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Cassandra (Marc Faber) Versus Pollyanna (CNBC)

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A Cassandra is a hopelessly honest person, while a Pollyanna is an incredibly hopeful person, the incurable optimist. Cassandras are often disparaged as "nattering nabobs of negativism/negativity," instead of being looked upon as prophetic realists, while Pollyannas are deservedly dismissed as the "pandering puppies of positivity/positivism." To wit, this wondrously self-satirical clip pitting Marc Faber's doom-and-gloom reality with Becky Quick's boom-and-boom status quo.


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Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:36 | 3091913 Element
Element's picture

I'll take Faber

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:42 | 3091919 falak pema
falak pema's picture

faber will take becky pretty quickly, and her freshly boiled eggs. He always does, an old hand  with new eggs. 

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:52 | 3091937 Element
Element's picture

Oh man, double helping of DOOM!


Gerald Celente

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:15 | 3091959 Zer0head
Zer0head's picture

Becky sold her soul many years ago


cross post

In California on Friday they jailed an old guy for a year and a half

his crime, on land that he owned way out in the desert reaches of LA county (Antelope Valley 50 miles north of the city) he built a strange house in the middle of nowhere  out of old telephone poles but didn't have a building permit so they demollished the house and hauled it away and threw him in jail.


Think about this America. 

Even the fucking Chicoms wouldn't do that  (see this )



Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:31 | 3091980 clymer
clymer's picture

Friggin Kernen doesn't say a peep the whole interview and then pipes up with that stupid comment about Laos.. Yeah, Joe. Don't worry, once their inflation kicks in in 50 years, $3500 will buy about as much over there as it does here. Until then, I think most would agree that currently at least you might get a little more bang for your U.S. buck (until the buck becomes totally worthless) in Laos. 

Not that most would want to live there.

How can people watch this tripe? Warren Buffets personal media mouthpiece / toy, and some establishment mouthpiece that looks like he put down his last drink at 3:00 AM. 



Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:24 | 3092052 Element
Element's picture

What stands out though is Faber doesn't even need to get snotty about it, he just smiles and ignores because he knows that people who are really listening have already got the point of why it's still going to grow.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:20 | 3092141 The Shootist
The Shootist's picture

Yeah, Kernen's more less a putz. "I'm gonna buy a gun." You don't already own multiple? Fool. I resemble being called a Pollyanna because I shill for broken markets and government manipulation... Okay Putz, sure, you're a real GOP'er, God bless ya.

/end sarc

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 03:45 | 3092420 AldousHuxley
AldousHuxley's picture

Journalists(actors who can talk but not physically act) VS phd in economics

Swiss has been in wealth magnet long time

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 03:45 | 3092421 AldousHuxley
AldousHuxley's picture

Journalists(actors who can talk but not physically act) VS phd in economics

Swiss has been in wealth magnet long time

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 07:49 | 3092494 rufusbird
rufusbird's picture

Joe's comments may actually be quite revealing of his personal perspective. His, "If we move to Laos...and make thirty-five hundred..." shows he is thinking about where to go rather than where to invest. 

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 08:25 | 3092511 BattlegroundEur...
BattlegroundEurope2011's picture

Strange how he knows what $3500 will be you in Thailand.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 10:41 | 3092695 caconhma
caconhma's picture

A bimbo and a clown. Another day in America.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:31 | 3092163 Monedas
Monedas's picture

CNBC lost it's soul when Barney Frank had Mark Haines poisoned ?     Becky has never looked so plastic .... her face is expressionless except for a little stretch mark movement around her penis pump ?

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 03:11 | 3092405 rocker
rocker's picture

After just blowin' Kernen she wanted to hold it all in before she spit. They say she doesn't swallow, not even Joe's.

Tue, 12/25/2012 - 01:13 | 3094246 Notarocketscientist
Notarocketscientist's picture


Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:37 | 3092181 Bay of Pigs
Bay of Pigs's picture

Kernen is a condescending little prick who needs people like Faber to make him look even dumber than he is (which is hard to do).

The BlowHorn sucks ass. 

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 00:52 | 3092334 Temporalist
Temporalist's picture

That was unique in the msm interview genre.  Kernan said "I'm buying a gun..I'm not optimistic...Don't throw me in there... I'm reading about the US military forces training for a zombie apocalypse."  At least 46 people that still watch CNBC heard that.

Probably just too much coffee on Kernan's part.  Becky is going to buy a gun today.  (Quick like)


Mon, 12/24/2012 - 01:25 | 3092358 Michaelwiseguy
Michaelwiseguy's picture

Almost everything you wanted to know. I could add Marco Rodin Vortex Mathematics to this comment, but that would be cognitive overload.

Merry Christmas.

David Icke: The Illuminati Are Manipulating Your Reality
Mon, 12/24/2012 - 01:33 | 3092365 jwoop66
jwoop66's picture

Not a supporter, nor do I watch much, but I do find it amusing that the most rational of the bunch always seem to get the most criticism from Zhedgers.  Kernen and that cabruso-hyphen chick are clearly the most reasonable studio members on that network(yes santelli is the brains of the outfit, but he's in Chicago), but they always get the by-name criticism. They are the only ones that I have heard endorse free market capitalism, yet they get the most By-name insults from zhedgers.

Kinda like the fox news thing.  Yeah, all tv news is substandard, but people(the "smart" ones) seem to call out fox by name when they demean the tv news.  Funny thing is; even a casual tv news watcher like myself can't help but notice the only channel that covers certain stories like- fast and furious and Benghazi for instance; or the only channel that isn't in the tank for bathouse barry obama and the only channel that isn't trying to push nonsense gun control is yes, you guessed it... Fox news.    WTF?   

Once again, not endorsing anyone or anything, but can't help but notice the obvious.


Mon, 12/24/2012 - 02:29 | 3092386 Michaelwiseguy
Michaelwiseguy's picture

I gave you a plus. But in the end, they're always pushing us with mind control toward the new world order model.

Tue, 12/25/2012 - 01:13 | 3094244 Notarocketscientist
Notarocketscientist's picture

David Faber is the only one who could be referred to as a journalist.

Satnelli is a fucking idiot

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:01 | 3091986 HD
HD's picture

What else can we expect from the bureaucratic police state the US has become?

Meanwhile in India - they are taking Orwellian to heart in a big way, "see" for yourself. Coming to Amerika soon...

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 20:37 | 3093974 Tompooz
Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:18 | 3091975 Raymond Reason
Raymond Reason's picture

Why do people say optimism is a virtue?  Gamblers, borrowers, prodigals, adulterers, drunk drivers.....lottery ticket buyers.  Stalwart optimists are a dime a dozen. 

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 01:03 | 3092344 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Nice RR.

I heard it said that a drunk always enters a bar optimistically and leaves it misty optically.


Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:53 | 3092002 Silver Bug
Silver Bug's picture

Sadly in this case. Reality will win the day. Marc has in the past been correct and will be in the future.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:51 | 3092088 Perpetual Burn
Perpetual Burn's picture

Good job Faber, you're tie is on right this time!

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 00:36 | 3092318 ball-and-chain
ball-and-chain's picture

I love Marc Faber.

He sounds just like Dr. Evil.

He lives in Thailand.

Stuff is cheap Thailand.

Faber knows how to save a buck.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 02:54 | 3092397 philipat
philipat's picture

He lives in a 10 Million dollar+ Thai style mansion in Chieng Mai, Northern Thailand.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 07:14 | 3092477 Tom_333
Tom_333's picture

Thankfully due to QE XIII we are well off the lows.....

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:39 | 3091916 Conman
Conman's picture

Did he buy his tank yet?

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:41 | 3091918 toothpicker
toothpicker's picture

I could do Becky. But only if she had a Faber mask on

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:50 | 3091933 This just in
This just in's picture

But would you do Faber if he wore a Becky mask?

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:04 | 3091957 knukles
knukles's picture

Now that sir, is a serious moral and ethical challenge ranking right up there with everybody around here who keep saying they want to do the Bernak.

(decisions decisions)

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:02 | 3092012 Dead Canary
Dead Canary's picture

Hey there Benny, you gotta real purdy mouth.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:16 | 3092138 Rogue Trooper
Rogue Trooper's picture

... squeal like a PIG!

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 07:16 | 3092480 Tom_333
Tom_333's picture

Sorry - deliverance - you beat me to it.Or maybe we can run a train...?

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 07:14 | 3092478 Tom_333
Tom_333's picture

Squeal like a pig....

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:25 | 3092153 Stares straight...
Stares straight ahead's picture

Maybe if he wore her wig??

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:49 | 3091931 Ratscam
Ratscam's picture

Marc Faber rocks!

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:49 | 3091932 yogibear
yogibear's picture

Becky Quickie is a bit better than dippy Maria Bartiromo at interviewing.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 06:30 | 3092458 Motorhead
Motorhead's picture

Becky is so stiff.  And I'd love to whack tequila shooters with Maria one day.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:56 | 3091944 dolph9
dolph9's picture

Quickie seems like she might have a few brain cells, but is otherwise a completely compromised corporate whore.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:06 | 3091963 knukles
knukles's picture

More than Maxine Waters.
Gotta take whatchu can get, eh?

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:24 | 3092151 Rogue Trooper
Rogue Trooper's picture

Knuks stay off the CHOOM... It ain't got that bad YET ;)

... the time WILL come when one may have to take one for the TEAM... I for one appreciate the sacrifice you are willing to make.

Peace brother... Keep those post comin' in 2013!

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:05 | 3092016 Harbanger
Harbanger's picture

I'm not saying she's a Gold digger, but she ain't hanging with no broke _iggers.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:26 | 3092158 Rogue Trooper
Rogue Trooper's picture

RAAYCIST ALERT! Jamie Foxx be comin' for you whitey. Hee ez a real bad motherfuckin' mooovee star.... you be listening FOOL!

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:31 | 3092165 Harbanger
Harbanger's picture

Get down girl go head get down.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 03:21 | 3092410 natty light
natty light's picture

"M*****f***** Jones"

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:09 | 3092223 scatterbrains
scatterbrains's picture

It's nigga or niggas..   but then that don't rhyme with digger I guess.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:13 | 3092130 yogibear
yogibear's picture

Agree. How many times has she flown with Warren Buffet and given him a thrill.

What female in a key position  in CNBC isn't a corporate whore?  Melissa Lee, Erin Burnett (no longer on CNBC, but was groomed there)  and  Michelle Caruso-Cabrera are all bitches

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Melissa Lee seem like satin's pals.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 00:24 | 3092299 CashIsTrash
CashIsTrash's picture

I'd rather bang Bertha Coombs..There's just something about that name Bertha!

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:57 | 3091945 SheepleLOVEched...
SheepleLOVEcheddarbaybiscuits's picture

Joe is wasted....."resemble" meant resent,  "definition of character" meant defamation. kurnen is doing this interview drunk, just listen to the slurred speech.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:00 | 3091952 ToNYC
ToNYC's picture

but he's too kool for school and a victim of moral lassitude in the bargain.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:08 | 3091965 EARLPEARL
EARLPEARL's picture


Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:38 | 3092184 flacon
flacon's picture

What is "Saturday night live"? It doesn't sound very intelligent. 

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 04:14 | 3092432 knukles
knukles's picture

Neither's Joe.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:36 | 3091988 Camtender
Camtender's picture

"Joe is wasted....."resemble" meant resent,  "definition of character" meant defamation. kurnen is doing this interview drunk, just listen to the slurred speech."

Did anyone else catch that?? My exact thoughts.

Joe has gone off the rails, incoherent dribble. The only way they can keep these talking heads going is with remote control vibrators and coke.  And no, the vibrator is not for Becky.  They have a picture of Buffett's old wrinkled cock on her screen to keep her going (and I'm not talking about Jimmy). 

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:57 | 3092099 Papasmurf
Papasmurf's picture

That job takes it's toll through the years.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:36 | 3092177 Monedas
Monedas's picture

He was trying to be clever .... and it didn't become him !

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 02:44 | 3092395 formadesika3
formadesika3's picture

I expectorate it was intended as humor.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:00 | 3092215 SilverDOG
SilverDOG's picture


You are on FIRE ! 5 *****

Under the picture on Becky's screen it says,


Mon, 12/24/2012 - 00:05 | 3092279 SgtShaftoe
SgtShaftoe's picture

first thing I keyed on.  What a fucking idiot.  It's like having an argument with special people.  It's just fucking sad.  Let's take this crash abrubt, hard and fast.  It will cleanse the system of these fucking dolts.  Maybe they'll be wise monks in the next life.  

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 06:41 | 3092463 SheepleLOVEched...
SheepleLOVEcheddarbaybiscuits's picture

How the fuck did I get junked 9 times?! I bash an imbecile, who is supposed to be reporting financial news, who is CLEARLY drunk on air. Fuck the junkers!

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 13:08 | 3093127 formadesika3
formadesika3's picture

Do you want an honest answer? Look up 'malaproprism'. The comedian Norm Crosby made a career of it. (I'm dating myself here.) "I resemble that remark," was one of his signature lines. Your comment doesn't seem to recognize that's what Joe Queernan was doing.

Tue, 12/25/2012 - 23:50 | 3095655 neutrinoman
neutrinoman's picture

Either that, or Kernen was up late catching up on World War Z.

This was priceless. Faber needs to move on from finance to standup comedy: Marc Faber's Barrel of Laughs at the Cafe Apocalypto, live in Bangkok.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:57 | 3091946 ToNYC
ToNYC's picture

QEternity & HFTs swept us up a notch vs the Euro in that clip; too many dollars, so little time to use them before they melt like milk chocolate, later.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 19:59 | 3091951 BlueStreet
BlueStreet's picture

Kernan is such a tool. 

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:41 | 3092073 GrinandBearit
GrinandBearit's picture

A tool with fake hair

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:01 | 3091953 knukles
knukles's picture

"Becky, you ignorant slut."

(just paraphrasing another NBC newscaster)

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:11 | 3091960 kaiserhoff
kaiserhoff's picture

Vinely, a man vot can spik gute Anglish.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:05 | 3091962 sunnyside
sunnyside's picture

Faber might have a better time convincing her if he was in  the bathtub with Warren.


Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:58 | 3092101 Papasmurf
Papasmurf's picture

I think Marc has better options.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:09 | 3091967 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

You all should Open up a clinic ...................LOL !!!!!!!!

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:39 | 3091991 earleflorida
earleflorida's picture

Rebecca is just a beautiful lady doing her job... she's smart and witty and above all Irish!

Ps. Love when she dresses in white!!! 

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:44 | 3091997 becky quick and...
becky quick and her beautiful mouth's picture

thanks, i'll try harder.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 05:13 | 3092441 dark pools of soros
dark pools of soros's picture

becky quick and dirty

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 20:58 | 3092001 TWSceptic
TWSceptic's picture

He has a face for economics, she has a face for porn. Joe, well he can talk...

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:31 | 3092062 wisefool
wisefool's picture

There is a lacross team some where in conneticut providing demand for a new sports medicine clinic. Check out the CNBC latenight. They have fascinating stuff if you dont switch to the Asia feed.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:43 | 3092074 Mr. Hudson
Mr. Hudson's picture

Hahaha!!! I die laughing everytime I watch him talk about the total collapse of the world’s economy with his Cheshire Cat’s mischievous grin.



Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:07 | 3092022 Seer
Seer's picture

I do really like Marc, but... Vietnam?  What's going to happen as the overwhelming majority of the world's nations are contracting?  What does Vietnam really have (other than an over-stock of houses)?

Measuring tomorrow using the rule-sticks of today is a bad idea...

I sense that Marc is trying to pull in some suckers.  If they're the Pollyannas then I suppose it all works out for the better.

There's no doubt that Vietnam is doing better than most, but... best looking horse at the glue factory...

Though GDP is up the trend clearly is one of a declining rate.

Compare to Singapore (Jim Roger's pimps [I like Jim]:

And from

Singapore’s economy unexpectedly contracted last quarter as manufacturing fell, adding to signs of a deepening slowdown in Asian expansion as Europe’s debt crisis curbs demand for the region’s goods.

Gross domestic product fell an annualized 1.1 percent in the three months through June from the previous quarter, when it climbed a revised 9.4 percent, the Trade Ministry said in an e- mailed statement today. The median of 14 estimates in a Bloomberg News survey was for a 0.6 percent gain.

"Unexpectedly"- ha ha!

I'm beginning to wonder whether we've had everything backwards, that we have nothing BUT black swans, black swans painted white!

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:48 | 3092080 Imminent Crucible
Imminent Crucible's picture

What does Vietnam really have (other than an over-stock of houses)?

Well, to begin with, they have a boatload of jobs that used to be in China. They also export a lot of petroleum and coal, in fact crude oil is about 25% of their gross export value, and they also export textiles and lots and lots of swai--check the frozen fish at your local Safeway.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:20 | 3092140 Tod E. Tosspot
Tod E. Tosspot's picture

Viet Nam is also the globe's second largest coffee producer. I was surprised to hear what Faber said about the property market unless he was talking strictly commercial overbuilding. Residential mortgages are uncommon in the country, and foreigners (with a few exceptions) are not allowed to buy homes. My wife is Vietnamese, and as such I am eligible for dual citizenship. We check home prices in Saigon periodically, and the value remains extraordinary. No FHA loans, Fannie/Freddie, or other shenanigans to goose the market.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:34 | 3092173 Rogue Trooper
Rogue Trooper's picture

Well said Toddy.  My get outta dodge card is HK via the my better half. Whatever happens the future is on that side of the world.  Marc is cirrect though the geopolitical situation is always tense.  However, if you know the system and keep a low porfile you can stick through it.  Bit like Thailand in the 90's it was a mess.  I always peffered the country side to the cities in that area - nice folks in the villages.  Plenty of Gold there as well they do not trust their Gov Fiat!!!

Stay good - merry xmas.



Mon, 12/24/2012 - 00:26 | 3092303 AGuy
AGuy's picture

"My get outta dodge card is HK via the my better half. Whatever happens the future is on that side of the world."

FWIW: I relocating to Asia is unlikely "getting out of dodge". There are simply too many people living in that region. We have UG99 drifting towards Asia ( China appears to be enduring a significant long term drought, and millions of fertial farm land in China is now under the Three Gorges dam. A major recession will almost certianly trigger widespread civil unrest and perhaps civil or regional war.

Ideal regions for "getting out of dodge" would be places with low population densities, abundand rainfall and produces more food than it it consumes.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 01:10 | 3092350 Temporalist
Temporalist's picture

I know what Vietnam has more than many other nations - they have lived so close to poverty and collapse and "lack of" that they don't give a shit anymore what Western empires do with them. They are just going to keep fucking going despite all the bullshit. That is what they have. They are going to work no matter if they have Communist or Democratic "government" and they are going to love their families and friends no matter who gets in their way.  They will have businesses and *buy gold* no matter who tries to stop them and they will fight for whatever they can to scrape up to survive. 

That country and people have learned how to suvive above all else.  They are Honey Badgers and they don't give a shit!

-I have complete admiration for them and this is not sarcasm

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 02:18 | 3092382 Rogue Trooper
Rogue Trooper's picture

Thanks AGuy.  Valid points.  I live in New Zealand which is not the worst place on the planet (Optimism bias? - Kyle Bass).  I was more talking about having the insurance of a more than one option and therefore having another domicile in which to retire/live.  This will depend on what happens and how this all fuckin' plays out.  BTW a few ZH's have ended up my way.  Plenty of problems in ENZ but also a few advantages. Perfect location no idea unless you are Doug Casey LOL!

I really feel for the US folks.  Unless they are planning to just wait it out.  I Hope the chance for States to secede becomes possible without incredible violence.  It makes logical sense for folks to part their ways when they just do not agree or get one.

All my well wishes for xmas and see you in 2013.


Mon, 12/24/2012 - 03:47 | 3092422 Harbanger
Harbanger's picture

I've considered moving out of the US and have traveled to many countries, NZ is certainly one of the places on the top of my list.  After much thought and after playing out many possoble global warfare scenarios, I'm choosing to stay in the US.  Among the reasons I made my decision  1) In my war games, places like Australia and NZ will be eventually be controlled by China  2) The US has the largest population of diehard patriots and liberty minded people in the world at this time, easily 50 million strong and armed to the teeth for any invasion, that's bigger than most countries.  Many of those people also control top military positions.   Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 20:51 | 3093988 Tompooz
Tompooz's picture

Hi Rogue,

Merry Christmas to you too.

Join the Auckland Casey phyle some time.

Agree that NZ is a good place to be, but "dodge" seems to catch up with us sometimes. Who wants to get the dotcom treatment or be the target of the newly purchased police drone?

For out-of-dodgers The Philippines, like Laos, has the advantage of an under-resourced government.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 08:33 | 3092516 BattlegroundEur...
BattlegroundEurope2011's picture

New Zealand

Tue, 12/25/2012 - 01:03 | 3094228 Notarocketscientist
Notarocketscientist's picture

Property prices in HCM are down as much as 40%

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:25 | 3092155 Mike in GA
Mike in GA's picture

they export lots of furniture, too

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:55 | 3092210 Seer
Seer's picture

How much is a "boatload" of jobs?

US has a "boatload" of Walmart jobs.

If you're saying that their per capita incomes are rising, then be careful, as this has implications for your next assertion:

"They also export a lot of petroleum and coa1"

They also CONSUME a LOT of it as well.

I base my observations on TRENDS, and, if you don't mind, could you please point out your optimism using the trends available here?

I've seen a pretty strong correlation of an up-and-coming nation increasing its exports and per capita income levels as energy consumption rises.  At first the rise in energy consumption is mostly in the industrial sectors, but after a while, as per capita income rises, it starts shifting to individual consumption.  And as this unfolds the population ages; net wealth declines as GDP slows and personal spending increases (much of it in energy).

Take a look at these graphs: (population - increasing) (GDP, real growth rate - back to about 2002 levels, strong down trend) (electricity consumption per capita) (oil production - doesn't look all that hot to me) (oil consumption - just as I figure it to be/do, up and to the right) (account balances - improving (rapidly), but it's been negative for quite a while) (population pyramid - currently OK, but the trend...)

I stand by my assertion that Faber is just on a sell-tour, and, while Vietnam might look OK (now), it's still just a good-looking horse in the glue factory...  With a negative trade balance I'm not seeing exports, especially when the majority of the world's countries are contracting, increasing.  I could be wrong...

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:38 | 3092044 steelrules
steelrules's picture

Kernan's a TOOL but he's right about getting a gun, what happenes when 30 million Americans are cut off or can't get their SSRI's'.

There will be Zombies.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:33 | 3092169 The Shootist
The Shootist's picture

Boo. He doesn't have a gun, ergo he's a tool.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:36 | 3092176 Rogue Trooper
Rogue Trooper's picture

So this tax paid training was not in vain???


Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:22 | 3092049 aztec two step
aztec two step's picture

You people are laughable. Since its inception several years ago the authors of this blog have missed a myriad of profit opportunites with your perpetual negativity.Some day it is entirely possible that the fragile financial system folds but you will probably be tapped out of capital before that cpmes to pass. Most of life and most tradng takes place under the wide sweping arc of a very normal bell curve and not at the tails of that curve.


Get a grip

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:33 | 3092065 TumblingDice
TumblingDice's picture

WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! So you're saying that the way a bell curve works is that the most probable things tend to happen the most and the least likely things are on the tails of that curve? This is truly a stunning revelation. Please tell me more about life, sir. I really like the part about the curves. Especially the part about "the wide sweping arc of a very normal bell curve." It sounds ever so poetic.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:46 | 3092077 aztec two step
aztec two step's picture

The premise of this blog is that we face never ending tail risk. The world is almost always ending. There is a gigantic conspiracy which stacks the deck against all but the intelligentsia.

That is a cop out and an attempt at portaying oneself as always the victim. It is also a ready made excuse for explaining away losing trades.


This blog has posited runaway inflation for years. The Federal Reserve has tripled or quadrupled its balance sheet and inflation is still under control here and in most of the developed world. Surely we will have another round of that malaise but it has not happened for the last four years so positioning for its imminent return seems dumb to me.



Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:53 | 3092091 Imminent Crucible
Imminent Crucible's picture

What seems dumb to me is refusing to get your unmotivated butt off the train tracks before the train wreck happens.  But of course that would require a bit of foresight and effort.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:59 | 3092102 aztec two step
aztec two step's picture

Successful trading requires responding to the world as it is and not as we think it is. When we trade the goal is not to be right but to MAKE MONEY. It is not an intellectual exercise but a monetary one. I think that there will be more than a little inflation wafting throught the room in the next several years. But I aint structuring my portfolio that way today or tomorrow becuase i am very dubious  of that strategy making me any money in the short run. If you are a levered trader you will be broke before you are intellectually correct.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:09 | 3092127 Imminent Crucible
Imminent Crucible's picture

You may well be right--in the short run. I've been out of the markets since 2008 when it became clear that laws didn't matter and that HFT and Goldman's Supplemental Liquidity Provider status guaranteed a rigged casino and an eventual MF Global catastrophe. My portfolio is rotated completely out of paper assets and into productive and hard assets.

The problem I see with betting that inflation is way down the road is called "data lag".  By the time the M2V chart turns up at the St. Louis Fed, it will be way too late. You'll tell yourself, "It's just chart noise". Then, "It's just an outlier". Then, "Just a temporary anomaly". With the equivalent of more than US$10 trillion printed from thin air by the Fed and the ECB, once velocity turns up, the inflation will appear instantly.

Think about how fast the world's bond traders will hit the Sell button the instant they see the first inflation ramp. You'll still be waiting for your morning coffee.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:46 | 3092162 akak
akak's picture

HarryWanger, is that you?


Why does there have to be one in EVERY thread?

Regarding your thesis that investors/savers should respond to the world as it is and not as they would wish it to be, what do you think that those who have converted their savings into precious metals since the financial collapse began five years ago have done, and are doing?  I would point out that those whose portfolios are in broad equity indices have gone exactly nowhere in the last five years (actually lost significantly, in REAL terms), while those in PMs are up approximately double or better --- and while those in bonds are sitting on the largest financial bubble in world history.

I would aver that it is those who are stubbornly/blindly/ignorantly/foolishly sitting in "traditional" investments during a time of unprecedently UNtraditional economic and financial upheaval are those who are acting out on their wishes and hopes instead of facing reality --- which history well demonstrates is only ever done by a small minority before and during any period of significant change to the former status-quo.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:46 | 3092199 Rogue Trooper
Rogue Trooper's picture

LOL AKAK... you beat me to it! 

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:54 | 3092204 akak
akak's picture

My finely-tuned trollometer went off the second I started reading this guy's first post.

It's as if they truly don't realize how instantly they can be spotted --- I have to wonder, yet again, is this the BEST that Cass Sunstein et al can send against us?

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:56 | 3092211 Rogue Trooper
Rogue Trooper's picture

Do not fear young appentice. The temptations of the Dark Side of the troll-force are strong.

Reflect on your training.


Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:42 | 3092254 Seer
Seer's picture

So, you like swimming with sharks and algos, do ya?

Meanwhile I will continue to work on my farm...  Does your "portfolio" have food?

I suppose you are right, this is an economics blog, devoted to people wanting to be "successful."  I bow to you and all your "success."

BTW - I know what the future will be.  Rather than manipulating it to what I want (which would require raking others over the coals, which ultimately means poorer women and children will take the hit- unlike the sharks and algos I have a conscience, call me silly), I adjust myself to how things will be (and, granted, I doubt that I'll ever "make it," but then again I have ZERO doubts about the direction of things).

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:53 | 3092092 Element
Element's picture

No inflation eh?  What other inflation is there but an inflation of the money supply?

It's happened, have a look.

Then look at corporate profits and forcasts.

And the velocity of money.


dah! ... who's making the excuses?

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:01 | 3092112 aztec two step
aztec two step's picture

Inflation is generally defined as an increase it the level of prices my friend. Some would hold that too much money will cause that (and it probably will some day) but with most of the world relatively risk averse and with too many people seeking work that aint likely to happen any time soon.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:10 | 3092128 HoofHearted
HoofHearted's picture

Bull fucking shit. Inflation is when more money is printed. A symptom of that is rising prices. Learn a little econ before you open your ignorant mouth.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:16 | 3092136 TumblingDice
TumblingDice's picture

Fun fact, before it meant that, it meant farting.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:35 | 3092174 Papasmurf
Papasmurf's picture

You also get inflation when fewer goods are produced.  Inflation stems from an imbalance between money supply an available goods.  

Inflation also results from massive financial fraud.  Each financial crisis and recession has had fraud as a root cause.  Recovery from fraud-induced recession requires the loss to be earned back to fill the void.  Because this time the fraud has gone unpunished and in fact has been rewarded, there is no recovery.  Financial crisis starts once the theft is discovered, not when the theft occurs.  That's because flight of capital seeking safety starts when the theft is discovered. 

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:55 | 3092265 Seer
Seer's picture

Good comments.

There are two types of inflation: 1) Money (in circulation); 2) Price.

It's kind of like arguing over which deadly cancer one has: in either case it's not a good thing.

What really messes things up this time is that we have money printing, but it's not circulating.  That is, it's sitting on balance sheets to prop them up.  If that money flew out of those roosts banks would close up due to inadequate reserves, not to mention the high probability that old loans would be paid off with cheaper money- less debt, which would then equal less MONEY: inflation leading to deflation, which would lead to a total loss of faith in the system (and most likely the currencies- hyperinflation).  It's all nutty; and, well, perhaps it's just me...

I think that there's no punishment because this time there isn't any way of recalibrating things, not under this system, a system that's gone so horribly wrong that the judge, lawyers, defendants and jury are all corrupt(ed); and, the laws are all stacked in favor of the corrupt.  I'm still arguing the case that this is the natural outcome/evolution of operating under the premise of perpetual growth on a finite planet: eventually we'd have to lie to ourselves in quite spectacular fashion that the party could continue, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 01:03 | 3092343 Imminent Crucible
Imminent Crucible's picture

aztec: with too many people seeking work inflation aint likely to happen any time soon.

Toto pulls the curtain aside and reveals the closet Keynesian, arguing, "You can't have inflation with capacity under-utilization." Not very old and not very bright.

The 1970s blew this bit of Keynesian flatulence straight into the crapper. I lived through the 70's and I saw massive unemployment and idle capacity, with inflation that reached 16% in 1980. The long Treasury bond yielded 16% and the prime rate went through 21%.

Rest assured that you, aztec, have no idea what you're talking about. Inflation is over 25% in Argentina this very moment, with severe unemployment and a rapidly shriveling economy. There is no fixed relationship between unemployment levels and real inflation. In fact, under a stupid regime, unemployment leads directly to inflation by forcing the creation of new money (credit) into a stagnant marketplace of goods and services.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 08:37 | 3092521 Moe Howard
Moe Howard's picture

Yes, I lived through it too, it was a nightmare. Factories in Chicago went from all having help wanted signs to no help wanted seemingly overnight. People were getting mortgages at obsene rates. Cash was king but nobody had any extra.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:19 | 3092135 Element
Element's picture

You realize PMs have been doing pretty well for about a decade now?

The flux of conditions that bought that about have only tended to more of the same.

Whereas the crooks in the 'market' have flourished unpunished to unheard of extremes.

If that sort of market were scrubber I'd not be sticking my tallywacker in it.

jus sayin

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:44 | 3092196 Papasmurf
Papasmurf's picture

Capital flight has gone into gold because gold has no counterparty risk.  (unless you leave in in a counterparties hands)  When crooks run the market without restraint, there is no other safe choice.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:32 | 3092246 Seer
Seer's picture

When crooks run the market with only fiat, there is no other safe choice.

Fixed it! :-)

But more to the point, the "market" is supposed to be about establishing TRUE values of goods and services.  Using a fictitious measure such as fiat is, well, WTF?  It's PURE insanity!  So, it's up to us to reestablish what does and what doesn't have value (while letting these fiat-fuckers hang themselves).

Humans are deceptive.  That's why something physical/tangible like PMs offers some sense of sanity.  Deception and fiat- two wrongs can never make a right... or, "what could possibly go wrong?"

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 01:03 | 3092345 AGuy
AGuy's picture

Where do you not see inflation

Things that are more expensive:

1. Oil and Gasoline in 2002 before (the Helochopter speech a barrel of light sweet crude was about $30 bbl)

2. Food - Meat, eggs, milk are all up more than 100% since 2002. Also packaged food items (Sugar, Flour) have reduced by 30% to 50% by weight, even as costs for one unit has risen.

3. Healthcare. Been rising about 8% to 10% a year. Already we see costs rising 15% to 20% for 2013 because of ObamaCare. As a small business owner I have already recieved notification that our health insurance costs are increasing 20% starting in January.

4. Education. Getting a College degree is dreadfully expensive.

5. Road Tolls and other transportation costs have risen.

6. State and Local Taxes.

What has gone down:

1. Wages. US wages have flatlinged or have decreasesd. Many workers now much work an additional part time job to offset falling wages, fewer hours per work week and rising living costs.

2. Home prices. But they are still near to bubble prices as housing costs (rental or ownership) is still much higher than it was back in 2002.

3. Electronic gadgets (except perhaps Apple products). However this only makes up a small portion of consumer expendures. Consumers don't need to buy a new TV every week, but the do need to buy food and energy constantly. Most consumers would perfer lower costs for food and energy and higher electronic gadget prices.

Currently we are in a state of stagflation, where commodity prices are rising while wages are flat to declining. America had stagflation in the early 1970's which morphed into high inflation by 1978. We probably have another 4 years to go before we start to see significant inflation if it follows the trend in the 1970s. Unfortunely, when inflation does arrive, there will be no means to turn it off. In 1981 It took interest rates up to 14% to bring it under control. Since 60% to 75% of US gov't debt is financed in short term debt, Its inconcievable that the gov't could avoid a hard default, even if Interest rates only normalized to 5%. Higher interest rates would consume all of the tax revenue and prevent the Federal gov't from providing any services. The Fed has set us on a one way path, which can not be changed. Sooner or later Hyper-inflation will come to america, Just like every past gov't that had very high debt loads to carry and began printing money to pay its bills. America is no different then the rest.

"with too many people seeking work that aint likely to happen any time soon."

Inflation isn't just about wages. Its about more money chasing a declining pool of resources and a lost of confidence. Argentina has double digit unemployment and falling wages when hyper-inflation happened. Same in the Former Soviet union when the Ruble collapsed in a matter of weeks. Often Fiat currencies hold value for an extended period and then a suddenly collapse happens in a very short period of time.  All it needs is a spark and an gov't unable to cut its deficit spending to trigger hyper-inflation.



Mon, 12/24/2012 - 01:32 | 3092364 resurger
resurger's picture

You are really an ignorant douche... If you are trading the market and making money, why are you even sad that we are not?! mind your own fucking business.. About inflation, do you even think that interest rates will go back up?! Welcome to Japamerica

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 06:29 | 3092457 smacker
smacker's picture

"Inflation is generally defined as an increase it the level of prices..."

On inflation...what you refer to is consumer price inflation. And if you look wider, asset price inflation. What we're seeing in recent years is a massive increase of monetary inflation caused by central bankers. The latter feeds through to the two formers, but the linkage is not 1:1 and there's also a time lag. The two formers can also be affected by other factors (eg currency devaluations, rising prices for imported commodities in their own right or as a result of currency devaluation. Or both. Etc).

We now see that global central bankers are publicly abandoning their commitment to controlling CPI and are variably looking to target fake nominal GDP (UK, when the Canuck takes over the BoE), unemployment (US Fed) and in Japan's case, anything that moves or still has any signs of life.

Collectively, it amounts to hitting Ctrl-P big time.

As ZH and many others say with regularity, this is a very dangerous game, because when the inflation genie is let out of the bottle, it's very hard to get it back in. Ask Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Zimbabwe and others. It may achieve what the banksters want or it may end in inflation/hyperinflation and widespread fiat collapse. Nobody knows. This by itself tells me that the action is criminally irresponsible since, if it all goes wrong, it will destroy the savings and lives of many millions. The collapse of democracy will soon follow.


Mon, 12/24/2012 - 08:04 | 3092499 Papasmurf
Papasmurf's picture

It may achieve what the banksters want or it may end in inflation/hyperinflation and widespread fiat collapse. Nobody knows. This by itself tells me that the action is criminally irresponsible since, if it all goes wrong,

it will destroy the savings and lives of many millions.

Goal #1 accomplished

The collapse of democracy will soon follow.

Goal #2 accomplished

These are intended results.  NOTHING ELSE MAKES SENSE  

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 11:02 | 3092756 smacker
smacker's picture



That's exactly what my mind wrestles with every day...

[thinks]: will someone in ~20 years time publish a book setting out the global political elites' very carefully co-ordinated conspiracy to trash the economies of their countries for the prime purpose of justifying the introduction of fascist police states?

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:23 | 3092123 TumblingDice
TumblingDice's picture

The premise of this blog is that we face never ending tail risk.

Yup, thats the nature of a bell curve. There is always tail risk, and interestingly enough, market volatility metrics indicate that tail risk is consitantly lingering at a very high level.

The world is almost always ending. There is a gigantic conspiracy which stacks the deck against all but the intelligentsia.

Maybe you get the impression that the world is always ending by reading any news other than the MSM, but for me it is just a nice healthy dose of reality.

That is a cop out and an attempt at portaying oneself as always the victim. It is also a ready made excuse for explaining away losing trades.

Seems like you have experience with this.

This blog has posited runaway inflation for years. The Federal Reserve has tripled or quadrupled its balance sheet and inflation is still under control here and in most of the developed world. Surely we will have another round of that malaise but it has not happened for the last four years so positioning for its imminent return seems dumb to me.

I'm pretty sure this blog posits the inevitability of high inflation given the current path. Something to do with balance sheets and math. Take a look at food, gas, stock, gold prices if you don't believe in inflation.

Think of it as a counterbalance to the MSM where they get tazed in the genetalia everytime they say something negative.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:25 | 3092239 Seer
Seer's picture

Green arrow: can't give one to you because you started with italics :-(

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:22 | 3092237 scatterbrains
scatterbrains's picture

I get it..  your from Dartmouth? Be honest.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 00:34 | 3092314 Seer
Seer's picture

I'm not from Dartmouth, nor from any other institution of higher learning, but, your first sentence should be stated thusly:

I get it..  you're from Dartmouth?

Disclaimer: I was once there (visited).  Nice area.  I like the state motto: "Live Free or Die."

BTW - I could probably give you a run for your money in the "scatterbrains" department :-)

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:42 | 3092255 sablya
sablya's picture

The Fed is playing the dangerous game of staving off deflation - air leaking out of a giant hole in our balloon is being replaced by ever more and more dollars printed into existence.  Can't repair the hole in the balloon, no sir, that's impossible!  And so they print.  No one can tell which force will overcome the other - whether the whooshing sound of debt implosion will ring in our ears at last or hyperinflationary spiral will sing a siren song of 6 quadrillion pence.  I'm not sure it matters much in the final chaotic condition but it is interesting to watch the train wreck in slow motion.  Thanks for your contribution to the foolishness....

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:02 | 3092218 Seer
Seer's picture

"So you're saying that the way a bell curve works is that the most probable things tend to happen the most and the least likely things are on the tails of that curve?"


However, it's entirely possible to stomp so hard on a bell-curved object that the middle goes down and the ends go up.  So, perhaps the poster has a shot at it after all?  Where is Godzilla when you need him?

BTW - Gravity and bell curves are things that TPTB have brainwashed us into believing!  We only need to stop believing and we then fly up into the heavens where... we freeze and die because it's really fucking cold and there's no oxygen!

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:50 | 3092082 Element
Element's picture

Ha! yeah, like the FED balance sheet, ZIRP, and gobal-debt to global-GDP at 106% - rising fast. And with HFT flash-crashing every data point, revealing the entire market is a crap-shoot, rigged in every conceivable way. And lieboor revealing the entire financial system is full of actual conspiratorial crookedness. Is that the salutatory market you're waxing garrulous about jumping into?

"No chance of that"

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:54 | 3092093 aztec two step
aztec two step's picture

No one has ever accused me of "tedious loquacity " before so I am wordless.

Maybe what i wrote seems logorrheic but that because most of the comments here are one sentence non comments. At least you were able to successfully string several sentences together intelligently.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:09 | 3092126 Element
Element's picture

Well it's gratifying to have a sage visiting today to elevate the tone of the place.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:26 | 3092157 TumblingDice
TumblingDice's picture

Occam would suggest that maybe what you wrote seems logorrheic because it is. 

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:54 | 3092207 Rogue Trooper
Rogue Trooper's picture

The dark side of the force is strong in 'aztec two step' ... Perhaps there are too Harry(Hamy)Wangers... 

Always two there are, a master and an apprentice  - YODA

A tyler conspiracy suspects I....


Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:57 | 3092212 akak
akak's picture

So this is how the free market dies --- to thunderous applause.

Mon, 12/24/2012 - 00:24 | 3092298 scatterbrains
scatterbrains's picture

yall niggas crazzed

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:40 | 3092189 Rogue Trooper
Rogue Trooper's picture

HamyWanger is BACK!!!!!

I, for one, have been longing for the 'Rogue Tyler' to return.....

Subscribe BitChez!

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:28 | 3092057 FeralSerf
FeralSerf's picture

Becky "Boom-Boom" Quick

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:59 | 3092104 ZFiNX
ZFiNX's picture

Faber should have made it clear that he believed the bright spot was non-western markets and the potential for investment there. I'm pretty sure that was his point, but he didn't say it explicitly, so the chain gang is left scratching their heads.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:22 | 3092227 Seer
Seer's picture

He can say it, but that don't mean that it's right.  Well... it's MORE right as pertains to the western markets, but that shouldn't be the metric for evaluation.

I challenged this above (  Unlike Faber or the others (who really are clowns), I have no personal investment in any of this other than seeking knowledge/logic.  I recently went through this very same thing only over Singapore (Jim Rogers' pet country) while engaging in a discussion with my wife (who knows people over in Singapore).  No way one can beat their chest over Singapore when looking at its data.  While one can probably beat one's chest over Vietnam's numbers it is clear that it just might be the top for them (and indicators appear to be starting to tip down; and there's the pesky issue of expecting increasing exports when the rest of the world is contracting).  It might just be that those doing the worst are best positioned because they have no head of steam going over the cliff... there's an argument both ways; BUT, never should one expect there to be any good argument for completely falling off the cliff (and I'm not talking the lame "fiscal cliff" kind of shit).

People are free to spend their money as they wish.  Go ahead and spend it on Vietnam.  It's just fiat anyway...

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 21:59 | 3092106 derek_vineyard
derek_vineyard's picture

nestle's quick?

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:01 | 3092113 Insideher Trading
Insideher Trading's picture

you stupid zombies. haha.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:05 | 3092117 israhole
israhole's picture

I just watched 7 minutes more of CNBS than I've watched all year.  Joe "NWO" Kernan and whatever her name is should be grateful Marc Faber brings viewers.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:20 | 3092235 Seer
Seer's picture

I'm not sure that viewers like us are what they are after, are they?  I mean, I don't own a TV (and avoid watching any), in which case the ONLY way I see any of CNBC is in clips like this, which really don't have much ability to push product on me.

Devil's advocate would have me suspecting that perhaps they allow Faber on to push Vietnam, hoping that they shake something loose from the likes of us: Rogers was pushing Singapore- it's not looking to good these days (the days since he was running all over the place claiming how great it was- well, it might be great, great place for him to live, but I don't want to give him or anyone else my wealth so that they can live better (than me), regardless of whether I like them (I do like both of them- they call out all the bad shit; but, that's where I stop- I will not take investment advice from anyone, especially not for free, especially by way of a TV appearance).

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:20 | 3092142 Gamma735
Gamma735's picture

Becky is milfy goodness except that she likes billionaire men with Viagra boosted semi-erections.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:37 | 3092182 j0nx
j0nx's picture

Becky is looking husky these days.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:40 | 3092188 Monedas
Monedas's picture

Don't look right now .... especially if you're in line at Kmart .... but the latex in that condom in your wallet probably came from Viet Nam ?

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 22:51 | 3092202 dunce
dunce's picture

Becky has the best bedroom eyes in the world, but Faber is a relentless realist with 20/20 economic vision.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 23:34 | 3092240 muppet_master
muppet_master's picture


i watched 2 minutes of that he was BEARISH @ the time when:

EUR @ 1.267 (near bottom)...weeks later then near QE4 = 1.331 = "genius"....LOL !!!

spx @ 1367 (near bottom)...weeks later then near QE4 = 1447 = "genius"...LOL !!!!

well, let me tell you

1) I covered my QE3 announcement SHORTS (avg price 1450, NOT 1474) in phases from 1380 to 1354 (bottom was 1343)....

2) then went long @ about 1354.....and then

3) RODE longs til black Fri 1400+...

4) built SHORT POSTIONS 1400+..avg price = 1420...been riding

and faber??? = he was bearish @ 1367 (near bottom) then watched pop to 1447...nice going SHOE SHINE BOY !!!!

on 12-23-12, he's telling you to BUY HIGH gold @ $1660....he also said to buy it @ $1900, to "NOT PANIC" he said as it dropped below $1800...thanks for calling the TOP shoe shine boy !!!



Mon, 12/24/2012 - 00:03 | 3092277 Seer
Seer's picture

To be fair, it depends on the timescale.  However, I DO get your point.  That's why I don't trade on any of this, on anything anyone else says.

I'd be interested to see if the same holds true of Jim Rogers.  I like Jim and Marc, they're fun to listen to; however, I'm not well heeled, so I've got to make the most of all my decisions, which means that since it's my butt on the line I have to put only my head in the game.  And, frankly, I think that I have a better grasp on reality because I actually do work and am closer to the real world.

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