3% Market Ramp... On No Deal, And On Debt Ceiling Breach

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S&P 500 futures staged a 3% rally off their overnight lows - taking them back to 3-day highs as  headline after headline triggered another round of stop-runs. VIX compression led the way as hedges were pushed off to March and higher levels enabled better exits above Friday's plunge VWAP levels. The year ends with the Dow beating Gold for the first time in nine years (just). The USD fell 0.5% on the year (and the JPY -12.8%!!). European stocks beat US stocks (EuroStoxx50 almost doubling the Dow's performance). US Treasuries and US stocks both rallied. Financials gained 26% on the year. The Treasury curve flattened with the front-end selling off modestly and the belly rallying 10-15bps. VIX was unchanged from the start of the year at the open today - but thanks to the epic compression and steepening we have fallen back (VIX lower on the year).


Of course, today's epic ramp really dislocated from risk-asset reality as soon as Bonds closed...


Epic rampathon - to 3-day highs...


Basically ES has roundtripped from the open on Boxing Day - just look at the distribution...


Which rescued the S&P from a fate worse than death - a December in the red!!


Treasury Curve from 12/30/11 to 12/31/12...


VIX on the year...


US Equity Indices YTD (and AAPL)...


Sectors YTD...


Financials YTD!!


Asset Classes YTD - Dow beats Gold by 0.3% for first time in nine years...


and in FX land - the USD ended down a measly 0.5% as JPY slumped almost 13% against the USD...


Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context


Bonus Chart: AAPL's epic stop-run-athon today...


Bonus Bonus Chart: What is going on in HY credit - notably bid as Advancers far beyond Decliners relative to IG credit - very unusual pattern...


Bonus Bonus Bonus Chart: The S&P 500 and its JPY and EUR relationship this year - The Year of the Central Bank Ramp hand off... ECB prints into New Year (LTRO); BoJ prints into LTRO2, then market left alone - turns chaotic; ECB told to print to QE3 and OMT - market turns chaotic; BoJ steps back in to print - market ramps...

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You must bring us a shrubbery!

akak's picture

You shall go and cut the price of gold in half with .... a HERRING!

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

I wish the price of gold was cut in half.  I'd buy TWICE as much!!

ball-and-chain's picture

I keep my money under the mattress.

I'm too afraid to invest.

There's no rule of law.

Global government is going to keep the lid on precious metals.

They've got too much invested in the ponzi scheme.


Spider's picture

So many negative ZHers on stocks.  No deal ... but they'll pass a deal in January.  

Market is crap, but bonds are worse and money has to go somewhere.  Gold, Silver, Stocks - Only stupid people short inflation

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<Only stupid people short inflation>

Not stupid. Ignorant.


EscapeKey's picture

In other words, 3% rally on basis of no deal? It should have been at least twice that.

Seriously? You take in all CNBC tell you?

I am more equal than others's picture

There is a heuristic setup going on here... anchoring - giving the masses a positive response to what is happening when in fact the opposite is quite true (tie to the lie); availability - people tend to use the latest data to make decisions (believe the lie).  The buy-in is evidenced by the all-in optimism.  What better way to make most dependent on the gobberment but by destroying the market. 

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The DOW beats gold... as measured in what... dollars.  That should tell ya all ya need to know.

The ruler is broke.

EscapeKey's picture

The market trades on lies, and lies alone. For days now, we've seen sharp reversals on basis of "hope", and "hope" alone. And once this "hope" is gone, hey let's just keep the gains because we never expected the "hope" to be true in the first place.

In other words, the market was trading up on "hope" which was knowingly anything but. But that's ok. Because tomorrow's load of "hope" is better than yesterday's. ==> in other words, we trade on tomorrow's lies, and today's deceit matter little.

The Federal Reserve is backstopping everything in this market. Nothing is allowed to trade at fair price.

Biggvs's picture

Whaddaya expect - it's December 31st and the tape must be painted green before the town is painted red. Reality (or some tiny fraction thereof) can wait until later this week, if ever.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

@ akak!  Want to see what "Olloquito" looks like?  YOU already know about Peru, many others do not.


"Good Things In Peru"



And Happy New Year everyone!   

We're going to need cheer to get us through what looks like is going to be a tough year. 


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The Dow ended up 166 on the day.

I don't see a problem with that.



Texas Ginslinger's picture

If you aren't buying the dips, and selling when it comes back up, you are missing an opportunity.

Volatility rules, baby....

Montecarlo's picture

YAY - Once again physical Gold beat the S&P (recognizing that my former 401K charged fees that a stack doesn't get hit with).

All the best to everyone for a happy and healthy 2013!

Water Is Wet's picture

Where is Boilermaker?  He must be ecstatic with all the bullishness!

John Law Lives's picture

"The year ends with the Dow beating Gold for the first time in nine years."

Maybe Kevin Henry read your article re. Gold vs. stocks and was determined to break the trend.


Bastiat009's picture

Take a look at the S&P or at the Nasdaq. Gold doesn't shine as much as it used to.

GMadScientist's picture

"There's a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza..."

stormsailor's picture

and why not, everything is so f-ing incredible.  i hope the next four years are as incredible as the last four.

TraderTimm's picture

Okay, I laughed pretty loudly at that one.

Green arrow, nicely done.

XtraBullish's picture

Shorts were completely torched today and we longs are coining it. I love the smell of barbecued shorts in the afternoon!

Pareto's picture

baaaahahaha  +100 for the Apocolypse Now reference.

poor fella's picture

You're pretty good at S&P-Ville then?  These things get boring and played out. There may not be any shorts 'getting torched'

2013: Another year of record oil, high food, jobless stagnation, political bickering, trade deficits, breached debt ceilings, survellience states, reality t.v., cronyist profiteering, bullshit statistics, and public lethargy in the face of socialized losses around the globe. 

I'll be Primo-XTRABullish after a 50% correction..  till then, it's like watching a 'Go' championship between two 6 year olds that just learned how to play. 

RockyRacoon's picture

So you are a particularly lucky stooper who found a choice ticket amongst the discarded trash under the cheap seats.  Big deal.

balz's picture

This market is hopelessly manipulated. Complete, total, absolute bullshit.

gmak's picture

What's your point?

Water Is Wet's picture

Some people (maybe a lot) like to come here and post truisms and conjectures to stroke their egos with up arrows.  I thought about maintaining a list, but then I thought fuck that, I'm not going to waste my time doing that.  But here are a few off the top of my head:

The mathematics make the situation impossible / you can't cheat mathematics / etc.

When the apocalypse happens, then X which is good for me and I planned for but not all the other people who are stupid, yada yada.

War.  (As an answer to any question about what happens next)

Anything about the bond market being the "smart money" / the bond market leads / whatever market that is so big it can't be manipulated is the leader


Jack Napier's picture

The mathematics are not impossible. Exponential debt will become impossible to pay off at some point as interest accrued alone eventually outpaces GDP, but we aren't there yet. They could cut spending in half and pay it off in a few years - but they won't. The class war mandates decrease of buying power through monetary inflation, and they need impossible debt to justify inflation to the sleeple. Since the majority needs government money to maintain their unearned quality of life they are fine with that. Bonds are smart money, until they aren't. The actual smart money is in tangible assets.

Water Is Wet's picture

Running through your points:

1.  The mathematics is never impossible when you can print money and confiscate assets.  (confiscate via taxes or force)

2.  Meh, class war.  Look at this chart and then say inflation isn't justified; there are twice as many people on the world now compared with 1970.  http://esa.un.org/unpd/wpp/Documentation/pdf/WPP2010_Wallchart_Plots.pdf

3.  "unearned quality of life"  Who says?  This is mob rule.  They are the biggest mob and they voted themselves your stuff.  Human governance has always been mob rule.

4.  Bonds are dumb money.  Who doesn't own bonds now?  And who doesn't own $-denominated bonds?  It's got to be the most crowded trade ever.

buzzsaw99's picture

Welcome to the party pal. [/John McClane]

Getting Old Sucks's picture

plus 1,000 but I keep reading that the "market" will react to correct.  So, is there really a market anymore?  Seems it's dead and buried.

Jack Napier's picture

Sure there's a market. It may be 90% quote stuffing and pumped full of Fed money through their primary dealers, but it's alive and kicking for what it is. Take that away, and yeah.

Absinthe Minded's picture

No Shit. I saw the pop in silver today of almost $4 nad it looks great but it was just when I looked at it. Frickin' JPM shorts it the minute it hits $33.79. The chart looks like a meth addicts EKG. WTF is up with that?!?! These idiots are such drama queens, what a huge farce. Life will go on, until we lose currency reserve status.

On a side note, I met a fellow ZH'er today. A really nice guy I never would have suspected to read ZH. A hat tip to the doctor, I will know who to contact when the whole breakdown goes down.

RockyRacoon's picture

Was the fellow ZHer wearing one of the spiffy pieces of clothing and you spotted it?  I wear my ZH t-shirt but so far nary a raised brow.  What kind of tattoo should I get to announce my allegiance?

VonManstein's picture

"The year ends with the Dow beating Gold for the first time in nine years."

"Gold beat the Dow for the ninth year in a row (just)"

might want to edit that Tyler

Pool Shark's picture



Schrodinger's headline

In the universe where markets are free, Gold beats the DJIA...


GMadScientist's picture

"People who can't do basic calculus have estimated that..."


TraderMark's picture

Either the Dow beat gold or the gold beat the Dow.  Clean up one sentence sir, or else this will be like a Gartman letter.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Everyone here knew this was going to happen last Friday, that we were going to have a nice last day of the year ramp job today.

MyBrothersKeeper's picture

I told you all the damn drama was just a way for them to profit.  The 2% fall off last week apparently wasn't enough so they did what I thought they would never do:  use the last day solely as a way to profit from the markets.  Now they go back and short the market for Wednesday and then go long again once they patch the "deal" piecemeal. 

Yen Cross's picture

 Confused Tyler?  • The year ends with the Dow beating Gold for the first time in nine years.

                         • Gold beat the Dow for the ninth year in a row (just).


Watts_D_Matter's picture

two words....Window Dressing


now the PM's on mutual funds will look much better after the quarter end...they get the bonuses and the fund families all slap themselves on the back touting great performance for 2012...


We will.see the waterfall drop early this month when the euphoria comes to a screeching halt....there was some serious Put action on the SPY today...yikes!



Jake88's picture

This market is so broken. When the collapse finally comes it will be of Biblical proportions. European stocks beat US stocks. The same Europe that has been in a recession... parts of which are in a depression. The same Europe that is bankrupt. If we follow suit our stock markets will soar in 2013.

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

"When the collapse finally comes..."   Why am I thinking  that phase will be on my tombstone.