So Much For That Santa Claus Rally?

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For those who prefer to trade by looking the rear-view mirror, December was looking like a bias-confirming 'Santa-Claus-Rally' month until just a few days ago. For the past 15 years, S&P 500 futures have averaged a rather consistent trend 2% gain in December and in the week leading up to Christmas, the S&P was holding up that plan at +2.6%; but now, sadly, the S&P is down for the month (underperforming the average by around 250bps). Oh, well, we hear there is a January effect to trade soon?



Chart: Bloomberg

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Don't worry anyone...these markets are so thin and such an epic joke that even a minor league piker propagandist like Weisenthal can move them with a barely decipherable article that's hearsay about, and I quote Joe Weasel-fail, "SCOTT BROWN'S BOTTOM."

We knew Joe Weisenthal was a d-list propagandist. Some may be surprised to learn that he's a twink that's heavily lusting after Scott Brown's "bear" bottom (Weisenthal is day dreaming right now about it being a power bottom*).

Buy MOAR Stocks, says Jeremy Siegel, Abby Joseph Cohen & Dennis Kneale. Some of the "stocks" purchased back in 1999 are still around, even if they're pink sheeted, and there's a lottery ticket stock once in a while so you just have to plow your life savings into that rare breed if you want to make mad money, muppets.

*Bears and Twinks

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We're gonna need 535 gimp masks, stat!


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Look at Michelle Caruso Cabrerra (or whatever it is) on CNBS right now.  She looks completely fucked up... my son suggested a couple two three Vicodin and a few glasses of wine?  Looks pretty smoothed out, gang.
Rise Abobev er havbuvss                    (smile)

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You actually look at her face?

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Sadly? SADLY??

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to its investors from their own money or the money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation. The Ponzi scheme usually entices new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. Perpetuation of the high returns requires an ever-increasing flow of money from new investors to keep the scheme going.

The system is destined to collapse because the earnings, if any, are less than the payments to investors.

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The markets done well since 2008.

But everything seems based on fraud.

What happens when Gentle Ben takes the heroin away?

Or will he?

Perhaps we're the new Japan.

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Buy the Santa ~ Sell the Kwanzaa

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I love that in public schools they teach our children that an enthnocentric circus made up by a racist professor in 1966 is a societal equivalent of the various winter celebrations of the worlds' religions that have been around for thousands of years.  What a fucking joke.

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On thin volume like this, the market could close up on a few billion...somebody call the Fed

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And "They" start buying after the rumor has given a little respite. Time to push back up halting what was looking like a very ugly day.

Sure it's an efficient market.

It's an efficient form of manipulation.

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Appropriate for a fake market to believe in a fake santa clause! ROFL

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There will be a full moon on Friday, and my girlfriend is getting REAL bitchy lately. 

Those are the two key indicators I use to make all my buy & sell decisions.

TruthInSunshine's picture

You have to read tea leaves soaked in her menstruation under a full moon and then divine them...or something....I order to accurately and precisely predict the "market action."

That's how all the kewl sell side anal-cysts are doing it these days.

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It's quite possible that due to shortage of crude oil in the market, Obama has given the order to collapse the market, by using the fiscal cliff as a justification, so he can blame the repubs.


This could bring crude oil to $40 which is what the economy needs to get out of depression, same as in 2008.

Toolshed's picture

What? There are still stooges that take orders from Obama? I doubt if his kids listen to him  anymore.

ekm's picture

There still are. There are 47 million americans on food stamps and 47% of americans receiving some kind of gov cheque.

mayhem_korner's picture



Is ekm Finnish for "master of the non-sequitur"?

ekm's picture

It started with Bush after 9/11. Ruling by executive orders.

Obama has made it an addiction. Even the 2008 so called "crash" was an order. Remember Hank Paulson telling hedge funders in secret before it happened?

You'll see.

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That was 2008. Fast forward 4 years later and a few geopolitical changes and the US(D) is finished.

ekm's picture

USD is not finished unless Saudi Arabia stops denominating crude oil in dollars in exchange for protection.

Until that happens, there will be demand of USD to buy crude oil, period.

walküre's picture

the Euro is still around and the Chinese are buying in Yuan

not sure if this is the end of the USD yet or the beginning of the end but the "cliff" is strike 2 after strike 1 in 2008

USD is out

ekm's picture

Who is selling oil for yuan?

Iran is bartering with China, but not using yuan as reserve.

Nobody is selling oil for yuans.

walküre's picture

Russia and China have made all sorts of deals over the last 4 years. Deals that are NOT settled in USD. China and the BRICS are gearing up for trade in anything BUT USD. Where have you been?

ekm's picture

There is a trend for sure. These are all bartering deals.

No yuans, dollars or rubbles change hands or are kept as reserve.


Still, Saudi Arabia is the only country with spare capacity and there is no other reserve currency in sight.

Again, you are correct, there is a bartering trend, but not strong enough.........yet.

walküre's picture

there is no other reserve currency in sight

Oh, it's in sight but when everyone is looking the opposite way it will remain hidden.

There is only one solution to the financial mess. Let inflation go bezerk and allow real price discovery for all commodities especially for gold and silver. Why should the world give a fuck when America can no longer afford to operate their gargantuant and obese lifestyles at $300 / barrel?

Gold should be priced near $50,000 /oz to appropriately reflect the true value. None of this controlled bullshit we are seeing now. The elite decision makers in this country are sitting rich and fat in 100 years of paper dreams. Ironically the Fed was created 100 years ago and the bullshit began.

ekm's picture

Simple answer.

There is this thing called US Military that everybody in the world is afraid of.

It is this simple.

Winston Churchill's picture

That happened overnight as well.

The Saudi succession is not going how Uncle Sam would want.

Just keep watching the right hand,honest theres nothing up my left  sleeve.

ekm's picture

That will cause war in a literal way.

When Sadam invaded Kuwait, Sadam was done.

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Blankfeind did it. He's to blame. I can attest to reading countless articles wherein GS was telling all of it clients to load up with stock because the market was going higher. Right after that, wouldn't you know it, the market collapses and no Santa Claus rally. That Grinch Blankfeind made off with everybody's money. And now he's getting ready to finance three card Monti's election campaign with the booty as he continues to use everybody's money to take over the world.

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That "cliff talk" sure gets alot of coverage. We'll go over and into the abyss and all hell will break loose.

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And thousands will go on the jobless rolls on January 1! Christmas shopping layoffs and Obamacare layoffs.

ekm's picture

Obama strongly believes in his power to blame the others. So far, he's managed pretty well.

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"they" will use "the market" to twist the arm of d.c. policians. then "the market" will spike for a few days after the deficit spending continues apace then "they" continue the selloff anyway. lmao @ washingtin d.c.

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And the "market" will be praised for saving the day... New highs and fresh money for all.

mayhem_korner's picture



I returned all the stocks I got in my stocking.

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I'm to the point where if the market is down it's because "they" want it to be. I fully believe that Kevin along with the whoracle and other status quoists and statists are trying to send D.C. a message re the fiascal stiff. Every ZH reader knows that the most responsible thing that washington is capable of these days is to jump off the fucking cliff --which is probably why it won't happen.

Wake me on the days that the indices are down 2.0% plus as that shows a little lack of discipline in the manipulation and the possibility that something REAL might be happening.

mrktwtch2's picture

what if the dow fell 500 and nobody

HD's picture

But what about the poor algos? Won't somebody please think of the algos!

TruthInSunshine's picture

Black Boxes are going to be evicted from District 9 soon.

HD's picture

That I'd like to see...but doubt it. Just like nuclear weapons, the genie is out of the bottle. If someone is using HFT then all the TBTFs will.

Winston Churchill's picture

Prolly did,but the BLS managed the PR.

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don't even try to understand today's markets miroring history ... Bernanke and Obama are one of a kind !

larz's picture

Noo Normel


Quinvarius's picture

When they beat on gold, they fkd up the entire thesis.  Now you can only buy gold again.  It is sickening to see how ignorant the government is about economics.  They should learn that anything they do, ANYTHING, can only have a negative impact on the real economy.

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Hey there are still some trading days left ...  and rumor has it that towards end of the trading session there will be a rumor of a new deal ... so there is still hope for a nice short squeeze.

Never underestimate the banksters.

walküre's picture

VIX is showing signs of life and some excitement

BDI is going down Hades