China Passes Law Legalizing Deletion Of Internet Posts Or Pages Containing "Illegal" Information

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While the US is caught in a rancorous debate over allowing the government to define just what was and wasn't meant by the Second amendment, and how best to limit it and give the government even more powers, China is more focused on its version of the First. Because on Wednesday we reported that in its attempt to make the Internet "healthier, more cultured and safer" and to curb what Chinese regulators dub "rumors and vulgarity" it would pass a law making internet anonymity impossible. Sure enough, said proposal has now been enacted into law, which just happens to also ensure that the First amendment is never an issue China has to worry about. Per Reuters: "China unveiled tighter Internet controls on Friday, legalizing the deletion of posts or pages which are deemed to contain "illegal" information and requiring service providers to hand over such information to the authorities for punishment. The rules signal that the new leadership headed by Communist Party chief Xi Jinping will continue muzzling the often scathing, raucous online chatter in a country where the Internet offers a rare opportunity for debate." So much for reform. And so much for a democratic definition of what constitutes "illegal" information. But fear not: like in China, once the various US amendments start seeing encroaching government "redefinition" ultimately they it will be the First's turn. Alas, by then it will be too late: any complaints will by then be deemed "illegal" too.

More from Reuters:

Chinese authorities and Internet companies such as Sina Corp have long since closely monitored and censored what people say online, but the government has now put measures such as deleting posts into law.


"Service providers are required to instantly stop the transmission of illegal information once it is spotted and take relevant measures, including removing the information and saving records, before reporting to supervisory authorities," the rules state.


The restrictions follow a series of corruption scandals amongst lower-level officials exposed by Internet users, something the government has said it is trying to encourage.


Li Fei, deputy head of parliament's legislative affairs committee, said the new rules did not mean people needed to worry about being unable to report corruption online. But he added a warning too.


"When people exercise their rights, including the right to use the Internet, they must do so in accordance with the law and constitution, and not harm the legal rights of the state, society ... or other citizens," he told a news conference.

Remember that line: it will be used in the US some day too. But one must be prepared to make sacrifices to perpetuate some of the most authoritarian, centrally-planned regimes in the world.

Obviously the locals were unimpressed:

The new rules were quickly condemned by some Weibo users.


"So now they are getting Weibo to help in keeping records and reporting it to authorities. Is this the freedom of expression we are promised in the constitution?" complained one user.


"We should resolutely oppose such a covert means to interfere with Internet freedom," wrote another.

But the government had a ready response for that too:

The government says tighter monitoring of the Internet is needed to prevent people making malicious and anonymous accusations online, disseminating pornography and spreading panic with unfounded rumors, pointing out that many other countries already have such rules.


Despite periodic calls for political reform, the party has shown no sign of loosening its grip on power and brooks no dissent to its authority.

Remember when everyone looked at the Chinese Politburo congress in November and expected so much new reform, and change? Good times.

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[Illegal comment deleted by Z Zhou]

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In China they just delete America with the new NDAA they just haul your ass away.

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So that's what George Orwell was talking about. Coming to a Western server near you, you round-eyed devils.

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China economic progress made us (I meant US oligarchy and their politicians) very envy and very jealous. We have a long way to learn from China experience. We must level the playing field first and overtake them next.

In any case, we are in deep shit.


Seriously, China has reached a crisis situation in its economic-political development. The China Communist Party excessively breads corruption and thievery and became a major stumbling block for China’s development.  So, what is next?

Well, China very much follow the Soviet development model when, following the revolution and mass starvation, Soviet communist introduced NEP (New Economic Policies) allowing private enterprises. It boosted Soviet economy tremendously but weakened the Party hold on power. Then Soviet went to the Stalinist political-economic model. It appears that China started to move in the similar directions but with China flavor.  


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AnAnonymous, beware!

You better start wording your mind and throating your ideas in a perfectly seemless Chinese Citizenism way, or one innocent anti-blobbing-up slip and you may suddenly find yourself "donating" your vital organs to some Communist Party functionary.

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akak said:

AnAnonymous, beware!

You better start wording your mind and throating your ideas in a perfectly seemless Chinese Citizenism way, or one innocent anti-blobbing-up slip and you may suddenly find yourself "donating" your vital organs to some Communist Party functionary.

Ah, remembering you that AnAnonymous, being him George Dishwashington of Chinese citizenism, in employ of Chinese Citizenism Communautist Ministry of Truth. Official current positionary as among Peoples Liberation Council of Truth Cultivation givings he the earnings 2 yuan per commentation postedness much generously.

Be you with diligence perceptively wariness in order not the beneath falling under typical US of Americanism misperceptionalitization, other the wise can be misundertakings.

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In Europe they do the same. Germany & France are the worst internet censors.

[The following comment has been deleted as it violates ethical conduct policies of the JDL and the nature of the comment as well as containing anti-semitic undertones]

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I love Big Comrade

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Has anyone tried to surf ZH from China recently?  I was in a hotel in Shenzen a year ago and I could reach ZH, but not counterpunch, rense, etc. All blocked.

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Interesting. I wonder whether ZH is blocked now. TD mentioned that BAC was blocking ZH the other day. Perhaps it is like RT and Capital Account... all depends on whose side you are on.

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China is just 5 years ahead of US

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"...ahead of US"? mhh... just a thought: did you ever check where the ZH server is officially located? under which legal jurisdiction?

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which legal jurisdiction?


Last I checked it was ABC news. I love it and watch it all the time.

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ABCNews is owned by Disney.

A B C Media Ltd 

 A B C Group

2 Exmoor Street



W10 6BD,

United Kingdom

About A B C Media Ltd

Phone: (020) 8962 2300
A B C Media Ltd is a private company categorized under Advertising-Promotional and located in London, United Kingdom. Our records show it was established in 2004

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How far down the rabbit hole would you like to go?

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here is what I found: was registered in Bulgaria according to its WHOIS:

  Registrant: ABC Media Ltd P.O. Box 3 Sofia, Sofia 1784 BG Domain name: ZEROHEDGE.COM Administrative Contact: Hristozov, Georgi P.O. Box 3 Sofia, Sofia 1784 BG +359 2 875 35 99 Technical Contact: Hristozov, Georgi P.O. Box 3 Sofia, Sofia 1784 BG +359 2 875 35 99
and its server is based in Switzerland based on its IP lookup. 
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Apparently they are behind us in terms of citizen incarcerations, in relative terms.

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the second amendment will soon be the following:


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And FaceSchmuck is different how?

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Look no further than Australia for a country where freedom of speech effectively has been revoked

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And don't forget according to USA politicians what's good for China is good for us.  Fuck the UN.

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whatever it takes to keep the children safe

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That's been happening in the U.S with the illegal seizure of web sites without due process. Now Farcebook is jumping in on the action with any pro-2nd amendment people. The U. S. will start stepping it up a notch soon, and catch up with their Chinese brothers.

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THE SAME IS PLANNED FOR THE EUROPEAN UNION, secretly under the guise of "CleanIT".

this is all much closer than many may think

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Time to get good at speaking in euphamisms, analogies, and outright code. . .

or just going back to handing out handprinted leaflets made with woodcuts old timey style.

This takes Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent" to a new level.

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Illegal information? Is that like illegal thought?

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Just keep thinking to yourself:  "2+2=5"

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What's funny is that Ad Council runs a billboard in West Baltimore that reads "1 + 1 = 3". It some anti-pregnancy thing. It's hilarious. It's probably the only math those kids get exposed to.

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In other news:




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Books and everything else going to electronic form now means that government can rewrite history with just a click or two. How communist of us all.

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In other words, Obama successfully relied on Senate Republicans (the ones his supporters depict as the Root of All Evil) along with a dozen of the most militaristic Democrats to ensure that he can continue to eavesdrop on Americans without any warrants, transparency or real oversight. That's the standard coalition that has spent the last four years extending Bush/Cheney theories, eroding core liberties and entrenching endless militarism: Obama + the GOP caucus + Feinstein-type Democrats.

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So the only thing you will see when you surf to ZH in China is an add with Warren Buffets face telling you what to buy. Nice... Fascists & commies on the same road to destruction.

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Classic bureaucratic move.  There is a law which makes some internet posting illegal.  Apparently that is not enough.  They need to make another law allowing the authorities to delete the illegal material.  In the US we could only hope congress was as inept.  Think about it, if congress makes guns illegal, if they followed the Chinese model, they would need a follow-on law to do anything about it.  Nice.

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Search "China", Replace "AmerKa".  There.  Corrected.

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If you believe, after the ruthless repression of occupy wall st, that there's still a first amendment in effect, please share what you're smoking with the rest of the class.

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Golden Left Foot - video clip

A resident in the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai who stuck out his left foot to trip up a fugitive on the run at a subway station has earned the name "Golden Left Foot" from Chinese citizens.

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We need to address the source of the problem not the end result. It is clear that we need a universal electronic education system where the whole world agrees on what people should know and therefore, taught. It can all be downloaded to biochips and implanted in peoples brain. Comrads with higher security clearance will be able to access higher levels of knowledge on their chips, while plebians will only be given access to the knowledge neccessary to complete their assigned tasks. If the plebians are obedient in performing their assigned tasks then they will be rewarded with an upload of more information and more responsibility.

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It wont work. human beings define their reality through suffering and misery.  If they dont feel they have an opportunity to achieve higher things (but ultimately fail), they will loose the will to exist.  Entire crops will be lost.

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China - the planet's economic engine of the future.


Fucking communists.

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. . . aspiring to be the fucking Borg collective.

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Bilderborg. Of which our friendly ally Saudi Arabia (blogger arrested for blaspheming..) is also a happy part.

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Again, evidence of more of those in power FEARFUL that they will lose "something", if people are able to express themselves openly and honestly.

Can't have open and honest communication legal, now can we?

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global fascism is spreading like a plague.  unless the people of the world stand up together all will feel it's grip.  oh, and FUCK BERNANKE!

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Global fascism is peaked.  Once the Feds checks start bouncing, reliance will be on the local government and infrastructure.  This will spread.  EU is on last breath and when the Fedgov checks bounce, people will loose faith in global planning.