that those products shown from 1958 were made in the USA at that time, not "desinged and engineered in the USA".

Too bad the professor didn't show the price of food per ounce or pound, not package, and how much cheaper that is now too, esp. with the hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, and the former pink slime.

And finally, $1.98 paid in silver coinage of 1958 would be $1 silver dollar, 1 half dollar, 1 silver quarter, 2 silver dimes, and 3 copper cents.

What would that be today??

1 silver dollar = $23.18

1 silver half dollar = $10.84

1 silver quarter = $5.42

2 silver dimes = $4.32

3 copper cents = 0.07

Total compensation in hour based on Dec. 21, 2012 spot silver prices: $43.83


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I've always hated getting christmas presents.  I have to store them somewhere till I forget it was a gift and can give/sell/throw them away in good conscience.


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When my relatives asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told them "nothing because I am not buying anything for anyone this year". Being separated from my wife, the costs have gone up and I do not have cash to throw away buying stuff that will end up being thrown away.

Food and energy, that's all baby!

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Personally, this is THE LEAST "Christmasy" Christmas I have ever had in my life, and things for us were VERY dicey ca. 1980-1983.

Not one thing feels right about this, nothing at all.



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When I get to feelin' like that, I listen to Handel's "Messiah" oratorio.

Element's picture



Freaking cheap-skates!

This is the birth of the Messiah we're talking about!

Celebrate you tight-arses!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Yes, + 1

This is a great time of year to reflect as well.

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I thought the birth of the Messiah was in Nov 2008?

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture



Prince William is the Messiah,

born of the Goddess Diana.

Obama is the fall guy, much like, John the Baptist was the fall guy for the previous Messiah.


Obama will lead us into the crisis; the shining Prince will lead us out of the crisis into a one-world govt.

The sheeple will rejoice and proclaim His Name.  After all, ... he's cool, his mommy was sweet, what could go wrong?


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I thought the birth of the Messiah was in Nov 2008?

Yep, and Jamie Foxx is his hearalder, and racist bstd.Why is it ok, for blacks to say whatever they wat racist, and caucausions can't say anything without Thought PoPo's beating dow their doors?.

Sick of this crap.

Besides he is really the Destroyer(Abaddon), should be his real monicker.

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I'm just substituting wild squab for partridge.

Freddie's picture

I am just substituting cases of .223 and .308 plus PMags for a ****ing pear tree.

Bullion, bullets, beans, bit*hes, Bibles, Bieber and napalm.


Spastica Rex's picture

You're nuts sometimes. +1

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Yeah, + 1 from me too Freddie, although I would leave out Bieber (and I already have my girl, 27 and 1/2 years married), from your list myself...  I stocked up recently on bullion and AK ammo.

You broke your "b" pattern at the end w/ napalm!  Could I have an RPG instead?

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I guess bible pages will work just as well as TP...


Happy Holodaze.

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Buy what is needed or give cash.

Give Silver and Gold to those who "know".

Give quality not quantity.

Donate to Goodwill & friends all the crap the 'tards give you.

Merry New Happy Cliff Holiday.

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Just staggering a Silver buy here.

Thanks cartel for the holiday gift.As stated before ,we will always be here for you.

A Silver hedge how nice is that !  

33.3% of the buy is in as of, fri market close.....   Your move.

Up   Down   All around     LOL     IDFC

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Still rising slower than a college education and at least you get something for your money. 

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Wish my bank transfer to bullionvault would hurry up. Waiting for futures to open, Santa please let silver futures drop today. I've been quite a good boy this year.


Also, Merry Christmas to all Zerohedge readers! Hope you all family and friends are well this festive season!!