Guest Post: Why I Am Hopeful

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Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds

Why I Am Hopeful

Why am I hopeful? the Status Quo is devolving, and a better way of living lies just beyond the corrupt, wasteful, ruinous consumerist debt/financial tyranny we now inhabit.

Readers often ask me to post something hopeful, and I understand why: doom-and-gloom gets tiresome. Human beings need hope just as they need oxygen, and the destruction of the Status Quo via over-reach and internal contradictions doesn't leave much to be happy about.

The most hopeful thing in my mind is that the Status Quo is devolving from its internal contradictions and excesses. It is a perverse, intensely destructive system with horrific incentives for predation, exploitation, fraud and complicity and few disincentives.

A more human world lies just beyond the edge of the Status Quo.

I know many smart, well-informed people expect the worst once the Status Quo (the Savior State and its corporatocracy partners) devolves, and there is abundant evidence of the ugliness of human nature under duress.

But we should temper this Id ugliness with the stronger impulses of community and compassion. If greed and rapaciousness were the dominant forces within human nature, then the species would have either died out at its own hand or been limited to small savage populations kept in check by the predation of neighboring groups, none of which could expand much because inner conflict would limit their ability to grow.

The remarkable success of humanity as a species is not simply the result of a big brain, opposable thumbs, year-round sex, innovation or even language; it is also the result of social and cultural associations that act as a "network" for storing knowledge and good will--what we call technical and social capital.

I have devoted significant portions of my books Survival+, An Unconventional Guide to Investing in Troubled Times, Resistance, Revolution, Liberation: A Model for Positive Change and Why Things Are Falling Apart and What We Can Do About It to an explanation of how community and self-reliance have atrophied under the relentless expansion of the dominant Savior State and the cartel/crony-capitalist corporatocracy.

The social capital and "return on investment" earned from investing time and energy in community and other social networks has been replaced by a check from the Savior State--a transfer payment that surely beats the troublesome work of investing in community in terms of risk and return.

The net result of the Savior State dominating society and the economy is the rise of a pathological mindset of entitlement and resentment--the two are simply two sides of the same coin. You cannot separate them.

Once self-reliance has been lost, so too has self-confidence been lost, and the Savior State dependent--individual and corporation alike--soon distrusts their ability to function in an open market.

This is a truly sad, self-destructive state of affairs, and deeply, tragically ironic. The calls for "help" quickly lead to dependence on the Savior State, and that dependence quickly breeds complicity and silence in the face of repression and predation by the State and its corporate partners.

In a very real sense, citizens relinquish their citizenship along with their self-reliance and self-worth once they accept dependence on the State.

I often mention that the U.S. has much to learn from so-called Third World countries that are poorer in resources and credit. In many of these countries, the government is the police, the school and the infrastructure of roadways and energy. Many of these countries are systemically corrupt, and the State is the engine of enforcing that corruption.

Rather than something to be embraced and lobbied, involvement with the State is something to be avoided as a risk. In everyday life, people rarely encounter the government except in law enforcement or schooling.

As a result, people depend on their social capital and community for sustenance, support, work and connections.

This is not altruism, it is mutually beneficial.

Once a community dissolves into atomized individuals who each get a payment from the Central State, then they no longer need each other. Rather, other dependents on the State are viewed as competitors for the State's resources.

These atomized, isolated individuals have a perverse relationship with the State and what remains of the community around them: lacking the self-worth earned from work or engagement/investment in a community, then their only outlet for self-identity is consumption: what they wear, eat, drink, etc. as consumers.

This dependence on the State also serves the State's goal, which is a passive, compliant populace of dependents, and distracted, passive workers who pay their taxes. Thus dependence on the State and a hollow consumerism are ontologically bound: one feeds the other.

The era of debt-based consumption as the engine of "growth" and "prosperity" is coming to an end. Adding debt via credit no longer creates growth; it actually takes away from the economy by expanding debt service (interest payments).

The vast majority of developed-world people have had the basics of life since the late 1960s -- transport, food, shelter and utilities. The "growth" since then depended on cheap, abundant oil and a consumerist mentality in which one constantly re-defines and renews one's identity not from social investments in others or the shared community but from consumption.

Not coincidentally, this dominance of consumption as the only metric for "growth" (as opposed to, say, productive activity) has been paralleled by the dominance of the Central State.

The end of credit-based consumption will be a very positive development, as will the devolution of the Savior State. The Savior State is like oil--both are at their peaks and are starting their inevitable slide down the S-curve. The world they created was not as positive for human fulfillment and happiness as we have been told.

Indeed, study after study has found that people with the basics for life, a higher purpose that requires sacrifice and a tight-knit community are far and away happier than isolated, atomized, insecure consumers, regardless of their wealth and consumption.

This potential to re-humanize our economy is why I am hopeful.

Longtime reader/correspondent Brad L. offered an insightful commentary on why he remains hopeful.

I see the potential for a discontinuous plunge into chaos driven by unsustainable debt every time I read a macroeconomic analysis. But "on the ground" in my own life, I see something different. Every day, in millions of unheralded ways, I see individuals making incremental changes in the direction of sustainability. There are twice the number of farmers' markets that there were 10 years ago, largely because the number of farmers is actually rising for the first time in modern American history. My buddy who owns an electric bike shop can't keep them in stock, because people are dumping their second cars in favor of e-bikes. There's more solar on rooftops every week in my little Tempe suburb. Etc. etc. etc.


It adds up to "damping the discontinuity," and perhaps explains why we are six years into fearing a plunge into horror that never quite seems to materialize. The better society that you envision - I often think as I read your great essays - may be quietly building itself under all of our noses.


The obvious question, of course, is will it happen fast enough? But I am very much an evolutionary theorist. Unlike Mencken, I don't see boobus Americanus when I look around me, tempting as that dismissal may be. The deeper truth about even the most pathetic Americans is that, like all human beings, they are the end product of 250,000 years of homo sapiens selecting for survival and reproduction, which means selecting for problem-solving.


And I dispute the notion that the "default" way to solve the survival-reproduction problem is to kill or otherwise tear communities apart. At a deep level, we understand that groups and tribes survive more readily - and allow us to mate and raise young more successfully-- than do individuals. I am confident that the emerging solutions will be rooted in that understanding.


Should the manifesting of problems pick up speed, I guarantee that this generalized, widespread, difficult-to-track-or-quantify problem-solving will speed up accordingly. I am confident that the former won't outpace the later to any vast degree. Ultimately, I admit, that's just a guess, but there is a lot of history behind that guess.


I know the numbers you have cited of the debt that's been taken on to support the Status Quo over the past four years ($6 trillion in new Federal debt plus the $7.7 trillion bailout of the banks) don't come close to being sustainable, and suggest serious, rapid, negative change. But a brilliant thinker once remarked that "Food is wealth, health is wealth, energy is wealth; all else is illusion."


So if the first thing that changes is the internalization of this ethic, the remainder of the changes won't be so difficult. Big if. Possible, though, because it will become necessary. Maybe the best example of "problem solving" that I cited earlier will be the revamping of problematic values...


Also - a huge, overlooked positive enjoyed by Americans is low population density amid vast tracts of arable land in a temperate climate. If sufficient food is the real basis for wealth, we'll need to seriously screw up - via nuclear war that spreads within our borders, for example - to experience the loss of anything we truly need. Any "suffering" rooted in the loss of cheap Chinese crap does not, I think, deserve to the labeled as such, and perhaps many people will come to realize this.


I guess I'll stay hopeful until forced to become otherwise. Have not been forced yet.

Thank you, Dan and Brad for these contributions. I will close this Christmas entry with two favorite quotes:

From the poet Rumi: Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasures.

From Leonardo Da Vinci (via Kathy K.):

Don’t underestimate this idea of mine, which calls to mind that it would not be too much of an effort to pause sometimes to look into these stains on walls, the ashes from the fire, the clouds, the mud, or other similar places. If these are well contemplated, you will find fantastic inventions that awaken the genius of the painter to new inventions, such as compositions of battles, animals, and men, as well as diverse composition of landscapes, and monstrous things, as devils and the like. These will do you well because they will awaken genius with this jumble of things.

Best wishes to you for a safe and happy holiday.

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Muppet of the Universe's picture

They will awaken genius in some.  Most everyone?  Likely no.  The only hope for this future generation is if all the old shits finally crap out and die.  The older generation of loser boomers are dead weight upon us, and they have signed over the younger generation to a life of poverty in oblivion.  In other words, genius perhaps in the young, some of them.  But what we need is for everyone to wake, to prevent the world wide slavery that is coming.  & until the old are wiped clean from the earth, we will never have growth.

I understand the notion of finding the good in a bad situation.  But until people become downright loathsome and indignant toward this entire situation, it will only get worse.  The time for  looking on the bright side is long over.  The only solution, in my mind, is a final one for those who would be slaves, and those who would be slavers.

Muppet of the Universe's picture

In summation.  To be hopeful of a good outcome, is to pretend that muppets are people.  The weak and stupid will always choose to be slaves.  It is exactly why Jesus told Paul to wipe out city after city.  It is exactly why the Bible says God came down and wiped out the people.  It is clear when the Bible says, Jesus told his people to live hot or cold.  Translate this into whatever literal depiction you want- death is coming for this whole society, any only those who can "see", know this.  Everyone else, is operating on windows 95, and they simply can't, "crunch the data".

Someone said this reminded them of the world ending.

I think this is simply the end of humanity.  The sad part of it isn't that the miserable pieces of shit that pretend they are human are going to die.

It's that they are going to go silently.

StychoKiller's picture

There is much cynicism on ZeroHedge, there is also much pessimism, but damn few Nihilists, such as yerself.  If yer life is truly that dark, then why continue to live?  I have many things in my mind that are STILL worth fighting for, do you?

Yen Cross's picture

 Can we call it [ Z/H isms]?   I like ism's. Ism's are pretentious.  The synergism of Congress is non existent!

Muppet of the Universe's picture

I am no nihilist.  Only a realist.  I read people, and they tell me what will happen as if they were playing out a hand of cards.

I will say however: There is something odd that exists between generations.  High school is like a fractal of life; a segregation exists between age, and classes.  So the older will always be at odds with the young.  But like the transference of the old into nursing homes, this new generation will be more resentful and angry toward their elders as we head into the fall.  They will be looking for answers, and from personal experience, they listen to the young (like them) much more than the old.  There seems to have been a great failure between the old and the young, so much so that each fractal generation will continue expanding in this realm.  Eventually the disunity the Illuminati sought to bring between family, will result in unity by generation.  & that, is one of the only things that brings me hope. & unity by generation, is not only stronger than family, but the only thing that will progress man beyond self-destruction and competitive destruction.

One of the other points of hope: despite the general retardation that seems widespread across all peoples, ages, and classes, there is one thing that unites the young more than anything else.  & that is the internet.  That is the only thing the young rally behind.  Tell them to be stupid and kill themselves, sure they are all about it.  But tell them the internet is losing its freedoms?  & for some reason they move.  & as the collapse grows, so too will their unity around the internet.

But that is not to say I am hopeful.  Even if the muppets do rally and fight off evil, it will come again due to their stupidity.

RockyRacoon's picture

You started off wanting to kill all the "old people", whom you seem to blame for all the world's ills.  I'm afraid that your fractal analogy applies to all age groups and social strata.  It's not all horizontal and separated by age.  Some of the fractal nature is vertical. 

Yen Cross's picture

I think Rocky was pretty impressive/ +1

Muppet of the Universe's picture

I think you are old and stupid.  & I think you are biased.  In fact, I know this.

Yen Cross's picture

 Old and Stupid? LMAO/  I might be a little biased.  You are "generally" a respectful young Man. I can tell by your reply.

  Since we have moved past presumptions, I feel compelled to ask you why that you conclude I'm biased? Are you a History Major doing post graduate work?

  It wasn't me that downvoted you/ FYI

Imminent Crucible's picture

@Muppet: "Jesus told Paul to wipe out city after city"

Chapter and verse, please. I'm thinking you just spout this rubbish because you kinda, sorta heard a little bit of New Testament while you snoozed through Sunday School.  I frankly don't believe that's in the Bible, especially since Jesus was dead before Paul even came down from Tarsus to flog a few Jesus People into prison.

Oh, wait--I'm wrong. It's right there in II Testicles 13:4, after the place where Buddha said, "Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by genocide and mass slaughter; this is the eternal rule. If the mass of people will not sit under the Bodhi tree and imbibe wisdom, kill the fuckers. All of them."

If you come down from your Magic Bong ride someday, let's talk about why Old People Gotta Die. You remind me of Bill Clinton and his "Bridge to the 21st Century" idiocy. We were going to get to the 21st Century no matter how long of a hard-on Billy could put out there.


Element's picture

So now you want to get all technical and bring facts into it - just typical!! Hurry up and die already you old farts so ignorant asses are free to talk pure crap, without being constantly required to make sense! So damn sick of your contiguous logic and civil courtesy schtick!

Scheech! ...only on the internet!!!

Lore's picture



Muppet of the U needs to be reminded that EVERY GENERATION FEELS EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. The 'Savior State' is well aware, having spent billions over the years understanding the formulas that allow it to reinvent itself in a way that allows the next batch of chumps to feel that their utopian ideal is a little more achievable and foolproof than the last, COURTESY OF THE STATE.

From the article: "The end of credit-based consumption will be a very positive development, as will the devolution of the Savior State. The Savior State is like oil--both are at their peaks and are starting their inevitable slide down the S-curve. The world they created was not as positive for human fulfillment and happiness as we have been told."

Lo and behold, what do we see rolled out by the United Nations (in the 21st century, a manifest symbol of globalist statehood) over the last 20 years but "Sustainability" Agenda 21, cleverly crafted to hijack the movement against old debt-based consumerist oligarchic collectivism and roll out the new flavor of "Savior State," ostensibly to "save the planet."

(The scope of the Global Warming narrative is significant for it hints at the scale of economic dislocation anticipated by UN think tanks in their pursuit of a size-compatible smokescreen.)


mkkby's picture

Hey, Yen.  Arguing with the mentally ill won't get you anywhere.  Logic can't penetrate the psychosis.

buzzsaw99's picture

my fil is 75 years old. he has more knowledge in his pinky finger than you have in your whole worthless brain. he could doubtless kick your ass in ANY system put in place even today. he could out work you, out-produce you, out earn you, and out fight you, of that I have no doubt. piss off you whiny little bitchez.

mkkby's picture

Let's hear from some young people who are actually working hard and saving for a better future.  Instead of these whining pussies who are angry that mom doesn't nurse them any more.

I have a friend who got kicked out of his parents house at age 18.  He took low paying hard physical work, and did it better than anyone else.  That was NOTICED and he steadily moved up to VP level.  It took many years.  He didn't buy iShit or other toys.  He avoided debt.  In 15 years he paid off his house, and with a wife that stayed home raising NICE, WELL BEHAVED kids.

All you pussies can do that too.  But you tell yourself you're too good for hard work.  So you pout in front of the TV and blame others.  Pitiful.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

What's wrong Muppet, get kicked off one of the Counter Strike servers?

BeetleBailey's picture

Let me be clear.

Fuck you.

You sound like Barry O'Cuntus O'Blamer. Like the young are fiscally responsible and smart. What a fucking hoot.

Again. Fuck You.

Muppet of the Universe's picture

I know.  What I'm saying is the young will be a shitload more pissed off, and they have the internet this time, and it is the only thing these idiots really care about.

All I said is that most of the old are responsible for fucking over the young.

RockyRacoon's picture

Join the Chorus of Man, my friend.   If you have a bias against the old then confirmation of that is in abundance.  The "old" are not monolithic and deliberately out for the destruction of the "young".  Wish it were that simple.  This tool you speak of, the Internet, was developed by the "old" and freely given.  So, blaming the old for problems, and assuming that the young will wield that tool to destroy any other group, is saying that we have sewn the seeds of our own destruction.  And you could very well be right.

Yen Cross's picture

 Rocky we have clear case of " Children of The Corn" syndrome. When we were kids we had "Tonka Toys" and "Phone Booths".

  We got are asses kicked for mouthing off! We respected our elders, and realized nothing comes for free!

SilverDOG's picture

So then wtf did you accomplish?



Yen Cross's picture

Absolutely NOTHING! I got no reply to my question?(from your peer above^)  I'll let you know ASAP? Inquiring minds want to know.<>

lakecity55's picture

Methinks some of our posters have just not lived long enough to see with enough experience.

I too was once full of Hell-raiser.

They will gain experience.

Learn as much as you can, grasshoppers. Never Stop!

I spend 2 hours a day in  study, at 60!

Faithfulness is Success.

I am on to you's picture

Well,ill admit,im old!

So old i remember this from an other time,when the young was rebelions,the sixtys,we had all,we thought ,but it was coopted,by the industry,so it went slowly into it self!


My point is:Do You have the internet,i referer to what you say,The Young have the Internet,honestly,i think the Internet have You!


The Internet didnt invent it self,somebody did,and they control it,and whom is there.

Not only you in person, but You as the group,as i se it you wont be abel to loose a fart,without being registred,even the  smell wil be registred!


And The old are responsible for fucking over the young,why,cause we build the schools for you,8 hours bendéd over the Bricks pr day,tons of them,the asfalt you drive on everyday,the Hospital you enter when you are sick,no a few olds as you call us ,are responsible yes,but these olds have nothing to do with the majority,we loved music and smoked a good joint,you can thank us for the music.

We all read people,smotimes with succes,others,without!


I which,that for your generation sake,there will be better times up ahead.

Optimist,or not,it dont look good,but all the good luck anyway,your gona need it.

PS,as i recall it,The Fab four,not The Liverpools,but the Goldman Sachs,wasnt they young people?

The ones sitting at the SEC-I dont recall this, i dont recall that,it wasnt me,it was him,lur if they wasnt,young!

Stoploss's picture

The only person that fucked you over was your daddy, if you even know who he is.

He robbed you of ABILITY. That is his fault, no one elses, so blame him.


I liked your initial post but you lack the backbone to really follow through on your writing.

"What I'm saying is the young will be a shitload more pissed off, and they have the internet this time, and it is the only thing these idiots really care about."

The young will arm themselves with their favorite iTool and inflict holy iHell upon their readership. The thought of this makes me shiver because it's going to make all the old people die.

Yen Cross's picture

 A Feline Avatar looking for follow through?  Thats the oxymoron of 2013 Cat Herding!

Imminent Crucible's picture

That darn cat said: The thought of this makes me shiver because it's going to make all the old people die.

It's nothing to get all worked up about. It's the way God designed the world: He makes the young people so obnoxious that, when the time comes, the old people are happy to croak off and get out of here to someplace where they don't have iCrap and hippety-hop music.

All things must pass. Even George Harrison, more's the pity.

Tango in the Blight's picture

My parents, both past their 70s, busy themselves with iCrap and hippety-hop music (whatever that is). I don't.

r3phl0x's picture

Welcome to Nature:

Old Fucks Young. Strong Fucks Weak. Rich Fucks Poor. Deceptive Fucks Naive. Fast Fucks Slow. Large Fucks Small. Man Fucks Woman. Woman Fucks Man. White Fucks Black.  Black Fucks White. Yellow Fucks Yellow. And on and on and on.

Happy Holidays ZH!

GubbermintWorker's picture

You little whippersnapper! You're going to be......old one of these days!  If you make it that long, which is questionable.

TheObsoleteMan's picture

I'll not stoop to calling you names. Allow me to tell you about the seniors I KNOW. They have worked and sacrificed all of their lives, what they have, they earned the honest way. A few of my friends have been wiped out of much of a lifetimes worth of savings because of this fraud system. They don't whine and cry about it, they know it is out of their hands now {literally}. They get along the best they can. Others are now suffering the delayed effects of their former occupations; one can barely get around, while another has COPD and needs oxygen {he was a welder}. Others {like myself} have lost our better halves, after many years of happy marriage. We get lonely, so we go down to the VFW or American Legion and have a few beers. The kids come around when they can {they are busier than even my generation was, and trust me, we were busy!}. We volunteer for various charitable organizations to still feel useful.

GETTING OLD ISN'T FOR SISSIES! Nobody I know has ever intentionally hurt anybody, we just lived our lives as best as we could. The healthcare system is bleeding us dry. We are on fixed incomes and living isn't as easy as it was in our working years. We didn't create this system, hell I didn't want it in the first place, but it was forced on us, just like it has been on everybody else. No, I don't belong to AARP. They don't represent seniors, they represent their political agenda, screw 'em. If you are lucky, you too will be an old fart one day. Just keep opening your eyes every morning, and it will happen all by itself. ENJOY YOUR YOUTH! If you do nothing else. You don't get a second chance at it, once it is gone, it's gone. You are much too bitter for your age, you should be making a difference where you can. Sorry you feel like you have to blame us, it is misplaced. Sure, there are some seniors who are at a fault, but you could say the same for anyone in any age group. Take care, and Merry Christmas. I hope you had a happy one, and had the  good fortune of spending it with those you love. Signed-An Old Timer.

Magically Delicious's picture

This is my first post here and I'd like to thank you for your positive message.  I'm 27, often too bitter/pessimistic, and often lapse into unfairly resenting the old-timers.  The disconnect between older and younger in this country seems to exist due to narcissism and a lack of empathy;  neither side of the age spectrum seems to understand how tough things are getting for the other side.  I know tons of "spoiled boomers" who've had their 401ks wiped out, and tons of "lazy entitled millenials" who "won't get a job" because they can't find any. Why are we insulting each other instead of educating each other and fighting the true criminals together?

RockyRacoon's picture

Welcome to the madhouse.  It's refreshing to see that an education was not wasted on you.  You can actually spell and punctuate!  Congrats.  Your invitation to join forces is what is needed, not the generational and partisan divides that the Powers would like to engender.   Hope to see you post more comments.


delacroix's picture

I'm a boomer, and I doubt my kids would ever turn against me, since they know they are the most important thing in my life, and I live frugally, so I can help them out and leave them a nest egg, to fall back on if they need it. a social security check, would just add to my efforts in that direction. what else is there, coke and hookers?

Element's picture

Most of the older are responsible for you even existing, and also for keeping you alive for so long, and building a world your snotty worthless little butt could get ample in.

SilverDOG's picture




The wake of creative destruction, is all that will remain, after the Boomers cease to exist.

The overlaying dependency spawned, has ramifications beyond majorities cognitive ability.

Collective regression should be admitted, unless one refuses, thus succumbs unto.

This shall gain its peak, as above mentioned, emotionally not rationally, choose.

Results as planned, will render any who have, or do see through and beyond the proverbial wooled eyes, obsolete. 




hootowl's picture




RockyRacoon's picture

Uh, you talkin' to me? Try that in regular prose and we might have a discussion.  I didn't understand Ferlinghetti nor Ginsberg all that well in my youth.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Ferlinghetti is a pasta dish they eat in the South.

Ginsberg is one of those fake imported beers.

Mike in GA's picture

Reads more like the smoking grade of Hopium!

RockyRacoon's picture

You'll get no argument from me!

Yen Cross's picture

Always respect people for who they are. Not age, gender,profession, Ect...  You become what you chose to surround yourself with.

  If you want to be a SQUID, the Squidlets you surround yourself with, will make that happen!

auric1234's picture

LOL I was 16 once, too. And I had a lot of crazy thoughts, but nothings like this.

Worry not, you'll grow up. And you'll eventually take pride in caring for your elders.


Yen Cross's picture

Right of passage and mortality. I vividly remember telling my parents how smart I was. I many cases I was, but I didn't know how to exploit or use those ideas. My parents grounded me. My father is a giant prick, and I feel for a lot of these kids. I used his weaknesses to be a better man. I also learned from his strengths.

 My Mother , God Bless her soul, is amazing. I have the best Mother on planet Earth!

  Asian and Indian cultures deeply respect their elders, based on my travels...

bunnyswanson's picture

There has been only one way to pull the obvious Transfer of Wealth out of the US housing industry/middle class, and that is to not hit the "movers and shakers" (affluent, educated, in positions of influence) until the very last moment.  In the meantime, these same people have their jobs, are getting perks = are given the opportunity to gain wealth (during the transfer) and that keeps them pacified, for now.  When the SHTF, they will be the last domino to fall and, as designed, it will be too late to reverse the trend, to object to the politicians, it will be too late for all of us.

And that is why there is so much anger, not only of the young but the "new poor" as both are facing a dismal future if not complete financial ruin.  Wolfe Blitzer tells us economy is improving, jobs are coming back and people are ~shopping~ so "why are we whining?" 

Falling for this scheme will prove in the end that even the brightest financial minds, including Max Keiser and the Tylers, are fools for money.

Agenda 21 is moving in, slowing creeping into small communites all over America and taking inventory.  The debt will not be forgiven.  There will be a hefty price to pay ... so, enjoy it while it lasts because it is truly too good to be true.

MrTouchdown's picture

"I read people, and they tell me what will happen as if they were playing out a hand of cards."


Could also be written:


"I make assumptions and then revel in my confirmation bias while wearing a sweater and girl pants in the summer; writing poetry, listening to awful music and hoping girls will like me because I look like one."


There, fixed it for you! Now go get a job. Douche.

shovelhead's picture

Still alive because there are cute kitties to be run over on Christmas Day.

Holidays are special days to spread joy and kitty guts.