Gun Sales Background Checks Hit Record

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A Fiscal Cliff "deal" that reduces GDP and squeezes the consumers; a Fed whose policies have forced massive capital misallocation away from growth investment and are leading to an unprecedented corporate "revenue cliff"; and now, in the aftermath of the government response to the Newtown massacre which threatened to curb the second amendment, we get this via Reuters:


Because when everything is an unintended consequence, nobody has to take any responsibility for anything. And so the New Normal marches on.

More from Reuters:

The number of FBI background checks for U.S. gun purchases set a record in December, as the Connecticut school massacre prompted renewed talk of limits on firearms, according to new FBI data.


The FBI said it recorded 2.8 million background checks during the month, surpassing the record set in November of 2 million checks. The number was up 49 percent over December 2011, when the FBI performed a then-record 1.9 million checks

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My understanding is that we've been seeing new monthly records for Nov/Dec, so yes, bigger than 2009.

Note that some states (Kentucky) are doing some pretty strange things with NICS which is inflating the number. (Kentucy is dropping their entire CCW list into the NICS system every month!)

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One question. If they do end up grabbing all the guns, from law abiding citizens of course, then would the families of anyone wounded or killed by a criminal with a gun be able to sue the Feds for billions for taking away their right to defend themselves?

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And when is the last time a law-abiding citizen has been really able to defend himself/herself from a criminal with a gun? 



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You're kidding, right?  It happens every single day.

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Sure, the news report this all the time.

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Do you wonder why they don't report it??? Two days after Newtown a man down in texas (IIRC) went into a store and shot his ex girlfriend. All the other folks ran screaming into the theater next door. The gunman followed them and got off a couple of rounds before being shot dead by a female with a concealed carry permit. I linked to it on a ZH post the other day so several other posters commented on that article. She was given an award by the city just the other day. The reason you didn't hear about it is because it doesn't fit the narrative that guns kill people and are no good to society. Go back to sleep.

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Thanks for the link Xitsam, I couldn't find it again. Correction to my above narrative, the shooter didn't die and is in stable condition after being shot 4 times. Too bad, asshole. Now the taxpayers get to spend 50K+/yr housing the idiot.

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Heh.."news report" that's funny.

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A simple google search will reveal thousands of such incidences, but you already knew that.

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The answer is no.  The government cannot be sued in that manner.  But it's a bullshit question because there will never be such an overt act in the US.

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This is good news. Having more people killed will help keep the population growth in check and help solve the entitlements problem. It will also provide endless training for new trauma surgeons.

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If congress has a plan to bore us to death with endless stupidity, so they can pass more stupidity, then it is working.

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This article appeared in the Chicago Tribune - written by Michael Bryant - pretty much sums it up:


I’m from Canada, and live in a city about the size of Chicago. The societal makeup of Toronto is similar to any big American city: a mix of very rich, very poor, a shrinking middle class and about 15 per cent of the population share an affliction that can be dangerous. That 15 per cent are mentally ill or drug addicts or alcoholics, capable of irrational rage and literally senseless behaviour. Give them an explosive or a machete or some pool acid or a gun, and there will be a greater chance of a tragedy.

I’m a recovering alcoholic, a former attorney general of Canada’s largest province and a Harvard-trained lawyer who recently published a book on how any life can change in an instant. I spend a lot of time with recovering drug addicts and alcoholics and with people who have been classified, in their lifetime, as psychotic.

Here’s what I think.

Too many guns equal too many funerals. Fewer guns, fewer funerals. In Toronto, there have been about 50 homicides this year. It’s likely Chicago will exceed 500 homicides this year. When asked how that could be, Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy stated the obvious: gun control.

Put aside for the moment that the Conservative government of Canada recently did away with the registry for “long guns.” The bottom line is that thanks to limitations on who can own a gun, what guns citizens can own and where the guns are kept, there are a lot fewer guns in Canada. There are about 30 guns per 100 people in Canada. In the U.S., there are almost as many guns as people: 88 guns per 100 people.

So gun control is risk management. More guns, more funerals. Lots more guns, lots more funerals.

This doesn’t explain what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. But if the U.S. wants to lower the risk of another tragedy like the one in Newtown, it ought to institute more limitations on who can own a gun, how many, what kinds and where the guns are stored.

Fewer guns, fewer funerals. That’s the lesson from Canada, anyway.

My condolences to everyone.


Michael Bryant, born and raised in Greater Victoria, instituted a series of anti-gun measures during his tenure as attorney general of Ontario from 2003 to 2007. He wrote this for the Chicago Tribune.

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What is the african canadian population of Toronto?  How many of those 50 in Toronto were black on black.


Look at the stats in chicago where one member or more of the violent gun related crime were african.  Take those away and look at the numbers.

Actually, look at any city with high gun violence and you will see the answer.



It will seem racist, but clearly banning all black males will solve the problem and reduce shootings according to the numbers. 

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Chicago has about 3X more guns and 4X more blacks than Toronto. Maybe your argument is 33% better than his?

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Chicago has very strict gun laws, so exactly how does that align with their homicide statistics, say compared to someplace like Dallas? I have no doubt that if you could get rid of all guns, eventually gun violence would diminish. But don't you think that gun violence, like all violence is a symptom of issues far beyond gun laws?


Michael Bryant is a ball sucking member of the aristocracy still trying to give his overlords a rim job for a pet on the head. 

He can go die in a fire set by the sociopath that home invades his digs, and fucks up his family real good.

Except that - he probably owns an arsenal of his own.

These fuckers are like Animal Farm.

" All animals are equal. BUT - some animals are more equal than others "

TPTB have no interest in governing themselves, just a desire to control the lackeys beneath their feet.

I'm a Canadian, and this fuck can go fuck himself with the toe of my boot.

The Second Amendment is why I married an American, came down here, and gave Canada's draconian gun laws the middle finger.

Those bitchez are OWNED up there.


zerotohero's picture

Canada is a better place now that you left :)

Canucklehead's picture

Canada is the land of the smiley face :)


When the SHTF, you will be eating medicated snot in the Canadian version of a FEMA camp located on the former Camp Borden north of Toronto, waiting to be turned into soap.

If your pacifist libtard neighbors haven't bar b q ed your sorry ass for dinner first.

Bitch ass lackey troll.

Grow a fucking spine, and crawl out of the lackey pool of British Monarchy aristocratic piss they allow you to swim around in.

Freddie's picture

+1 My man.

Awesome rant!  Sorry I gave you a down arrow once.

The Western Canadians (not Vancouver) are pretty bad ass cowboys. 

zerotohero's picture

snore - this is typical of your type - not very realistic but hey have at 'er I'm a big boy - toodles

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

Canada-Quebec should split or otherwise secede for many of the same reasons the U.S. should.

Freddie's picture

The Western Canadian provinces should join with the normal USA red western states down to Texas and tell the libs to F off.

Hey you want food and energy from the flyover regions - pay up. 

As they said in GoodFellas (I hate hollywood and gangster pictures where they make gangsters look good). 

No money for nat gas Chicago?  F you pay up.  No money NY for wheat for food? F you pay up.  

Canadians are generally good folks.  The Frenchies or Quebeois - not so much.

I have some Canadian neighbors and they understand the protocol for Ameican and Candian flags on flag poles better than the American neighbors.   Lights on at night on the flags.  The arsehole Americans hang dumb college flags.  Retards.

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It's my understanding that Chicago has one if not the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation. You'll notice that the folks shooting others are almost always criminal, meaning they could give a shit what law is passed. That is why there are 500 homicides in Chicago, there are more criminals/gang members than in Toronto. To think a law will keep a criminal from locating and using a gun is fucking ridiculous. What the gun control law does do is keep someone who is law abiding from having one handy should a criminal come calling on them whether at home or on the street.

I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy to lug around.

Vergeltung's picture

whew, indistrial strength logic fail in that post.

zerotohero's picture


gnomon's picture

When some gang shows up at your house and all you have is a single-shot shotgun with birdshot in it remember what you said here today as you are getting ass-raped while your wife is getting it both ways.

You are stupid for depending on the State for your protection.  Soon they won't even be able to do a good post-mortem what with the police cutbacks, (not that it matters at that point).

zerotohero's picture

having a chuckle on this post by g-no - yes thats all I ever think about ALL THE TIME - random "gangs" showing up at my house - jesus you Amerikans just continue living in fear.

gnomon's picture

Hey Moron, what do you think happens down here when the government runs out of money, when we lose our reserve currency privileges?  It will be like Argentina, but worse.

(And don't tell me that it is not going to happen).

zerotohero's picture

ok i won't - your fucked i guess





Wait until all of those East Indians and Chinese that have taken over Toronto get hungry.

Shortly after a major currency event collapses the bank infrastructure, therefore credit, and ATM access to prevent the bank run already happening.

Payments stop, people don't get paid, trucking stops, the just in time economy disintegrates, and all those folks decide you might be like dog, cat, and rat.

" Tastes like chicken! Or, pork, in your case. "

If you don't think that is a very real possibility, then you are already turning on a spit over a fire on Younge Street.

It ain't living in fear. It is the fucked up teetering on the brink arrogance of the modern society to think we are immune from the occurrences chronicled throughout history.

Super powers, from the Romans to the Greeks to the Ottomans to the Spanish, Dutch, French, Gritish, Germans, Japanese, Russians, Chinese, Americans, and smug Canadians, they all rise and fall. 

This time around, with the whole world economically interconnected, and quadrillions of dollars in CDS, DERIVATIVES, AND OTHER EXOTIC FINANCIAL HORSE SHIT hanging over the necks of common people like the Sword of Damocolese, it will take a miracle to save our sorry asses from what the Powers That Be have engineered to entertain themselveS, and line their pockets with.

You aren't a fucking Boy Scout, that's for sure. 

Anyone with a pulse and an I.Q. will Be Prepared.

I would rather laugh it all off as being well prepared for nothing, than to face the music with a spork and a paper plate of crap in some relocation camp for unprepared survivors after the SHTF.

Good luck, you sorry excuse for natural selection.


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I'll tell you what, private, face to face sales must be at an all time high too. Some states have rather liberal laws for in-state, resident to resident sales. The used market is where it's at.

pursueliberty's picture

Its always been that way here in arkansas.  The used market is in full force right now and I'm seeing more guns listed than normal and not too high of prices in some cases.  A friend picked up a ar locally fsbo for $1,300 this past weekend that was almost new.

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

There is money being made with all the crazy pricing and hysteria. The new generation of buyers is often paying more for guns found online (both dealer and private sales), without checking their local shops and other sources.

pursueliberty's picture

No shit, I bought a 20 rnd mag and 140 rnds of brass cased .223 today for a whopping 100 fiat dollars.  Wal Mart is bare except larger hunting rounds and you can walk into a pawn shop and buy 1000 rounds of non marked up ammo.


I did find some brass reloads today that will be under $.50 a round delivered so I picked up 1k.

optimator's picture

And of course all those background checks will be recorded.  Almost as good as registration.

Conax's picture


It IS registration. They have your name, address, driver's license number, gun model and serial number, everything.  What else do they need?

Rearranging Deckchairs's picture

Really that same federal government who didn't have an fbi file database capable of keyword searches at 9/11 is suddenly going to be all competent in gun background check databases.? Why would CA's Assemblyman Michael Feuer have authored a bill so that the records of all long guns checks are kept indefinitely when they were previously destroyed after 10 days.

This is government not private industry. The capability exists and will be here in 2014 in CA for all guns handguns and longguns but to assume that much competence in your federal Government shows a certain je ne sais quo.



bigrooster's picture

That number is higher because I bought two without a background check since I have my CCW!  The bad news is that my fishing boat sank the day after with the guns in it.

Oldwood's picture

Dredging for all of the lost gold, silver, guns and ammo will be the industry of the future!

My Days Are Getting Fewer's picture

Another reason why I just bought more ammo:


This article is from the propaganda arm of the Russian government.    It is still worth reading.   For those of us fighting for our traditional rights, the US 2nd Amendment is a rare light in an ever darkening room.     Governments will use the excuse of trying to protect the people from maniacs and crime,     but are in reality, it is the bureaucrats protecting their power and position.     Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns.     Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology.     They hate guns in the hands of those who think for themselves and do not obey without question.     They hate guns in those whom they have slated for a barrel to the back of the ear.

Oldwood's picture

Don't worry, they would never be the one to pull the trigger. They would find it much easier and enjoyable to coerce another, who being fearful of the loss of their own liberty, will take your's.

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

Get it while you can. If the price tags on my old ammo are any indication, prices are going straight up.


The best deals on ammo today would have been a ripoff 10 or 20 years ago.

Freddie's picture

Pravda and Russia Today (RT) are far more accurate than ANY U.S. news source except maybe Investors Business Daily.   Cancel sat or cable TV because you just support the elites and also Hollywood's shit.

TV and Hollywood want you disarmed and Fox is no better.  They are all sh*t.

Russia Today or RT can be found on the internet.

Rearranging Deckchairs's picture

I don't always agree with Fredie, but in this case he couldn't be more right.