Gun Sales Background Checks Hit Record

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A Fiscal Cliff "deal" that reduces GDP and squeezes the consumers; a Fed whose policies have forced massive capital misallocation away from growth investment and are leading to an unprecedented corporate "revenue cliff"; and now, in the aftermath of the government response to the Newtown massacre which threatened to curb the second amendment, we get this via Reuters:


Because when everything is an unintended consequence, nobody has to take any responsibility for anything. And so the New Normal marches on.

More from Reuters:

The number of FBI background checks for U.S. gun purchases set a record in December, as the Connecticut school massacre prompted renewed talk of limits on firearms, according to new FBI data.


The FBI said it recorded 2.8 million background checks during the month, surpassing the record set in November of 2 million checks. The number was up 49 percent over December 2011, when the FBI performed a then-record 1.9 million checks

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Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

The Second Amendment is the great equalizer with respect to corrupt government versus the independent American citizen.

All of the conversation of the Founding Fathers of the Constitution made it clear that personal qonership of firearms was for one reason above all others.

To keep government from over reaching it's ability to do ANYTHING other than representing the WISHES OF THE PEOPLE AS THEIR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES. 

Bureaucracy always needs to be bitch slapped and pruned back from time to time to remind them as to who is in charge.

Or, shot, pissed on, rolled in flour, and deep fried, metaphorically, of course. 

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Soviet State of IL is going for the mother of all gun grabs within the next few days in a lame duck session in state legislature

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I've noticed.  The legilastion is so outragous it has no chance of passing.

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that's what happens-the grabbers shoot for the moon and then the concessions are made and then you still get some type of gun control. that is like "The Big Lie' from Goebbels-make something big enough and people will start to buy into it

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It's how Hitler got the Jews. Just continuously degrade their rights via hundreds of incremental restrictions until one day they are getting marched into a gas chamber or lined up in front of a ditch.

Evil is the same everywhere. Heres a fun fact: much of the language of the 1968 NFA was lifted wholesale from German gun control laws of the 1930s.

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Nobody thought the Brady Bill would pass when it was first introduced. But, the gun-grabbers never relented with the propaganda, and it eventually passed. Nobody thought the first "assault weapon" ban bill would pass either, but it did. 

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Not that it matters but I've noticed the Media haven't come back and corrected the facts in the Newtown shooting. An assault rifle was never used in that shooting. There was one found in the back seat of a car in the parking lot and 4 handguns found in the school. Leave it to those cocksuckers to keep the bullshit flowing.

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MSM TV news reporters are the #1 enemy of the American people now. They're all pissed off their psychological engineering scam is failing because very few people watch them these days.

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ALL of TV and ALL of Hollywood want to disarm you.  Pull the plug as they are all the same.  You pay for cable or sat TV - You Support It.  F them.

The Second Amendment does not say you have a God Given Right to watch shit like Honey Boo Boo. ;-)

Seriously - pull the plug and F Hollywood. All they understand is money and power. Your power is to cut off the money you give them especailly sat and cable TV.  F Them!

The SCUM in Hollywood got more tax breaks in the lastest Obama/Reid/Boner tax bill.  Evil scum. 



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1) According to the Coroner, the wounds were caused by rifle bullets. Assuming you believe the Coroner, of course, and that he/she wasn't compromised.

2) CT has an "Assault Weapons" ban. According to CT law, the Bushmaster allegedly used was not an "Assault Weapon". Funny how the media doesn't seem to notice or care.

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The Bushmaster was a Saiga rifle found in the trunk of his car.  This was a total false flag. 

One of the cars had bullet wounds in it.  More than one shooter.  Probably two pros who dumped Adam's body there. 

Of Adam's daddy worked for GE's LieBor division and mom actually worked for Morgan Stanley.  No one mentioned that about mom.

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If you compare this shooting with say Columbine, it's almost a total news blackout. What struck me the most was when the Chief of Police (I think) came out day one and threatened the media with jail if they misreported any "facts" about the case. WTF was that all about? 1st amendment anyone?

Now that I've dug a little deeper into the matter with what little reporting that has been done, it does look like the original story is completely bullshit.

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I meant to post that one of the cars had bullet holes in it - not wounds. I could not edit it.  Nothing about this story adds.  There are videos on youtube about how the colorado shooting does not add up either.   I.E. other shooters.

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I've noticed. The legilastion is so outragous it has no chance of passing.

Old tactic, SHOOT OVER THE Moon, and what you get is more than ever dreamt of.

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Soviet State of IL is going for the mother of all gun grabs within the next few days in a lame duck session in state legislature

Hmmmmm..........seems I read over 500 murders were committed there in 2012, and they have some of the toughest gun control laws in the US.

Hypocritical bastards.

Funny how the East and West coast (also D.C.) libtards have the highest murder rates, and the most gun control,yet it is never ENOUGH.And are the FIRST to scream for more controls!!!!.

Everyone that owns weapons in these areas should move out at once,so if they are not in the DEATH SPIRAL states(funny they are, as is Californication, and the Cesspool of NY,and Ill) they can help themselves buy putting them tere as punishment.

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Illinois has a lot of good gun companies who make "assault" rifles.  DSA, Armalite and Lewis Machine & Tool just to name a few.  They should tell IL that if they pass anything - the companies will leave the state.  Get their workers to all call.  Why they are in that sh*thole is beyond me.   I think Chicago/Il had a lot of old German tool and die guys.


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Illinois has a lot of good gun companies who make "assault" rifles. DSA, Armalite and Lewis Machine & Tool just to name a few. They should tell IL that if they pass anything - the companies will leave the state.


DO you think the Marxist Dickaters in Chi Town give a rats ass?.

NO, these folks are stupid to STAY there,they could come to Texas, etc, and state bring their employees and get Tax ememptions to do it.

Any Politco SOB, that allows 500+murders a year in ONE city, and wants gun control,while allowing no one but PoPo's and the criminals(bangers/dealers,) is about nothing except EVIL.

Since the 20'-30's, Chi Town has bee a HUB, of major crimianl activity, and it has moved into their governmet a LONG time ago.

That city is why we lost our right to own FA Machine guns.

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3 words:  Target.  Rich.  Environment.

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I'm glad I live in the South. They will have a harder time passing gun grab legislation down here.

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All your guns are belong to us!


We pwn you!

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Unfortunately ammo seems to be in short supply.  Man I wish I stocked 50k rounds of each caliber..... would love to be selling a portion to those new gun owners.

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I just checked the sight where I buy most of my .223 ammo and it says;

           "Overwhelmed with orders will turn back on in one week"


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Good luck finding M855 5.56 ammo :)

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The foresighted learned how to manufacture it themselves years ago.

The foresighted stocked up on Hodgden 335 and SS109s, too.

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Lee loaders for .223 are sold out everywhere I look. Other calibers avail at Brownell's.

tiwimon's picture

and brass and small rifle primers :-)

also - look for WC844, surplus powder - good stuff

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Zorba is responsible for 5 of those checks in December.

My gun dealer had ammo and was very busy last week. 


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Try you'll find some 62gr there.

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Well Pro Gun REID is at it again, PLEASE use this NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

He is a SNAKE.

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I would like to announce, amidst all this angst and gnashing of teeth over civilian ownership of guns...I have sold my entire collection.

To some guy named Eric Mustafa Holder who said he was with .gov. Said he'd be re-selling them to some of his latin friends at a substantial profit.

You know me, patriotic to the was a win-win ;-)

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my father and I went to our local gun shop a couple of days ago and it looked like a supermarket before a blizzard.  It's one of the biggest sellers in my state and they were out of 9mm rounds.  they normally have several thousand rounds from every manufacturer out there.  I wanted non saboted 12ga slugs and there were only five boxed of federal slugs left.  My liberal father was dumb struck.  It did more to wake him up than i have achieved since 2008.  The handwriting is on the wall; the American people no longer trust the government with their personal safety.

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What you say is only true if these purchases are being made with certain ideas in mind.  I can pretty much guarantee that what you say is not the case, however.  First off, anyone panic-buying right now is an idiot--they're paying 1.5 to 2X retail for an AR that they don't know how to shoot, if those people are, in fact, the ones doing all the buying.  What I really think is going on is that existing gun owners and some of their none-too-bright hangers on friends are speculating wildly that a semi-auto ban will get passed and that the rifles, mags, and ammo they are already overpaying for while triple or quadruple in price from there.  That's awfully bubble-licious type behavior, if you ask me.  Where have we seen this behavior before?  Oh yeah, stocks, real estate, and metals.  These are the same people who were buying retail stocks and RE until 2008, the same folks who were doing day-trading in the 00s.  How did that work out for them?  What makes the gun-panic even more pathetic is that unless you're buying a large volume of guns or related supplies, a one-off windfall of a couple grand just isn't worth all the trouble and risk.  Besides that, it is lame.

You may be skeptical about whether I know what I'm talking about.  What can I say?  I've seen an uptick in activity at local shooting ranges, but what I don't see is a lot of new shooters in proportion to all the gun buying going on.  If new people were out shooting their purchases, it would definitely be noticeable.  So far, bupkus, and that includes 2008 until now.  If anything, the "old guard" of shooters is dying off and not being replaced.  So what that tells me is that either people are buying guns for purely speculative reasons (and not shooting them) or that the same handful of people as before are just buying additional guns.  It's probably some of both.  What there is not is some new, huge wave of American patriots looking to restore the Constitution or whatever other idiotic pipe dreams people out there believe in.  When it all goes bad, there will be damn few Americans actually fighting for anything that matters and there will be plenty of weaponry available for anyone who dares defy the machine, just like there was in Libya.


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A few things you wrote are right. The vast majority wrong.

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I generally agree with your arguement; many if not most of recent sales are to speculators.  As a frequent hunter I have noticed that the number and quality of prey has diminished in correlation with the number of shots i hear being fired.  I would estimate a 30% increase in hunting pressure this year over the last year, particularly on deer, dove and rabbitt.  For a major retailer to be low on 12ga slugs and 00buck at the end of the season, suggests that my expirence is not an isolated one.

I have also participated in 4 "training" hunts this deer season, as a favor to friends that are new to hunting.  I usually have one such request every season.  Only one student needed to borrow a gun; most had recently purchased new 12ga shotguns.  My personal belief is that the speculators are purchasing semi auto rifiles, beginners are buying shotguns, and hand gun sales are 60% 40% respectively.  I am far from certain, but I will ask some, gun store clerk friends of mine, what they are seeing. 

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Bubble-licious??? Haha... how about the social-economic-military "super power" called the US? Now that's a fucking bubble...

Buying an AR15 you don't know yet to shoot is a whole lot safer than trusting a bunch of NYC bankers to keep their paper promises.

Shell Game's picture

"If anything, the "old guard" of shooters is dying off and not being replaced."


hmmm, then my range must be a very strange anomoly indeed. Average age looks to be ~26, with a spread of what looks to be 19-65.  The youngsters have smiles on their faces and have a great time....and polite too.

Friend, guns will be here long after Leviathan collapses..

Vergeltung's picture

agreed. I also see alot of range hotties as well. lots more ladies shooting hese days!  :)

Gamma735's picture

Well, My wife and I are new gun owners that bought guns prior to Newtown.  We bought weapons because the police or government can not protect, they can only clean up the mess.  Newtown proved it.

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Jim Quinn ("The Burning Platform") just wrote a new piece.  He noted that at Roger Waters (ex-Pink Floyd) concerts and performs "Mother", when he shouts out the line:

"Mother should I trust the government?"

And the entire stadium (teens to grandparents) shouts back: "NO!!!"

THAT is different than a few years ago.

seek's picture

My local store looked like a supermarket after a blizzard, stipped clean and no resupply. The only thing they had left was their rental guns and airsoft replica displays on the walls. They simply removed rifle/shotgun/handgun options from their online store, which I had been checking daily for inventory levels.

They did have a fair bit of handgun ammo left, but all rifle ammo was gone.

I do have to give grudging credit to NICS, though, I went in during the peak of the panic to buy one more gun, and NICS cleared in under 15 minutes, even with all that demand.

Freddie's picture


Tell pappy that the shit may start to get real soon and it sounds like he voted for it. 

When they are outr of 9 mm then you know things are getting serious.

+1 to you for trying to wake him up.

TheOldMan's picture Good prices, good delivery.

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Unfortunately, we currently don't have any products in stock in this category. However, while you are visiting us, please sign up for our newsletter below, where you will find out about exclusive deals and new products from Lucky Gunner!


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ordered alot of 7.62 last week and it will be a few weeks before it can even be shipped.'s picture

That's better than having it shipped to you at 2,000 fps.

DosZap's picture

That's better than having it shipped to you at 2,000 fps.

If it's not moving at 2850(ball), or 2600( match), you got screwed.

chubbar's picture

A friend went down to Sig Sauer in So. NH this morning only to be told they have no inventory and they will be closing for the next 3 days awaiting new guns.

I bought another 100 rds of Federal 00 buckshot a few days ago to top off my "in close" inventory.

My state of New Hampshire has the right to bear arms enshrined in the state constitution. I think this gun ban deal is going to go on for a long time. The states will ulitmately either have to change the state constitution or nullify the federal law. Nullifying it is the easier step since any gun ban law will certainly test the 10th amendment and with good reason.

Mad Mohel's picture

Oh Sig Schnauzer, I heard that is an excellent piece. I also heard the Bushwhacker 223 is in high demand.

MachoMan's picture

I found 8 boxes at academy sports yesterday while killing time waiting on the wife...  practically giving it away at $6/box (7.62x39).  Definitely inflated, but in stock and ready to rock.

Retailers keep getting a box here and there trickle in...  make friends with your local guys at the counters of various retailers and you'll learn when the shipments come in...  although, most retailers carry shit (no xm855, etc.)...  at least you can get plenty of range ammo.