FleeceBook: Meet Benoit Gilson, Head of Foreign Exchange & Gold At The BIS

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We are happy to announce that starting today, and going forward every week, as part of a new feature dubbed, appropriately enough, FleeceBook, we will introduce our readers to one, previously largely unknown member of the ruling banker aristocracy: an individual who is as far from the glamor of the daily media headlines as possible: just the way they like it, and just the way the co-opted media will agree to have it. We hope that by the end of the series, these individuals - all of them perfectly law abiding citizens of their various jurisdictions, at least under conventional legal terms - will form a tapestry of what really happens behind the scenes, especially in a context such as that presented yesterday, where we found that no matter how guilty beyond a reasonable doubt a member of the political-financial elite is, hell would have to freeze before any legal action is taken (for reference, please see the very underrated movie The International). For our inaugural edition on FleeceBook, which will compile various public profiles already posted elsewhere, we present Benoît Gilson, Head of Foreign Exchange & Gold, which he describes as "a really special place to work because it is a link between the markets and the central banks." In other words if confused why gold is imploding on any/every given day, and/or why the EUR is soaring on news of a failed ECB sterilization, now you know who to thank.

From the BIS (highlights ours)

Profile: Benoît Gilson
Position: Head of Foreign Exchange & Gold

The BIS is a really special place to work because it is a link between the markets and the central banks. This means that I can work in the markets, as I was doing before, while taking a central bank perspective. I find it very interesting to talk to the central bankers who call us for advice, information and market liquidity summary, and I love having a foot in both camps.

As we act as market-makers for BIS products in currencies and gold, we maintain relationships with all market counterparties to ensure sufficient liquidity for our customers and appropriate hedging instruments. We are focused on central banks and international institutions, helping them implement foreign exchange interventions, build their reserves, diversify their portfolios or modify their reserve currency allocation. We can also help them to manage their gold reserves. Of course, many of the issues we deal with are highly confidential, so discretion is very important.

Working here has many advantages in terms of lifestyle. While you don't earn the kind of huge bonuses you could in London, you get exposure to some of the most interesting people in the industry. The selection process here is pretty tough, so you automatically have good people around you and can get involved in some challenging debates.

I have to say that I really enjoy Basel too. I was working in Luxembourg before, which was another wonderful small city. In Basel, I can go home and be running alongside the Rhine and watching the sun set in 10 minutes. And, of course, you often encounter your colleagues out and about, which fosters a very friendly working environment. The senior managers here go out of their way to be accessible, so if you see them in the supermarket you can be sure that they'll have a chat with you.

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stinkhammer's picture

what a fukin douche this guy is; sucking dicks of the primary dealers and central bankers.  where's my garlic and wooden stake?

Anusocracy's picture

Lay off the guy.

He's doing the Elite Gods' work.

Dr. No's picture

"a really special place to work because it is a link between the markets and the central banks."


Unless hes is the forktruck driver in the basement of the NY FED who transferes the gold bars, he is just a middleman.

IamtheREALmario's picture

Seems as if he leads a very sheltered life. Maybe he should get out amongst the people who he and his financial cronies parasitically live off of. A trip to a Bangaladeshi child labor sweat shop, central Africa where his guns go in and metal is taken out of or maybe one of the many war zones he supports would be in order.

His education may be lacking.

Maybe he can explain his lack of bonus and running regimine to the artisan miners in the DRC or the children missing limbs from the bombs he financed.

falak pema's picture

 and I love having a foot in both camps....

One foot to help TBTF one  foot to help the CB/TPTB. And who controls this arbitrage? 

I wonder where he puts his third foot; the one that has the devil's hoof of avarice; now that we know his double play

Funny money and golden honey turn into "bull  is shit" / BIS scrambled eggs in Basel brunch.

Would you give this guy a Michelin one star rating?

I guess his double identity friends do! 

Zap Powerz's picture

People like this have been ruining lives, killing people and bankrupting nations for centuries and nothing ever happens to them.

How is that possible?  Is it because heretofore they were totally anonymous?

Is it different this time because of the internet and the ability to research and gather information about them?

Maybe, just maybe, they wont get off scot free this time around.  Maybe, just maybe, justice will be served because we now know who they are and what they do (something our ancestors never knew).

Their bloodlines are probably responsible for the misery and premature death of some of your ancestors.  Maybe, just maybe, someone will decide to even the score.

Im not advocating violence here.  Im merely stating an opinion based on my understanding of human nature and history.

Its all genetics and competetion.  For centuries they have won the game because they had an unfair advantage (anonymity).  That has changed.  The playing field is less uneven.  We will see how well they compete now.

SpykerSpeed's picture

This would make for a really great plot to a novel/film.  A post-fiat world where millions of people anonymously crowd-fund bounties so assassins can hunt down these former central bankers and literally place their heads on silver platters.

mkhs's picture

Or the next installment of Assassin's Creed?

fiftybagger's picture

Either way, they will be dealt with:


9 Hast thou an arm like God? or canst thou thunder with a voice like him?

10 Deck thyself now with majesty and excellency; and array thyself with glory and beauty.

11 Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath: and behold every one that is proud, and abase him.

12 Look on every one that is proud, and bring him low; and tread down the wicked in their place.

13 Hide them in the dust together; and bind their faces in secret.

14 Then will I also confess unto thee that thine own right hand can save thee.


Job 40
King James Version

Dr. No's picture

we maintain relationships with all market counterparties to ensure sufficient liquidity for our customers


Is that FED speak for printing money to cover their gold lease payments to the FED ?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The problem is that the leeches sociopaths look very much like you and I, thus for the most part escaping public recognition.

Seasmoke's picture

The only problem I have with Fleecebook us that it doesn't come out daily.

Naming names. Cannot think of anything better !!

Manthong's picture

Shouldn’t his job title be   “Head of Foreign Exchange and Barbarous Relics”, “Head of Foreign Exchange and Austrian Hem Lining Weights” or “Head of Foreign Exchange and Not Money” ?

americanspirit's picture

Home and running beside the Rhine. 10 minutes from the office. Got it. Love the little details. Good work!

knukles's picture

And for the folks who really feel offended, armed with that information just might be thinking... "Now we've narrowed down to a pretty damned good idea where you live."

See, I mean why would anybody want this type of information out in the general public?  There are a lotta crazy people out there who are off their meds these days, crazies.  Plumb fucking nut cases, dangerous to others as well as themselves....

I just don't understand the personal ego needed to put shit like this on the web....

americanspirit's picture

Hey knukles - in case you didn't notice it was the idiot himself who put this info out there. Probably in a news interview. All it takes is some basic research to find anyone, anywhere. I could give you a personal example but - well - I do respect the privacy of my fellow ZHers. However, the easier that ZH and any other similar website can make it to find these people so that those who are so inclined can let them know up close and personal how they feel about their slimeball lives, the better. And not everyone who thinks this way is a crazy, or on meds. Some might even say they would be the most sane among us. It would be interesting to see how many google maps of Basel have been pulled up in the past hour or so.

FedMonger's picture

Professional scam artists.

Super Broccoli's picture

what a hell is this guy really doing ?

Manthong's picture

"colleagues..  if you see them in the supermarket you can be sure that they'll have a chat with you."

.. as you sort through kilo tins of Beluga Caviar for the best to go with the evening's  '59 Lafite Rothschild.

SpykerSpeed's picture

"But dad, can't we just have pizza and pepsi tonight??"


Blano's picture

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets as to when this account will be deactivated.

knukles's picture

+1 for Foghorn Leghorn

He's exactly the type of fellah we need here for threads like this, rantin' and a ravin' on about them city boys who's so dumb they think the Mexican border pays rent.

docmac324's picture

We also want to know all his extended family for our Russian friends.


Itch's picture

Mr Gilson, give us the sign of the lizard people and send EUR/USD to 1.33 tonight before the close, nice one. (I dont know about you guys, but im quite enamoured to a man who can lick his own eyeballs) 

SmittyinLA's picture

Basel don't sound too diverse

Likstane's picture

This guy looks like a real douchebag!

q99x2's picture

There's about 6,000 of these crimminally sick fucks ruining the lives of 6 billion others. I say arrest them, convict them and throw them into jails. If anything happens that you don't have what you need these are the ones to look up. Things will get turned around in a hurry.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

wait for it.....wait for it....


fiddler_on_the_roof's picture

We should be thanking that BIS has been holding the paper Gold price in a tight band for past 10 years, which gave us all an affordable entry to physical Gold.

I really thank BIS for standing for us small folks. I think it is high time BIS/EURO is going to turn it's guns full blazing against US Dollar/IMF.

Last time during late 1970's, they did not have an alternative in EURO, now they are really confident that they can take on the US Dollar.


Thank you BIS

MFLTucson's picture

The disgusting fraud shows its face.

q99x2's picture

I can go down to Malibu in 10 minutes and jog to Venice anytime fucker and I don't have to ruin billions of people's lives to do it. Don't come to Santa Monica or I'm going to interview you on film. Maybe, back in the day I would have, today I ususally stay away from people that have names that sound like fruit pudding.

davidsmith's picture

This is just another economic criminal to put on your death list.

anonnn's picture

A foot in both the markets and the BIS ...

Consult w Central Bankers to share trading and tradeable data...

Having frontknowledge, er, foreknowledge of CB intentions...

Being an insider is really special, w really special privileges. Really wheee!...

My family thanks ZeroHedgies and other mere commoners for ill-conceived trust.

 What's not to like?


tradewithdave's picture

In a word... special. Like Special K. Keep the gold... Loose the fiat.

earleflorida's picture

don't quote me... but i think i read somewhere's in their by-laws that they're exempt from international law [the big wigs that tyler is profiling] which supercede's all laws!

in other words, they can commit malfeasance/fiduciary crimes, and never be held accountable.


thankyou tyler

Salon's picture

Exempt from swiss law.

Kinda like italy and the vatican.

Allegedly must comply with international law, but if swiss cant enforce extradition.....wacha gonna do?

Hondo's picture

And all this does is pour tax payer funds/funding to those friends closet to the spigot at the expense of those furthest away (why you have the 1% versus the 99%).  All this done in the name of economic growth (which none but inflation really arrives).  It's nothing more than stealing by the State of the individual's labor.  The most corrupt, brutal yet efficient mechanism of theft the world has ever known.  All by an unaccountable State Apparatchik that Stalin would envy.

WarPony's picture

+100000 Mr. Durden - keep on rockin in the (info) 'Free' world! Bring those lizards into the light.

WarPony's picture

Oh yeah, fuck you Burnyankee and FUCK YOU BIS!!

Non Passaran's picture

That's fucking repulsive.
Why the FUCK are we forced to pay the salaries and pensions of these cocksucking assholes?
I've had a few shots but I think it's in order to say I hope he gets cancer by end of this month.

shovelhead's picture

"I don't always hammer the metals market...

But when I do, I do it big time, thanks to B.I.S."

debtor of last resort's picture

Here's more.... a whole list of them. With drawing authority.


Salon's picture

Thanks for the target list. Please run two or three of these profiles a day.

Anyone know what the current crop of rothschilds looks like? Photos? Addresses?