Obama's Meet The Press Interview

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More GOP-bashing, more scapegoating, more "we need to raise taxes to cover a few days of spending" (and pray America's rich have never heard of Belgium), more hope and optimism, in other words more of the same, yet nothing on the last minute executive order hiking Federal spending, nothing on the myth of what really constitutes the spending "cuts", or why it is all really all about preserving the lie of a fair and efficient market: as if more than 10% of the US population actually cares where the DJIA closed on Friday. The full Obama Meet the Press interview below.

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I wonder if Gregory brings his prop from last week.

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These two are both props.

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The tax issue is  based off of a false argument- how much vs how little.  This type of debate gives the federal reserve a hard on.   The real question should be:  Are Americans responsible for paying tax on debt accrued by politicians who lied to get elected?   For example, shrub bush said he wouldn't nation build and yet that is exactly what he did, much to the delight of KBR, Haliburton, and many other contractors.  They never did find WMD's, did they?   In fact, I don't believe the govt story on 911 one bit.   


DEBT REPUDIATION!  YES WE CAN. Patrick Henry said it best: No taxation without representation.  Me: Fuck you bernank.


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Patrick Henry said it best: No taxation without representation.  Me: Fuck you bernank.

Well, why don't we just combine the two: FUCK TAXATION.

The idea that money should be taken from people by force, and that this is somehow good, is nuts.

We already have peaceful ways to get what we need... it's called commerce. Not only is it inherent moral, but it works WAY better than government.

The State is a vile relic from an ancient, barbarous past. It's WAY past time to move on.

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These ideas are  brush fires for a revolution.   Let's spread the word!

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Raising taxes does absolutely nothing to balance the budget.  Here is a blog I did about it awhile back.  Look at the last graph.  That is all you need to know and see to know how full of shit our politicians are.


Just be honest Obama, “we need more payoffs from the producing class of citizens” and be done with it.

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The congress-critters have made it so there are never any REAL spending cuts - NEVER, EVER!

Their dirty little secret... baseline budgeting.

"baseline budgeting is one of the most sinister ways that politicians claim to cut spending when they are actually increasing spending. The Congressional Budget Office defines the baseline as a benchmark for measuring the budgetary effects of proposed changes in federal revenue or spending, with the assumption that current budgetary policies or current services are continued without change. The baseline includes automatic adjustments for inflation and anticipated increases in program participation."  -- from Citizens Against Government Waste

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Should any of you wish to skip what is a rather dull, dry and rhetoric-filled chat session that was President Obamney's appearance on "Stroked By The Main Stream Press," here is a much more to-the-point, abridged version of precisely what he had to say about his perception of anyone's ability to impede his plans:

King Kong Ain't Got Shit On Me
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"Well, why don't we just combine the two: FUCK TAXATION."

If money printing is such a good idea, then why don't we just get rid of all taxes, and print what we need?  Just think of all the votes Obama could get then?

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Japan was practically doing this before the reincarnation of Abe.  Now the foot's really on the accelerator.  But it's worked well for them so far, don't you think? /sarc

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Japan's race to the abyss is like a Toyota with a stuck accelerator. Japan has chained itself to the US and Europe. 

The action of Japan hyper-printing should pull the US and Europe over the cliff.


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Wait a minute.  That's a really good obvious point that I never thought of.  If they can print all the money they want then why the fuck do they need to raise taxes?  They're going to keep printing anyway so what the hell. 

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The IRS is a way to control inflation but more importantly it tells the government who is making what money.  It’s a information gathering system that allows the government to identify (Bill Gates Microsoft-1980s) potential rivals for economic and political power and knock them down to size as well as force them into supporting corporate fascism.

Hitler used this system to his advantage in the late 1930s when he financed 35% of his war machine with stolen Jew property.



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But the US isn't taking from the very wealthy - it's sucking it from the middle class.    

Would make a lot more sense to claw back ill gotten gains from the top .1% but they're the ones profitting from all this.  THEY are the ones government is bailing out.  Onstead of firing all thise in banking and Wall Street who caused this mess - clawing back the money they made through manipulation and lying  and banning them from working in finance ever again, we propped them up and GAVE THEM EVEN MORE MONEY


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Would make a lot more sense to claw back ill gotten gains from the top .1% but they're the ones profitting from all this. THEY are the ones government is bailing out. Onstead of firing all thise in banking and Wall Street who caused this mess - clawing back the money they made through manipulation and lying and banning them from working in finance ever again, we propped them up and GAVE THEM EVEN MORE MONEY


A hearty Amen, the 1% and the 47% on FREE everything.Planned destruction of middle class brings us to banana repulic status with another Chavez at the helm,except worse.

O has already stated that 100% of whatever taxes come in are going to be spent on NEW programs, how much more FREE crap can they dream up?.

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You'd still need some form of army to get to that sort of societal status

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Perhaps I'm not understanding, but the words "fuck status too" come to mind.

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And empirically this ends with the local "status" asking you "you and which army?"

History teaches: either you have an army or you get gifted with a foreign one

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So statists keep repeating: YOU MUST HAVE A THUG!

Been there, done that, have counted hundreds of millions of dead, in just the past century. So forgive me if I prefer de-centralized defense. With no center of control to grab, an invading army is merely a target.

To quote Admiral Yamamoto, a guy with a massive military force and who took the question seriously: You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.

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In Feinsteinian Relativity, make that "a musket behind every blade of grass".

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and so the "statists" continue to be proven right since the beginning of recorded history, yes

"state", latin "res" means "status", as in "status quo". you live in one and have fantasies of getting rid of it

philosophically interesting, empirically unproven

this "status quo" has an army. actually the most powerful and expensive ever to honour this planet, and you talk about "de-centralized defense"

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You play at history and yet you ignore Yamamoto, the most pertinent history. So typical of statists.

Tell ya what: You go serve whatever strongman you like, but leave me alone to live my way.

Have we a deal?

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I'm ignoring the... Admiral of the WWII Imperial Japanese Fleet?

A "strongman" of a tax-collecting government?

I rest my case

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Do we have a deal?

You serve your strongman (ruler, potentate, grand poobah, whatever) and you leave me alone. Yes?

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If there is one thing that binds all statists, it is coercion.

With statists, opting-out is never an option.

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my point exactly, way more succint than what I'm able to. thx

there is always a Mongol Horde or an Admiral Perry with gunboats over the horizon

US Commodore Perry forced Japan out of it's isolationism

and is so the direct cause for Yamamoto's fleet. hilarious, isn't it?

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(Third try.)

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America does have the most expensive and technologically advanced military on earth, but this army cannot defeat goat herders in the mountains of Afghanistan who wield rusty AK-47s and primitive, homemade explosives. These goat herders previously defeated the Soviet military.

Your point is disproven. Decentralized defense (insurgency) is very effective.

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wield rusty AK-47s and primitive, homemade explosives


And a crapload of our best weapons, and modern heavy weapons.

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Eh? What was my point again? That the US needs it's current armed forces for defence - from invasion? Sure not.

You guys are talking about militia only (and dreaming of no state and no taxes), that is one extreme

Nevertheless you are living through the other extreme

And think you can transition quickly

What happens if you disband a million strong army? Eh?

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Didn't we do something like that on a much larger scale after the civil War, WWI and WWII?

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now this I can accept as a good argument

yes and no, the armies of that period were drafted

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Excellent....and I totally agree.

I've made the 'taxation is theft' argument a few times with people I know, and unfortunately it did not resonate.  The most common respose?  "Well, as long as I get a say (e.g., voting) I'm comfortable with taxation"

Madness indeed.

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You are correct. The irony is how most 'Mercans think only of folks on food stamps when it come to the word "takers" instead of thinking of KBR, Haliburton, JPM and others who take billions. At least the food stamp folks spread their government money around in communities across the country. The money given to corporate welfare queens remains in the hands of a few or is thrown down a black hole.

The bottom line is none of this changes even if this fiscal cliff BS is saved at the last minute. Even with their meaningless changes this system is unsustainable and nobody in DC has what it takes to change that reality. All the bitching from the sidelines will change nothing unless you're one of the players.

So, all we can do is try to make our own little corner of this crap pile more resilient as the whole house of cards crumbles. Problem there is the mafia dons in charge of this country will send their thugs out to milk us all for anything decent left and take it for themselves. Such is the nature of a parasite. The only question remaining is how long the hosts will put up with it. Thus far the sheople have shown a high tolerance for lies and ineptitude. I attribute this to the fact that most Americans are hustlers themselves who would do the same thing given a chance.

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As I see it, there are two types of parasites. First, there are the parasites that coexist in a symbiotic relationship with the host. Second, there are the parasites that eventually overwhelm and kill their host.

The first type of parasite can live comfortably for a long time. Its success is intimately related to the success and ongoing viability of its host. The second type of parasite ultimately dies with its host. It can only claim success by infecting other hosts before it dies along with its host.

The politicians/powers-that-be seem to have become type-two parasites. They are consuming the host as rapidly and voraciously as possible, ignorant of the fact that they will die right along with the host they are destroying.

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"Are Americans responsible for paying tax on debt accrued by politicians who lied to get elected?"

Well, if not Americans then who? Foreigners that were not even eligible to vote?

US Debt repudiation or USD inflation are both just forms of default - vs mostly foreign lenders

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So you're saying, the People are ultimately responsible for the crooked deals, misdeeds and incompetence of government?

Well there's an interesting twist on reality.

We have relative paupers enter the Senate and emerge years later as millionaires, so what are the odds of them sharing their accumulation of wealth while a "public servant" with the People?  Government debt works the same way in my book.

Its all theirs.


And another thing (while I'm on this personal responsibility thingy) what's up with a fucking newspaper publishing the names and addresses of LEGAL gun owners?

Well...whats good for the goose is good for the gander:


Miss Royle’s married name is Lambert. She lives in White Plains and here is her Facebook page complete with pictures of her and her kids. Hello Sanctimony.

Cynthia R Lambert
17 Mcbride Ave
White Plains, NY 10603 (914) 948-9388

Work: 914-694-5001
Drives a red convertible:http://s13.postimage.org/k8ffnxuo7/cyndee_royle_aka_cynthia_lambert_red_convertible.jpg
Family photo: http://s7.postimage.org/dkqtytvyj/cyndee_royle_aka_cynthia_lambert_fb_alt_private.jpg

Publisher, Janet Hasson,

3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck NY, 10543

(914) 694-5204


Reporter, Dwight R. Worley, 23006 139 Ave

Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

(718) 527-0832

The “Visual Editor” responsible for the map itself is:

Robert F. Rodriguez

(w) Stephanie Azzarone
Home (212) 222-4566
420 Riverside Dr, Apt 7A
New York, NY 10025-7748

Publisher: Janet Hasson (@janhasson on twitter) 3 Gate House Rd, Mamaroneck, NY 10534


Gracia C Martore 728 Springvale Rd Great Falls, VA 22066 (703) 759-5954

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That is exactly how we fight back, nmewn.

+ a billion or two

nmewn's picture

Wow check out some of "shacks" these people live in...lol.


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Cynthia's facebook pages: not found.

That was quick.

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No. Just pointing to some facts. By being an US citizen you do have a tiny slice of responsibility, at least morally.

It's not as if you asked the King and the Westminster parliament to take care of your government's actions.

You wanted to be indipendent from foreign influence, so your gov is your baby, as Uncle Sam's actions and debt can't be just unloaded on foreigners with the simple gesture of calling it "odious" or saying "nobody asked me, personally"

Foreigners aren't welcome to change your gov, so this leaves... You

The People of the US. The source of your gov's authority

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"By being an US citizen you do have a tiny slice of responsibility, at least morally."

Ummm, no.

This is the way its supposed to work Ghordius. The purpose of taxes to government is to fund its current operations. When its operations exceed the current taxes coming in...it scales back its operations to meet what is coming in or increases taxes. Seeing as how all taxes/fees at the federal, state and local levels now exceed 50% of average workers income, its way past time to scale back its operations.

My responsibility, as a citizen, is current taxation NOT imposing future debt burdens on the next generation...that my friend, is good morality.

"as Uncle Sam's actions and debt can't be just unloaded on foreigners"

Is Uncle Sam sticking a gun to your head forcing you to exchange your currency for his debt?

If not, please stop buying it, it's going to be worthless. Hamburger flippers & sales clerks cannot be taxed enough to provide the principle & interest payments on what is owed, so it will be printed into existence...until it's not. Being paid back with devalued dollars is not a wise investment.

Now, I'm going outside to take down the lights, Christmas is over and I'm not feeling the least bit charitable anymore.

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me neither. so you do renounce to your US citizenship? officially and formally? just asking

your gov is your responsibility (and some would say everybody's problem)

your currency is your responsibility (and Nixon said our problem)

not fully. only a very tiny slice. but most emphatically not that of foreigners

btw, Uncle Sam forcefully sold it's debt as "as good as gold", at the time. I'd be careful with any sentence that might dangerously sound (not your exact words) like "it's not as if Uncle Sam never stuck a gun to anybody's head", those affairs are also called wars. and the following "peaces". and "deals"

we foreigners have, more or less, stopped buying - after decades of support, first mostly europe and the ME, then also Asia. that is one of the US problems that has not really registered, yet, not at popular level

meanwhile, the US has still huge deficits, and consumes more goods and services than it provides, a difference that used to be financed by asking credit from foreigners

and there is this little search going on for a moral high ground when it comes to defaulting

I thought this is the place where some search for red pills. perhaps I was mistaken

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In full disclosure, the currency that is passed off as "ours" is in fact property of the private Federal Reserve.

It is THEIR currency.


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"so you do renounce to your US citizenship?"

I might as well, I don't recognize this country.

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If this generation doesn't repudiate the debt, the next one will. They have no moral responsibility to repay it because they did not vote for those who put the debt burden on them. The lenders also have the moral responsibility of not lending money that cannot be repaid. If I lend $500,000 to a degenerate gambler or crackhead and he doesn't repay me, would you blame me or the degenrate/crackhead for the default? The US government is led by a bunch of degenrates and crackheads. This is a warning to all who are buying US debt. You will lose your money.

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"They have no moral responsibility to repay it because they did not vote for those who put the debt burden on them."

This is what I meant by funding current government operations via taxes. Which is what every fucking Keynesian-socialist alive avoids talking about, the immorality, nay...the illegality...of government PURPOSEFULLY turning future generations into debt slaves so they will seek it out for aid & comfort...thus propagating and growing its existence and control.

It's the epitome of evil disguised as charity and having good intent.

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NMEWN - Thank you! At last a few folks here on ZH are getting the idea that we need a public database of the names, addresses, personal habits, and patterns of every single person at any high level of corporate or government responsibility. Anyone who wants to know how to find one of these people to deliver a personal message in person needs to be able to do so. After all - they have access to that kind of information on everybody else in the country - why shouldn't we crowd-source their personal data and make it available for whatever purpose anyone has in mind?

Again NMEWN - thank you! Great work!