Iran Launches "Massive" 6 Day Naval Wargame - Video Coverage

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As we reported previously, today Iran decided to launch a rather impromptu "massive" naval drill dubbed the Velayat 91, which will take place in the Oman Sea, North of Indian Ocean, in the Persian Gulf and East of Strait of Hormuz, and will cover an area of one million square kilometers right in the sweet zone of the US 5th Naval Fleet's AOR, where in addition to other resources, both the Stennis aircraft carrier and Peleliu amphibious warfare ship group are located. As PressTV reports, "On the first day of the drills, ships and submarines, will go to their locations and get ready for the tactical stage of the maneuvers. Forces in shores will also get ready for the tactical phase of the drills. In addition our 23rd fleet will be deployed to the high seas to protect commercial ships and oil tankers and to counter piracy in Gulf of Aden." All this will be taking place within kilometers of both the busiest seaborne transit corridor of crude oil in the world, as well as the headquarters of the US 5th Navy in Bahrain. What could go wrong.

More from Iran:

Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibolah Sayyari told us about the aim of these drills and its message for Iran’s enemies and friends.


The aim of the Velayat 91 Drills is to show the strength of Iran’s Navy and its ability to defend the country’s territorial waters, its interests and its resources in the sea.


The drills also demonstrate Iran’s ability to bring sustainable security in the region. The drills have a message of peace for the countries in the region and it conveys to its enemies that the Iranians are serious about protecting their borders, interests and resources.


The top commander also stated that Iran’s Navy on the first day of the drills will send a fleet of warships to the high seas to display its power and more.

As Stratfor reminds us, this is where US naval assets are located in relation to the 6-day wargame: right in it, in other words the probability for an accident, whether predetermined, false flagged, or otherwise, is high to quite high.

And some videos of what is currently going on in the Arabian Gulf:

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Hondo's picture

At least the guy in the video knows where the trigger finger should be unlike Feinstien 

sgt_doom's picture

How dare they!

How dare the Iranians have war exercises right next to all those American nuke aircraft carriers, immediately off the Iranian coast.

How dare those Iranians shoot down US drones invading their sovereign air space.

How dare they.........

You think Norm Schwarzkopf ended up in the afterlife in the same place as that former president of Iran?  You know, the one Normy's daddy helped to overthrow?????

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

Yeah!!! And those smelly towel heads are living on land that sits atop OUR oil. Fuck them and the camel they rode in on.

Michaelwiseguy's picture

I love it. I hope Iran has a shitload of sunburn missiles to use against the bankster corporate mercenary war on them.

Jack Burton's picture

Sunburn is Iran's best weapon. To use it, they would fire off a couple dozen old silkworms and other out of date missiles. In this mix would be 6 sunburns. The total strike package would be sufficent to overload defenses and perhaps two or three sunburns hit. A modern warship will be a fire trap if hit by a sunburn. A carrier would be a blow tourch if hit anywhere near the hanger deck. It is NOT about sinking a major warship, it is about blast damage to superstructure or hull and the consequent fire.

Although the Navy trains hard to fight fires onboard ship, the Royal Navy is famous for damage control, the fires onboard during the Falklands war defeated most attempts to put them out.

Iran's Subs are vulnerable to US ASW, we even use underwater drone to track them now a days. But properly employed they could be damaging, expecially if they are missile capable. Mines? Depends how modern they are and if some are already in place in key sites.

It all boils down to what the Russians have sold Iran and if Iran has the ability to employ them is a smart manner. This is a giant "IF".


Darth Mul's picture

And that's why the brave Argentinians recount their stunning victory over the inept Brits in the Falklands to this very day.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

There's a good chance that Iran already has some ex Soviet Nukes.

Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan, it's got smart, tech savvy people. The head-bangers know this and won't attack Iran unless Uncle Sam's got a couple of hundred thousand bags of meat ready to throw into the grinder on their behalf. That's how it will be, coz that's how it always is with them. Israel is like a small yap-dog barking and nipping at the heels of larger dogs, stirring them up, and doing so only because it's got a bigger friend ready to step-in at a moment’s notice.

I say, cut that motherfucking Israel loose from the western world and let's see well they fair without back-up. Let's see how much Mossad gets away with when there's nobody behind them to rescue them from their arrogance and reckless actions.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

@ Jack Burton  And yet all I see is ONE carrier out of port...  WTF?!  It looks like the US Navy is not worried...

post turtle saver's picture

There are three items of note in your assessment which bear consideration:

- The Royal Navy ships which burned during the Falklands campaign are proof that no proper superstructure should be made out of aluminium. Steel superstructures do not have that problem and, specifically, such experience cannot be applied to US Navy designs.

- Re: possible Sunburn effectiveness, exhibit A; (and SEWIP)

- Re: possble mine effectiveness, exhibit B;

Summary: it isn't a given that Iran has anything that can touch a properly equipped US Navy carrier group operating under appropriate discipline for given conditions.

Re: Russian tech and training, agreed, that is a big "if". I believe the appropriate phrase to describe the Iranian Navy is, "battleship mouth, rowboat ass".

EscapingProgress's picture

If an invasion of Iran occurs the most significant factor will be the 5 million or more unemployed Iranians who will fire RPGs at American convoys and plant IEDs in exchange for a little bit of money or food for their families.

Element's picture

It's worse than that Jack.

You're maybe forgetting about the demonstrated Iranian anti-ship IRBMs. These come in at high speed at a high angle and will punch most of the bottom out of a destroyer, from the kinetic energy alone. But they have a heavy warhead as well, just to make sure they kill the ship with only one direct-hit.


Iranian anti-ship ballistic missile testing:


They have indigenous designed and built ASMs as well - lots of them. I think we can be very confident they know how to utilize these with great effect, in concurrent co-ordinated attacks, using many different types of missiles at once:


The USN would realize that it will numbers of ships and have very many severely damaged if they tangled with Iran in a real no-holds-barred missile battle. Without doubt the USN would be forced to withdraw from the gulf. That tactical withdrawal alone would signal a sea-change in strategic balances, and geopolitical leverage, for the entire region.

post turtle saver's picture

You guys are forgetting how all this works. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, flies in a US theatre of operations unless it's US or a designated friendly. The nanosecond any clown on the shore starts painting a target US forces will detect and counter-launch. We have their antenna specs on file, for cryin' out loud. There's no getting around that, it's plain physics.

The US was easily countering Silkworms and other People's Republic of Cheap Toys tech with _Hawk missile batteries_ clear back in the 80s. Does anyone here have any idea how crufty that tech is? I think they pulled the Hawk battery they sold to Kuwait out of a museum somewhere _and it still got the job done_.

Shore-to-ship missile batteries are simply targets to a properly equipped modern fleet or air force. The primary threat to a surface fleet with air cap is _submarines_, plain and simple. If you're a crackpot despot death-to-America type who's fortunate enough to not be land locked, focus your efforts there.

Element's picture

What complete baloney. Any missile defense can be gotten through. There are several examples of layered-defenses being overwhelmed and defeated. Here's a clue; an Israeli frigate in combat on alert in 2006, was hit and seriously damaged by a radar guided Hezbollah ASM, made in Iran.

You're dealing with a state that plucked an RQ-170 out of the air - intact.

I'd love to see you on a DDG, steaming through Hormuz, discovering that you're suddenly getting hit once every 5 seconds or so by a laser-guided 155mm artillery shell. You've got only so many SM2, ESSMs, M61 rounds, and 5-inch shells. You think you're going to be able to make it through via counter-fire? Well maybe. SM2s do have an air to ground mode. But you've already taken 5 direct hits before you even realize what's happening. Are the ship's systems even going to be in any state to do much after 5 direct 155mm hits? But then you find you've got a large mix of ASMs, decoys and anti-ship ballistic missiles inbound, plus fast-attack missile-boats (with torpedos) and a swarm of smaller boats with rockets.

These guys are going to come at you and you are going to run out of Phalanx rounds and 25mm cannon rounds. Plus the VLS cells are going to rapidly empty. And these guys are still going to close the distance and deliver multiple hits. Meanwhile, the 155mm is still falling the whole time, from several dispersed batteries, plus from SP arty. So you're going to lose a couple of DDGs, while others ships will burn or be crippled then probably sunk soon afterwards.

Your confidence is a little misplaced.

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

…it’s not a towel…….feather brain, towels are given out by banks trying to sucker your money, shemaghs or keffiyeh are worn by cool cats, that is cats that want to stay cyool and Persians are cool cats.

Dealer's picture

Dude, I saw Feinstein in that picture.  Clueless bitch.  She prolly never even checked the chamber to make sure it was clear!

john39's picture

for a vampire, she hides her fangs pretty well...  but that face...  not much you can do about that.

Michaelwiseguy's picture

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The Constitution was written to restrain the government. No amendment is more important for this purpose than the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment was written so the power could be kept with the citizenry in the face of a tyrannical government. It was well understood the Constitution acknowledged certain rights that could not be limited by government.

Senator Dianne Feinstein has made it clear she does not believe in the Constitution or the inalienable rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. She is actively working to destroy the 2nd amendment with her 2013 assault weapons ban. For this reason we the people of the united States petition for her to be tried in Federal Court for treason to the Constitution.

An outline of her bill may be found here:

SheepleInAction's picture

It's called the Persian Gulf. There is no such thing as Arabian Gulf. Please educate yourself.


TPTB_r_TBTF's picture



Once Iran is defeated, the Arab Allies can call that body of water whatever they like...

SheepleInAction's picture

Fortunately, there is only UK that persists on forging the history although the naughty queen officially admitted that they were calling it fallaciously. I guess brits still have this feeling that they are living in the 18th century; the divide and rule bullshit, etc.

I don't think anyone could easily rename something like a gulf with several thousand years of historical documentation. And unless we make the mistake of helping them, I don't think arabs will ever be able to defeat Iran.

I say it's a mistake because if those dirty mullahs are removed from the power, Iran can become the most important ally of the west in the region, like once it was before the 1979 revolution.

In addition, the west needs Iranian people to fight with Islamic fundamentalism. You may be surprised to know that there are more anti-islam people in Iran today than many western countries. Unlike us, those people have learned Islam very well and know how to fight with it.

Think about it, Egypt is now going through the same route that Iranians did 35 years ago and Egypt is supposed to be the most advanced arabic society. The other arabic countries are waaaay behind the civilization even though they built the tallest and biggest buildings.


Manthong's picture

"can call that body of water whatever "

Lake Leonidas?

Agent P's picture

"What could go wrong?"

For our Navy, I'm guessing not a lot.

Dr. Engali's picture

In the age of sunburn anti-ship missiles I wouldn't be so sure about that. Aircraft carriers make for big targets.

Dr. Engali's picture

I remember when that happened. I think that we would witness a different response if that were to happen today.

Manthong's picture

It’s just comforting to know that the US government is in control of all of the buttons, the information flow and the evidence..

like at Sandy Hook.

mjcOH1's picture

"In the age of sunburn anti-ship missiles I wouldn't be so sure about that. Aircraft carriers make for big targets."

Sunburn maximum range  : 75 miles
F-18F combat radius : 450 miles (unrefueled)

Hmmm....yeah.    The math says being on an Iranian missile boat has a high actuarial risk.

Jack Burton's picture

The sub story makes sense. The US submarine force for decades has proven it's boats can do this exact same thing. The South African Navy some years back in exercises with a USN force used a similar boat to this Chinese sub to sink most of the USN force in a exercise in SA's waters.

China is probably about 25 years behind the USN and still a sub can do this. A good sub force like the USN's could sink any Navy in the world in very, very short order.

Element's picture



In a real ASuW battle you get;

  • Permanent ELF underwater listening arrays on various continents that can hear and track a sub right across an ocean basin
  • Long-range maritime patrol aircraft dropping active and passive sonobuoys on contacts and using new-gen MAD sensors.
  • Fleet helicopters deploying active dipping sonars and floating active and passive sonobuoys
  • LHDs loaded with more helicopters equipped with torpedos, mobile sub-hunting mines
  • RUM-139 VL-ASROC torpedo-tipped missiles launched from destroyers and cruisers with classified but >30km range.
  • Hunter-killer subs (let's not forget those)

Western naval ASuW technology is fearsome. I'd rather be on an alert ship than in a sub any day as at least you'd have a fighting chance of survival on the ship. Surface fleets can detect and nail subs really fast if/when the gloves actually come off.

Most of the time western fleets don’t use their toys, even during allied exercises, simply because they don’t want to damage fisheries. People get real upset. Plus it telegraphs to the other guys what you can do.

Yes, subs are sneaky, but SSKs are very slow and impractical against fast moving blue-water fleets and virtually impossible for the SSK to survive if they do attack such a fleet. It would be suicide to fire on a modern Western surface fleet with torpedos, so they'd have to use under water launched ASM missiles, but these are immediately detected at launch, by sound, thermal and radar, so the ships can just drop a VLS ASROC torpedo right on top of a slow moving SSK - within about 1 minute. And if that doesn't work a helicopter will be in the scene in minutes with a dipping-sonar and more torpedos. It's suicide for the SSK, and almost not assured suicide for a fast-attack SSN.

Plus carriers and destroyers are not slow, they were made to sprint, to be able to potentially out-run a torpedo, or rather, to try and stop it catching-up, before the torpedo runs out of puff and dies. SSNs the same.

In these exercises a 'fired' torpedo is usually simulated, so the 'kill' claim is a technical one only, and more or less wishful thinking. But if a sub fired real torpedos, these would be heard almost immediately, identified, and the sub counter-attacked within about a minute.

BTW, there are also anti-torpedo torpedos, not to mention towed-decoys and rocket dispersed decoys for use against torpedos. Killing a frigate, destroyer or carrier for real is nowhere near as easy as baloney exercise kill-claims suggest. In reality the sub crew would be scared to death, and wanting to get the hell out of dodge.

Jack Burton's picture

Indeed. Spoken like a true Surface Sailor. I naturally take the opposite view. But then I was a Sonar Tech Submarine SS. I also had the good fortune to do a year with Surface ASW and got their side of the ASW problem.


Element's picture

I could find a much more productive (and nasty) use for SSKs as well as a far more survivable role (SSG, mine warfare and special ops for instance). You can nail a surface fleet far more quickly and more flexibly with cheaper and much more easy to come by weapons and platforms, sans throwing the subs against them. ;)

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

So does that backwards ass country full of savages. Bring it I'mANuttJob... it will be a quick war even with our depleted force strength. And don't think Russia and China are itching for a fight. They'll sit it out, but Turkey? Those Turks may want to re-assert their power and let it be known they are rising.

Dr. Engali's picture

So when you say " backward ass country full of savages" I can only presume that you are talking about the one country that trots around the globe savagely killing whoever might be in their way.

Jack Burton's picture

He may consider them "backward ass" because they are not "chosen people". He may have given away his motive for calling them that.

EscapeKey's picture

I found the guy who drinks the kool-aid.

Next, you'll tell us that the right-wing-of-the-Wall-St-party Republicans are so much better than the left-wing-of-the-Wall-St-party Democrats.

shovelhead's picture

Well, you have to admit the republicans wear better ties.

Barney Frank's tie has gravy from 1987 on it.

Renewable Life's picture

There is something absolutely priceless about a dude, screaming about "backwards ass country full of savages" that "represents himself"with an old school Atlanta Braves logo, with a Native American image on it!

Gotta love it! What would be intersesting to know is, does dude see and understand the irony, or does it just not even register in his brain?? Oh well, i sure we will never know?

Global Hunter's picture

I thought he was trying to be funny, maybe I gave him too much credit?

Winston Churchill's picture

A surprise as nasty as the Royal Navy got with the first generation Exocet.
HMS Bristol sank with most hands.

Sunburn is a third generation anti ship weapon ,and a fourth generation is rumored to

be in production.Name unknown.Ballistic with no credible defense .

The US carriers are very expensive targets.

As much use as battleships at Midway.

Pity the sailors manning them.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

HMS Bristol!!!!! It was HMS Sheffield type 42 destroyer you fucking idiot. Oh and the Atlantic conveyor: Falklands war 1982 FFS.

The Sheffield didn't sink with all hands, the Exocet's warhead didn't go off but the missile hit amid ships 7 feet above water level, the main firemain was ruptured rendering fire fighting all but impossible, the ship burnt from stem to stern. Just under 10% of the crew were killed (22) from a compliment of 270.

Jack Burton's picture

USN brags they can defeat many multiple anti ship missiles at once. Sunburn deploys counter measures, is extremely fast and can take avoid action to make a shoot down very hard. USN knows it can knock down drone missiles from exercises. It has never, ever faced a Sunburn. So it is a crap shoot till the real fighting begins. My guess is Sunburn can get a hit rate sufficient to induce serious losses, but not enough to defeat the USN intentions. Still, America has not faced big casualties since Vietnam. In the Falklands war several hundred Argentine sailors died in one torpedo attack. A Sunburn or two hitting a USN Carrier or Cruiser?  Easily could kill hundreds on a Carrier, dozens on a Cruiser.

Darth Mul's picture

The Iranians just might win this thing if Israeli subs target more than 1 US carrier to get things rolling, is that what you mean, Mr. Expert From 10 Years Ago?



Jack Burton's picture

Be a little more clear? The question makes no sense. Expert? Sorry for my experiences in the Navy and for keeping up on naval developments. Or is that an issue for you? What is ten years about?

Element's picture

yeah, and there's another nasty little surprise the USN and USMC may not be banking on Jack. What they should and need to understand is that if Iran ever really no-bullshitting opened-up on them within the Persian Gulf and Hormuz area, US naval power would get a mauling like the Philippines Sea hammering by Kamikazes.

Iran unveils "Basir" smart laser-guided long-range artillery munition:

Now imagine several of these shells dropping on you every minute for an hour, or more.  What are the chances of even an aegis destroyer or cruiser surviving? Not real good I'd say. And a carrier would be trashed pretty damn quick. Almost all people in the US simply don't grasp what an incomprehensible ass-whooping would be handed-out in any real battle with Iran.

People like Barry and Hillary etc., have no clue what fools they are to keep antagonizing Iran, and attacking them with sanctions as a point will come when Iran will act and when it does, it's going to be big, and much too late to stop what takes place.

knukles's picture

New Year's fireworks promise to be huge!
Welcome everybody, hope you have a blast!

SheepHerder's picture

The good news is that if the administration (and the puppet propaganda machine) has to turn its attention to Iran, they can momentarily stop stripping American citizens of their civil liberties and rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

 Wait…who am I kidding?  I’m sure they’ll still figure a way to continue bending over American citizens while spreading “democracy bombs” overseas.

Magnum's picture

Only a matter of time before a handful of stinking israelis dressed up as iranians does something to spark the sheeple into a frenzied war.