Iran Launches "Massive" 6 Day Naval Wargame - Video Coverage

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As we reported previously, today Iran decided to launch a rather impromptu "massive" naval drill dubbed the Velayat 91, which will take place in the Oman Sea, North of Indian Ocean, in the Persian Gulf and East of Strait of Hormuz, and will cover an area of one million square kilometers right in the sweet zone of the US 5th Naval Fleet's AOR, where in addition to other resources, both the Stennis aircraft carrier and Peleliu amphibious warfare ship group are located. As PressTV reports, "On the first day of the drills, ships and submarines, will go to their locations and get ready for the tactical stage of the maneuvers. Forces in shores will also get ready for the tactical phase of the drills. In addition our 23rd fleet will be deployed to the high seas to protect commercial ships and oil tankers and to counter piracy in Gulf of Aden." All this will be taking place within kilometers of both the busiest seaborne transit corridor of crude oil in the world, as well as the headquarters of the US 5th Navy in Bahrain. What could go wrong.

More from Iran:

Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibolah Sayyari told us about the aim of these drills and its message for Iran’s enemies and friends.


The aim of the Velayat 91 Drills is to show the strength of Iran’s Navy and its ability to defend the country’s territorial waters, its interests and its resources in the sea.


The drills also demonstrate Iran’s ability to bring sustainable security in the region. The drills have a message of peace for the countries in the region and it conveys to its enemies that the Iranians are serious about protecting their borders, interests and resources.


The top commander also stated that Iran’s Navy on the first day of the drills will send a fleet of warships to the high seas to display its power and more.

As Stratfor reminds us, this is where US naval assets are located in relation to the 6-day wargame: right in it, in other words the probability for an accident, whether predetermined, false flagged, or otherwise, is high to quite high.

And some videos of what is currently going on in the Arabian Gulf:

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EscapeKey's picture

...but even then, according to our "fair and balanced" media, it'll be Iran declaring war on the west.

NoTTD's picture

Iran declared war on the US on 11/04/79 when it invaded our sovereign territory.

Jack Burton's picture

Can we expect more of the "Dancing Israelis".  US cops should have shot the "dancing Israelis" on 9/11 instead of arresting and deporting them.

youngman's picture

They could be all taken out with about 20 Christmas hams lobbed on their decks....

optimator's picture

I still remember those Japanese Naval aviators with their Coke bottle glasses and buck teeth.  They cleared the air over the Pacific in three months!  Never diminish your potential adversaries capabilities.

shovelhead's picture

Spiral sliced for a higher kill ratio.

A HAARP induced monsoon of bacon grease over Iran and that's all folks.

Super Broccoli's picture

this blocade sounds a lot like a medieval war : first you starve your ennemy then - if he doesn't wave the white flag after a while - you attack.

Basically we haven't innovated on the way to wage a war over the last 600 years ... except nowaday everyone pretends a blocade isn't an act of war !

john39's picture

actually, they take most countries by infiltration with foreign agents...  happened to the U.S. long ago...

Dugald's picture

Mamma Mia! sanno che siamo qui, rapido ritorno in Italia...

Frozen IcQb's picture

The screen doors might tear

monopoly's picture

"What could go wrong", lolol. What has gone right the past 4 years?

wandstrasse's picture

What is wrong with the good (= the clean, honest, godly, brave - the West) fighting the evil (= the ugly bearded, lying, superstitious, coward - the Arabians/Iranians)?


EscapeKey's picture

How dare they not have collapsed yet?

Don't they realize that gold is a fools errand, and only the RARE US Dollar is worth anything?

Diesel Seven's picture

That's kinda cute. The U.S. currently has 14 strategic nuclear submarines (with 24 tubes per sub, thank you very much). What's the point of it all. The U.S. spends more on defense than the next 14 countries combined--those Petro-dollars really come in handy.

EscapeKey's picture

Salaries across those countries are not like-for-like.

And some of these countries might be closer to the labour theory of value equations when it comes to production cost.

mjcOH1's picture

"That's kinda cute. The U.S. currently has 14 strategic nuclear submarines (with 24 tubes per sub, thank you very much). What's the point of it all. "

Well, there are over 160 Chinese cities with populations of over 1 million.

You asked.

ceilidh_trail's picture

Probably much ado about nothing. I note that only 1 of 10 US carriers is at sea- and it's on a port visit. Look at the above map. We moved the vast majority of our stuff out of there to let them put on their little show. I love the boat with the giant propeller above it- really makes me tremble-not. They are not stupid enough to believe that they are more than a nat on a dogs ass.

dkd's picture

thank you!  I also noticed that!  Conincedental I am sure


AurorusBorealus's picture

If Iran is operating under the assumption that war with the United States is inevitable (and I assume that they are... since... the U.S. has made it abundantly clear for at least the past 11 years that war with Iran is coming), this is the perfect time to commence hostilities.  With all of Iran's assets sortied under the guise of a "drill," they could almost assured take down both the CVN battle group and the big deck amphibious group.  With only 1 U.S. carrier in the region and nearly the entire Atlantic Fleet in the Chesapeake, it would be quite some time before the U.S. could assemble forces sufficient to begin clearing the Straits.  To send a second CVN (after the Stennis is sunk), alone, to the region would be foolish, and the U.S. would have to wait until at least 3 CVNs are available to enter the Gulf.

This would add a month or more to the time it would take the U.S. to open the Straits after an Iranian blockade and would give the Iranians time to scatter their naval assets.  Almost assuredly the Straits would be closed until the Summer, and the spike in global oil prices would be frightening apparition to behold.  It is very much an open question as to whether the U.S. could open the Straits before the Strategic Petroleum Reserve ran dry.  If Iran could hold after the SPR runs dry, the U.S. economy would implode in short order and a full-blown global crisis would be on.  The Iranians have a chance, here and now, to bring the Great Satan to his knees.

Whoever put the whole Atlantic Fleet in port and left only 1 carrier patroling the Gulf and 1 carrier in the Pacific is an idiot... but then again... when you are more concerned with your military commander's political positions than their capacity for strategic thinking, these are the types of situations you find yourself in.

Dr. Engali's picture

"Whoever put the whole Atlantic Fleet in port and left only 1 carrier patroling the Gulf and 1 carrier in the Pacific is an idiot... but then again... when you are more concerned with your military commander's political positions than their capacity for strategic thinking, these are the types of situations you find yourself in."


You are working under the false assumption that our current commander -n-thief gives a rat's ass about the United States navy.

DosZap's picture

With only 1 U.S. carrier in the region and nearly the entire Atlantic Fleet in the Chesapeake, it would be quite some time before the U.S. could assemble forces sufficient to begin clearing the Straits.

Hmmmmmmmm, yeah like if they sank ONE battelship, or a Carrier, the nation would have maybe 2 mins till a HUGE glob of gigantic white orbs hit incinerating 50%  of Iran.

Winston Churchill's picture

Because that idiot screwed up the rotation by keeping so many carriers on station

in the Gulf for so long.It could be a year to get three back there in operational

condition.Four carriers are now overdue for multi year refits.

Pax Americana is way over extended on sea, and land.

Someone is going to realize ,and take the initiative soon.

Maybe Iran, maybe someone else.

AurorusBorealus's picture

Correct as usual Mr. Churchill.  You do your namesake justice.

NoTTD's picture

Iran has been at war with the US since 11/04/79.

Joe A's picture

The US has been at war with the Iranian people when the CIA disposed of a democractilly elected Iranian president in '53 because he wanted to nationalize the Iranian oil instead of Western oil companies taking most of the profit. One thing leads to another and in this case it was the US supporting an ever increasing oppressive regime by the Shah which in the end led to the installation of an even more oppressive regime of Mulas. Of course, the US will now again bring 'peace, freedom and democracy' to the region. NOT. Just as in '53 it is all about the oil.

A. Magnus's picture

WRONG! The US has been at war with Iran since the CIA overthrew the legitimately elected government there in 1953. Nice try waving the staged 'hostage' situation from '79 as a Cassus Belli for the Neocon chickenhawk pussy commandos, but that dog won't hunt these days...

Element's picture

Bullshit, if you were at war with Iran you'd know about it in far more tangible and direct ways.  The US may be constantly attacking Iran, and inciting a war with Iran, they just haven't fallen for the constant baiting is all.

czarangelus's picture

and they'd be totally right in doing it.

A scary scenario, because the last thing America can sustain right now is a military humiliation. The loss of a carrier, and the inability to respond in an immediate fashion to the sinking, would cause a potentially fatal paradigm shift for the US Wehrmacht...

A. Magnus's picture

You do know that the US uses a policy of 'flexible response' that means if the Iranians so much as put a bullet hole in one of our sea copters that the Feds reserve the right to retaliate with full-on nukes, right?

They came up with that policy in the 80s to keep the Soviets from wiping out the armies of Western Europe with the massive numeric superiority in conventional firepower they had in those days. The Feds never rescinded that policy, so if we lose a carrier then millions of Iranians will likely lose their lives in an instant...

AurorusBorealus's picture

This, my friend,will instigate a massive response from Russia and China as they would be forced to retaliate in some fashion (such as a nuclear bombardment of Japan), what follows this would be the complete destruction of human life in the northern hemisphere and most of the life on earth.

Element's picture

Absolute nonsense, definitely not.

When you're dealing with a potentially nuclear-armed state, "proportional-response" has been the long term operative diplomatic policy, else you get into an open-ended escalation that ends with nuclear exchange. 

If the US indicriminately murdered a million Iranians, for merely sinking a US carrier and escorts to defend itself, then Iran would at the very least be justified in using a bio-agent or nerve-gas, on at least one US mainland city.

"Want to play a game?"

AurorusBorealus's picture

If I were in charge of Iran, I would instigate the war, here and now, (were I solely a military / political man and not a christian who would never instigate a war for any reason).  Iran is unlikely to ever have an opportunity like this again.

Element's picture

Why do you assume Iran wants war with the USSA? It's not Iran that has the long and sordid hystery of making war on innocent countries, who have done nothing to the USSA.

But you just automatically assume and assert Iranians are as duplicitous, warmongering and evil-in-intent, as the USSA, Europe and Israel. But Iran has no such history of making war on other countries, in that way. It's plainly not what they do. That's the zionist-kike way of making war, by deception, infiltration, pre-emption and terrorism. What you're saying is like expecting India to move against Dieago Garcia, to get the infernal-eternal shit-stirrers, out of the central Indian ocean basin. You said this was the ideal time! So this would be the perfect opportunity for the curry munchers to do that, right? So why don't they rush to do it then?

Because its fucking dumb, is why, and you're unbelievably dumb for suggesting Iran should attack the USN like that.

Oh, Washington is indeed baiting Iran to react, and they eventually will respond - you can count on that. But like that novel RQ-170 take down, it's going to happen on their terms, in their way, on their schedule, and they are going to do so in a way that assures they win, and maximize the strategic losses, and technology losses, and global status losses, to the US/NATO/Israel axis-of-evil doers.

Never forget this simple lesson; Iran could have simply put up an interceptor, to close with and shoot down that RQ-170 (which is obviously not as 'low-observable' or stealthy as was believed). They could have done that, at a much earlier time. But instead, they chose to do something much more damaging and embarrassing, something much less obvious, something very unexpected. Something no one even contemplated was possible. And it had a terrific global impact, and a huge material bonus. They instead of doing the obvious thing, took their time, and plucked and RQ-170 out of the air. And let's remember also, at the time this was an aircraft that was so top-secret that almost no one knew anything about it or had seen it. There were no photos of it even, just rumors of it. People didn't even know it existed, until the Iranians presented a captured RQ-170 to the world. And Obama Sin-laden then lamely asked for his toy back, like some facile retarded child!

How can people so soon forget such a stunning lesson that indicated the dire need to understand the Iranians and the whole situation, and to never underestimate their potential? I really don't get this willful blindness, and the basic dishonesty of it all, and the refusal to learn from the obvious material fact that the USSA was massively asymmetrically out-smarted by a far greater technical and tactical capacity than was ever suspected to exist. Thus the Achilles-Heal of the entire paradigm of remote-controlled UAV, UCAV, satellite and long-range missile attack, was but for a moment, fleetingly revealed to be an electronic and software house-of-cards.

When Iran does confront its baiters, in Washington and elsewhere, they're going to do many things that are not at all obvious, or expected, and they're going to win because they will wait until they know they will win. Their non-response to date should not be misunderstood, they aren't intimidated, they are confident but careful and intending to win. Misunderstanding Iran, and misrepresenting it is a huge mistake in itself, but under-estimating them is incredibly unwise.

But Washington, London and Paris baiting them towards war - without relent - that's just insanity.

Element's picture



There are several potential flash points on a hair-trigger right now.

- Disputed territory Japan/China

- Korea

- Hormuz/Gulf

- Eastern Med/Syria

Any one of these could go loud fast. If Washington and US-Policy-Captured, but actually unwilling allies, don't want that to happen, then it would be a good idea to pull the fleets back, give them some Christmas/new-year leave (did you think of that?) and lay-low and allow tensions to cools-down some.

AurorusBorealus's picture

You're a member of the Joint Chiefs, aren't you?  No wait, you are definately in State, probably Hilary's closest advisor.


docmac324's picture

They do this every year.  Nothing to see, move along, move along.

cougar_w's picture

Wait let me get some popcorn.

earnulf's picture

Even if Iran was irrational enough to actually initiate hostilities, the response would more than likely take the form of airstrikes and missile strikes that would target Command, Control and Communications.     Pissing off the US is not a long term healthy type of event and while WWII was 71 years ago (1941), the US has never taken kindly to blindsides, whether engineered or not.     Not sure if "Remember the Stennis" is quite as stirring, but one never knows.    If Iran throws the first pitch, China and Russia will sit it out rather than show their hand.   China is not yet ready to belly up to the bar and definately not so far from it's own shores.   Russia will also decline to get involved other than politicial carping because Iran started it.

Doesn't matter what led up to it, sinking a US CVN is big boy shit and brings forth the hammer.   Guess whose the nail.

Bollixed's picture

"and while WWII was 71 years ago (1941), the US has never taken kindly to blindsides, whether engineered or not."

We had factories back in those days. We could afford to sacrifice a bunch iron for the cause. Now we would be lucky to build anything since we've farmed out so many of our critical military parts to our NATO buddies. And let's not forget the other stuff we rely on China for.

Bottom line..we're in no position to stick our dick in a wasp nest now that we've gone 'global'.


Element's picture

I think you'll find that it was the US Treasury which "initiated" war with Iran, when a bunch of fucking Jews, who have welded themselves to Uncle Sam's purse-strings, goy together under the aegis of the "Financial Terrorism Unit", to impose a range of advanced 'smart-sanctions' on Iran, a few years back.

Make no mistake, it's a bunch of duel-shitizen kikes, within the bowels of the US Treasury Dept, headed up by Timmay the Goldman zionist-Jew-boy, who are behind all of the current sanctions-regime aggression against Iran. Naked financial and economic aggression, that continues to absurdly passed off as peaceful innocent diplomacy.

Until such stinking zionist shit-birds are gone, and actually banned from the US Treasury, altogether, and their pet "financial terrorism section" shutdown, and eliminated, then this sort of insane endless international financial aggression shit is going to be on-going. And as long as the kikes are also running FEMA and the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, the same thing applies.

The ultimate sick joke of the US Treasury's "Financial Terrorism Section", is that they pretend to be fighting terrorism. When it's exactly the reverse! The unit is in fact appropriately named because it's entirely obvious from their actions, not their words, that they're attacking and inflicting financial terrorism, as considered acts for inciting destruction and international warfare.

And thus they're subverting and throwing a monkey-wrench into the mechanism of US foreign policy - they couldn't give a fuck how many US European or Israeli citizens they get killed by this, and they certainly don't give a damn about Iran, or Iranians, in general. Hence this is the reason why the Gulf and Middle East situation and foreign policy is so incredibly fucked-up, to the ridiculous extent that the Kenyan dipshit from Indonesia, who claims to be Hawaiian, is literally backing Al Qaeda in Syria, and arming and financing them, in the face of DIRECT Russian and Chinese warning and threats of nuclear-backed intervention and potential WW3 - if Iran is ever attacked!

If you want to defuse and fix this staggering mess, first, you need to get rid of all the fucking zionist kikes, actively subverting the US system.

youngman's picture

I would hit them when they are doing their morning prayers......that way some of the firepower would go right up their Keisters.....symbolic I would think

CitizenPete's picture

Spoken like a true Amerikan.

CitizenPete's picture

Remember the USS Liberty.

Iwanttoknow's picture

citizen pete,

Try googling operation cyanide.

NoTTD's picture

Iran does not have enough of any military equipment to do anything "massive".   Maybe chelow kababs - but I'm not sure those can be militarized.  Not quick enough, anyway.

rsnoble's picture

Fucking insane. Shit in Iran about to go viral, US financial system on the rocks and now we're supposed to hand in all our fkn guns. Boy these rotten motherfuckers certainly have things fkd up.

Joe A's picture

Everything going according to plan.

czarangelus's picture

the Zionist trolls always come out in force for this shit.

Hey faggots. The enemy Zero Hedgers have - the US Federal Government - is the same enemy decried by Persians and Arab revolutionaries for 30+ years. And guess what? Those of us with our fingers on the pulse realize they were right, all along. The US FedGov IS the Great Satan. Freedom-seeking people all over the world are natural allies against the globalist regime, if not for the jambalaya of racism and fracticious sectarianism pushed by the MSM and many alternative media sites to boot. Fuck you shills.