Europe Ends Quiet Week With VIXplosion To Six-Week Highs

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EURUSD remains bid on every dip but has been more choppy this week as the world realizes the implications of desperate repatriation (see failed ECB sterilization). Spanish stocks bucked the trend this week and are down 2% - more than double the losses of the rest of Europe's stocks. European sovereign bonds are bleeding gently higher in yield and spread (Spain/Italy +10bps or so). Just as we saw in the US, it appears today's under-the-surface anxiety (that very few in the mainstream comprehend) has led to a bid for protection as Europe's VIX has jumped 2.5 vols to 20.75% - its highest in 6 weeks.


Europe's VIX is sending some signals that iot appears investors are choosing to ignore...


and what happened the last time the ECB failed to sterilize its bond purchase accruals?



But apart from that - Europe is all fixed...


Charts: Bloomberg