And The Winner Is...

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They came; they spoke; they voted...

  • Obama says will not have another debate with Congress over debt ceiling
  • Republicans: Yea 85 - 151 Nay
  • Democrats: Yea 172 - 16 Nay

'Cliff'-Off (for now)...'Debt-Ceiling'-on. Time to start buying March vol steepeners? But the bottom line is simple: the Bush tax cuts are dead. Long live the Obama tax cuts.

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takeaction's picture

100% Garbage....It is so sad listening to Pelosi...what a bitch earlier.

When does this card house fold?  When?   Oh wait....Did you see the new show?  That Dog can Dance....?

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hate to say this.. the market is going to gap wicked tomorrow - 

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"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."



HoofHearted's picture

What happens when they kick the fucking can right into the damned house of cards?

Michaelwiseguy's picture

Bush tax cuts are dead, Fiscal Cliff meme is dead, Long live the Obama tax cuts.

No spending cuts means the Federal Government continues to bankrupt itself at an accelerated rate. It looks like I got everything I wanted.

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Juuuust testing this-here light swtich. Pay no attention to what's happening over here, all is well, there's nothing to see here, remain calm, move along.


This message was brought to you by the friendly members of the Club Of Rome, The CFR, and the Trilateral Commission
There are no limits to growth, so party-on!

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Yeah, but it was the Bush tax cuts that caused the deficit according to the fascists in the Blue locker room.


Barry said he did not want brinksmanship, ... in upcoming negotiations in his statement. Brinksmanship and fear is what we'll get starting with his hyper partisan innaugural address in 2 weeks.

Supernova Born's picture

I'm still surprised there wasn't a gun ban in the bill.

If there isn't, the R's can just leave this unsalvageable mess in Obama's and the Bernank's incapable hands.

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Worst line from a shitty movie.............ever.

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Very dark day.  A landmark day.  Doors just closed on America's future.

This transcends petty politics and partisanship.  We're simply talking about time and laws of nature now.  Debt, debt, debt, all downhill from here.  No jobs, no future. 

Raise taxes for two percent and save the nation?  Such a childish thing.  Do these people have no calculators on their "smart" phones?

Hope everybody here is familiar with the Four Gs.

It's going to be a long year. 

I'm sorry for all the good American folks who are about to get bamboozled.  They don't deserve this.

boogerbently's picture

Sure they do.

They VOTED for "this".

goldfish1's picture

No need to "vote". Diebold votes for them.


And "polls" and big media let the others know how they "should" vote.

infiniti's picture

As Japan has shown, this can go on for a very long time.

Lord Of Finance's picture

'I think were turning Japanese, turning Japanese. . . I really think so' (to)

JLee2027's picture

As Japan has shown, this can go on for a very long time.

No it can't. The USD is the worlds reserve currency. 

DavidC's picture

For how much longer?


boogerbently's picture

Sovereigns are using gold to circumvent the " worlds reserve currency."

Id fight Gandhi's picture

It's different. They're working for the markers and money masters in the USA which is why the market is completely disconnected from reality. Japan's stock marker has never come close to the highs it once hit decades ago. USA is just a stone throw away from record highs.

Renewable Life's picture

And who wants to begin the odds making that the vote count will be the same for the debt ceiling charade too???

Snakeeyes's picture

Boehner and Republicans surrender to Obama and Reid like the French surrendered at Dien Bien Phu,

tickhound's picture

And just like the French, they're always there when they need us.

DavidC's picture

I cannot believe the gall of Obama - here are some bits from his statement.

1 - 'A little less drama' in the coming budget deals.
2 - The Fiscal Cliff deal is just one step in a broader effort to strengthen the economy.
3 - Very open to compromise on budget issues.
4 - Will not have another debate with Congress over the debt ceiling.

And he took no questions. I don't know if he was late though.

Ye Gods.

ball-and-chain's picture

The real winner is the global banking cartel.

If we had went over the cliff, we'd have had another banking collapse.

The banks are still sitting on mountains of dogshit.

Another recession and those boys are toast.

ghostfaceinvestah's picture

The Tea Party movement officially dies tonight.

crawl's picture

Why vote Republican and get a Democrat in drag?

earnyermoney's picture

I doubt it.


Getting back to the Blue and Red fascists running the country.

Renewable Life's picture

It did, if those fucking pussies continue to think they can have an (R) after their name and fucking get away with it!

What's the use of having "the majority" if you vote with the fucking minority??? If they break off now, when the new congress is sworn in, and declare a new party, with the letter (T) actually meaning something, and yes until Nov 2013, the democrats would then have the majority, but we found out tonight, they already do!!!

If someone in that tea party wing of the new congress had the balls to lead this revolution, they would be president in 4 years!!! And it's not Paul Ryan, so shut your fucking mouth if that was going to slip from your lips!!! If they could pull 50-75 members to do this, it would be pandamonium and chaos in DC, the MSM would have a heart attack, wall street would panic, but the millions of citizens in this Country who still believe in freedom and liberty and the Constitution, would rejoice, Ron Paul could join the movement from the outside, and we could begin campaigning for ALL tea party candidates against the remaining GOP assholes that just voted for this shit, and take back over the house in 2014, and murder the GOP in the process!

There, now I feel better at least!
Happy New Year!

boogerbently's picture

Now we find out if there are ANY "public servants" in that town.

JPM Hater001's picture

"The Tea Party movement officially dies tonight."

When kicking the can half life falls below 90 days





There is a punch line in there somewhere... someone?

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Cliff-off? Risk-off going into what is sure to be a bigger flame up in February? Front run the chaos? No way can we settle for this BS that just happened... spending is THE problem not revenue

RmcAZ's picture

Loser is... The American people.

NoDebt's picture

Government money is the last stop on the train for the American standard of living.  They hoped for salvation from the Internet Boom, then they hoped for salvation from ever-rising home prices to use as their piggy bank, now they are turning to Government to support their standard of living.

There is no next stop when that crumbles under their feet.  And, you may have noticed, each bust has been bigger than the last.

But that's not now.  Which is all that counts these days, apparently.

You will live to see the day of REAL poverty in the US.  Whether it's though a hyperinflationary crescendo or a slow grind down (AKA Japan), it's unstoppable at this point.  Make preparations and don't get so emotional that you burn out or tune out.  The rudder is locked on the current course- we WILL run aground eventually.  By choice or by accident, the destination will be arrived at. 

You WILL need your wits about you at some point along that path.  Stay sharp while others drift into complacency. 


In other news...anyone notice WTI breached $92/bbl.?  I ain't sayin' nothin'.  I'm just sayin'.

ZeroAvatar's picture

The Republicans have abandoned their constituency.


49% of America has NO political leadership, whatsoever.  Each and every 'leader' should now be dismissed.

boogerbently's picture

"The Republicans have abandoned their constituency."

That's why they lost the election.

It had nothing to do with the female or latino vote.

They only kept the anti-obama vote.

UGrev's picture

Time to get rid of the Republican party. They are complete pussies. 

surf0766's picture

Paul "Tea Party" Ryan voted yes.. Everyone knew he wasn't.

kridkrid's picture

But he did run a sub 3hr. marathon and has a P90X hot body.

FEDbuster's picture

Bet Ron Paul voted "No", he will be missed.  Rand voted "No" in the Senate vote.


surf0766's picture

and Cantor is the same as Ryan.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Can't be sure but it looks like it passed over a minority of the majority.  This is supposed to cost Speakers their jobs.

Conman's picture

Any question on whether or not the government only cares about the level of the stock markets should be answered tonight.

Harbanger's picture

Of course they care, Govt intervention is the only thing keeping the markets from crashing.  There's no real economic growth it's all money printing.

Just Ice's picture

And the sad part is Bernanke had given them a perfect out for that in his last fomc q&a, (stating that what the market is doing at any given point in time should not be a consideration in the making of policy decisions).  And that was correct.  No government institution, whether legislative, executive, judicial or the Fed itself, should base decisions upon whether or not "the market" wishes to throw a tantrum or engage in other gyrating histrionics like some spoiled, temperamental child. 

rubiconcap's picture

never have so many unemployed US workers watched CSPAN instead of honey boo-boo reruns 

ShrNfr's picture

It passed with a majority. Off to Old Bla Bla for him to spike the ball. Sad for the country.

Bad Attitude's picture

I wonder how many times Dear Leader will say "I" or "me," since self-worship is his one consistent theme.

Oh well, passage of this bill allows me to continue buying ammo.