Another "Algo Gone Wild" Bailed Out By Nasdaq After Mini Flash Crash

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2013 has begun just as 2012 progressed as Granite Construction just plunged 12.6% in under one second. As Nanex shows below, it is simply ludicrous. Of course, the algos (like every entity that comes close to 'failing' in the new normal) will never learn since, as usual, NASDAQ has decided to cancel the trades...

  • *NASDAQ TO CANCEL SOME TRADES IN 'GVA' FROM 11:45-11:46ET AT/BELOW $32.72 11:45AM-11:46AM


Via Nanex:

On January 2, 2013 at 11:46:56, the stock of Granite Construction Inc. (symbol GVA) tumbled 12.6% in 1 second on hundreds of trades (~50,000 shares). It recovered most of that drop seconds later.

1. GVA - 1 second interval chart showing trades color coded by exchange.

2. GVA - 25 millisecond interval chart showing trades color coded by exchange.


3. GVA - 25 millisecond interval chart showing bids and asks color coded by exchange.


4. GVA - 5 millisecond interval chart showing trades color coded by exchange. Chart shows about 5 seconds of time.


Nanex Research

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Renewable Life's picture

The Obama laughing photo that has been on the front page of drudgereport since the tax hike vote, is hilarious, I hope he keeps it up there two more fucking days!

Fuck you Boehner!!!

Dr. Engali's picture

He needs to put up a picture of boner crying right beside it.

redpill's picture

OT: Record decline in Japanese population

It appears the Kyle Bass thesis is playing out like a slow motion demographic train wreck.

smlbizman's picture

so all trades within that 30% drop are good, correct?


aint no fortunate son's picture

nothing would surprise me - I wouldn't have been shocked if they found out it was the specialist shorting the stock to get cheap shares for his pals, ya know, like in here's a late xmas present guys?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Can someone tell me why we still refer to these events as "trades"?  The term is antiquated and obsolete.

I prefer "near-instantaneous value-killing price-fixing event" (or "NIVKPFE" for short).

horseman's picture

It will look like the gangster tattoo of the two jokers, "smile now, cry later".

Snakeeyes's picture

C'mon. The world is cheering US socialism and Greek fiscal policy! Look at the numbers!

drbill's picture

As always, nothing to see here. Move along. Move along...

fonzannoon's picture

that must be the button next to the gold etf.

ebworthen's picture

Hey now, Bank of America is at 52 week highs so these markets can't be rigged and everything is just fine.

So why cancel trades if the markets aren't broken?

Wait...I'm thinking again...

...must not think...

Seasmoke's picture

So Anyone with a buy order at 32 gets fucked ? What a stupid casino.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

NASDAQ's canceling of trades gone wild is the equivalent of begging for forgiveness rather than asking for permission.

Swarmee's picture

No begging required. Forgiveness seems to be automatic and penalty-free right now.

We will see no official follow up on the cause (except through ZH & nanex, of course), no fines will be levied on the "rogue" trading, owner of the algo will not be identified, and no trading suspension or limitations made on the owner of the algo.

Merry Xmas to the quants, fuck up all you want, it's risk-free! And besides, it's just OPM anyway, right?

Dr. Engali's picture

"Nasdaq to cancel some trades"


We can't have anybody but the house winning in this rigged market.

ekm's picture

There are many casinos who go bankrupt because they've milked everybody in the area, hence no customers.


That's what's happening. The house bosses are killing each other because the customers (suckers) are out of money.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The Fed/government has a monopoly casino franchise. It makes all the difference in the world........right up until the end.

<But it does make for some unbelievable extended game play.>

ekm's picture

He's gone bankrupt twice, as far as I remember.

derek_vineyard's picture

i want mulligans on my trades, too !!!!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Sorry, but you ain't a playa. You (and I) is the sucker.

<No mulligans for year.>

TraderTimm's picture

Conspiracy theory suggestion - most trades get busted, except for the ones the open market operations team need filled. Talk about getting alpha on millisecond-distressed securities.

Be funny if it were remotely true, wouldn't it?

The Miser's picture

What will be interesting is if the trades cancelled will be cherry picked for the benefit of some and not others.

ekm's picture

This is what happens when there are no suckers left and HFT hienas are forced to attack each other into a big fish eats small fish natural extinstion mode.

larz's picture

"Need more robots and less people, robots dont eat, complain or procreate"

                                                                                    - The 0.1% -


"Unintended consequences? just hit reset and start over, now isnt this fun"

                                                                                      -The 0.1% again-

JustObserving's picture

The entire market is an algo gone wild.  Why pick out a tiny example?

Pharming's picture

Anyone...anyone...please tell me...the anxiety is eating at my core!  


Criminies!  My brain is about to go Hillary! 

I'm going to the gym...

LawsofPhysics's picture

It can go on so long as the majority can be fed and are happy with their bread and circuses.  When the supply lines for essential goods and services breaks, then shit gets real, not before.  same as it ever was.

LawsofPhysics's picture

For the last fucking time, there are no markets, only the Bernanke and perception management.  This must be maintained at all costs until all of the western world has been disarmed and everyone works for Chinese wages.


Now what are you gonna do about it?

MachoMan's picture

It's not really a plan per se, more of a desperate and unfulfulling process...  I see little difference between it and playing the market.

Dr Benway's picture

Unfulfilling? You're doing it wrong.

MachoMan's picture

or actually have someone else to have sex with...

yogibear's picture

Bernanke and the Fed will fix that. They have infinite fiat.

As long as people have faith in the US dollar.


samcontrol's picture

nothing, you are about one century off target, But i agrree..

how about we reach 50 red arrows this time, 44 doesn't cut it !

otto skorzeny's picture

Granite Construction? Didn't Fred Flinstone work for them?

WmMcK's picture

+1 - Mr. Slate (Rock and Gravel Company)

Serfs Up's picture

I can't tell what's happening here....I need a microsecond chart.

Barry McBear's picture

the exchange takes away any incentive to provide liquidity.  the risk/reward gets thrown out of whack with these broken trades. the potential risk of buying into one of these flash crashes (providing liquidity) is that some significant news has come out causing the move and you will get stuck with a giant loss. the potential reward is nil, if your trade is profitable the exchange will simply cancel it.  i've had it happen in the futures (thanks cme, you fucking assholes) and its a fucking joke.

If the exchanges came out and said no trades will ever be broken some of the real liquidity (ie. liquidity when it is actually needed) would return. 

Racer's picture

Exactly..why play in such a rigged casino!


MFLTucson's picture

Its really hard to comment on what has happened to America and its finacial sytem but, the words I find that are most revealing is that it is a disgrace to watch this fraud.

MrBoompi's picture

You see, only the fastest computers are able to make a 12.5% profit in 30 milliseconds.  The rest of us, after adjusting for inflation, will never see a return on our stock investments.



Bryan's picture

How is an honest trader supposed to make any money if their .01/share standing orders keep getting cancelled when filled??

Frank N. Beans's picture

i got in at the lows on this one, woo hoo!!! 

had to type really fast though


Say What Again's picture

INHO, there are a few VERY SIMPLE fixes to this problem

  1. EVERY order must have a minimum life span of 0.5 seconds (which is an eternitiy for the HFT algos).  That is to say that an order can NOT be cancelled until 0.5 seconds after it has been submitted.
  2. Orders, such as the "Hide 'n Slide," that allow a market participant to "slide" in front of my bid / ask order in the queue should be made illegal.  This is frontrunning - pure and simple.
  3. The exchanges that caused the flash crash and subsequently "cancelled" should be required to cover any losses incurred by trades that were filled at low prices, then cancelled.

Let me be clear.  I am NOT against "Program Trading."  I AM against unfair rules that give one market participant a significant unfair advantage over any other participants.


Godisanhftbot's picture

I prefer to call these TOILET FLUSHES


 Looks just like the vortex you get when you pull the lever, and since these events are full of , well, you know....