Boehner Responds To Obama: "Stop Blaming And Lead"

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If earlier media speculation that the cliff debate was seeing some progress would have sent stocks higher (assuming it was not a Sunday), the speaker's just released response to Obama's Meet The Press appearance would have deflated all hope of any progress. Remember: all is fair in political circus and Beltway theater.

To wit:

Boehner: President Obama Should Lead, Not Cast Blame

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement in response to President Obama’s appearance on Meet the Press this morning.

“Americans elected President Obama to lead, not cast blame. The presidents comments today are ironic, as a recurring theme of our negotiations was his unwillingness to agree to anything that would require him to stand up to his own party. Needed cuts and reforms that the president agreed to just last year were no longer on the table, as he cited an inability to sell them to Democrats.

“In an effort to get the president to agree to cut spending -- which is the problem -- I put revenues on the table last year, and I put them on the table again last month.  Republicans made every effort to reach the ‘balanced’ deficit agreement that the president promised the American people, while the president has continued to insist on a package skewed dramatically in favor of higher taxes that would destroy jobs. Weve been reasonable and responsible. The president is the one who has never been able to get to ‘yes.’ 

“The House has passed legislation to avert the entire fiscal cliff, and the president has never called for the Senate to act on those bills in any way. He instead has simply allowed the Democratic-controlled Senate to sit on them and lead our economy to the edge of the fiscal cliff. I am pleased Senators from both parties are currently working to find a bipartisan solution that can finally pass that chamber. That is the type of leadership America needs, not what they saw from the president this morning.”

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That'll help things...

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Orange you glad I didn't say "Oblama"?

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Fuck it, the sooner it’s over the better.

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Why do we keep paying these idiots a salary, benefits and pensions? They are completey fucking useless. Cut them all off without pay, close down DC and everyone get back to being entrepreneurs and innovators. That's what made this country great. We can accomplish alot more without the suckers in DC.

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Biden: "Hey, you dance with the person who bought you".

Biden: "I never like to think about important issues until I've had a really good bowel movement, you know, it clears out the thought process"

akak's picture

I'd rather dance with Biden's BM than with Biden himself.

That's assuming that I could differentiate between the two in the first place.

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the negotiations should be televised, not just the soundbites from the talking heads, this would have been over last year if this was the case.

Peter Pan's picture

The biggest problem is not the fiscal cliff but the fools that are pushing us over the edge.

saturn's picture

It's in those other "humans' " nature to delay the inevitable for as long as possibly possible. We have to wait.

cranky-old-geezer's picture



NO, please DON'T lead.

No, we don't need any more "leadership" in the direction Ofascist wants to go, letting Wall Street loot the damn country, wiping out rights, turning America into a freikin police state far worse than Russia.

No, please, no more of that "leadership". 

Just impeach the nazi please.

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That was F I N E ...
Thank you
A little education is a wonderful thing indeed.

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Boner keeps looking for a frontal assault from Obama and it's never going to happen. Obama fights from behind the front lines. He has mastered the feint.


Shut up when you're talking to me Mr. Boner. 

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Boehner is right, Obama has never 'Manned up'...he's like a little kid who's happy when people respond to his natural charm but he whines and cries when he has to do something that actually requires leadership or work...personally I am so fucking tired of the finger pointing and blame game (from anyone).  Shut the fuck up, strap one on, sack up and geter done!

maxmad's picture

Nobody really expected Obama to be a leader, right??? 


What has he ever lead??  Oh yeah he's a community organizer.... How's that working on the SS of Chicago? 

economics9698's picture

Obama has always been a pussy.  A pussy the yids like for some fucking strange reason.

Seasmoke's picture

they like him because he divides and because he gives them cover to do whatever they want, that Bush would get creamed for

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The Elite that control Obama  (and most of the rest of the government for that matter)are not Jewish, they are Luciferian.  Get it right, darn it!

economics9698's picture

I try my best.  I like the tribe or banker best.

Jake88's picture

Didn't you know..."he leads from behind" Makes sense to me. NOT.

Landrew's picture

I have to agree! Living and working in IL. I voted and raised money for O'BUMMER for Senator. He sucked as a Senator, except for the comment " It is irresponsible to vote for increasing the budget deficit". O'Bummer was my Senator for three months before deserting to run for POTUS! I never voted for him again.

wee-weed up's picture

Boner sounds like he's still trying to find his undescended testicles.

Don't get me wrong... I like what he's saying... unfortunately, when it comes time back up his rhetoric with action - in the past, he's always proven he doesn't have the balls!

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Boehner, watch out for Harry Reid to stage a dawn attack on Ft Knox to get additional money to squander!

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I fail to see much difference between Obama and Boner.

They're both prima-donnas who love being in front of the camera.

There's palpable professional jealousy there. I wonder if Boehner was once tapped for potential candidacy and then rejected.

Banksters's picture

The truth that no one will utter on the MSM or in CONgress is this:


The Federal Reserve and its proxies are a cancer designed to steal the land,labor, resources and liberties of our country.


If Obama said this he'd be a leader.   He'd also be dead.  Just like Lincoln, Garfield, and JFK.

WmMcK's picture

What about me, always the forgotten assassinated president.

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But McKinnley was a protectionist president who believed that people having jobs was more important than cheap foreign goods. He was a backward thinking hater with no progressive vision. What is it going to take for everyone to embrace a new world order where a common shared poverty is the only thing that will ultimately unite us. That and death.

economics9698's picture

McKinley was a hard money supporter in the way of the progressive T. Roosevelt.  

Jake88's picture

Oh but this one won't be forgotten.

Spider's picture

LOL there is no way out of this fiscal mess other than default (inflation or otherwise) so what do people expect from either side?  When there is no solution you might as well find ways to blame the other side because there is nothing else you can do - stop blaming Obama and Boehner and figure out what to do to protect yourself and your community

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Did you notice that Boehner never cries anymore?

I wonder if he's seeing a psychiatrist for him problem?

He's a new man.

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An orchestrated bipartisan push for a strong leader who should “lead”

This is so obvious now.

Hejda Freedom

ShortTheUS's picture

If a headline crosses but the futures markets are closed, does it make a sound?

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We need a Thunderdome.  Except it would be OK if no one came out.

Uncle Remus's picture

Springtime for Master Blaster

JustPrintMoreDuh's picture

aka priority drone strike list

nickels's picture

Merit pay for politicians.

monad's picture

Just separation of justice system from organized criminal politicians.

bugs_'s picture

or i'll start using big words like McConnell

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These fiscal stiffs make me sick.

e_u_r_o's picture

why is there no zerohedge favicon when using IE(10)?

Uncle Remus's picture

You may have answered your own query.

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So what exactly is Boehner asking for?

Is he asking for Obama to assume the Congressionally-approved Presidential "emergency" powers because of a declared economic "crisis"?

One might be inclined to think that rule by executive orders to avoid the legislative "logjam" is the desired ultimate goal for some,

or is at least a handy back-up plan.

 "You want me to lead, I'll lead."