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For those bored with watching how much higher Getco and Citadel's algos can take the market on a resolution that is adverse for the US economy, that cuts consumer spending and cash flow, that does not address the real issue: government drunken sailor spending, and that means America will now labor for the next two months without being able to incur one additional dollar in net debt courtesy of breaching the debt ceiling on the last day of 2012 - in other words your typical kick-the-can-for-two-more-months non deal, we have good news: Jim Grant of Grant's Interest Rate Observer has released a compilation of his best articles from the past year for free to anyone who still cares about what actually may be happening in the US economy, besides the obvious - endless fiscal and monetary stimuli from both the Fed and Congress, which like, any lunch, are never free, even if the final invoice may take a while to arrive.

And since Grant's together with Kiril Sokoloff's 13-D and Bill Buckler's Privateer is one of the three "must read" newsletters for everyone remotely interested in finance, we urge readers to drag themselves away from tracking every tick in the Russell and read.

From Grant's (pdf link)

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From Jim Grant and FREE!


Thanks, I'll take it.




I wouldn't read anything from Cramer even if he paid me.

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if you're using like virtually all HFs, M&A etc then you're getting it from Cramer

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Thanks for the post, Grant is awesome.

BTW did someone give the green light to ramp-up the leverage at the TBTF? I can't think of a reason for this, can any of you ?

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Grants most memorable quote for me was when he was asked how high the price of gold could go, he answered 1/T, where T is trust.

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He is the real deal, thats for sure. As someone else mentioned, it seems like it just isn't his time or zerohedge's for that matter of fact. Central planning will work until it doesn't.

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I always have been a huge fan of Jim Grant.  He tells the truth and has a great mind.  Awesome.

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It's also adverse to the US Dollar => market goes north

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Economic Implosion Inevitable: Tax Rates Are Now PERMANENT! Any Deficit Reduction Will Have To Come From Spending Cuts. The Expiration of A Payroll Tax Cut Is Just The Beginning As The Fiscal Deal Will Increases Debt By $4 Trillion Over 10 Years! Market Rally Won't Last More Than 24/48 Hours.

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Sadly truth speakers like Grant are simply pissing in the wind. Their time will come, but not now.

The truth is still not welcome in Whoville.

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IMHO, Jim is right up there with the other material here on ZH. Thanks for the NY's gift.

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Thank you! Added to favorites...If I should get bored!



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Jim Grant is the best ! Unfortunately Jim will be a footnote in the upcoming socio-economic calamity.

Debt ceiling talks take ES down, but no worries, the Bernamk will be there to ensure any shortfall via taxes will be made up in Fed / Obaa stimulus. That should put the real bid into PMs. Then of course come the restrictions, as the market borrows ZIRP $$ and buys PMs.

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"government drunken sailor spending" Dammit! As an ex sailor, WE demand a retraction of this most onerous comparison!

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It's always a bit funny that the function of economic planning is to engineer out the unpredictable and calamitous, thereby meaning a successful model can’t include such (unsuccessful) events, which ultimately makes it an non-inclusive, or unsuccessful model.

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Where is that DOW 30000 HAT? Here we come :).

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“You’re going to have to undoubtedly do something to lower people’s expectations: the entitlements [Social Security and Medicare], and what people think that they’re going to get, because it’s not going to…they’re not going to get it.

That was Lloyd Blankfein’s response to what Washington should do about the national debt and fiscal cliff.

Whose lunch is free, it seems, depends on who is taking whom to lunch and picking up the tab.

In the trail of money, most of the trillions in Federal income and QE inflation taxes are being lifted from the citizen and heading straight to the banks. So, as workers' earnings up to $113,700 are dunned 12.4 percent in Social Security taxes this year,  Lloyd is taking it in stride.

Prior to Goldman Sachs’ bankruptcy in 2008 and subsequent taxpayer bailout, Lloyd’s compensation from Goldman was a record-setting $67.9 million award for 2007.  One year after insolvency, from Goldman’s free or low cost capital supplied by broke American taxpayers, Goldman boosted compensation and benefits by 33 percent with compensation per employee reaching $773,000.

Helping to pick up the tab and to make ends meet, America’s employees and employers this year now will each pay 6.2% (total 12.4%) of each paycheck into SS. The Medicare tax rate of 1.45 percent each for the employee and employer has no wage base limit.

In addition, per NY Daily News: High-income families will also pay higher taxes this year as part of Obama's 2010 health care law. As part of that law, a new 3.8 percent tax is being imposed on investment income for individuals making more than $200,000 a year and couples making more than $250,000.

Is this what Marie Antoinette meant, when told there was no bread for the people, said: “Let them eat cake”?

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"Let them borrow money to buy cake"

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The cake is a lie !


But  we all will get "pie in the sky, when we die"

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Thanks for the info.  This beats Krammer-crap and Gross-grossness by a country mile.