Obama: "My Offer Is Nothing" - Stocks Plunge

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Looks like today everyone in Congress was short. Here's why:


So much for a deal, and so much for the invisible DJIA support at 13,000.



and AAPL from its Wednesday's VWAP to yesterday's VWAP... still trading? still think the professionals aren't dumping technically into every rip?

Or, as Al Pacino would summarize it...

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I watched a thing on Netflix called "Fat, sick and nearly dead" last year this time. I bought a juicer and lost 22lbs in 2 months. Best decision ever. Give it a shot.

kito's picture

funny, i saw the same flick, got inspired, went on a all juice fast for.....2 days.....couldnt do it.................i did the raw food diet for a month.....that was great.....but again.......as sustainable as the u.s. debt trajectory...........

fonzannoon's picture

juice for breakfast. regular lunch. juice for dinner with some chicken/fish dish. no bread. no pasta. that is tough for a fonzannoon. good luck whatever u do. it's hard

kito's picture

when is the avatar coming?...............

fonzannoon's picture

My avatar will be just like t he coming reset. When you least expect it.

kito's picture

ha ha, or perhaps you will add one micropixel a day for the next 20 years until your avatar is complete..............slow and steady.....perhaps just like the u.s. decline??????? who knows......................

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But... but.... They called the house back in session for Sunday night!  Can't you see they're going to fix this over the weekend??

Nobody wants to get caught out Monday Tuesday morning if they do what I think they might- a 3-6 month "kick the can" extension over the weekend.  And actual "over she goes!" that lasts more than a few days I think would be what it takes to see some real back-to-back triple digit downs.

Tenshin Headache's picture

They don't have 3-6 months to kick the can. They have 2. And they will have serious market pressure very shortly here.

ekm's picture

There's nothing to sell. Who's selling?

Primary Dealers and other very very big guys own everything.

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LOL, not really much of a selloff. No need to worry. Bubble Bernanke and the Fed have any serious selling contained.

We have a Federal Reserve skittle pooping unicorn market. Communist and Socialist comrades learn from this.


rsnoble's picture

You know if the DJIA fell 5,000pts the fucking garbage would still be overpriced.  Just because the digital zero recipents have endless money to throw in the hole doesn't mean you should throw in yours also.  

AlaricBalth's picture

There is no true value in something which can be created at the push of an enter key..

sbenard's picture

Would we expect anything better of the Dictator of Debt?

I once thought that the election of Obama was THE most catastrophic error of our generation. I was wrong. His REELECTION was!

kridkrid's picture

Nothing changes had the other guy won... nothing.  Politics is the distraction from the real issues, by design.  Politics provides a "feeling" that had only "my guy" won, things could be different.  "HOPE" is the perfect slogan... both for and against Obama. 

Everything about this fiscal cliff is a distraction.  Some "line in the sand" that may just as well be spaghetti thrown against a wall.  It makes no difference one way or another.  There is no "solution" to the fiscal cliff.  There is no way to balance the budget without cratering the financial system.  None of this can be fixed and none of this is sustainable.  It's just math.

youngman's picture

No the Other Guy new how to run a business...several...he new how to cut deals...buy companies...pay taxes..invest...you knew his history..he could and would have got it done....how would you like to be the aide trying to explain a balance sheet to the president....he is just a socialist...he wants to do away with the producers...take all their stuff..and give it to his people....this is a joke...Obama is a joke...his voters don´t have jobs..don´t pay taxes..takers...is that really the America you want????

pods's picture

So you are saying that Romney has found the solution to exponential expansion (needed by our monetary system) in a finite world?


Dr. No's picture

Nobel prize in mathematics for the Prez.  What no prize for math?  MAKE ONE!!

NotApplicable's picture

WTF does "Presidentin" have to do with any of those things?

Those people don't do anything that they haven't been told to do. The last one that tried was named JFK. The last one that considered it was Reagan, who quickly decided to return to his acting career rather than dodge even more bullets.

The idea that Rmoney would've done anything of substance differently than Obummer is pure, uncut Hopium.

Wow, I can't believe people can still be this clueless about the facade of governance, given what we've witnessed.


Dr. No's picture

With the prefered Bush waiting in wings, I am still puzzled why TPTB chose such a nut case for that job.

Taffy Lewis's picture

No, youngman, it's not the America that I want... I am moving back to SE Asia. Will rent out the house here in Midwest U.S.A.; if the kids want to move back here for college then they have a home base.

monopoly's picture

What a bunch of immature idiots. How much are we paying these people?

SheepDog-One's picture

MO money MO money MO money!!

onelight's picture

What I find so striking in all of this is the simple reality that the country is operating without political leadership.

Instead all we have are process-gamers, savvy to angles, adult children shrewd with buying votes and managing "optics" but wholly lacking in wisdom, the ability to see and inspire.

We go through these campaign cycles and they say a lot of things, but then they fail to do their work, complain about having to work during their un-earned vacation (Schumer), and then point fingers at the other side. 

Like many, I am working through the holidays and when I look at these whiners I just cringe. Maybe they need the Australian encouragement program:

Chopper Says Harden the $&*%# Up:


The country has seen this before, and will survive, but the fact is we have no political leadership to speak of..

NotApplicable's picture

You mean the country is operating in spite of its political leadership.

And it ALWAYS has.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Wow.  I guess he's given himself the authority to decide anything and everything.  Do we even need a CONgress now that we have a dictator and chief?

lakecity55's picture

Hmmm, expect a sudden midnight announcement that all of CONgress was rounded up.

Cursive's picture

Hey, ES, you've been Obama'd.  Expect more in 2013.

chubbyjjfong's picture

"Gather round lads, time for a haka"

Dr. No's picture

EDIT: Deleted.  Tyler put up the video.

ultraticum's picture

No offer from the slave master because he's too busy preparing to sign some midnight bill, like he did last year over New Years with NDAA, to strip sheeple of more of their rights.

SheepDog-One's picture

No doubt, under cover of the 'big diversion' we'll hear New Years Day ObaMao has exec ordered confiscation of all firearms...everyone will be all 'OMG!'.

odatruf's picture

I think you give everyone too much credit. Some may text, tweet or Facebook 'OMG', but that's it because (pick one: iPhone, teevee, cowardice, stupidity, comfort, etc.).


ZeroAvatar's picture

I'm prepared to die for my country.  I take it you're not? Guy Fawlkes mask=dead giveaway. (pussy)

lakecity55's picture

Sudden airborne invasion of blue helmets.

Sweeping down from Canada, up from Mexico, landing in every town with an airport.

A secret and cunning plan, blackadder!

fonzannoon's picture

look at that S&P hold 1400 like it's nothing. piece of cake.

The Shootist's picture

Sell off? More like a ramp.

Jayda1850's picture

So all the losers come back to DC for one big circle jerk, glad my tax dollars are going to good use. I loathe how apathetic and ignorant my fellow americans are. I pay quarterly taxes out of pocket. If all americans didnt have taxes withheld and had to pay outta pocket, we would have a revolution within a month.

Turin Turambar's picture

Obama doesn't want a deal.  Period.  It's really that simple.  The sheep just can't seem to get it through their thick skulls that the guy has an agenda and it isn't the same as theirs.

Freddie's picture

The GOP should cut everything including the White House budget. 10% across the board cuts and 90% for the white house budget. 

I am sure the Supreme Court, Congress and everyone else has Chicago threats on their lives and their families.  Support the Chicago gang made the Clintons an offer they could not refuse and it had to do with their kid.  Give him war and tell TV and the media they are next.


Zer0head's picture

right on junior

what he wants is to rename the bush taxcuts

the sad thing is most Americans will actually believe that he cut taxes

AU5K's picture

He's going to make us an offer we can't refuse.

lakecity55's picture

Why haven't more people figured this out?

Is ZH the only place we have left?

I mean, if you step back and look at the ghost-written books, the visitors to the White Mosque, etc etc, it's kinda obvious....


Forward, Soviet!

tekhneek's picture

Logged in because of this comment.

Bravo. Someone finally gets it.

swissaustrian's picture

Calling Jon Hilsenrath:

We need a rumor, now!

muppet_master's picture

spx @ 1403 = yawn !!

still riding my spx AVG SHORT PRICE 1420...since 1447 TOP weeks ago.....

yesterday covered some @ 1404 and reloaded them @ 1414-1417.....(low was 1402 and high was 1420 for the day) = i don't give a rat's behind that i didn't cover at day's bottom (yesterday) or shorted right @ the top....its now @ 1403.

yawn !!! = just riding !! wake me up when spx crashes fast n hard below 1200 = cover shorts b4 dead cat bounce. 

soooo easy to ride = sooo easy to enjoy life....ok today i maxed out my alloted 15 minutes/day monitoring the casino...today it was like 25 minutes on and off...