End-Of-Week Algo-gasm Insanity Imminent?

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UPDATE: S&P says an impasse will not prompt an immediate downgrade - ramp-on (perfectly to VWAP and faded)

The Dow just breached 13,000 to the downside and S&P 500 futures are bleeding lower (catching down to a more anxious credit and Treasury market). Now well below VWAP, we worry that the plethora of headlines about to be unleashed on the investing world will create chaos in the markets (most likely futures first given liquidity). Will the meeting (which started at 1510ET) end after the day-session close allowing futures traders to play? who knows...



AAPL used the rampathon to get to Boxing Day's closing VWAP for a heavy dump.

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Must....Close....Higher must....Ramp....to VWAP....Desperate....Keep scam alive...Magical DOW 13,000...oh noez....1 more futures ramp....PUSSSHHHH....

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Looks like it's getting ready to shit the bed.

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S&P nothing - just wait for bond confusion!!  As the equity markets pressure down on cliff, the bond market will want/try to rally JUST as confidence shatters and fixed income momentum creates the real shit show.  Remember, it's usually what people (and robots)  aren't looking at that is where the action will be.

silverserfer's picture

Al-Goreasm. got to give him credit as he started this crazy whole internets thing

rubearish10's picture

The stage is set so pefectly. What a shitshow!

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Me tinks that some BS will be fed to us to prop the markets up for the weekend.  The come Monday morning, the truth will be told, and the market crashes and plunges and falls and cliff dives into the abyss and boehner and reid meet the aliens at the bottom of the sea.  Oh wait maybe the last part is from a movie i watched recently.  Either way, get your swim trunks on.

rsnoble's picture

Could go the other way for one final bullshit push. Either way it's best to stay out of the way.

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they agree that they can't keep holding the country hostage like this. Eeveryone above 250k gets higher taxes. they punt everything else and the debt ceiling for another year.

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Correction...they agree that they are going to tell the country if you make over 250k your taxes go higher, but in reality everybody's taxes and other expenses go up.

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that is more accurate. i just trade headlines. not too concerned about details.


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I would translate that into: they decide to do nothing. Higher taxes may not increase revenue at all, there are times in the past when a tax increase failed to generate increased revenue. And, if it does generate a revenue increase it will be insignificant compared to the deficit.

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just hit the wires



voshnishki's picture

oh sNap! Houston, we've hit VWAP.

Texas Ginslinger's picture

Am thinking that a novel based on a rougue computer programmer setting up an hft algo to go apeshit, sending the markets toward oblivion,  might make a good story.

This couldn't really happen, right..??

Nobody For President's picture

There are several great SF novels buried in all this HFT shit.

How about an algo that goes sentinent, and gets as pissed off as most  ZHers at the banker scum and plots and pulls off a great crash?