Guest Post: Jobless Claims Not Translating Into Full-Time Jobs

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live blog,

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why would an employer want to hire someone full time when they can get them at half the cost with no strings as a part timer

America you are competing with 3rd world corporate (child) slave labor, you should be thankful you even have a fucking job


think about that next time you pull on a pair of 100% child labor cotton blue jeans


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Sex traffic or apparel sweat shops or garbage gleaners .... take your pick .... Socialism is not healthy for children if they survive state subsidized abortions !

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Yes. All those "socialist" multinational corporations and their contractors running sweat shops on behalf of the workers.

You are indeed a moron.

Friend of Freddie's?

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It's a death spiral.  

We're being flushed down a toilet.

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You took the words from my mouth.

We live on a global plantation.  

For the working man, it's a race to the bottom.

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That's a nice head-and-shoulders pattern on the %-of-population as an FTE chart. Looks like its targeting 40% once the baseline at ~47% gets broken to the downside.

And Obama is just the man to break that baseline.

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" global plantation " ... what's wrong with that

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And with part time work now defined as 30 hours at $10/hr or less the unintended consequences of ACA starting in a mere 12 months will be that any company with 100 employees or less will be encouraged to fire full timers, hire as many 30hr employees as possible to stay under the magic line of 50 employees and push them all onto government health and take the fine.  Socialism is coming fast and furious people.

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(Who the fuck think's there's some linkage between "less" people getting fired and the creation of full time jobs... somebody got their head up their ass or sumptin'?)

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Knukles this guy lance is like one of the guys who you keep telling to get on the fuckin lifeboat on the titanic and he just keeps running around the fuckin ship spouting statistics while the iceberg sits in the background.

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Fonz... Thanks, I needed that.
One of those moments when the disconnect is too big, the lie too large that one just... shakes head or just wonders who, what, when and or why whatever it is, just seeing the absurdity as too bloody large to make any rational sense. 


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Whenever a friend of mine tells me that the corporate-run media (CNN, etc...) says things are getting better, I direct them to this article from the Zero Hedge:

More times than not, this equates to a new loyal reader for T-Dawg (aka Tyler Durden).

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American Airlines is hiring flight attendants (must be multi-lingual) and paying them $23K a year.  F/A jobs were never high paying, but this is less than they were making 20 years ago.  I guess that would qualify you for a $60,000 house using an FHA loan.

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29 hours is the new full time. Benefits not included.

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1.1 and that doesn't count every federal , state , county and township employee. I would say they are even worse government dependants

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There will soon be more jobless claims when the mfg and sale of firearms is outlawed.  Gona be a lot of pissed off people. Without guns lol.  What are you going to do?  Throw rocks at them?  This is the final nail in our coffin.

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Only a portion of U.S. weapon manufacture goes to domestic use. We're the arms maker to the world. You can bet that those guns will keep rolling off the assembly lines whether or not the people making them are allowed to own them.

Also, I suspect that the 300 million guns already in private hands will stay fresh enough to do their job for a few more weeks.

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Sling bow brother.  Made one.  Just google or youtube.

Play with it all the time.  Silent and deadly at close enough range.


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60K unemployed Coptic Christians agree .... Egypt generates the filthiest infectious medical waste and fece strewn garbage in the world .... barge it to North Korea for the Winter Solstice Socialist Feast Days .... Kimchi, anyone ?  No need to put a tarp over it .... the seagulls won't touch it !

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A diseased lover, a lusty anus, a thirsty rectum and a drug and alcohol compromised immune system !   Who needs Fukushima radiation ? Ooops, wrong thread !

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wont be to long, the number full time employees will plunge again if they raise min wages along with higher taxes more regulations and robots according to bloomberg news.......the never ending story,may end?

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Fuck this planet.

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Snowball !    You are in a planet endangering state of mind .... turn yourself in to the appropriate environmental authority !

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Caiman Garrote !  How's trix ?

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All the figures released by this administration are what i call snap shot statistics. They do a close up on what ever they think makes them look good and crop the big picture. Today they also touted "new" home sales rather than report on the whole housing market because the overhang of foreclosed homes will be a problem for a long time. Other times it amounts to photo shopping.

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First, what is the point of analyzing an estimate with 40% of the data estimated? We are discussing an estimate of an estimate.

Second, initial claims are not welfare but unemployment insurance paid by employees.

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Guest Post: Jobless Claims Not Translating Into Full-Time Jobs

When the clown car rolled in, Lance Roberts was driving. This guy couldn't connect 5 dots to make a star.

We can be quite certain that new unemployment benefits will have fewer and fewer recipients for the simple reason that you have to have held a job before you can collect unemployment benefits.

A dropping number of employed people losing their jobs doesn't necessarily mean an increasing number of employed people.

While he seems to kick that stone over for a second, he then appears to forget all about it in the rest of the article.

The remainder sounds like the clueless maunderings of MSM financial reporting that we flock here to escape.


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I thought this was old news. The portion of the working-age population has declined 2-3% over the past several years, so that's all one needs to know to understand a drop in unemployment numbers doesn't equate to an increase in employment. It's not that these people don't need money, they just got "discouraged" looking too long for work they need. And after 52 weeks the unemployed are no longer counted as such, so between the 50 and 99 weeks of benefits a person is not counted as looking for employment. And what of graduates, in the hunderds of thousands, who have yet to enter the workforce? Are they even counted as unemployed?

I fully expected this fact to be discussed AFTER the election.

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Complex systems sometimes cannot be controlled. Making fraud legal doesn't change anything and instead causes unintended consequences to unfold according to fate. Often very fast.

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Thank business for this one as much as government.  They want to pass on the pain while feeling entitled to being pleased at the expense of Everyone Else.

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Thank Obama and the Dems for Obamacare, the killer of full time jobs.

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Big sign in front of local Applebee's:  "NOW HIRING, ALL POSITIONS"

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This article makes one common mistake: the assumption that if someone is on food stamps that they are on welfare.

In fact nearly half of the people on food stamps are working poor.

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"The threat of higher healthcare costs, more than 5000 new potential regulations and increased taxes have kept businesses on the defensive resulting in lower wages, as discussed yesterday, and very lean employment."


LMAO. Yeah, I mean it's not like greedy employers would want cheaper, less costly temp workers to avoid paying unemployment insurance, SS taxes, paid vacation and health insurance....

Naw, it's regulations and Obamacare, yeah that's it.

Employers normally pay more than they have to for workers, yeah, that's it. If it weren't for those dastardly regulations and Obamacare, Employers would never contract workers or build shit in China nor Mexico...damn government intervention!