Chart Of The Day: Retail Sales & Excuses

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 Chart Of The Day: Retail Sales & Excuses

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I thought "Change" was supposed to be good...oh well, Thanks Obama and his owners!

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I'm gonna take one of those fancy cruises with my Christmas bonus this year and blow the whole wad on one cruise:

francis_sawyer's picture

No need to sell anything when there are plenty of 'excuses' to stuff the channel with...

ACP's picture

Should've had a "FUCKIN'" sale.

Janice's picture

Agreed, I like to stock up on fuckin every chance I get.

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I heard that cnBSc had some anal-cysts on their Nielsen 0.06 point rating show that said retail experienced the big suck because people everywhere who were and always have been broke & living paycheck to paycheck (or EBT to EBT, credit card to credit card) didn't want to rack up lots of debt this year (as they have in every prior year, as in nothing would/could/did stop them) because they were hesitant due to their fears over the "fiscal cliff."

Bob Piss-anti even did a person-in-the-mall interview and a woman named Chiquita Jones told him she was only going to spend 1/2 as much because, and I quote, she "fears the potential tax and other financial repercussions that would flow from an inability to reconcile & pass legislation that would remove many of the uncertainties that currently impede the decisions of businesses and consumers alike when assessing their willingness and/or ability to procure discretionary goods and services, as well as determining what level of capital expenditures are presently justified."

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"I'm a Chiquita banana, and I'm here to say....."

Isn't it funny how the phrase of the year seems to be, "You gotta be fucking kidding me!"

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Don't overdo it!  And bring rain gear...


Freddie's picture

I heard crap on the local news radio today.  I don;t watch O TV.   They said retail sales were down due to the hurricane, shootings or bad deals at stores.  Nothing about the dear Mullah's depression and the total collapse in confidence when he won yet another rigged election like Chavez, Fidel, Kirschner, et al.

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Remember the summer of recovery 2010 tour.   They were going to generate 250-500k jobs a month.   Bwahahahahah.   And then fuckstick obama said, "I guess the shovel ready jobs weren't so ready."  Which is not to say that I believe in the refucklicans either.   Just sayin.


Not so shovel ready


SanOvaBeach's picture

national scrapegoatism is at full blast!  simple reasoning for simple minds........

ball-and-chain's picture

I'm no Obama fan.

But this collapse was a long time in the making.

Obama is just performing clean up duties.

He's a slave to the banks and corporations--just like the rest of us.

sun tzu's picture

Barack is a slave? Sounds racist to me

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Cool website ball-and-chain. If a bit repetitive. I too consider waiting for the world economy to collapse to be a hobby. It's fun, motivating, although simultaniously depressing and paranoia inducing. It's a give and take relationship.

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who has the money to piss away on bullshit gifts anymore?

NotApplicable's picture

In my family, I noticed it was the most functional Christmas gift year, ever.

Even the camo lounge pants I got have multiple bennies. Especially when combined with the ammo received!

Well armed, hidin' in the oak trees, bitchez!

Element's picture

Wouldn't you like to be a retailer trying to make the rent and accounts reconcile in Feb after that Christmas-shopping almost non-event ... a lot of them are going to be hurting ... probably most were hanging-on for a big turnover in December.

I expect the warehouses didn't empty out much, and those ships full of plastic shit, pulling up to the dock right now, aren't going to sell all that quick. Well, except now we'll see cut-throat discounting, and credit-card companies dropping rates to attract some flow and extending no-pay periods into 2015.

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I gave silver, a classy gift that cuts the system. What more could you ask for? There was much joy in giving, I can assure.

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Fruit cakes can't be bought with food stamps ?

Mike in GA's picture

No, they only take campaign contributions.






Preferably cash, of course.  Wrapped in tin foil.

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how 'bout no disposable income?

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I think Obama can legitimately take credit for gun sales. He's got that going for him.

BraveSirRobin's picture

Agreed. Did the indusrty donate to his campaign?

Gmacks's picture

Do guns and ammo count as retail sales?

otto skorzeny's picture

anybody that has any bulk ammo left has raised their popular caliber ammo prices anywhere from 20 to 40% in the last day or 2

Freddie's picture

A friend went to Gander Mountain the other day.  They are big mega stores.  He said they changed the store around in the past 9 months or so.  The floor space is now 50% guns and ammo.  The fishing dept has been cut back a lot.  All guns and ammo.   They supposedly have tables set up for people to do paperwork to buy guns because of the lines.

sun tzu's picture

When the house of cards finally collapses, they might need some fishing gear too. 

mkhs's picture

You can always use dynamite.

Shigure's picture

Do gold and silver count as retail sales?

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

I have money to spend, but it's more fun to go galt and watch it all burn. 

Besides, god only knows how much we'll all be needing to pay for that free health care next year

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Just saw a news flash, Aetna says healthcare premiums to double. Life is good. Wait until the sheeple get the new rates next year and then they can send out thank you notes to our dear leader and all who "represent" them. Happy New Year folks

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People that lower Government statistics aren't counted.

Element's picture

Oh, the weather again ... I like that one ... endless scope for lies and misrepresentation.

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Fingers crossed Bernanke gets his inflation in 2013. Going to be great for retail sales next christmas.

Clusterfuck can't even begin to describe this crap anymore

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"What do JC Penney, Mitsubishi Motors and Martha Stewart Living magazine all have in common? Each has earned a spot on the list of brands that will likely disappear in 2013."


BTW, did anyone else see car sales from Japan (exports mainly) DOWN 50% Q4 due to 'tension' with China.

Freddie's picture

I love the libtard media sh** about how Martha worked on Wall Street.  She was a penny stock broker at a bucket shop in the 1960s (true).   She dumped her hubby but kept his WASP name because her Polish name and very working class NJ background and town would not have impressed the WASPs in Connecticut and the wanna be WASPs leaving the Bronx like the cockroaches that they are/were.  

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when r yea gonna move away frm home?

akak's picture

wen r U gonna shut the fuk up, troll?

You consistently have utterly nothing to meaningfully contribute to the discussion except for your flippant and puerile snark.

SanOvaBeach's picture

did mommie fold your underwear right!  enough milk and cookies in the frig 4 yea?  when r u gonna get a job?  u seem 2 really know it all.  r u gonna write a book soon so all of us can b full of shit like u,















SanOvaBeach's picture

nothing meaningful here!  just people that have run out of toilet paper and using their fingers instead!

klockwerks's picture

They, JC Penny, had to know that with the advertising they did in 2012 and the complete change of marketing it was doomed to failure. It would be interesting to get a link to  Pennys insider selling. Wonder how many shorts there are currently

Element's picture

Got to love the 'election' distraction excuse. Have a look at GDP in late 2008, pre-election, and the staggering post-election up-bounce, that halted the previous very sharp declines in activity.  The bounce happened on the street and in internet sales right at that point.

Freddie's picture

The election distraction?  I saw people who thought that if Romney won - they might get some time off from the gulag. They had some real "hope" and a little optimism.  I saw it a lot. 

When Bronco Islammy won through fraud - these people went back to gulag prisoner mentality and deep depression.  

Pretty sad that we serfs think (thanks to the NWO) that living in New Jersey (Romney) was that much better than living in Dante's inferno (obammy hell).  The NWO elites are evil evil evil.

The only thing most people are buying besides food is guns, ammo and mags.

Rearranging Deckchairs's picture

The people who think things would be fine if only Romney had been elected make me laugh. Unless Ron Paul or an actual conservative won nothing would have changed.


These no talent assclowns are getting tiresome.

SanOvaBeach's picture

when r u running 4 office?  your so fucking smart!  put u in command and our troubles r over.  u gotta move away frm home first............

Intoxicologist's picture

Sonofabitch's mom didn't buy him a dictionary, or teach him the difference between typing and texting.

Evidently, she didn't send him to Charm School either.

Sheesh!  Lay off the bath salts, dude.

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Bend fucking over


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