Presenting Birinyi's Parabola

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You have all heard of "Birinyi's Ruler" before (and if you haven't, today for some inexplicable reason Bloomberg decided to once again give exposure to the man who made all technical analysis into an absolute farce). Well, step aside Birinyi Ruler, and make way for Birinyi's Parabola. Why? Because back in January 2011, the pitchy Hungarian fearlessly declared his closing price target for the S&P 500 on September 4th, (not 3th, not 5th) 2013 at 2,854. This is just over 100% from where the S&P will close today. The resulting ramp is no longer a ruler, not even a hockeystick, but quite simply a parabola. As shown below...



Charts: Bloomberg

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The Hungarian Hippo is right....SP going parabolic in a hyperflationary environment....but he didnt mention what the gold chart would be like, probably hyperparabolic!

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I personally like chicken birinyi, with yogurt on the side.

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From Jan 2002 to Jan 2004, the Argentinian Merval Stock Index went from ~ 320 to 1,100 during the Argentina peso  crisis.

Birinyi is predicting a USD crisis.


p.s. use the "update" link and not the arrow in the advert when entering the dates of interest.


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... you know some people will believe it.

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When the dollar collapses he will be only half way there.

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sprinkle a few keywords like "hope" and "upside bias" into every MSM headline and that's eminently doable.. it's not like we're talking about discounting fundamentals in the capital markets or anything.. this is strictly Farmville for morons

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Sounds reasonable to me.

<Moar drugs please.>

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It may happen. It would mean really bad news on the reality front, though.

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Unlimited + unsterilized.  That's all we need to know.  

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I thought it was gold and silver

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When the stock market is priced in confetti, even the sky is no limit.  Hope floats but confetti can float higher.

Why parabola when you can have a hyperbola?

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He's talking about my blood sugar, right?

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You never know; Zimbabwe Ben could go Full Retard by September.

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it will parabola happen

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Hope you can believe in.

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it could happen if SPX changes it's constituents to 500 most shorted stocks from R3000.

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 I got some [arable farmland] in the middle of the Nevada desert to sell ya.

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All these dumbasses think that weak currency and bond markets are good for stocks, as if 1987 never happened.

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Don't laugh.  It can happen.  They have created so much stinking money.  People don't seem to grasp the concept of 1 billion dollars, much less1 trillion dollars. 

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Im dying to know who pays this guy to talk this shit(no one can be that bonkers naturally)...i want a cut; I'll go even better, S&P4500 hows that? Now where's my envelope?

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Past Sept. 2013 we will be calling it Birinyi's timewarp...

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Looks like gold has beaten him to the "Parabolic" phase

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I'm thinking he ment GOLD.

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Go long parabolas....


*what's that ticker symbol again

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This is from the same moron who predicted S&P 1700 earlier this year in March.  Not too good on that one.  Sooner or later though if he keeps making crazy calls, one will happen and the pundits will annoint him as the great stock analyst. 

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".... who MADE all technical analysis into an absolute farce..."

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it would be cool if gdp and corp profits expanded to meet these higher prices and do so without being just inflation

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No he meant to draw a line on the FED's balance sheet....that is what it is!

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Birinyi is and always has been an incompetent self promoter...follow his market wisdom to your ruin


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A much more useful chart:


Oil Supply shortfall by energy company Total ...


Others can be found ... depending on which major oil company (or EIA) you want to pay attention to, they all say the same thing.


The amount of crude oil needed to meet demand between now and 2030 (eighteen years) is between 30- and 80 million barrels per day.


That's new oil ... needed to make up for depletion and to meet increased demand. Even with 'frakking', Bakken and Irakk ... additional 10 mbpd ... there is a + 20 - 70 million bpd shortfall.


It begiins! Allocation by credit rationing is already underway ... in Europe. Coming to a gas station near you.

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With the destruction of currency, eventually the banks blowing up and government spending forced to decrease because of delining tax revs. how can you  believe in

a long term forecast like yours? What ever you are smoking, I'd like some!

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to be honest, sourcing other means for fuels like nat-gas & biogas, using thermal & nuclear & even a tad solar can offset many neeeds for oil. HEMP for plastic of course, garbage-to-oil & hemp-to-oil are also possibilities. Looking forward to bigger roll-outs of the Bloombox

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I was going to comment to the effect of inflation but about at least a dozen people beat me to it. You have made me feel so common. Lincoln observed that God must like common men because he made so many of them.

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Good point Lincoln.  He must like fucking idiots too, there's plenty of them.  Also, come to think of it, fat bitches. god black?