Market Slams Higher As Corker Repeats Yesterday's Talking Points

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S&P 500 futures (ES) jumped higher this morning, retracing a perfect 61.8% of the Friday afternoon plunge on the reiteration by Senator Corker (and perhaps some remarkably obsequious comments by Van Hollen - who has been so trustworthy in the past).

"I would bet my life that over the next very short period of time (that) 98 to 99% of people in the country are going to be rescued," Corker told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley.

The algos trading the futures, naturally, buy it hook, line and sinker. Only problem is this is from yesterday just as everyone was "cautiously optimistic" a deal would come from the Senate later that night, which... never happened. But hey: algos don't care about details. The bad news for Corker's numerous Wall Street sponsors is that his life may now well be forfeit should there be no deal in 15 hours, and all this "cautious optimism" was for nothing.

The initial ES ramp was a stop-run and then the algos switched to EUR to try and lever the ramp - it failed.

S&P 500 futures (ES)


EURUSD...ramp started later (not simultaneous with ES)

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fonzannoon's picture

that was just a test to make sure rumors still worked. all is well. 

espirit's picture

Yep.  Johnny 5 algo up and running.

Pool Shark's picture

"Open the pod bay doors, Hal."

camaro68ss's picture

I got up today happy, thinking there would be a bloodbath in the market, nope. still the same ol reach around

Manthong's picture

So what numeric value does an algo assign to “bet my life” coming from a shill politician when doing the transform for that news feed?

The trend is your friend's picture

corker: We'll shoot  few bazookas at the hull and then recue 98 to 99 % of you

EmmittFitzhume's picture

He's going to bet his life?  That's wonderful.  One senator down. 99 more to go

Cursive's picture

I would really, really like him to pay up on this bet, assuming that a short period of time is at most a week.

Zer0head's picture

imagine if you had easy access to the American media and the ability to frontrun with impunity


azzhatter's picture

Corker is a smooth talking piece of shit. Biggest requirement to be a politician

WillyGroper's picture

I didn't see a smooth talker as he questioned his God Jamie Dimon. 

I saw a bootlicking POS.

TheLooza's picture

Pffft. I got lucky and sold a fuckload of iwm shares i got assigned over the weekend thanksyou. Fade the fucking rally.

Dr. Engali's picture

98 to 99% of people are going to be rescued? Who in the fuck does that arrogant prick think he is? You want to rescue America you fucker?... Take yourself and the rest of Washington straight to China! Get your fascist fucking asses out of our lives!

TotalCarp's picture

I particularly like the term "rescued". As in force fed another load of debt to pay off military industrial complex.

surf0766's picture

And the welfare state debt

derek_vineyard's picture

someone take engali's guns away from him !!!!

supersajin's picture

How do you “rescue” a people who you placed in harms way? Kinds sounds like Obama’s plea..”it could’ve always been worse”

fonzannoon's picture

"Look at the futures, what a crazy wild ride....stay tuned...looks like we are going to open FLAT"



rubearish10's picture

I see no reason not to believe him. Afterall, you could make money on it! <sarc>

TheSilverJournal's picture

Save us government save us!!

The notion that government can rescue the people is nonsense. Government has no resources. GOVERNMENT GETS ITS RESOURCES BY FIRST TAKING IT FROM THE PEOPLE.

grid-b-gone's picture

Exactly, and the corollary to Corker's statement is, "We believe only 1 or 2 percent of citizens do not require direct intervention by the Senate into their personal affairs."

Renewable Life's picture

Ya that's "the theory" isn't it, but you've obviously never spent much time "inside" the government military complex have you??? To say those fuckers don't have "resources" would be insane!! They have trillions of dollars in bullets, guns, tanks, drones, fighter jets, aircraft carriers, land, etc!!

It doesn't much matter if the money you used to buy your resources was "confiscated", stolen, or earned honestly, when you have possession, you own it!!! The US Government HAS resources, brother, don't fool yourself into believing anything else!!

Albertarocks's picture

That's pretty darned generous of the good senator.  He's only 60.  And to think he's willing to give up another... what, 20 years?... just to put some more bullshit spin on an already ridiculous political farce and media circus.  All of it as per the instructions issued in the Goldman playbook.  Shameful as hell.

NeedleDickTheBugFucker's picture

You forgot to put in another arrow at approximately 6:30 AM EDT when Corker went long in the futures market.

Rip van Wrinkle's picture
Market Slams Higher As Corker Repeats Yesterday's Talking Points Market Slams Higher As Kevin Buys S&P Futures


There, fixed it for ya.

crawl's picture

Corker is leading the way for US politicians to act more like their European counterparts.  Say anything to prop the markets, wait for slip in markets, repeat as necessary.  No action needed while words prop up the markets.

But it's fun to see the headline reading algos climb over each other to front run this thing we call a market.

Downtoolong's picture

I would bet my life that over the next very short period of time (that) 98 to 99% of people in the country are going to be rescued

Such drama, such arrogance, such egos these people have. No matter what they decide, they aren't saving anyone but themselves and their Wall Street masters.

How do you become a poitical hero these days? Answer; create a catastrophe, have the Mainstream Media lap it up, then fix it in the eleventh hour.


MsCreant's picture

Up vote here if you like this comment like I did. Down vote too if you like. 

Racer's picture

Hmm, freudian slip methinks.. he states

99% of people are in NEED of rescue!

MsCreant's picture

I like this whole sociopathic set up: steal from the people, do what ever the fuck all you want to with their money, create a situation where you have not paid the goddamn bills and need to put it all on credit cards, then when you do find a new line of credit claim to be "rescuing the people."

I can't say here what I am really thinking. Let's just say I divorced a man who was doing the same thing with our personal finances, and not telling me, and leave it at that...

Ghordius's picture

did you know that lots of girls like sociopaths? did you know that we found out several HR companies in London specifically selected sociopaths for banking management jobs?

anyway, it looks from science that only 1% of the pop are sociopaths - but they can influence "mores" (morals) beyond their numbers, if allowed

it's not relevant what a criminal does - compared to the way society reacts to the deed


edit: sorry to read about your personal situation, I hope my "flip" did not hurt

MsCreant's picture

I am in really good shape these days, that is why I can casually talk about it now and see the parallels so easily. I blindly trusted is the only thing I did wrong. It was years ago and a good lesson. He has gone bankrupt twice since the divorce. Me, I started getting out of debt the month he left (he left me with a lot of it) and I am debt free and will stay that way. 

QQQBall's picture

The system hates debt-free folks. Once you get rid of the debt and live below your means, it is very difficult to get drawn back into the matrix. Low IR = deperate attempt by the Matrix to keep people borrowing and to keep debtors aflot so they can service the debt. If they do "foregive everything" it will be interesting to see how many of the previously underwater borrowers start running up the debt anew.

DrDinkus's picture

sitting long TSYs, short SPY...anybody with me? sanity check, no shot they get a deal done right boys? k good...trying to stay away from the noise...too early for a drink?

crawl's picture

Check those stops. Expect any hint or rumor of being rescued from the cliffy thing to cause disaster for shorts.

stormsailor's picture

put on a short at 1400.5 on the /es.   with a 5 point stop.  will probably get swept and drop like a rock.  my luck

Getting Old Sucks's picture

"I would bet my life that over the next very short period of time (that) 98 to 99% of people in the country are going to be rescued,"


Bet they told everyone on the Titanic the same thing before the ship went down.  Same, same, no?

yogibear's picture

The bots take it up.

Have to end the year on an up note, can't let the 11% yearly gain slip away. 

Yearly bonuses are based on the performance and many on Wall Street spent the money already.

Brokenarrow's picture

Just like I posted yesterday, my dog, sds, and dia put positions? Toast! I was killin em this weekend:) 2013

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

Corker is my Senator...I would not pee on him if he was on fire.

azzhatter's picture

I would if I could piss gasoline

caimen garou's picture

no loss for him when he is betting something that is worthless as the USD, Put some real money on the line, useless POS!

GMadScientist's picture

You heard the man...put is head in the noose just in case.

marz929's picture

For all you guys in the Yen short trade, please read:


Did anybody catch El Erian this AM on Squack? He says we need more infrastructure spending and more education spending! He says Congress is the real problem. I think he blamed Congress 3 or 4X. Never mentioned POTUS. Oh, BTW, did I fail to mention that he was appointed by Obama to something I think is called the Business Development Council. How convenient. I no longer believe anything I hear from anyone. Its all spin, manipulation and protecting one's own self interest at the expense of the country.

MyBrothersKeeper's picture

I like El Erian but he does have a central bank background which makes me nervous about the PIMCO after Gross retires.

AlphaHunter001's picture


they don't have to get a deal done today, as long as it gets done within the next month they can make it retro-active... which they will do.


neither side wants this to occur, hence the deal will get done... the question is how much is true structural long-term reforms and how much is a patch-work, short-term deal


if it's a true long-term deal, it's very bullish for the market and the US

MsCreant's picture

"the question is how much is true structural long-term reforms and how much is a patch-work, short-term deal"

There is no structural long term reform that can save this. There is nothing they can do. This is all theater. Let that soak into your bones to the marrow, let it sink into your guts, and saturate your cells. Let it run through your nervous system and become electricity jumping through your brain. I know I sound dramatic and you will probably dismiss me, but when I see comments like yours, I know I have to try. 

There is nothing they can do and they are lying to you. Get it?

Give up hope. Eviscerate it. Hope is the enemy.

AlphaHunter001's picture

"There is no structural long term reform that can save this."


This is obviously a statement meant to shock and not based on realty. The truth is that it would not take much work to go from trillion dollar deficits to massive surpluses.


The US economy is almost a $16 trillion GDP, to produce surpluses would mean some adjustments in revenue and spending, but it's certainly very feasible. The question is will they make the long-term reforms that are necessary or just pander to voters


MsCreant's picture

The debt is too big to be repaid. You could tax everyone 100% of their wages and the debt could not be repaid. Reposted excerpts from 7/11, from another debt ceiling hike debate:



  • Not one penny of US debt has been repaid for 51 years: the last time US government funded debt actually decresed on a year-over-year basis was 1960
  • 97% of today's funded debt has been accumulated since August 1971 - the end of the Bretton Woods era by Nixon, and the terminal delinking of all fiat currencies from any and all hard assets, ushered in the era of modern-day hyper-debt insolvency
  • The US government borrows 40-50 cents for every dollar it spends. A balanced budget would mean cutting government spending in half.
  • Implementing a balanced budget would not reduce current debt outstanding. It would merely stop it from growing.
  • Over the past three fiscal years US debt grew by over $1.5 trillion per year: this is more than three times the record annual debt increase in any previous year in US history
  • Last night deficit reduction targets were cut from $4 trillion to $2 trillion over the next decade, in exchange for a $2.4 trillion debt ceiling hike, which will last the Treasury until the next presidential election. Said otherwise, the Treasury needs to fund a $2.4 trillion hold over the next 15 months. Over a decade this come to $20 trillion: ten times more than the proposed deficit reduction.

And the most inconvenient truth of all:

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is said to have been precipitated by the Lehman failure in 2008 which froze inter-bank lending on a global basis and almost brought down the system. It is said to have been prevented by a massive and global increase in new money creation. In reality, had economic nature been left alone to take its course, there is a good chance that the world would be fast emerging from its financial black hole by now. At a minimum, most of the malinvestments would have been discounted to the point where they would no longer act as a dead weight on future savings and investment.

Economic “miracles” (so-called) have happened before. The US emerged from a deep recession in 1920-21 because the government and the central bank did NOT interfere. Germany emerged from the actual physical rubble of WW II for exactly the same reason. So, to a lesser extent, did Japan. In all these cases, debts which could not be repaid were not held on life support by central banks, they were written off. In all these cases, creditors took very severe “haircuts” indeed while many debtors literally had to start again from scratch. In all these cases, the LACK of government impediments or government largesse meant that a recovery took place in a much shorter time frame than would otherwise have been the case.

Economic distortions today are HUGELY bigger than they were then. That means that the recession will be deeper and the recovery phase possibly longer. But until it is allowed to begin, there is no way out.