And The Winner Is...

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They came; they spoke; they voted...

  • Obama says will not have another debate with Congress over debt ceiling
  • Republicans: Yea 85 - 151 Nay
  • Democrats: Yea 172 - 16 Nay

'Cliff'-Off (for now)...'Debt-Ceiling'-on. Time to start buying March vol steepeners? But the bottom line is simple: the Bush tax cuts are dead. Long live the Obama tax cuts.

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Lore's picture

Hey, yeah!  And don't forget the 2012 retail sales coming out soon. BWAHAHAHA

GMadScientist's picture

<-- The Tea Pot Dome Express has left the station

<-- No, they're "really mad" now...

Boilermaker's picture

What's sad is that there will still be a huge portion of the population that will still believe the parties are different.

Room 101's picture

The debt ceiling will never really be on.  There will be some posturing about it, but unless Obama gets what he wants, he'll simply raise the ceiling unilaterally.  His handlers think they have the constitutional authority to do so. Congress will do nothing to stop him, and if the courts intervene, it will be long after it's already a done deal. 

Just another circus to distract attention.

TedBagwell's picture

Fuck those motherfuckers.

a growing concern's picture

Enough is enough!  I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!


I'm sure there's some sort of wise allegory in there somewhere.

akak's picture

Fuck the fucking Fuckers and all the fucking other fucking fuckers who keep fucking allowing the first fucking Fuckers to fuck them with fucking impunity every fucking day until they fucking won't fucking have fucking fuck left.

John_Coltrane's picture

Any chance you're Australian?

yogibear's picture

Next the debt ceiling. Remove it and allow infinite debt to go along with Bernanke and the Fed's QE and printing to infinity.

Destruction of the Republic must, must be complete.


Critical Path's picture

Gee, let me guess.  We're going to move the goal post on the ceiling to 2016?

yogibear's picture

Turbo Timmy and King Obama already said they wanted to remove the debt ceiling.

Critical Path's picture

Even better, lets just get this show on the road already then.

wee-weed up's picture

Hell, yeah... fuck legitimate accounting - it just slows us down!

ekm's picture

When I was living in Europe I lost interest in european politics because everybody was going for the same thing, everybody on the left. It got really boring.

Then I come to Cananda in 1999. Politics???? Boredom to death.

Now even USA has become boring, boring, boring. Almost everybody is for the same thing, no practical differences.

You guys are boring, same as we here in Canada, same as europeans. Check the market, it goes only up and up and up and up and up and up and up..........freaking boring.

God, I hate boredom but I have nowhere to go, now.

Amused2Death's picture

Egypt?  Arab spring should be fun for few years...

ekm's picture


I mean really really OUT LOUD.

fonzannoon's picture

Buy a boat and get out to sea EKM. My mother in law (from Minsk) was telling me last night the US is almost done becoming the USSR. she said we need a (no idea how to spell it) Datchia? basically my mil who is clueless about this stuff knows it's prepping time. smart woman.

ekm's picture


Good one, good one.  She speaks by experience, like me. Give her my regards.

ekm's picture

She meant that you should grow your own food. According to her experience, when nobody wants to work, food shortages happen.

That's how USSR collapsed, food shortages because nobody wanted to work, everybody expected the gov to provide as per promise.

ekm's picture

She meant that you should grow your own food. According to her experience, when nobody wants to work, food shortages happen.

That's how USSR collapsed, food shortages because nobody wanted to work, everybody expected the gov to provide as per promise.

ekm's picture

She meant that you should grow your own food. According to her experience, when nobody wants to work, food shortages happen.

That's how USSR collapsed, food shortages because nobody wanted to work, everybody expected the gov to provide as per promise.

Dr. Engali's picture

The parties are basically the same, it's just a matter of degrees... whether you want full blown communism now or if you want it introduced bit by bit.

ekm's picture

It comes always from the bottom, it's never imposed.

People think it's feasible to eat and live without working. That's what 400 million people thought in USSR+ Eastern Europe.

It lasted for a very long time until we ran out of food, literally. Nobody wanted to work.


Obama has promised the same thing. Big question:

Who will produce all those goods that NON WORKING people would like to consume?

TedBagwell's picture

Where in the hell is walstreetpro2? 

j-dub's picture

The house has no balls, but does Fitch?

Do they downgrade the U.S. by Friday PM?




j-dub's picture

Egan Jones Downgrades the U.S. by Friday PM

Egan Jones does not downgrade the U.S. again

Jacque Itch's picture

My thought exactly but I gave it a down vote.  Maybe credit watch negative. 

Maybe Egan Jones will come through for you though.

All that said, credit ratings mean nothing in the stock casino.


NIETSNEREM's picture

Obama's legacy is now secure; he has proven himself to be the consumate politician as he was able to ramrod his version of a cliff aversion package through government channels without even breaking a sweat. His use of television as the bully pulpit to be dismissive of those who don't adhere to his philosophies would be terrific theater if it wasn't so sad in the actual outcome.

muppet_master's picture

just wait....

until he BANKRUPTS the US....kenyan-gang-raping style...then we WILL SEE HIS "LEGACY"

Theos's picture

I've been here for a while and I feel like ZH has really lost it's shit the last few weeks - Like the collective bullshit tolerance has finally been exceeded.

Boilermaker's picture

It's been downhill for at least 6 months or so. The sensationalist articles are getting more frequent and extreme.

Now...where is the next 'market crash immenent' article? Is it before or after the 'Iranian Navy to thump American military'?

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Money was invented by man.  It doesn't exist in nature.

So when there is an unsolvable money problem, it's not really serious.

Only oil ends this.  Regardless of the alleged production numbers you see, Brent (the real price of oil) was at its all time end-of-year high yesterday at $111.11.  It closed $107 last year and lower the year before.

The rise is relentless and it is oil that will take all this down.  Oil wasn't invented by man.  They can do nothing about it but kill large numbers of people to get consumption down.

PlausibleDenial's picture

I have been here a while as well.  If you don't like it then leave.  Where pray tell will you go?  Stop bitching unless you can offer alternatives.

Ditto to Boilermaker.  Get the fuck out if you don't like it.

Amused2Death's picture

What's with all the indignation?  You knew this was certain to happen, you all know these clowns have sold their souls, this was decided months ago.  Markets soar tomorrow, hope you covered your shorts!

mendigo's picture

I think there is serious ambivelance about this one.
it is becoming obvious the mess we are in.
Pedal to the floor

crawl's picture

So now Congress has decided to go after the 2% earning more than $450k/year, who is the next target?  Can't wait to see politicians demanding the next class of victims to step forward for their just treatment.

muppet_master's picture


says: @ 2030 PST:

gimme another debt limit increase...he says ERASE the word LIMIT from it....he racked up $7T in 4 years and wants more...then he says the Republicans racked it up...the LIE-beral in THIEF !! he bailed out ws by raping the 99% with O-DEBT-bamanomics and inflation

he wants $20T this year and next year $25T and the bond holders will waive good bye !!! = 20% interest rates = greece

Just Ice's picture

And I would like an unlimited credit card too -- to be occasionally paid on with other people's money.

Novel idea:  how about we lower the debt ceiling and put on across the board automatic spending cuts for every year until it gets back under a trillion.  Had the ceiling never been allowed to increase above a trillion would we now be 16.4 trillion in debt?

First major cut to keep the auto cuts from being so draconian would be to eliminate the Dept of Homeland Security and all its tentacle bureaucracies, since it was a bogus agency created post-9/11 based on a bogus threat.  Agriculture subsidies need to go.  SS Disability needs reformed and the vast majority of claims granted over past four years eliminated, along with claims by most persons under 45, and replace disability due to drug or alcohol addiction with 3 month rehab.  Medicare needs to be cut in half on basis of 2012 expenditures, (~556 bil), divided by persons 65 and older entitled to it (~50 mil) and a single annual payment for that amount paid directly to those beneficiaries as a subsidy to their health care, (the foundation of health care is nutrition, not insurance or pill pushers).  Obamacare needs to be eliminated.  SS retirement benefits were already age-adjusted so that persons retiring in future are not entitled to SS until later age by couple or so years and the system has always been self-sustaining.  The addition of phony-baloney disability and medicare (as if society should bear the hospital costs for the obese tub of lard scootering down the grocery aisle to pick up more sugar laden processed cardboard) is what has made social security unaffordable.  The minimum SS retirement benefit should be increased to $900/month, the max lowered to $1,800/month and elimination of SS retirement benefits if the would be beneficiary has averaged $50k in annual income, excluding SS benefits, over the previous 3 years, (social security was meant as a "safety net" for the elderly, not extra juice for the set-for-life pensioners).  Tie COLA increases to more realistic inflation indexes (the cost of living increase is currently being UNDERstated) and give the Fed a single mandate of preserving purchasing power of the dollar.   Eliminate foreign aid, support of most international agencies and defund the PPT.  

Well, you get the idea...those are starts. 

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

Everyone in Congress, and everyone on Wall St., and every CEO, and every business owner, on their list of who they care about,  has themselves 1-9, and tied for 10.

And that is how we got, to where we are.

Lord Of Finance's picture

Why couldn't Boehner, Reid, Pelosi and the Bernank been the ones at the embassy in Benghazi?

Obchelli's picture

because they are ones brokering secret deals to help terrorists to come to power in almost all Arabic countries... Arab spring...

j-dub's picture

Why couldn't I give the above post more than 1 thumb up?

IridiumRebel's picture

Anyone have an extra aspirin? I think I just got fucked in the ass. Good news is that those unfortunate assholes who have been so unfortunate in just not finding the right job can sit on their asses a while longer playing X-Box and thinking of what new tattoo to get on their "sleeve". But we are recovering! We are! We need unemployment bennies to be unending, but we are recovering. Say that 100 times and then go buy a fuckin iPad and some Butt Lite to wash her down. #Merica!

yogibear's picture

King Obama's next items:

1.) Remove the debt ceiling

2.) Nullify the 2nd amendment.

3.) Remove the presidential term limit.

All, hail to the king. Bow down serfs in the presence of the anointed one.

The media will support the King.

Dr. Engali's picture

They are already calling for it. The repukes have shown they aren't going to stand for anything. They just try to get whatever little piece of the pie they can slice off.