Putting America's Tax Hike In Perspective

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One of those occasions when one picture really does speak a thousands words.

Houston, we may have a spending problem.

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Forward has just been changed to free fall.

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We're saved!!!

All hail our whorish overlords!!

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Now we resume our regular programming.


(Congrats, Tyler.  Linked from Drudge... gettin' mainstream recognition.  Long way from shat upon by CNBS.... Happy New Year)

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1 step FORWARD... 1000 steps back

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Damn, gotta get me one of them central banks.  Do you know how I can get an application?  

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You have to be of sub human linage and a worshiper of sticks and twigs.


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budgets grow exponentially, so the data should always be displayed on a log scale to be meaningful

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Look at what they have done since they killed JFK:


1 month after his death silver dropped from 90% to 40%, and five years later no more silver in coins.

These are not coincidences, we were infiltrated.  The numbers speak for themselves.

The 'war on poverty' is code for implementing communism by getting everyone on the teat.

Can you hear me now?

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Let us face Mecca five times a day and intone "In debt we trust".

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Substitute 33 Liberty Plaza for Mecca. 

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QUick! SOmeone find out what Justin Bieber thinks about all of this!

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to paraphrase the best post i saw left here last year- "it's almost like somone hatched this plan at a secrtet meeting on a secluded island somewhere"

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As the world turns and the probability of ever paying back the national debt drops to zero, on a long enough timeline.

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Once you hit 100% GDP, which everyone is now, that's the point of no return.


All that's happening now is people are taking bets when the train hits the mountain.  Fast or slow, doesn't matter, the train is destroyed and nobody gets to ride anymore.


No need to consult with Justin Bieber.

Honey Boo Boo is the 'go to' girl for economic advice.


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Cops need to arrest the real criminals and leave their victims alone. What we really need to do as a nation is place all the cops under citizens arrest, then remove the criminals from office.


Who is this 'we' you speak of Kemo Sabe?

Who makes the first move?

And how many of you can 'we' count on to cover our backs

when the lead starts flying?


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I couldn't agree more.  1000000000+ to you.

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America, Charge!


We are fucking doomed.

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It's best to just follow what the central banks are doing. Slowly accumulate real assets and become your own central bank.

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And stay out of debt.

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OK...just askin...why stay out of debt....with interest rates on Refi at 2.75 on 15 yr fixed why not take out as much equity as possible from your house and reinvest elsewhere?  I think these rates will climb before year end and numbers like these will not be seen again in my lifetime.

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jekyll island,


No application.

An ounce at a time.

"Keep stacking my friends"

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 The reality is inescapable:  America will do nothing do slow down or change course.  Stick a fork in America.  She's done.  

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Popo...we've told them so many times it's probably not worth telling the ignorant & blind assholes again, but for the one millionth time...it's a spending problem not a funding problem!

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+ 1 trillion.  But, a trillion ain't what it used to be.

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It's a math problem.  Ponzi schemes eventually implode.

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QE baby!  What' a little inflation when the world is facing financial meltdown?

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If inflation is all we need to worry about, buy EVERYTHING on credit.

Dollars (wages) will increase while debt will remain the same.

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It is a spending problem because the money spent gets made out of nothing as debts.

For those able to make money out of nothing, every possible excuse is a "good idea."

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I wish we were still in the present progressive

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on the flip side, people do receive entitlements, by others accord, or out of others stupidity. by a gun to others head.


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I willingly pay taxes to stay out of prison.

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And there you have it....there it is.  

I hate myself for feeding the beast in this way.  

But I have kids.......the fact is that I should refuse and suffer the consequences BECAUSE I have kids!

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They sound more like hostages than kids.

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You would be refusing the current payment system, not the taxes. It happened in the Depression. WSJ ran on article on it a few years back. There were various forms of money around the country. Most seemed to involve getting several signatures on a note/check before redeeming - apparently an attempt to reverse the ponzi - making sure value was actually occurring. Some were just additional currency - even "ten cent" sea shells in a town in California.

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Now we resume our regular programmed spending.

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A link from drudge is a death knell. so sorry to have to look at zh as infiltrated and ultimately owned.

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Agreed -- A link from Drudge is NOT a compliment

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We should welcome all willing Drudgies into de-tox.

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Without Drudge I never would have found ZH. Okay, no not many will make the effort and figure it out but some may. Without ZH I can imagine where I would be now....a fatter sheep ready for the slaughter.


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They shoot rabid dogs too. And wild monkeys.

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I dont know about wild monkeys.

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Multitudes of Mutton.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for the banker wolves.

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Benny, we may have a spending problem.

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Tax increases 5.7% of deficit and tax increases to spending cuts = 44:1 ratio.

Summary: no spending cuts, trivial tax increases (for gov't ravenous appetite, that is!)