Post-Hyperinflationary Zimbabwe Welcomes The Holidays With 80% Unemployment, Empty ATMs And Paralyzed Transport

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Zimbabwe's hyperinflation, courtesy of one Gideon Gono - the brilliant man behind such grand monetary experiments as QE and its offshoots throughout the developed world - and numerous one hundred trillion dollar Zimbabwe dollar bills, may have come and gone, and the country may no longer have a functioning currency of its own, but it certainly has the aftermath of the most recent episode of modern-era monetary hyperinflation to contend with. And with the holidays here, AP provides a very bleak snapshot of what the country which currently has an 80% unemployment, has to look forward to. Zimbabweans are facing bleak holidays this year amid rising poverty, food and cash shortages and political uncertainty, with some describing it as the worst since the formation of the coalition government in the southern African nation.... Banks have closed, ATMs have run out of cash and transport services have been paralyzed." It gets worse: "Zimbabwe's unemployment is pegged at around 80 percent with many people in Harare, the capital, eking out a living by selling vegetables and fruits on street corners." And all of this is after the massive economic imbalances in Zimbabwe's economy should have been "fixed" (or so conventional economic theory would have one believe) courtesy of hyperinflation, which left any savers in tatters, destroyed the value of the old currency, benefited solely debtors  but also allowed a fresh start to a government, which could only remain in power due to a violent power grab by the democratically elected-turned-dictator Robert Mugabe.

What else do all those countries (all of them) engaged in a wholesale currency destruction have to look forward to? AP explains:

Matthew Kapirima, 60, waits outside a busy supermarket for customers to buy his boxes of weather-beaten peaches and litchis for $10 each.


But holiday shoppers go about their business without even giving him a second glance. Kapirima has not sold any fruit in days and with a day left before Christmas, he said has to concede that he won't be able to provide his family with food and new clothes this year.


"This is the worst Christmas ever," Kapirima told The Associated Press. Kapirima has four wives and 25 children living in the rural areas, but all he has managed to get them this Christmas is a 40-kilogram (88 pound) bag of maize seed to plant on his small-sized family plot in Mudzi.


* * *


Food shortages are "worse" this year compared to the last three years due to drought and constrained access to cash to buy seed and fertilizer for rural farmers, said World Food Program Zimbabwe country director Felix Bamezon. Bamezon said the Zimbabwe government for the first time has assisted by providing grain to give to starving communities in rural areas.


"This is good because they don't interfere to tell us which people to give the food to," he said.


The World Food Program has been donating hampers of 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of cereal, vegetable oil and mixed beans to each person in qualifying households every month since September.


For those who live in areas where there are grain traders, WFP gives out $3 per person in a household to buy the grain from traders instead of the food hampers.


An average household has five people, making it $15 for a family to spend for Christmas.


Bamezon also said their organization helps vulnerable communities by engaging them in "food for work" projects where people work to get food during the time they are not provided food assistance.

"Food for work" projects - remember that...

Naturally, creative solutions to deal with the endless misery have emerged, such as no longer eating, and of course forcing your children into prostitution:

Rural communities have come up with coping mechanisms such as cutting down the number of meals a day from three to one and selling their prized livestock, furniture and household goods. Bamezon said he had heard reports that some young girls are given away to elderly men for early marriages.


The U.N.'s childrens agency, UNICEF, has in previous research this year noted that girls and young women have been pressured by destitute families to solicit as prostitutes in bars and shopping areas.


In the troubled economy, money is not trickling down from the nation's urban elite, who own luxury cars and mansions, to the urban and rural poor.

Can't they just raise the taxes on the nation's "urban elite?" Problem solved.

In summary: "Life is getting harder in this country," said fruit vendor Kaparima. "There is nothing to celebrate this Christmas."

Truly, there is so much to look forward to when the coordinate global attempt at wholesale currency devaluation finally succeeds.

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AnAnonymous's picture

Yep. It is funny how monetary policies do not work the same depending on who you are.

But hey, 'americans' will keep claiming that their economics rules are universal and the same behaviour calls the same consequences.

The 'american' way of doing...

silverserfer's picture

as apposed to the Chinese way of your"Communist" elites. Your whole shitty country is a sweatshop supporting 50K chain smoking dubache's who think they are "Classy" because they can afford Hello Kitty handbags and maroboro lights. Cover your mouth when you laugh bitch cause you don't know what the fuck brush your teeth means!

francis_sawyer's picture

The teleprompter would like to wish you & yours a Happy Kwaanza from his compound from his hideout in Hawaii...

AnAnonymous's picture

Another wannabee 'american' who thought joining the club would be easy.

Tough luck, 'americans' are picky when it comes to admit new members to their club.

And they are certainly not eager of introducing members from the people they leech, extort and farm.

That is the harsh reality of the extortion, farming business: for an extorter to be, for a farmer to be, there is an immediate requirement of extorted and farmed.

No extorted, no farmed? Simple. No extorter, no farmer. One has to be to enable the other.

So, yep, accessing to the 'american' club is not as easy as simply knocking at the door.

Especially when you come from the ranks of the extorted and farmed.

Welcome to an 'american' world.

Everybodys All American's picture

How is that commune working out? Did you guys bury enough bodies yet?

LFMayor's picture

Not nearly as picky as those little yellow opium smoking human washing machines that send their servile little soldiers in armored vehicles to crush the Tianamen square protesting children.

Now that was picky over who gets to join the club, wouldn't you say, you little fucking propaganda tool?

At least the Russian soldiers were real men.  When they were ordered out against their own people, they rolled the tanks to the barricades and then turned them around, putting themselves between the would be "rulers" and their own beloved people.  That is honor.  You should be taking notes now. 

China seems to have a greater crop of willing killers, the better to crush their own young under tank treads with.

tell me, did you guys get the steps fixed yet, where the tank treads damaged them in '89?

Eat shit, you little tool.  When it goes, you'll go too and those millions of hungry peasants will be on you and your master's ass like  a drove of ants.  Your bones will be picked clean before the end.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 1000

Best counterattack of the day.

NoTTD's picture

Zim's problems stem directly from Mugabe's Marxist/racist policies. Oh, fuck you.

Zap Powerz's picture

Dear Ananonymous,

What, exactly, is the purpose behind your constant antagonism?

Rusty Diggins's picture

"Kapirima has four wives and 25 children living in the rural areas"

This stood out, but I'm always called a rasis around the barquentine

Shameful's picture

If a 60 year old fruit vendor can snag 4 wives and have a score of kids the bar for men must be low over there.  "Honey, that men sells fruit on the side of the road and is can't let a catch like that slip away girlfriend!"

LFMayor's picture

That, or they have the most gold-diggingest bitches on the planet.  Anna Nicole Smith is smiling somewhere!

spartan117's picture

Why would you be racist for calling this man a mormon?

Rusty Diggins's picture

It be a neo-liberal pirate thing

Shameful's picture

Got to look at the silver lining of a hyperinflation in the USA.  Looks like people might be eating fruits and vegetables and might be less monstrously obese.  Got to keep things light for the holiday season.

Don't think there is a good record of any nation popping right back after a currency blowtorch.  The closest probably being Germany, but their hyperinflation wasn't as severe as others, and investor money did come in.  Zimbabwe never really had a chance, they will never reach the standard of living they had in the 60s again.  That sort of thing happens when you declare war on the producer class, they leave.

Ahmeexnal's picture

Check your premises. Germany ceased to be a nation. It is a protectorate. And all that glitters aint gold.

Air Berlin co-pilots paid near poverty level:

Germany is dumping merchandise outside of the eurozone as its exports suffer biblical collapse.
Germany is close to declaring war on the UK. The reason? UK wants a referendum:
Germany warns Britain not to 'blackmail' Europe

Published: 24 Dec 12 08:23 CET | Print version

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has warned Britain against "blackmailing" its EU partners in a bid to bring powers back home from Brussels.

"We want to keep Britain in the EU and not force it out," Schäuble told the weekly Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. "But I will also say that does not mean anyone can blackmail us."

Asked whether a debate raging in Britain about a possible referendum on the country's future in the 27-member bloc was "dangerous", Schäuble said the European Union needed to send a clear message to the rest of the world.

"Our British friends are not dangerous. But a referendum would create uncertainty," he said.

dvfco's picture

Is it me, or does it seem like things tend to turn out really bad every time we fuck the Germans, or vice-versa?

Winston Churchill's picture

Hate to say this.

Enoch Powell was right about everything.

verum quod lies's picture

“In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” There is no need to apologize for the truth. Powell spoke the truth; and we are now supposed to cower and act like good cultural Marxists and RINOs. The simple truth is that if you import (or allow yourself to be overrun by) a bunch of third world people soon you have, surprise, surprise, a third world hellhole.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Your comment reminds me of another comment on ZeroHedge nearly two years ago

« The USA had 40 years of stability and power. In the future it will be a shithole. So what? Just another new-world shithole. Life goes on. »

- ZeroHedge commenter 'Fat Ass', 17 January 2011

Matt's picture

"Check your premises. Germany ceased to be a nation. It is a protectorate. And all that glitters aint gold."

I think the previous poster was referring to the 1923 hyperinflation, and the following recovery that was destroyed by the Great Depression.

Cloud9.5's picture

Seems like I remeber Berlin being turned into a brick yard and the Russian Army raping their women in the rubble.

Mentaliusanything's picture

No they dont, they stay knowing that one day it will be back to what it was. They cant leave they are as hard assed as Cecil R. Boars, dutch and fighters. They also are not allowed to leave unless its in underwear. They love the land and know it will remain long after the Government dies

NoTTD's picture

When the blacks took over Rhodesia in 1980 it had been a net food exporter for decades. The PNF promised not to displace the white farmers who fed the nation - and then did so, dividing the commercial farms into small plots which were then given to supporters for subsistence farming. Voila. Starving nation.

Freddie's picture

Farming is hard work and requires pretty intelligent farmers.   White farmers were killed and tortured in Zimba and also South Africa.  Just like Hollywood, Tarantino, the Miramax Weinsteins with their plantation racist actors Jamie Fox and Samuel L Jackson loving on Oba and wanting to killy whitey in their movies.

This scum is full on for gun banning and disarming America just like South Africa did in disarming whites.   Keep watching TV and Hollywood because it supports your serfdom.  F Hollywood and F TV. 

Afrispaans's picture

When exactly were the whites disarmed in SA, my bru? Sorry, boet, all the white gunowners still have their weapons. Applying for a license is a bit harder now, but not impossible. 

Zap Powerz's picture

Mother Nature punishes the stupid.  She punishes them with starvation and disease.  I love mother nature.

Anusocracy's picture

But she sure has a soft spot in her heart for evil.


Element's picture

Nah, we'll have a Zim-Aid concert in Wembley and play jumpin' jack flash and old queen covers and it'll all be good, might even be able to attract geriatric Beatle, and maybe someone who's a bit risque', but is not actually on child-molestation charges right now (strictly speaking).

neidermeyer's picture

@noTTD and Freddie ,


You're both 100% right... If Rhodesia/Zimbabwe recovers it'll be just like Mexico after their revolution and splitting up all the farmland to the peasants in plots too small to feed themselves and with no "know how" ... the current "Idi Amin Dada Oumee" wannabe is no better than all the other tribal thugs .. if Zimbabwe was rich enough to have used tires they'd necklace every non-black they could find. Just like that peace loving couple in South Africa.


African blacks are the most racist beings on Earth , they murder people based on shades of brown or minor tribal differences with a boring regularity .. I'd just like for them to finish the job and leave Africa barren of people so I can stop seeing Sally Struthers on my TV.

dvfco's picture

How do you feel about Meathead?

Who is John Galt's picture

These people of whom you speak are the people whom the term "Nigger" was first coined for.

dvfco's picture

Cecil Rhodes was a smart, rich dude.  He was so smart and rich, they not only named a country, but also a scholarship after him.  Sorry - couldn't resist.  

There was some fairly interesting info on Botswana and its partnership with DeBeers, which is producing a ever increasing standard of living there.  This doesn't seem to be the case in the rest of the continent, unfortunately.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

In addition to being a 'manly' adventurer and explorer and founder of nations, Cecil Rhodes was a gay man who loved young boyish types, and surrounded himself with them

'Cecil's lambs' they called the young lads

One of the main reasons people left Britain for 'adventure' in those days ... to do the things they couldn't do in polite society back then

Mentaliusanything's picture

so in Brussels you have no fudge packers. I thought Chocolate was your specialty

Afrispaans's picture

Cecil Rhodes was a colonial thug and bully boy who makes today's class of crony capialitsts look like rank amateurs. But of course, the history of the Anglo-Boer War isn't exactly common knowledge. Botswana has a very per capita GDP for the region, but also suffers from major social/political problems: I remember a rash of home invasions in which the perpetrators would tie up the (white) family and burn their buttocks with a clothes iron. The Botswanan government couldn't be clearer in its position regarding the Bushmen still living in the Kalahari: it wants Botswana's original inhabitants legislated out of existence.

arby63's picture

What NoTTD said. And they would do it AGAIN tomorrow if given the same opporunity--even with the benefit of hindsight. Pure idiocy--and yes, it's in their damn DNA.

Silvermoney's picture

Yea, Mugbe forgot one important detail.  None of the blacks knew how to farm. Just another dum shit african tribal leader. Maybe they can make some clay pots and sell them.

Conax's picture

I used to read a column mailed in by a 'Cathy Buckle' who chronicled the collapse and failure of the Rhodesian economy.  I always wondered how she could live there with $300 apples and whatnot.

I wrote her once, told her "Just leave." Never got an answer.  Haven't seen anything from her for about 6 months now.  They prolly cut off her communications since they were always negative. 

LFMayor's picture

yeah, "cut" her communications. With a panga, you mean.

Mentaliusanything's picture

Someone knows the "tools of trade" but an Elephant rifle takes five panga weilding midnights out of the game right smart. puts blood and bone into the soil as well. Bonus!

NumberNone's picture

In honor of the Christmas season and all the suffering in Africa, a bunch of musical artists have come together to help Africa.  I'm sure that their efforts and awareness creation will end the suffering in Africa if only we all step up and do our part to help.  It's something called Band aid.  I'm sure the problems in Africa will be solved in a matter of months due to the guilt we feel and the flood of money we give to these countries to solve their problems.  Because all problems can be solved with cash.  Do they know its Christmas time at all?  

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Can remember the famine in Ethiopia a couple decades back, when a large portion of the 40 million Ethiopians were hungry

World poured in money and aid and food, better farming techiques etc.

Now there are 80 million Ethiopians, population has doubled in no time

And it seems there is famine again ...

Demographers are hesitantly pointing out that the last continent of population boom, is Africa, and in fact most of the next 3 billion people to be added to the current world 7 billion, will come from Africa

From Canadian journalist (Mr) Gwynne Dyer, 'The African Population Disaster':

« ... much tutting and shaking of heads over its prediction that we will be ten billion by the end of the century. But almost nobody will have the temerity to point out that this is almost entirely an African problem ...

« The United Nations Population Fund’s own numbers tell the story. Africa currently has one-seventh of the world’s people: just over one billion. But during the rest of the century, the UN agency predicts, this single continent will add an extra 2.6 billion people, more than tripling in population, while all the rest of the world adds just half a billion. ...

« If it weren’t for the African population boom, the world’s population would never exceed 7.5 billion. »

Kobe Beef's picture

google 'r-selection, K-selection' and you will know the biological basis for this recurring phenomenon among African-descended populations.

ConfederateH's picture

"Banks have closed, ATMs have run out of cash and transport services have been paralyzed." It gets worse: "Zimbabwe's unemployment is pegged at around 80 percent with many people in Harare, the capital, eking out a living by selling vegetables and fruits on street corners."

This is what happens when Blacks gain control and chase all the whites out.  It happens with a consistency and a regularity that cannot be refuted.  Johannesburg, Harrare, Detroit, Cleveland, Gary.  The story repeats itself with complete predictability, yet predictably the progressives blame the whites for leaving.

LFMayor's picture

So are mathematics, truth and other hard facts.  They are often BLINDINGLY clear.

Bag Of Meat's picture

It's not really corruption, more like political survival..
Great book,many answers : "The dictators Handbook" 

Bad Attitude's picture

It's called "social justice."