CME Lowers Gold Margin By 9%

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Adding to the confusion, for some, that is today's trading session, here comes the CME which in a post-closing announcement, proceeds to hike outright margins on a variety of petroleum and freight products, but more importantly just cut the margins on gold by 9%. Is it that time when the establishment is clearing the path for everyone to rotate out of equities (and/or bonds) into gold, just to set the trap and pull the trapdoor once everyone is once again left holding paper gold? We shall see, but following tonight's selloff, gold is now less than 5% less than stocks YTD. It may well be up to the last trading session of the year to determine who wins in 2012: rock or paper.

Source: CME

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Rock or paper? I say the Bernank's NECK.

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The CME lowers gold margins while Shanghai rises them. The difference is of course that in Shanghai you get gold, while at COMEX you get earnest assurances from Jeffrey Christian and Bart Chilton.

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Don't count your chickens....until you actually take delivery.


There is a reason drinks are free at the casino....they don't want you to actually take your chips and leave.

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Chacken and chips.  FUck you, now I'm hungry!

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Good thing I didn't reference watermelon.....probably would have got my ass smoked for that.

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I don't care who wins 2012....I know who is going to win the ultimate championship .....SILVER and GOLD.

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There's no way I'd buy a gold ETF.

I don't trust these people.

They get to commit crime in broad daylight and continue to walk the streets.

The mattress is the best place for my money.

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Physical cash and physical gold is not a bad strategy.  It is easy to explain as well.

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need more reason why gold is gonig to crash? trying to get the little guy in. 

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Right. Because the little guy is buying on margin... idiot.

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correct....the game is to drag in some of the hedge funds into the next fire zone. There is a desperate need to hold the price inside a range and without some weak hands getting on board they cannot pull it off. Its always about the weak hands and the paper trade is just about destroyed the suckers. gl

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This is the CME, that means futures, commodities trading. WHO isn't buying on margin?

If you had any actual knowledge on trading, EVERYONE is on margin - even the big finanicial firms. The is the enticement of this business - that is the business model.

You have HIGH leverage BECAUSE you are have very little upfront cost to control large amounts (contracts). That also means HIGH risk.


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No shit (kliguy38 made the same point above your comment an hour earlier btw), but thanks anyway - not that I really even care. I'm not a trader, wouldn't be a trader, and wouldn't befriend a trader. Traders are just tools with a license - most of them are phone monkeys. All this means is that paper prices will go up based on the pumped up liquidity in the sector translating into a higher spot on phyz, so: 1. buy more physical over the weekend when no 'trading' is going on 2. watch the spot rise moderately as the ES shrinks next week 3. patiently wait for another buying opportunity 4. rinse and repeat for as long as the system holds together. Beyond that, how many 'little guys' out here really care what the margin is?

[edit] I suppose I should add this disclaimer: This comment is just one idiot's opinion. I am not offering you advice!

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Because Jim Cramer recommended it in yesterday's show.

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It's the little guy buying gold and silver coins that is screwing them bozo.  He cannot enter the paper market anyway. 

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That makes sense but only in theory.

The little guy doesn’t even know what gold is other than jewelry sold for cash at pawn shops.

logicalman's picture

This little guy does, and has for a long time.

Well hidden Phys is the best!

WTFUD's picture

. . . the little guy is the UK banks. .

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How long until the paper gold door slams? $5,000? $200 oil? $300 silver? $10 milk?

logicalman's picture

Milk is not a good long term investment.

Cheese is different.

This just in's picture

cheese is a derivative of the milk carry trade.


But if you hold the teet, you get a dividend.

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Come to Canada...gas is cheaper than milk.

This just in's picture

If milk gives you gas, then it's way cheaper.

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And beer is cheaper than gas.

Drink! Don't drive.


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The lower it is, the more dangerous to their ponzi because physical buyers take the opportunity.

So yes, please keep smashing paper gold down.


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CME needs more muppets for the next paper trading gold smackdown.

Also, looks like CME is getting more desperate regarding their trading volumes. They're running a deal with a data provider Kinetick, to provide certain CME quote feeds for free.

I don't work for either organization, in case you want to know - I just think its amusing they're having a firesale on quote data, which is one of their primary income flows.

From the Kinetick FAQ:

Q: Why is this being offered?

A: The CME Group is interested in generating trade revenue. They understand that making data, news and tools available to traders will help drive volume on the exchange.

(Emphasis mine.)

Couldn't happen to a better group of people, eh?


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CME = Coke Meth Exchange

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Trader tim, excellent point, but i would say Yes and No.

Yes, It is Correct that CME is getting more desperate regarding their trade volumes. But, generating trade revenue is the noble cause, not the real cause.. The real cause is the suppression of Gold and Silver price but they will never disclose this truth in public..

If the trade volume drops, the whole rigged game will be exposed, they will loose control of this game of suppressing physical price of gold thru paper gold. The trade will go to somewhere else ( London, shanghai, spot etc.) and there will be more and more difference between the paper and spot price of gold until the whole paper control business explodes and physical gold price skyrockets. 

Remember when the Nixon closed the gold backing by gold in 1971 its the same year this CME is established. They are not there to make money, their only purpose of existence is to control the price of gold ( and silver).

They are very powerful, they have their backing by the biggest us banks, fed, us government, they have all the money they can burn, they can change the rules, they may even declare Force Majeure and not deliver you the promised physical if you decide to take a delivery at the end of your future contract but they have one weak spot, the Volume...




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CFTC Whistleblower & Independent London Metals Trader Andrew Maguire has over 40 years experience as a metals trader had some interesting comments on silver in a recent interview on KingWorldNews:


Maguire also added: “One of the things I wanted to talk to you about today was something I saw in Shanghai early this morning. Eric, I had to double-check, in fact I had to triple-check. We’re talking about the kind of divergence (in the physical market) now that’s unprecedented.

Today I looked at the opening premiums and there was a $2.89 disparity in silver. I’m not talking gold. When spot silver was trading in London at $29.61, silver actually traded at $32.50 (in Shanghai).

If you take an equivalent Comex contract, and I realize spot isn’t Comex, but if you take an equivalent 5,000 ounce Comex contract, that equates to a $14,430 premium per contract. I mean it’s ludicrous. There are reasons why you may or may not have a premium in Shanghai, but not to that extreme.

Shanghai (softened but) still closed at a $6,100 premium to equivalent Comex contracts. So what we’re saying here is that the divergence has now become ridiculous. I mean these high and low closing premiums literally illustrate the massive divergence between the paper market (and the physical market).

And, Eric, this is on an exchange (Shanghai) that within the next two years is actually going to become the world hub of physical gold and silver trading. It’s going to have its own fixes. So I think they (the manipulators) really pushed it a little too far today.

You’ve (also) got the short-selling algorithms, and they have absolutely no or little if any input relating to the physical market. So if this price turns against them, they are not going to understand why it has turned. They won’t understand the fact that central banks have been buying 6, 12, 20 (tons of gold), and I still haven’t even got the numbers for today, but there was very large physical take-up (today as well).

So when it (price) turns, they are not going to understand what’s happened, they will just follow it. But the concern to the bullion banks (here) is they are fully aware of the physical drain, and I absolutely guarantee you that they are going long on this final stage of the selloff.

Price up to now has really been assisted by (US) government defense of the dollar in the over-the-counter FX gold markets, but the central banks (out of the East) and the bullion banks are (now) jointly buying this discount.

Part 1:

Part 2:

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Bastids!  It's a trick!

Raise the margin to 100%!  Do it now!  Physical only!

e_goldstein's picture

but, but if they do that, then there can't be any moar price manipulation, I mean discovery.


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bought gld yesterday morning and while gld is down, my options rose 17% today.

volume is dropping and people will buy.
Sometimes it's good to play along as long as your the first one out.

and yes :) I'll buy the real stuff with the profits :)

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Good for you, Sudden Debt!  The Bearing was NEVER able to trade with success, and so declines to play in that casino.  Physical only.


Weird..., your (avatar) arms were not flapping until I greened you, weird...  Must be a conspiracy...

lasvegaspersona's picture


I down arrowed you just to see if I could make your arms stop moving (see Bearings comment)....they are still flapping.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

I don't know what's wrong with you, DoChen or you, LVP, but SD's arms always flap for me.


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. . . lent out one of my ounce gold Oz nuggets to my dope dealer who promptly did a runner. . . . am sober now. .

Global Hunter's picture

Down vote for being sober

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Further down vote for adding to the gold lease scam.

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I offer minimally destructive testing with WEDM .

"If you can't see it, you don't own it.


And BTFD. Whatever that may be.

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They are becoming irrelevant and they have finally noticed it.  Too late.

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Yes yes paper gold....on margin....yes have some.

Frozen IcQb's picture

Oh Please! Here we go again....

They must get that last day trader in Albuquerque

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Kevin was spotted at a meth house!

francis_sawyer's picture

Joobankers need to set the trap for a year end paper smackdown so they can spend their joobuck bonuses on physical... It's as simple as that... Pretty much the same thing happened last year at year end...

Of course ~ I'll get some JUNKS for that comment because there are some smart people with PhD's out there who will ASSURE you that markets aren't manipulated... This is absolutely NORMAL... & that francis_sawyer is delusional... [even though francis_sawyer has never set any traps, nor stolen money from anyone]...

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I junked you for trotting out the Hitler rhetoric about 'joobankers.' Of all the losers you could pick for a role model, that calls into question ALL of your subsequent analyses...