Iran Launches Week-Long Straits Of Hormuz Naval Drill On Friday, Next To US Aircraft Carrier

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With the market still hopeful of some deus ex resolution to the Fiscal Cliff will take place in the last few trading sessions of the year (one where the market itself will not have to be the catalyst for such a resolution, because once the selling starts in earnest, who knows if and when it stops, hence the loading up on prodigious amounts of puts), here is Iran out of left field, adding yet another known unknown to the inequality, announcing that it will begin six days of naval drills in the Straits of Hormuz on Friday. In other words a one year flashback deja vu, as Iran held a similar 10-day drill last December, when everyone was expecting an imminent escalation out of the endless Israel-Iran foreplay and was analyzing which were the new moon days allowing Israel unobstructed access to the greatest distraction of all - Iran's nuclear facility being moved under a mountain: a catalyst which Israel repeatedly said is the only reason to attack a weaponizing, nuclear Iran, and which took place some time in 2012. Now that the official window of opportunity is closed, will Israel tone back on the aggressive rhetoric? Hardly: after all that is precisely why the Syrian "outlet valve" has been put in play over the past 6 months.

From Reuters:

Iran will begin six days of naval drills in the Strait of Hormuz at the end of this week, an Iranian naval commander said on Tuesday, an exercise meant to showcase its military capabilities in what is a vital oil and gas shipping route.


The "Velayat 91" drills will be held from Friday to Wednesday across an area of about 1 million square kilometres in the Strait of Hormuz, the Gulf of Oman and northern parts of the Indian Ocean, said Habibollah Sayyari, according to Iranian media.


Iranian officials have often said that Iran could block the strait - through which 40 percent of the world's sea-borne oil exports pass - if it came under military attack over its disputed nuclear programme.


Sayyari was quoted as saying the new drill would test the navy's missile systems, combat ships, submarines and patrol and reconnaissance methods.


"In this exercise we will use the navy's newest weapons and tactics," Sayyari said. "Certainly we will observe the marine borders of neighbouring states and will carry out our exercises according to international laws and regulations."


A heavy Western naval presence in the Gulf is meant to deter any attempt to block the waterway.

And making sure there is no chance of escalation, the aircraft carrier Stennis, CVN-74, as shown in the US naval update map courtesy of Stratfor will be right there, quietly watching every move of the Iranian navy, often times smack in the middle of the drills.

And just to get the blood really going, Iran media has reported that there has been another Stuxnet-based attempt to cripple Iranian infrastructure. As a reminder, Stuxnet is the computer "virus" which crippled the Iranian nuclear power plant and set back the project by months. Via AP:

An Iranian semi-official news agency says there has been another cyberattack by the sophisticated computer worm Stuxnet, this time on the industries in the country's south.


Tuesday's report by ISNA quotes provincial civil defense chief Ali Akbar Akhavan as saying the virus targeted a power plant and some other industries in Hormozgan province in recent months. Akhavan says Iranian computer experts were able to "successfully stop" the worm.


Iran has repeatedly claimed defusing cyber worms and malware, including Stuxnet and Flame viruses that targeted the vital oil sector, which provides 80 percent of the country's foreign revenue.


Tehran has said both worms are part of a secret U.S.-Israeli program that seeks to destabilize Iran's nuclear program. The West suspects Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program, a charge Tehran denies.

Has the time come for perfectly inexplicable bid-hitting attacks (thanks BIS) to start targeting the Brent complex just as geopolitical tensions threaten to push it far higher once more?  The good news is that at least silver may be allowed to crawl out above $30 now that central banks are certain to not pump about $2 trillion in 2013. Oh wait...

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Is it time for the firewoks already?

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Meanwhile it appears Assad's forces in Syria are starting to use chemical weapons:

What's really going on in Syria is somewhat mysterious.  Things are not what they seem IMHO:

That Iran would be involved in whatever machinations are underway in the Mideast seems without doubt.  The outcome will ultimately be the destruction of Israel and America and defeat of the West as far as I've foreseen:

Merry Christmas,


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With most of the US carriers at home it seems unlikely there will be much to come from the drills.

But if that stuff about another worm is true, it's a bad sign for the 'allies'.

Everytime you use a weapon like this you make your enemy smarter. Eventually your enemy makes these weapons for you. They also learn how to use them from you.

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That's exactly what I was thinking reading the post, the US flew recon all over Iran for years, the Iranians watched, and then they captured an entire advance stealth RQ-170 in fully functioning condition.

So the US/NATO/Israel have been using virus's against Iran for years, the Iranians have watched, and ... it's totally obvious what will happen there. Same with the self-defeating sanctions, all going to backfire very badly. The disreputable and dishonorable Iraq farce/debacle will not remain Washington's greatest-ever strategic blunder, for very much longer.

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Yeah! Them dirty Persians have the audacity to place their country in the middle of a cluster of Forward operating bases. A pox upon that saber-rattling regime.

Element's picture

no, but you are about the least genuine, honest or truthful commenter on zh though

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You may be right - the US has not won a war for some time yet picks fights mainly in the middle east.  North Korea says they have a new uraninium plant going and it does not make main stream news - well the jews don't give a damn about North Korea therefore the Us does not either because the jews run the US.  Oh but Iran might be thinking/doing nuclear and big deal.  Makes me want to puke!

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The new year is the same as the old year.

Looks like another war with the Muslims.

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.

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Either that or......get er done. Pick one of the three.

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Boys with toys. The only result is death. Enough!!!


The USA must protect israel. How will we survive without our puppet masters? Deploy the young US men, prepare them to die.

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Crap .. .  I will .... . I ROOT FOR THE Iranians. I Hate the USWAR -machine. If able i will post pics of AMERICAN soldiers being welcomed in Europe. Let them goat herders alone. The Bombing / rebuilding story won`t hold water anymore [piss in BClinton`s morning tea]. 

So there!!

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You are a fucking idiot. Which, by the way, you have full rights to be. are a fucking idiot.

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Some Johnny walk straight mixture shows up there, my comrade. May you idiocy last longer than mine.

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Well you have nothing to fear until the US suddenly pulls its carriers out of the gulf.


Iran is going to put itself in the position where the only militarily viable option is to nuke them into a paking lot. They do not have a China to protect them like North Korea does.


Iran is going to die in fire. If not this commie administration, then the next.


And, honestly, who gives a shit if Iran has some naval exercises. Everyone knows they have a navy because the West hasn't deciced to blow it to hell. Big fish in a very small pond is just pathetic.

cranky-old-geezer's picture



They do not have a China to protect them like North Korea does.

You're right, China doesn't have long range ICBMs to turn Israhell to glass & ash.

But Russia does ...and yes they've pledged to protect Iran.

Have a nice day :)

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Remember that surprise (unannounced) Russian missile a few months back that flew spiraling cart-wheels in the sky over Israel? That was a friendly Russian reminder to them that they're one EMP pop away from de-fanged helplessness and persistent inability to defend from incoming missiles and rockets. You'd have thought they'd have decoded that rather frank direct reminder but the denial is strong in them ... but I suppose it has to be.

An another example, also from Russia:

Same thing happened over Norway a couple of years back, originating from Russia.'s picture



Iran is going to put itself in the position where the only militarily viable option is to nuke them into a paking lot. They do not have a China to protect them like North Korea does.






A professor from the Chinese National Defense University says if Iran is attacked, China will not hesitate to protect the Islamic Republic even by launching the Third World War.

Major General Zhang Zhaozhong said, "China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third World War."

Element's picture

Indeed, and it's a major mistake to think the Chinese don't have the missile ranges, they have long range jets that carry ALCMs, plus they have SLCMs, and they have both SSKs, SSNs and SSBNs. The Chinese can nuke any point on Earth they need to strike, and they can do it as many times as needed to destroy any target or country. No one should ever forget this. A Chinese threat of that sort is not a hollow statement, and has not been for a long time now.

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Gas down to about $3.00 per gallon. Christmas over. Time to renew the hype. Too bad the American citizens can't exercise a little more control over their obviously out of control government. America is broke. It is operating on massive printed paper money. Everyone knows this can not last. Our main rivals, the Russians, Chinese and Iranians know this. They're just waiting for the bleeding pack leader to weaken enough for the kill. The parties over america. Bring your troops and jobs back home. There is still time to kick out the fascists and renew the republic. Well...... it's a nice dream anyhow!

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I love an ill written post. I just loves it too death.

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Gentlemen! You can't fight in here. This is the war room.

Rat Patrol's picture

That is funny.


Until countries stop trading us real goods for paper, we are golden. Enjoy your paper.


I'll never actually pay you a dime on your paper.

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"Russians, Chinese and Iranians know this"

hahaha, they are the one who made this country brook. one billion at a time.

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Doesn't every nation have, at least, a solstice holiday, or something?

Can't we all unclench our fists or buttholes, or whatever, for a couple days?

Relax a bit.   ... All this koolaid-fueled rage.

Yup. Koolaid. 'Cause Koolaid always makes the drinker feel better. Refreshed!

Comes in several pre-sweetened, artificial flavors for all the different ZeroHedge kids:











I like Strawberry the best.

With all the "Airing of Grievances" and "Demonstrations of feats of strength", you'd think someone would invent a holiday to incorporate that.

Better than sittin around drinking Koolaid.

Happy New Year!!

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8 out of 10 CVN in home port or under repair.  Only 1 in the ME.  Hardly a war stance.  Or maybe, the Stennis is the new "Maine."  Who knows what too-clever-for-their-own-good plan the Pentagon has up its sleeve?

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Has the Enterprise been decomissioned now? I don't see it.

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Beat. The. Drum...The Military-Industrial perpetual war machine needs an infusion. After all, military spending is good for the economy, right? Really, how can we go on with only one war to keep us going?  We simply must have another war, whether it's with Syria, Iran or (my favorite vote) Mexico.

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That's funny - I was talking with a friend from Mexico and he said that Mexico should just become the next US state since we pretty much pay for it anyway. Let's call it Old Mexico.

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How about we invade California? It's cheaper.

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Great time for US central planners to start a huge diversion like a military conflict so the sheep don't think about being robbed by Bernanke and the banksters.

Iran is following right into step with the plan of the US central planners.

The way to win against the US is not militarily, but economically. Help Bernanke and Federal Reserve bankster cabal destroy the US dollar and it's reserve currency status. 

Once the US dollar is shunned Bernanke and the Federal reserve spiral down to the Argentina, Zimbabwe economic club.


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“And just to get the blood really going, Iran media has reported  that there has been another Stuxnet-based attempt to cripple Iranian infrastructure.” – Tyler Durden

Is it now even unacceptable for a nation to report when it has been attacked by either the US or Israel?

It is Israel and the US who have engaged the warmongering. All of the elements are here in front of us: the pro-Israel Reuters and AP reports, the media connections that provide them outlets, the continuing attack strategy provided by neo-con, Goldman-connected Stratfor (George Friedman).

The world is witnessing the oligarchs’ Middle Eastern drive for war and the two most active ingredients have never changed: the greed by the American/Israeli empire for oil and the foreign policy targets (especially Iran) of the state of Israel which occupies tremendous leverage with the U.S. government.

Motorhead's picture

I think Iran needs to pick on somebody its own size.  I mean, that's been the US policy ever since Grenada.  Wait, or was it the Dominican Republic?  Or Panama?  Or Vietnam?  Ooops, wait, never mind.

FeralSerf's picture

All but one safely out of harm's way.

Where's the Enterprise?  Has she been decommisioned?

JR's picture

Could the real reason for regime change in the Middle East be the “abundance of natural resources located in and around” Syria and Iran? Have the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Western sanctions been used to keep Iran out of the energy market, making it difficult for countries to do business with her?

So it appears.

As Pete Papaherakles writes, it seems like everywhere an oil or gas pipeline pops up, U.S. troops are soon to follow:

“[A]s the media and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) launched their campaign to demonize Syria’s Bashir al-Assad, the government of Syria, Iran and Iraq signed a historic gas pipeline energy agreement, which was ignored by the Western press. This pipeline would take three years and $10B to complete and would run from Iran’s Port Assalouyeh in the Persian Gulf to Damascus via Iraq. Iran plans to further extend the pipeline from Damascus to a port in Lebanon for delivery to European Union (EU) markets.

“The source of this natural gas is the South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf, the world’s largest single gas field…”

According to Iraq Energy, referencing Iran Daily in May 2011: “Syrian Oil Minister Sufian Alao said Iran will connect to the Arab Gas Pipeline via Syria and Iraq, thus opening a route for the export of Iranian natural gas to Egypt.

Then, according to Papaherakles, “in August 2011, another gas field was discovered, in Qara, Syria, near the border with Lebanon and near the Russian-leased naval port city of Tartus.”

Additionally, in 1999, Iran had "signed an agreement for the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline (IPI) and was in the process of constructing it” before being thwarted by the U.S. and its proxies.

And all the while, as Papaherakles points out, “the United States has been heavily arming Qatar, a tiny country smaller than the U.S. state of Connecticut… the Pentagon’s control hub for U.S. Central Command, headquarters for the U.S. Air Force Central Command as well as Britain’s Royal Air Force and the heart of NATO’s military presence in the gulf…”

Putting these and several other natural gas issues into perspective, Papaherakles sums up the tensions for war in the ME thusly: “For these reasons, it now looks like Syria and Iran have been declared rogue states in need of regime change. Control of energy resources is the true reason why the U.S. has been ‘fighting terrorism’ and ‘promoting democracy’ in the Mideast.”,-Syria-Likely-

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I say let's start a pool for when they start the draft:  Put me down for 6-1-13.

GAAPpreNixon's picture

They don't warm bodies, they need money. The "draft" Wall Street is about to feel is called a SALES TAX ON TRANSACTIONS!

NoClueSneaker's picture

That would be a massacre for cheetas, and Nanex out of bussiness :-P

lolmao500's picture

Syria and Iran for the globalists christmas present!

ApollyonDestroy's picture

Skyrocket the oil already; we're about due for a final return!

Motorhead's picture

The peak oil blather has died down, hasn't it?  What's scary is now the same people talk about gold & silver and mining stocks the same way they did oil.  Hmmm.

Mad Muppet's picture

As to the Syrian 'conflict' I see it as an attempt to isolate Iran, in addition to a general love for fucking with any nation that opposes western hedgemony. Iran was trying to threanen the petrodollar, and we bloody well can't have that now, can we? These damned political fools (both D's and R's), blathering about the wonders of Democracy and Freedom. With their blue 'power suits' and red ties, and the US flag on the lapel. We're a war nation with power we don't have the wisdom to understand or the judgement to use.

Element's picture

If you haven't seen this yet, do watch:


SYRIAN GIRL - Obama Directly BACKING AL-Qaeda

Could it be any more clear that Obama Sin-laden, the now second-term traitor-President of the USSA, is the defacto head of Al-Qaeda in Syria? He's politically recognised them and he knowingly supports them forming an Al-Qaeda-based Govt in Syria and he's arming them.

The entire White House, US Congress and US Senate eat at a table set by a zionist, primarily Jewish Rothschild banking/geopolitical cartel. It's not just a banking cartel, it's pure rotteness to the core, a global political cartel. A geopolitical instrument with nuclear weapons that now openly supports committing global terrorism, as an act of statist globalist policy.